C67— Day 67


Shen Jue stood still.



In this unusual silence, the medical staff came out of their hiding places, the guards also took a few steps forward, their heart “thudded”, realizing what happened.



–The child was gone.



The Foreign Minister was the one who realized it last.



“Isn’t he hiding?” He asked.



The medical staff didn’t dare to say anything, the guards also wanted to say something, the foreign minister looked at them a few times, and then turned his attention to Shen Jue at the end of the aisle.



Shen Jue: “He’s lost.”



Foreign Minister: “Lost?”


When Shen Jue suggested hide-and-seek, the Foreign Minister didn’t fail to consider the security. The place was only this level, there were guards everywhere, the slightest abnormality would alert them, how could he be lost?



He also asked the same question.



“How is it possible?”


“He’s lost.”



Shen Jue repeated, his face full of gloom: “Under our noses, he was taken.”



The foreign minister also began to look for him, “Mr. Shen? Mr. Shen?”



He took a look at the places where Shen Jue had searched, and again found nothing. He asked his guards, “Have you seen him? Where did he go? Upstairs? Downstairs? ”



The guards weren’t allowed to move around, so they had blind spots, and no one could tell his whereabouts.



“He came here.”



“He got behind the curtain.”



“He seems to have gone in the direction of the terrace.”




Shen Tong’s activity trajectory was barely pieced together, several people walked to the terrace, snowy footsteps in disarray, and here the trail was broken.



The Foreign Minister had to accept the reality.



He was really taken in front of them.



They were about to suffer the wrath of the emperor.


The foreign minister took a deep breath, took out his personal terminal with trembling hands, and contacted Caesar.



At the same time, Shen Jue also received a message from his secretary.



[The identification result is out, the possibility of kinship is 99.99%].



This day was a normal day for the interstellar people.


They went on the Internet as usual, read news, and then-






Only to see a new topic popping up on the Starnet hot search list.



#BlueStar declares war on the Zerg Race



Blue Star?


It was the Blue Star that called itself New Earth, New Humanity!



What were they doing?



The crowd was full of questions.


One couldn’t blame the interstellar netizens for having this attitude. After all, for many years, the impression left by the people of Blue Star was that they voluntarily left the cat registry, refusing to admit their feline identity, as for Blue Star, the planet was in the Y system, the old galaxy, although it wasn’t as far away as the Z system, it wasn’t close either.



A few years ago, in the military census, Blue Star ranked last in military power, they had no ability and no resources, yet they went ahead of the Empire to declare war on the Zergs, wasn’t this a joke?



Many people clicked on this topic and sent out their questions.



[???? Noble new humans, please wake up, what are you declaring war with the Zergs with? With your head?]




[Even if the head is iron, it is still an act of giving away points, the president of the Blue Star has lost his wits.]



[+1 for giving away points.]





[ We all agree that Blue Star’s declaration of war is very out of its depth.]



Of course, self-awareness was important, many perceptive readers felt that there must be a story behind this, so these netizens made posts asking: [Any Blue Star people? Tell us what’s going on here?]



[In? Briefly describe your mental activities? @BlueStarPeople]



[Why are you suddenly getting into it with the Zergs? Don’t you Bluestar people believe in peace? @BlueStarAll]



It wasn’t like the people of Bluestar didn’t have access to the internet, but many people learned about the declaration of war from the internet, so Bluestar people themselves were confused: [???? Have I been expelled from Blue Star? Why don’t I know anything about it?]



[I can’t believe I learned about our declaration of war with the Zerg Race from Starnet!]



[Sister you are not alone????]





Soon, amidst the bewilderment of the people of Blue Star, a new topic appeared on the hot search list.



#You’re awake? Your Blue Star has declared war on the Zergs.



#In? You’ve been expelled from Bluestar



After the initial surprise, some people remembered the incident of Caesar’s attack in Bluestar a few days ago, for various considerations, the attack wasn’t reported, so everyone didn’t know that there was such a situation, so one after another Bluestar people speculated: [His Majesty visited a few days ago and was attacked, it seems to be done by the Zergs, so ……]


[People may not know, his majesty was attacked in the Blue Star, but the news was suppressed and not exposed. The other unlucky planet was directly blown up. If Blue Star doesn’t engage with the Zergs, it is estimated that His Majesty will turn on us.]

That was a reasonable explanation.


The netizens were convinced.


The topic of their discussion also went from Bluestar declaring war on the Zerg race, all the way to Caesar being attacked.



[Those Zergs are really BIG, they are not afraid that His Majesty will unleash the Heavenly Cool Bug Extermination Skill?]



[I would like to know the follow-up, His Majesty was attacked and then what happened?]



[He should be fine. Look how scared the people of Blue Star are, they declared war to express loyalty.]



[I don’t think it’s a big deal.]



In a number of speculation, someone spoke: [My girlfriend is from Blue Star, she said that day was quite dangerous, no one thought that the Zergs would control people mixed in, fortunately at that time, someone covered his majesty, otherwise they may have succeeded].



This self-proclaimed girlfriend was from Blue Star, in fact, she personally experienced that day’s banquet, she had held it in her heart for too long, seeing that someone online finally spoke, she quickly broke the news: [That day his majesty wasn’t alone, he was also with a person, @ Shen Tong, @ Shen Tong covered his majesty].



Everyone chatted about nothing more than whether Caesar was injured or not, and how the Zergs were absolutely finished and how they would die according to this Majesty’s vengeful character, but once this piece of breaking news came out, everyone immediately came to life.


[Shen Tong? Isn’t he just a small netizen? How is he related to His Majesty?]



The original poster replied to her: […… seems to be our future queen.]



The crowd: ????



Queen what???


Among them, many people saw when Shen Hua’s fans scolded Shen Tong, yet they couldn’t insult him, someone suddenly realized: [Does anyone remember when Shen Hua’s fans fought Shen Tong? As a result, the star network had a bug, he could only be praised, not scolded, we thought he was the star network’s president’s sons, he’s the supreme VVVVVIP user, right?]



[I just remembered.]



[I believe this post.]



[I also believe it.] [I also believe it.]





Within half an hour, this news, almost spread all over the Star network and major social accounts!


Shen Tong’s Starnet page, was also shared everywhere, attracting many sightseeing tours.



And that wasn’t all.



A staff member who claimed to be from the Blue Star Medical Center also broke the big news: [Blue Star declared war on the Zerg Race because the Zerg Race took our president’s brother captive].



He added to this post, [Oh, it’s @ShenTong].



Netizens: What’s going on????



The messy posts finally made sense.



Their majesty visited Bluestar with the suspected consort-to-be Shen Tong, but he was attacked at Bluestar, Shen Tong blocked for him, and during the convalescence, the Zergs sent people to take him captive, and the president of Bluestar declared war on the Zergs in a fit of rage!



Where was His Majesty!?



The Queen-to-be was gone, how come there was still no response!?



Everyone frantically refreshed, they wanted to read the latest news.



In fact, Caesar wasn’t unresponsive.



When the foreign minister contacted him, Caesar was still having a video conference with the army chief, he stopped the army chief’s discussion with his eyes, and the foreign minister’s anxious voice came from the other side of the terminal.


“Your Majesty, Mr Shen has disappeared.”



“…… he seems to have been taken away by the Zergs.”



The room fell abruptly silent.



Hearing this, Caesar slowly lowered his eyes, covering his icy cold gaze, “Taken away?”



His tone was light, but it was suffused with a very dangerous aura, “I gave him to you, and now, you tell me he was taken away by the Zergs?”



“…… Your Majesty.”






Caesar half closed his eyes.



First, the Zergs set up the attack, causing Shen Tong to be injured, and now they took Shen Tong captive, these Zergs, repeatedly touching his scales, were simply-



Looking for death.



Caesar opened his eyes again, his smoky gray eyes were terrifyingly deep, and he gave his instructions to the army chief in a cold tone: “Attack the Zergs.”


He even omitted the step of declaring war.



“Tell the Zerg Race to hand him over.”



“Yes, Your Majesty.”



His will, which the army chiefs needed to follow and had no say in, was why on this day, the army corps stationed in the A-Z star system assembled at the starport.



On their starships, they put up the flag of the Empire.



The war was about to start!



And this was only for one person.



Shen Tong.



Shen Tong knew nothing about it.



He held the hem of the medical officer’s coat and walked with her for a long time, finally stopping in front of the private hover car.



“Big cat hid so far?” Shen Tong wrinkled his eyebrows.



The medical staff laughed, “He hid far away, you can’t find it.”



Shen Tong hesitantly said, “But the big cat ……”



When his big cat played with him, it never let him leave the 18th floor, and every time Shen Tong approached the elevator, the big cat would pick up his scarf and lead him back.



Did the big cat really hide so far?



Shen Tong asked uncertainly, “Can we go back?”



He added in a whisper, “I think you’re wrong, the big cat wouldn’t hide this far.”



Shen Tong had burrowed behind the curtain, looking around for the snow lion while playing serious hide-and-seek, but he hadn’t taken a few steps when another person also lifted the curtain and hid in, the female medical staff who had given him candy to eat.



Behind the curtain was a good place for Shen Tong to hide, and he wasn’t averse to sharing it with others, so he smiled amicably and secretly lifted the curtain a little to squat down and see if there was a snow-white lion hiding under the coffee table.



But it wasn’t.



Shen Tong was a little discouraged, the medical staff asked softly: “What are you doing?”



Shen Tong answered her, “Looking for the big cat, but I can’t find it.”



“I saw it.”



Shen Tong was surprised, “Really?”



The woman nodded, “Follow me?”



Shen Tong followed her defenselessly.



Followed her out of the sky garden and came to this private hover car.



But now Shen Tong regretted it.


He wanted to go back.



If he went too far, the big cat wouldn’t be able to find him.





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