C66— Day 66



Shen Tong wasn’t like other cubs in many ways.


For example, he was very obedient, and he didn’t resist seeing the doctor.


The foreign minister said, “Little Mr. Shen, the doctor is here to see you.”



There was no need to coax him, Shen Tong took the initiative to pull the hem of his coat, obedient and ready to be led there.



The foreign minister saw this, and almost couldn’t breathe for a moment.


This little baby was simply – so well behaved that his heart wanted to melt.



Seeing that he didn’t move for a long time, Shen Tong asked suspiciously: “Aren’t we going back to see the doctor?”



The foreign minister then said as if waking up from a dream: “Go back, why not?”


He hurriedly walked forward, while Shen Tong held the hem of his shirt and obediently followed him, the Foreign Minister asked him in a soft and slow tone: “Are you scared to see the doctor? I’m not sure if you’ll have to take medicine or get an injection.”



“I’m afraid.” Shen Tong said honestly, “But if I don’t see a doctor, I won’t be able to get well.”



Shen Tong vaguely knew he was sick.



When you were sick, you had to see a doctor so that you could get well sooner and not worry people.



He could feel that all these people cared about him.



Including his big cat.


Shen Tong smiled, revealing the two small tiger teeth, looking rather childish, “I’ll get well soon, so you won’t worry about me anymore.”



His voice was brittle, but the words he said made people’s hearts feel warm.



The Foreign Minister smiled along with him.


He said sincerely, “Yes, Mr. Shen should get well soon.”



The two of them walked ahead, but Shen Jue was a bit slower.



He handed the few hairs he got from Shen Tong to his secretary and instructed, “Go to the Blue Star Medical Center and help me test whether he is related to my great-great-grandmother.”



The secretary suspected she had heard wrong, “What? Testing what?”



Shen Jue didn’t explain, “Tell them to hurry up, I want the results within today.”



Secretary: “…… Mr. President, are you sure it’s testing his paternity with your great-great-grandmother, not whether he has paternity with you?”



At first it was just a casual remark, but the more the secretary thought about it, the more he thought it was very likely, “You two look so much alike, Mr. President, did you mess around and had a…”



Before the word “son” could be uttered, Shen Jue looked at him with a smile on his face.


The secretary’s hair stood on end and his desire to live made him stop and quickly agree, “Yes, Mr. President, I’m going to the medical center!”



He couldn’t wait to run away.



Shen Jue also left the terrace.



Shen Tong had already started to receive a physical examination at this moment.


After he shrunk, the first people he saw were the medical staff.



But at that time, because he wasn’t familiar with the environment, these people were unfamiliar, Shen Tong was so scared that he went under the bed, like a scared hamster, only dared to timidly remove the bed skirt and tearfully look at them, so one of the medical staff asked him with a smile: “Not under the bed this time?”



This was a female medical staff.



She smiled softly, and Shen Tong shook his head, feeling embarrassed, and replied in a low voice, “No.”


The medical staff stroked his soft black hair, “Be good in the future.”

Shen Tong nodded.



His good behavior got him a candy.



The medical officer took it out of his pocket and gave it to Shen Tong as a reward, and the foreign minister hesitated for a second but didn’t intercept it.



It was reasonable to say that in order to ensure safety, Shen Tong should not be allowed to touch what others had given him, especially in the category of food.





Since it was a doctor, nothing should go wrong, right?



Besides, because of Caesar’s special status and the previous attack, these medical personnel needed to be checked when they entered and left this place.



When he thought about this, the foreign minister relaxed.



But Shen Tong, he squeezed the candy into his hand, politely said thank you, but didn’t peel and eat it.



The medical staff curiously asked, “You don’t like candy?”



“No.” Shen Tong softly explained, “I want to give it to the big cat, who is sleeping now.”






The medical staff laughed a little.



Her trailing voice seemed a little regretful for no reason.


Shen Jue arrived at this time.



He looked at the female medical staff for a moment and frowned, he felt that there was something unusual about this medical staff, so he turned to her, “Do you have your pass?”



The medical staff was stunned, then took out the pass from her pocket and handed it to him, Shen Jue looked at it a few times and saw that there was nothing wrong with it, then he spoke again, “Go ahead and examine him.”



The medical staff nodded.



This time she didn’t put the pass back into her pocket, but hung it around her neck, the medical staff straightened the collar, and when no one was looking, the pass just happened to cover the Zerg eggs on her body tightly.



She turned back as if nothing had happened and began to check the data.



Shen Jue’s gaze remained on her.



An inexplicable sense of incongruity haunted the medical staff, but Shen Jue couldn’t tell where the weirdness came from.



Could it be that he was overly concerned?



Shen Jue lowered his head and moved his gaze to Shen Tong who was sitting on a stool.



This stool for the current Shen Tong was a little high, resulting in his feet hanging in the air, the soft little guy was sitting on it, while his two small feet wiggling and swaying.



The word “cute” was used to describe all beautiful people and things.


In Shen Ju’s heart, the most beautiful one was undoubtedly Shen Tong, the “brother Shen Tong” who he saw big from his childhood, grew up with him in another way, and participated in his life.


He was the most beautiful and the cutest.


Shen Jue couldn’t help laughing, and the doubt in his heart was put down for the time being.



The examination results came out quickly.



“His spiritual power is in a stable state, and the rest of the data is nothing obviously abnormal, if there are no accidents, he will probably be able to fully recover in the next few days.”


All in all, everything was going in a good direction.



When the Foreign Minister heard the news, he was first happy, but on second thought, he was a bit reluctant to part with him, after all, such a milky and well-behaved cub, who wouldn’t like it?



But Shen Tong in his youthful state could give people warmth and strength, so he was conflicted.



Why couldn’t the cub and youth appear at the same time?



He couldn’t help but drift off.



Shen Tong blinked, “Am I about to get better?”



Shen Jue answered him, “Yes.”



Shen Tong tilted his head and asked, “What does it look like when I’m better?”



Shen Jue thought for a moment, “A cute look.”



The two of them asked and answered, very familiar with each other, and Shen Jue’s expression was also very soft, far from his usual smiley face, the foreign minister saw the situation wasn’t right and quickly interjected: “Yes! That’s right! Mr. Shen is right!”



The atmosphere was really ruined by him.



Caesar handed Shen Tong to him, their majesty’s character, the foreign minister knew too well, if he saw these two get along so well, maybe he would be implicated.



The foreign minister tried to draw Shen Tong’s attention away, “Mr. Shen, do you want to continue playing with the virtual pet?”

What he said about virtual pets was to feed pets in electronic devices and take them shopping. In fact, it was a little boring. It was better to play with the big cat. Shen Tong shook his head, “I don’t want to play.”



After saying that, he carefully jumped down from the stool, “The big cat has been sleeping for a long time, he shouldn’t be asleep now, otherwise he won’t sleep at night, I have to wake him up.”



His big cat wasn’t there at all, he went out long ago.



But the foreign minister couldn’t let him find out, and went to stop him in a hurry.



“Let it sleep, let it sleep.” The foreign minister tried to reason with him, “How hard is it to sleep without getting enough? Don’t you think so?”



“But it has been sleeping for a long, long, long time.”



Shen Tong used three “long” in a row to indicate the length of time. After saying that, he opened his eyes wide, his pupils were dark, and his eyes were moist, so one look made people’s hearts soften beyond recognition, and Shen Tong said softly, “I want the big cat to play with me.”



Who could resist this?



The Minister of Foreign Affairs couldn’t resist.



He wanted to stop him, but didn’t want to stop him, he anxiously paced.



In just a short time, Shen Tong had already trotted outside the room and stood on tiptoe to open the door.



The foreign minister frantically asked Shen Jue for help with his eyes.



His Majesty wasn’t here, if Shen Tong didn’t see the lion, would he cry ah?



If His Majesty found out about this, he would be furious!



His Majesty’s wrath was still a small matter, the key was that if he cried, he’d be distressed ah!




This little one was so capable of crying, what if he got tired of crying after a long time!



At this time, “click”, the door opened.



The foreign minister’s heart “thudded” and fell to the bottom, cold.


He’d definitely cry.



Shen Tong looked inside.



Empty, the big car wasn’t on the bed.



His first reaction was to squat down and look at the bottom of the bed, but the big cat wasn’t there.



Where did the big cat go?



Did he no longer want to see him?



He abruptly opened his eyes wide and really wanted to cry.



But Shen Jue spoke coldly: “Hide and seek.”



He said, “It heard you say you were coming to play with it, so it hid and is playing hide-and-seek with you.”



Shen Tong tilted his head and thought for a few seconds, this statement perfectly fooled him, he also stopped crying, immediately rubbed his eyes and said happily: “Then I’ll go and find the big cat!”



But Shen Jue asked, “How about playing together?”



Shen Tong was confused, “Play together?”



Shen Jue slowed down the speed of his words, “It hides, you have to find it, you also hide, we come to find you, okay?”


Shen Tong responded after a while, “I’m looking for Big Cat, you guys are looking for me.”






Such hide-and-seek, Shen Tong hadn’t played before, but he could play while looking for the big cat, he immediately agreed, “Okay!”



Shen Jue gave him a limited spot, “Only on this floor, where someone is guarding, is that okay?”



Shen Tong also nodded.



He looked at Shen Jue, and then at the foreign minister, “Then you are not allowed to peek, and you have to count properly to one hundred.”






“No peeking, no peeking!”



Shen Jue and the foreign minister then turned back, the foreign minister really began to count: “One, two, three ……”



Shen Tong put the candy he wanted to give to the big cat on the table, took a few steps outside, looked at the motionless medical staff a few more times, and asked curiously, “Won’t you guys hide?”



The medical staff looked at each other: “Huh?”



Shen Tong repeated Shen Jue’s words, “Come and play together, you guys come too.”



These medical staff didn’t care, after all, they were here to take care of Shen Tong.



Shen Jue frowned.



He still wasn’t at ease.



In fact, Shen Jue could say that these people still had things to do and couldn’t accompany him to play hide-and-seek, with Shen Tong’s nature, he would only be sad for a short while, after that he’d go find a place to hide, but even if this sadness was only for a short while, Shen didn’t want to see it.



He checked the medical staff’s pass, they could enter this floor through the security check, and activities were limited to this floor, there were people around to guard, there shouldn’t be any problems.



It was just that he thought too much, right?



Shen Jue’s tightly furrowed brows slowly relaxed.



Unlike him, the foreign minister was really counting, as if he was enjoying it.



Shen Jue glanced at him, like he was looking at a fool.



“Fifteen already, hide!” Shen Tong said to the medical staff.



They cooperated with an OK gesture.



Shen Tong uneasily admonished Shen Jue and the others: “No peeking!”


Only then did he look around and go out.



“Fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three ……”

Shen Jue got bored as he waited so he picked up the candy and played with it.


The candy was thrown in the air again and again. Shen Ju glanced out, but he didn’t see Shen Tong. Instead, he saw several medical staff who were looking for places to hide in the terrace.



He looked at them one by one, a little distracted, and the candy thrown into the air fell to the ground.

Shen Jue reached out to pick it up, he saw the overturned candy paper, stained with a few very small Zerg eggs.


He froze for a moment then immediately peeled the whole candy.



The candy coating had been shattered, and the inside was full of Zerg eggs.



He stood up with a grimace.



Foreign Minister: “Ninety-seven, ninety-eight, one hundred!”



At the same time, Shen Jue violently kicked the door open, “Shen Tong! Shen Tong!”



The foreign minister was stunned.




Shen Gu couldn’t care less about explaining to him and said loudly, “Shen Tong, are you still there? Come out! The cat is back, no more hide-and-seek, Shen Tong! Quickly come out!”



He took a big step outside and pulled up the curtain without leaving a corner.



Nothing was found.



“Shen Tong! Shen Tong!”



Shen Jue shouted his name, he went from this side of the aisle, to the other side.



From the beginning to the end, no one responded.



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