C64— Day 64

The snow lion withdrew its gaze and calmly and slowly accompanied the cub.


They didn’t go elsewhere, but came to this level of the open terrace.


At the terrace, the snow was deep.


Shen Tong’s natural curiosity came back to the fore, he carefully stepped on it.


The soft snow compacted, immediately leaving a small footprint.



Shen Tong felt It was fun, and squatted down, and made several handprints on it.


It was cold to play with snow, but he was in a state of excitement. Even though his white hands soon became red, Shen Tong couldn’t feel the chill. He could play for half a day just by stamping on the snow.


The snow lion glimpsed his frozen red hand and breathed at him discontentedly.


Shen Tong raised his head, “Big cat, what’s wrong?”



Caesar didn’t want him to touch the snow with his hands again, so he bit the end of the scarf and took a few steps forward on his own.


When he moved, the scarf became a traction rope, the snow lion walked in front, Shen Tong was dragged by it and had to follow, so he had to give up poking the snow.



The snow lion was walking the cub in the snow, it was obviously relaxed as it left paw prints.



Shen Tong’s attention soon shifted.



He looked down for a long time and said softly: “Big cat, your footprints are plum blossoms!”



The snow lion didn’t shift its gaze, it was obviously not very interested.



Shen Tong thought it was beautiful and had to be shown to him, so he reached out and held the pile of snow up in front of the snow lion’s eyes, “Look, big cat.”


The snow lion had to reluctantly look.


To be honest, what was so beautiful about footprints?


He casually glanced backwards.



The place where he and Shen Tong had walked, left a string of footprints. No one had walked on the snow here, so only their footprints stayed, one was plum-shaped, next to it was the footprints of Shen Tong.



Small, a little round.


Quite lovely.


Caesar thought carelessly.



He totally didn’t remember his last second dislike of the footprints.



Shen Tong said on a whim: “Big cat, I want to build a snowman.”



The snow was too icy, and Caesar didn’t want him to touch it again, so he took another step, ignoring him.



— He intended to walk Shen Tong around the terrace in a circle like this, and after his energy was exhausted, he could immediately send him back to bed, lest he have any new ideas.



But obviously, Shen Tong wasn’t very cooperative.


He wanted to build a snowman.


The request wasn’t met, but Shen Tong didn’t cry, instead he trotted to the front, hugging the snow lion’s head and rubbed against it a few times, “big cat, let’s build a snowman.”


“I want to build a snowman.”


“Build a snowman.”


Shen Tong said in a small voice, his tone soft and sweet.


How to make this big cat obedient, he was almost a master.



As expected, the snow lion impatiently huffed, but it let go of the scarf.



Shen Tong happily kissed it, “big cat, you’re so good.”



The snow lion pushed him expressionlessly.



This cub wasn’t well behaved at all.


It was too sticky and pampered.



He seemed disgusted, but his paws honestly piled up snowballs for Shen Tong.



Shen Tong wanted to help, before his hand touched the snow, it was pushed away by the snow lion.



Shen Tong’s eyes widened, he roughly understood that the big cat didn’t let him touch the snow because his hand would become very cold. Not allowed to touch, Shen Tong obediently squatted to the side, his eyes didn’t blink as he stared at the snow lion building a snow ball, Shen Tong also occasionally commanded it: “big cat, I want a big snow ball.”



“It’s too big.”


“That’s it, just right!”


“And a small snowball.”





One piled, one commanded, it didn’t take long for the first snowman to be roughly completed.



Perhaps a more accurate name would be “snow beast”.



At Shen Tong’s request, the snow lion piled up a snow lion.


In fact, this “snow lion” compared to the original, the gap was a little big, but Shen Tong found it cute.


He happily circled around the snow pile of the “snow lion”.



Under the direction of Shen Tong, the snow lion piled it up, at first he didn’t recognize it, but after seeing Shen Tong pinch two small snowballs and place it on the top of the snowman, Caesar reacted.



So ugly.


He thought.


But the snow lion’s tail gently waved a few times.


Its smoky gray eyes stared at the snowman for a few moments, and its paws began to pile up the snowballs again.



Shen Tong tilted his head, “Big cat, what are you doing?”



The snow lion didn’t respond.



Soon after, it piled up another snowman.



Unlike the snow lion that was easy to identify with its ears, Shen Tong held his face and observed for a long time, but he couldn’t recognize what it was, Shen Tong curiously asked the snow lion: “big cat, what are you making ah?”



The snow lion looked at him, then put its paw inside Shen Tong’s pocket and grabbed a handful of fruit candy.



Caesar chose two grape-flavored fruit hard candy, cut open the sugar paper, and then nestled the two purple and black hard candy.


Into the snowman’s eye sockets.


Shen Tong blinked and suddenly realized, “It’s Tong Tong!”



“What the big cat made is Tongtong!”


Not too stupid.



The snow lion’s satisfied gaze wandered between the two snow piles.


In the wind and snow, the snowman Shen Tong stood next to the snowman snow lion.



The snowman snow lion was like a giant dragon hibernating in the snow, not moving an inch away from his baby.



And true to his side, was Shen Tong.


It was little Shen Tong who seemed particularly intimate and dependent on him.



The snow lion looked at Shen Tong.


Shen Tong was still staring at the snowman.


He said softly: “Big Cat and Tong Tong will always stay together.”


The snow lion was slightly stunned, and then his tail flicked.


In its smoky gray eyes, a hint of regret flashed through.



Little Shen Tong was very cute, but at this moment, Caesar wanted his youth to be at his side.


His gentle and wonderful youth.


He also wanted those words to come out of the mouth of the youth.



They would always stay together.


Also at this time, Shen Tong gently wrinkled his eyebrows.



He asked Snow Lion suspiciously, “Big Cat, isn’t there someone with eyes similar to yours?”



Shen Tong added: “It’s also smoky gray.”


Caesar abruptly raised his eyes.


Shen Tong, who was in his infancy, only had the memories of his infancy, so much so that the latter part of his memory was blurred and he couldn’t recall it at all if he couldn’t think of it, and once it popped up, it meant that in a short while, he would be able to recover.



His youth was coming back.



The snow lion lunged forward and threw Shen Tong to the ground.


It rubbed against him a few times.



Shen Tong thought the snow lion was playing with him, so he held it and rolled in the snow.



The smooth snow was rolled to a mess.


Shen Tong laughed crisply.


He was very happy.


The snow lion was obviously in a good mood too.



Its tail wagged behind it.



Caesar’s good mood didn’t last long.


Because uninvited guests interrupted them.


It was his foreign minister and Shen Jue.


Arthur told him everything, and after a series of checks, the situation was quite serious, so the two immediately came to see Caesar.



At this moment, this Majesty was in the form of a snow lion, teasing the cub.



Shen Tong was carried over by the snow lion, he really loved playing with the snow too much, so much so that even if he rested on the snow lion, he had to reach out and make handprints in the snow.





The foreign minister coughed, desperately signaling that he had something urgent to say.



Caesar glanced at him coolly and pawed and pushed Shen Tong.



Shen Tong obediently climbed up and looked over as well.



He had an impression of Shen Jue.



This uncle said he’d let the snow fall a little bigger, so he could build a snowman, and then the snow really fell bigger.


Shen Tong smiled happily at Shen Jue.



Shen Jue froze, and then also smiled a little.


Someone was very unhappy about this.


He deliberately walked in front of Shen Tong, blocking the exchange of sight between the two, and stared at Shen Jue rather unkindly.



Seeing this, the foreign minister patted Shen Jue’s shoulder and proposed in a low voice, “President Shen, you can go over first?”


Shen Jue had no problem with this, “Okay.”



His gaze intentionally or unintentionally glanced at Shen Tong, and the snow lion blocking Shen Tong’s front.


—This person was too sensitive.



He gave a light hum in his heart and took the lead to walk away.


Caesar, on the other hand, slightly lowered his eyes, looking thoughtful.


He was quite hostile to everyone who rested their eyes on Shen Tong.


But most of this hostility could be attributed to Caesar’s possessiveness, as long as his gaze rested on Shen Tong for more than three seconds, he would be displeased.



After all, the youth was very attractive to felines.


Their liking, however, wasn’t the same as Caesar’s.



Those felines’ liking was pure, they were willing to give everything to cherish the youth and love him, but never wanted to monopolize him, because this was the treasure they desperately wanted to guard, they tended to give, unlike Caesar, who was trying to take.



But this Shen Jue was very strange.



The look he cast at Shen Tong was full of kindness, as well as inexplicable restraint. In line with many felines, it was very obvious that he cared, but this good feeling was also an extremely pure good feeling, it wasn’t mixed with too much, including Caesar’s kind of possessiveness of Shen Tong, but when he saw Shen Tong with Caesar, his eyes showed a little dislike.



Together, his every action, rather than the instinctive love of catnip, as well as the desire to get close to catnip, it was more like ……



The love and care from a parent?



The first time they met, Shen Jue’s attitude wasn’t like this.


What happened in between?


Caesar pondered for a moment.



Then he stood up from the snow, shaking off the snowflakes stained on his body, and once again picked up Shen Tong’s scarf.



The big cat accompanied him to build a snowman, also accompanied him to roll in the snow for half a day, Shen Tong had played enough, seeing his big cat ready to go, Shen Tong obediently waited for it to lead the way.



The foreign minister followed behind, seeing Shen Tong’s good behavior, he almost grabbed his chest.


Catnip shrinking to a juvenile state was enough of a foul, but he was still so obedient.


This was too cute, right?


The foreign minister couldn’t help but take a few deep breaths.



He was so cute that he couldn’t breathe.



As well as-


He also wanted to walk catnip!


But he could only think about it.



The Foreign Minister glanced at their sire.


Between him and the catnip, there was a distance of His Majesty.


That was, the distance between life and death.



The Foreign Minister remembered what was said about their Majesty on Starnet some time ago –



Stinky man!


This was really a stinky man!



He was shameless!



He was the king, but he used his power for personal gain to monopolize catnip!



No one could even look at him!


Even his think tank had to be on standby to help him chase him!



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