C60—- Day 60

It was Shen Tong.


Shen Tong was a child.


He panicked and hid under the bed, nervously squeezing the hospital gown tightly.


He didn’t know anyone here.


Where was mom and dad?


After meeting Caesar’s eyes, Shen Tong anxiously shrank back a little.


The soft plaid fabric gently draped and wavered to block any visual contact, and Shen Tong sniffed.


He was too scared.


The overactive mental fluctuations were also repeatedly conveying his emotions –


Bewildered, aggrieved.


His state was obviously not right.


The youth’s nature had the element of “taking things as they come”, no matter what he met, he always smiled, he wouldn’t feel like this if he just shrunk, unless –


It wasn’t just body shrinkage.


Caesar’s eyes lifted, he turned to the medical staff, “What just happened?”


“Just now, just now ……”



In fact, the change happened so suddenly that the medical staff were dumbfounded.


A few minutes ago, they only found that the youth’s mental energy was a little unstable, but no one took it too seriously, not expecting that a few seconds later, the instrument suddenly emitted an ear-splitting alarm, and when they finally paid attention, the person on the bed had shrunk, and only a human cub was sitting there, looking at them with wide eyes.


After that, the door was pushed open and the cub went under the bed in fear.



The staff told the truth.



After that, she paused for a short while and asked tentatively, “Your Majesty, I would like to ask if something went wrong with Shen Tong when he was going through the growth period?”


Shen Tong did have a problem when he entered the growth period, Caesar nodded, “He forced himself into the growth phase.”


“No wonder.” The medical staff breathed a sigh of relief, “Then it’s not a big problem.”


It wasn’t like there wasn’t a precedent for this before.


Forced entry into the growth period had many disadvantages, in addition to double the pain, the organism wasn’t yet mature, forced entry into the growth period was equivalent to pulling up the seedlings to help it grow, some people safely made it through later, but there was no shortage of people who appeared abnormal.


Some couldn’t retract their ears and tails in their human forms.


For example, for a period of time, they could only show themselves in their original form or in human form, and they couldn’t freely switch between the two forms.


For example, their body and mind, would revert back to the cub state.


Shen Tong, on the other hand, was clearly the third case.


The medical staff explained, “In itself, there wasn’t a possibility of having this abnormality, but because Mr. Shen was injured, it has triggered the whole body and completely set this possibility off, but rest assured, Your Majesty, this state is only temporary, and according to the existing cases, he will recover in a few days.”


Rest assured?

Caesar had nothing to say, he just walked towards the bedside, but with every step he took, the cub under the bed stepped back a little, and finally Caesar stood still, and the cub held his breath.


Would this little thing suffocate itself?


Caesar frowned.


He wasn’t at ease.



Caesar half kneeled on one knee, his slender hands didn’t hesitate to lift the bed sheet, with a glance, he saw the cub hiding inside. Shen Tong abruptly opened his eyes wide, like a lost young deer, the wet pupils of his eyes warily stared at him, he still wanted to shrink back, but his back was already against the wall, Shen Tong had to move to the side in small increments.



“Come out.”


Caesar had never dealt with cubs of this age, he didn’t have the leisure, much less the patience, he was inexperienced, which also led to his slightly raw tone, it scared Shen Tong.



Shen Tong couldn’t speak or move, his pair of black pupils were soon covered with layers of moisture.



Caesar saw the situation and quickly softened his tone of voice a few points, “Come out.”



He made his tone more moderate, but it also couldn’t offset his sharp aura, the cub was scared enough to cry out, Shen Tong rubbed his eyes, the tip of the nose was red, but at least he didn’t cry.


Seeing that he didn’t respond, Caesar changed his method –


scare him.


“There are rats under the bed.”



Shen Tong stiffened.


Rats could bite, it would hurt.


But, but–


He glanced uneasily at Caesar.


This man was a stranger.


Rats and strangers, for Shen Tong, both were very scary. If he stayed under the bed, he’d be bitten, if he came out, he would fall into the hands of strangers, Shen Tong was caught in a dilemma, and with his current mind, he really couldn’t think of any way, he finally pouted in defeat, and the tears that he had held back for a long time finally fell down, he was so scared.


Caesar: “……”


Shen Tong cried very sadly, sobbing and choking.



Caesar was once tempted to bully someone to tears, but the bullying he imagined wasn’t this, and when Shen Tong cried, he envisioned a very different expression from this –



It should have been the youth crouched in his arms, eyes wet, biting his shoulder as he whimpered.


Not a scared and tearful brat that cried because of a mouse.



Caesar expressionlessly stared at the cub Shen Tong for a few seconds, with chagrined tsk, he continued soothingly: “There are no rats, don’t be afraid.”


Shen Tong didn’t listen, he kept crying.


He cried very quietly, from time to time he sniffed hard, his eyelashes were wet and he was sweaty, he didn’t dare move and shrank further in the bottom of the bed, he looked pitiful enough to make the heart break.


Caesar frowned, he wasn’t good at coaxing people, so Caesar chose to directly reach out to grab him.


Shen Tong resisted and pushed his hand away, refusing to let him touch him, and several tears fell on Caesar’s hand.


He paused a bit then gave up but the atmosphere became very cold.


This was a vicious circle.


The cub Shen Tong resisted him, Caesar wasn’t pleased, and because of his displeasure, his threathening aura was stronger, this aspect made the extremely sensitive cub Shen Tong more resistant to him.


Caesar also realized this.


He temporarily gave up capturing the cub and asked the medical staff irritably, “Who can get him out?”


The medical staff said bitterly, “He just woke up and we were injecting him with drugs, so ……”


He was also afraid of them.


Caesar lowered his eyes for a few seconds of contemplation and walked out of the room.


The Blue Star people were still waiting outside.


They were quite anxious.


It wasn’t their fault for thinking too much. After all, with the exchange between His Majesty and Shen Jue, they could see the dark tide, but the stalemate, but Caesar abruptly turned back and entered the room, this unbeatable emperor seemed a bit eager.


What was happening inside?


Could it be that something had happened to the youth?


That wasn’t good!



So much so that when Caesar came out again and they saw that he didn’t look too good, everyone secretly sucked in a breath.


Here we go!


Something wasn’t really wrong, was it?



As the crowd was losing their lives over their suspicions, Caesar slowly opened his mouth: “Do you know how to coax cubs?”


Coax, coax cubs?


Did they hear wrong?


Caesar’s patience wasn’t much, and it was only given to Shen Tong, these Blue Star people naturally couldn’t enjoy Shen Tong’s treatment, he impatiently asked: “Can anyone?”


Coaxing a cub, many of them had children at home, so one after another, they replied, “Yes, yes, yes.”



“I can coax, but only the one in my family.”


“A little patience and a little gentleness, isn’t that good?”


The little crying bag inside, being patient and gentle, didn’t seem to work.


Caesar gently raised his jaw and motioned for those who would coax the cub to go in. “Don’t make him cry any more. Get him out from under the bed.”


Several politicians entered the room.


Shen Jue, as president, also followed them in.


Shen Tong was still sobbing in a small voice at the bottom of the bed.


Shen Jue saw the little guy at a glance.


The end of his eyes were red from crying, the tip of his nose was red, and his pupils were watery.


He raised his eyebrows.


Too similar.


Whether it was his appearance after he grew up, or at this moment back to his early childhood, this Shen Tong, looked exactly the same as the one in the video records.


Could there really be such a coincidence?


The question rose once again in Shen Jue’s heart.


He didn’t say a word and watched.



Perhaps it was in the spirit of redeeming their sins, these few Blue Star politicians used every method to coax Shen Tong.



“Little one, do you want to eat candy?” The Blue Star politician tried his best to show kindness, he took out a few candies from his pocket and shook them under the bed a few times, “If you want to eat, you can crawl out from under the bed, okay?”


“Aigoo why are you crying like this? Come out, I’ll wipe your tears.”



“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, come out from under the bed, how about uncles play with you?”



This set used on the cubs who were familiar with them may work somehow, but for Shen Tong, not only did it not have any calming effect, but it made him even more scared.



There were more strangers, too.


Originally he was already tired of crying, but tears fought their way out again, he cried even more.


Blue Star Politicians: “……”



Caesar: “……”



He said unhappily, “I let you in to coax him, not to make him sadder.”


The Blue Star politicians’ scalp tingled, “Then let’s try again?”



Shen Jue couldn’t help but look away.



This coaxing method was probably inherited from human traffickers.


He tapped their shoulders, “Get out of the way.


The Blue Star politicians gave him a place, Shen Jue squatted down, he didn’t rush to speak, he observed Shen Tong for a while, seeing the little guy rub his eyes from time to time, he guessed he was tired of crying, Shen Jue finally spoke: “Sleepy?”



Shen Tong was wary of others, to this Shen Jue, naturally, there was no difference.


He bit his lip and didn’t say anything.



Shen Jue continued, “Our family has an ancestral sleeping song, I grew up listening to it to sleep, so I’ve formed a conditioned reflex, so now as long as I hear this song, I immediately want to sleep.”


His approach was different from that of others. When Shen Tong was young, he was also very curious. So when Shen Jue said this, he blinked and obviously listened.


Shen Jue added: “And you, crying here for so long is quite annoying. I’ll sing you this song, it can put you to sleep, not just that, if you can learn it, you can also make me sleep, okay?”


Shen Tong thought about it, nodded and hummed with a nasally voice.



Shen Jue then sang this song to him.


With just a tune, Shen Tong’s head tilted, then he sang with him in a small voice: “Summer night, goldfish flower fire colorful fall.”


It was a soft and tender voice, but it was also a little nasally.


Shen Jue was stunned, and the song didn’t go on.


Shen Tong thought he forgot the words and sang to himself, “Don’t take it as a lost star.”




He sang very seriously, apparently taking Shen Jue’s lies, that he would fall asleep once he heard the song, seriously.



Once his attention was focused elsewhere, soon, Shen Tong forgot to be afraid of these strangers, as well as this strange environment, he focused on this sleeping song and tried very hard to put Shen Jue to sleep, but it didn’t take long, as he sang, his voice became smaller and softer, and finally he put himself to sleep instead.



The Blue Star politicians gave Shen Jue a thumbs up.


Shen Jue forced a smile and stared in amazement at Shen Tong at the bottom of the bed.


He had said that this song was an ancestral sleeping song, that wasn’t to coax the child.


This sleeping song was written by his great-grandmother, who had been frozen for many years, for her only son, Shen Tong.


Apart from their Shen family, no one should be able to sing it.


Shen Jue inexplicably had a guess.


But he couldn’t verify the correctness of this guess of his for the time being.


After all, he-



He looked at the shrunken version of Shen Tong and knew that he couldn’t ask anything.


The little one finally fell asleep, and they had no reason to stay here, Shen Jue nodded towards Caesar to say goodbye.


And before he left, Caesar said indifferently: “Three days. I will give you three more days to investigate this matter thoroughly, otherwise what will happen to Blue Star, I do not guarantee.”


Shen Jue had little reaction, but the Blue Star politicians were overjoyed, “Yes! Yes! Your Majesty we will live up to our mission!”



As for why Caesar was more lenient, the reason was obvious –


The reason was that Shen Jue put Shen Tong, who was crying, to sleep.



A big matter in the sky could be put aside for the time being just because he had put Shen Tong to sleep.


When Shen Jue and his politicians came out of the room, the politicians couldn’t help but sigh: “No wonder they say pillow talk is useful, our queen hasn’t even blown yet, and the effect has come!”


“What’s this called? I Iearnt it from the capital.”


“Beauty is a disaster! The bane of the nation.”



“Yes! Those are the words!”


Shen Jue: “…… shut up.”


At first, when he learned that the youth was their queen-to-be, Shen Jue only felt pity, a good flower fell into a vinegar pit, now that he was skeptical about the identity of the youth, he no longer felt just pity, he also felt annoyed.


There was even a kind of displeasure that his cabbage was arched by a pig.



Shen Jue couldn’t say that, so he could only make this group of politicians shut up.



He had to think of a way to test the youth.


But only after he regained his mind.


Shen Jue frowned.


Inside the room.


The Blue Star people were gone, and the medical staff didn’t stay.


Shen Tong was still under the bed.


Caesar looked at him for a few moments and chose to change back to his original form and burrowed in in the form of a snow lion. He easily picked the child up, slowly walked out of the bottom of the bed and put Shen Tong back on the bed.


Probably because he cried for too long and he was also tired, after being moved around, Shen Tong never woke up.



The snow lion lowered his eyes and saw a few teardrops hanging on his eyelashes, so he lowered his head to lick them off, then he laid aside and fiddled with the little guy with his paws for a while, before letting him go.


And under its fiddling, Shen Tong’s face moved towards the snow lion’s soft belly, he subconsciously put his face up and lightly rubbed against it a few times.


The snow lion was in a guardian posture, with the cub-like Shen Tong in his arms, he allowed him to touch his softest place, he was also willing to share its softness with him.



Its gaze lowered lightly, quietly guarding him.


Like a dragon that never left its treasure.




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