C57— Day 57

Two days later.



The starship landed at Blue Star Harbor.



The fleet docked in an endless stream, like shooting stars in the sky, with a loud roar.



Thousands of Blue Star residents gathered around, watching nervously and curiously as the guards drew a perimeter that no one was allowed to cross, and many snipers lurked in the nearby skyscrapers to ensure absolute safety.



At the center, the most majestic starship was the focus of everyone’s attention.



Their monarch was in it.



No matter how unfavorable the interstellar rumors about the monarch were, and how much criticism his iron-handedness had attracted, it was a rare event for the inhabitants of the Blue Star to see such a big man, let alone the King…



The most noble man on the planet.



The people couldn’t help but hold their breath and wait with wide eyes for the cabin to open.



The waiting time was long.



One second, two seconds, three seconds ……




They counted silently in their hearts.



Five minutes passed, the cabin didn’t respond.



Ten minutes passed, the cabin still didn’t move.




“Mom, why isn’t the door open?” A little girl tilted her head and asked the parent holding her hand, complaining in a childish voice, “He’s not punctual!”



“Shh, keep your voice down.” The parent hurriedly covered her mouth, “Don’t talk nonsense.”


She glanced around and realized that they were not the only ones who were confused, the people around her were whispering, and there was a lot of commotion about it.



Inside the cordon, President Shen of the Blue Star, didn’t blink as he stared at the cabin, his gaze was also full of incomprehension.



The secretary asked uncertainly, “President, what is this? A disrespectful act?”



President Shen: “I don’t know.”



Secretary: “President, what should we do now?”




What could they do?



President Shen frowned.



If the one inside didn’t come out, what else could they do?




He responded coolly, “Just wait.”




Why hadn’t the cabin opened?



There was no other reason, someone hadn’t woken up yet.




Inside the starship, there was silence.




The minister accompanying him took a look outside and couldn’t help but remind him, “Your Majesty, the starship has been in the port for a long time, if we don’t go down again, I’m afraid it will make people think more.”



“Let them think whatever they want.” Caesar’s tone was diffident and unconcerned, “Wait a little longer.”



No matter how many times he experienced the space migration, Shen Tong was never quite used to it.



This also led to him not sleeping well all night, he originally wanted to stay awake until they reached their destination and then rest, but an hour ago, Caesar saw that his expression was too bad, and coaxed Shen Tong to sleep until they reached the Blue Star, there would be no more space migration on the way, so he could rest.



Shen Tong really couldn’t hold on anymore, so he agreed.



As a result, he still hadn’t woken up.



The minister looked painfully at the closed door of the room.



The minister also knew Shen Tong’s true identity.



To be honest, they were originally worried that his majesty would bully Catnip, but after looking at him for the past few days, it wasn’t too much to say that he was a grass-faced scourge!



When was their majesty willing to wait for someone?



When did their majesty patiently coax someone?



When had their majesty left the president of a planet to dry simply because he didn’t want to wake someone up?



Right now!



At this very moment!




When the minister saw that he couldn’t persuade Caesar at all, he let out a long sigh.



Fortunately, not long after, Shen Tong woke up.



As soon as he walked out of the room, a dozen eyes fixed on him, Shen Tong blinked, “Why are you …… all here?”



“You’re done sleeping?” Before anyone answered, Caesar took the lead, his eyelids fluttered, “It’s still early.”



Meaning he could go back to sleep.






The dozen eyes looked straight at him again, with accusation this time.



What early!



Where was the early!



Caesar ignored this.


But Shen Tong noticed.




He shook his head, “I’m done.”



Caesar then got up, side eyeing his minister who was smiling: “Then let’s go.”



At this point, the long-awaiting residents of the Blue Star finally saw the starship’s cabin open.



From inside, a man came out.



Platinum blonde hair, black military uniform, he had an indifferent expression, making the sense of oppression around him extremely strong.



Shen Jue greeted him personally and said without condescension, “Your Majesty, I welcome your presence.”



Caesar nodded his head, and Shen Jue told him the next arrangement: “In order to welcome your presence, Blue Star is having a reception banquet tonight, how about moving to the banquet site now?”



Caesar didn’t say anything, but raised his eyes and looked at the starship.



The youth following him didn’t come out.



It wasn’t that Shen Tong didn’t want to, but he only realized at this point how grand the scene was.



There were too many people lining the streets to welcome them.



No, he should have thought of that.



Shen Tong hesitated whether he wanted to walk out of the starship in full view of everyone.



“Your Majesty?” Shen Jue’s smile remained unchanged as he made a “please” gesture, “This way, please.”



Caesar’s tone was flat, “Just a moment.”



He lifted a hand.



This hand looked long and strong.



Indicating Shen Tong to come out.



To be honest, Caesar’s action was quite puzzling, not only the nearby residents of Blue Star were puzzled, even Shen Jue also raised his eyebrows, since his Majesty arrived at Blue Star Harbor, many of his actions were incomprehensible, Shen Jue tried to ask him: “Your Majesty, you have a guest?”


Caesar quietly hummed.



A Distinguished guest?



That seemed to be a bit more distinguished than their Majesty?



Shen Jue looked up with interest.




The inhabitants of the Blue Star also turned their eyes back to the ship’s cabin.



This situation made Shen Tong hesitate, but he knew that he couldn’t reject the King now, a few seconds later, Shen Tong gently put his hand up.



He walked out of the starship.




Because of the series of incidents on the star network a while ago, plus Shen Tong being called “artificial catnip”, he was well-known, many people spontaneously promoted him, so there were many residents of the Blue Star who recognized him.



“Shen Tong? Isn’t he Shen Tong?”



“How did he come here?”



“How could he be with His Majesty!”




These were the three consecutive questions asked by all the residents of the Blue Star who recognized him.


Those who didn’t recognize him asked them, “Shen Tong? How do you know him? Is he very famous?”



“He may not be too famous now, but he will definitely be especially famous in the future. Look at him carefully, don’t you feel very comfortable?”



Some people were naturally agreeable to the eye, the Blue Star resident nodded, “It is very comfortable, very affable.”



“It’s more than that.” Because of the distance, it wasn’t as obvious as the online live broadcast, the Blue Star residents who recognized Shen Tong tried to promote him on the spot, “Do you want to see his live broadcast? He’s like a catnip, watching his videos makes people excited.”



From ancient times to the present, it was human nature to be curious, whether it was ancient humans or new humans today, after being reminded, everyone opened their personal terminals.



Shen Jue was stunned, it was the same person?



Being stared at like this, Shen Tong subconsciously looked back.



But the next moment, Shen Tong found this person resembled him.



He was stunned.



His hand was steeply gripped at this moment.



The two people’s long stare at each other made Caesar displeased, he didn’t look at Shen Tong, but glanced at Shen Jue as if implying a warning.




Shen Jue received his gaze and naturally read the possessiveness in it, and he had a rough guess about the youth’s identity.



More honored than His Majesty.



Their queen?



Or …… the queen-to-be?



After all, there was no news of His Majesty’s wedding from the Capital Star.



Shen Jue nodded politely at Caesar, “Your Majesty, and this …….”



“Shen Tong.”



Shen Jue smiled at Shen Tong, “Mr. Shen, this way, please.”




Caesar didn’t bother to exchange pleasantries, he lifted his foot and moved, Shen Tong’s hand was held tightly by him, so he had to follow Caesar’s pace.



He didn’t see that after giving his name, Shen Jue ‘s gaze became probing.



His appearance was the same as that person, his behavior was the same as that person, and even his name was exactly the same as that person.



Was there really such a coincidence in the world?



What happened?




Perhaps his gaze lingered too long, the person being watched didn’t notice, but it was Caesar beside him who noticed.



Caesar glanced over, his gaze was like a cold blade.




Shen Jue returned to his senses, he was slightly apologetic, he quickly lowered his head to hide the thoughtful gaze.



Oblivious to this, Shen Tong asked Caesar softly, “Do you feel …… me and that person are very similar?”



Caesar lowered his eyes, “Which one?”



Shen Tong hesitantly responded: “He seems to be the President of the Blue Star?”



Caesar replied carelessly, “Not alike.”



Shen Tong: “The looks, our looks.”



This president, at first glance, only looked familiar, because his temperament and style wasn’t quite the same as Shen Tong, after all, the president was covered with a sharp bossy aura, like a smiling tiger, it was difficult to link him with Shen Tong, but if you excluded the differences in temperament and style, the two of them really looked alike.



Hearing Shen Tong’s response, Caesar faintly glanced at him.



Not much later, he spoke again: “He’s not as good-looking as you.”



Shen Tong: “……”



That wasn’t what he asked.



Shen Tong sighed and looked back at him.



It just so happened that Shen Jue was also looking at him.



He probably wasn’t the only one who found it strange.



Shen Tong curled his eyes in a friendly manner, and Shen Jue also nodded at him in greeting.




Caesar took in their actions.




It didn’t matter to him whether they looked alike or not.



What mattered was that this unknowing thing had been spying on his youth.



Caesar opened his mouth and whispered in a low, deep voice, “No more looking at him.”



“He ……”



The word “Shen Tong” was spat out, Shen Tong quickly looked at Caesar’s smoky gray eyes, his gaze was very deep, his possessiveness was unconcealed, Shen Tong was stunned, he inexplicably felt that the hand holding his was a bit hot.



Shen Tong wanted to draw back his hand.

Caesar, however, held it a little tighter.



He raised his eyebrows lightly, “As long as you reached out to me, I will never let go.”



Shen Tong stared at him in a daze.




The atmosphere on their side was ambiguous, not far away Shen Jue received a text from his mother.



[When are you going on vacation? Next month we are going to see your grandmother’s frozen cabin, the doctor said it can be thawed].



The question included when the vacation would be, which was actually equivalent to a notice –



[I have to take a leave of absence!]



Shen Jue was born in a very traditional family.



Shen Jue’s family attached great importance to blood relations, even though most of them had spread their branches and lived on different planets, they were constantly in contact with each other, and they always got together every now and then according to the calendar of ancient Earth, to maintain the kinship.



Shen Jue’s grandmother, to be honest, wasn’t his grandmother, but great-great-great …… grandmother.



She lived in ancient Earth, but because of her disease, limited by the ancient Earth’s medical technology at the time, she couldn’t be cured, so she was frozen.



She was still frozen now, thousands of years later.



His great-grandfather, who was married to his great-grandmother, also chose to enter the freeze after taking care of everything.



Some time ago, his great-grandmother’s illness finally had a complete and undamaged treatment plan, which meant that both their great-grandfather and great-grandmother could be awakened.



It was worth mentioning that before entering the freeze, Shen Jue’s great-grandfather left some things to the Shen’s family for safekeeping.




Among them were many audiovisual materials.



And most of them recorded a person.



This person, was their only son, Shen Tong.



He died in a tragic car accident near graduation.




How much the two old people missed him was evident from the much worn storage box, although they subsequently adopted a child, they always thought of him.



Since the extinction of ancient humans, the Shen family knew how precious the two old people whose genes still kept the purity of human beings were. For this reason, most of the Shen family members were in politics just to hide this matter, and the audio-visual materials they left behind were also of great research value. The Shen family carefully preserved them and copied many copies for distribution within the family.



Basically, it could be said that each of them, grew up watching these audiovisual contents and they were all full of good feelings for the youth in it.



It was as if he accompanied them as they grew up all the way to this day.



He was an untouchable playmate.



And because Shen Jue’s appearance was very similar to his, even though the character was far apart, but from childhood, he was quite popular with the elders of the family.



His peers didn’t complain.



They just prayed day and night that this brother could fight less and have a calm temper, so he could really grow into the gentle and quiet youth in the video, just his smile made everyone feel good.



But this wish was apparently unfulfilled.




Their new hope last year was that this brother could stop smiling so frighteningly.



Perhaps it was because Shen Jue hadn’t replied, his mother sent another message.



[You have to go, don’t tell me how busy you are, with you, your great-grandfather and great-grandmother may be able to adapt better to the times].




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