C55—– Day 55

The snow lion stiffened.


Its movement also paused.


Shen Tong realized something, “You were pretending to be sick?”




The snow lion lowered its head, pretending not to hear, it fiercely buried its head into Shen Tong’s neck, this time, neither licking, nor rubbing against him.


He acted honestly.


But Shen Tong didn’t accept it.


He hugged the lion’s head and frowned, “Your discomfort, was it a lie?”


The snow lion glanced at him very quickly, naturally seeing Shen Tong’s unhappiness.


He hesitated a little, raised his paw and pressed down.


On Shen Tong’s waist.


The snow lion had never shown its sharp claws to Shen Tong, and this time was no exception. It used its meat pad to rub the side of Shen Tong’s waist a few times, although it was through the clothing, the effect was very obvious, Shen Tong temporarily stopped interrogating him.


Because it was itchy.


Shen Tong was naturally afraid of itching, his body was very sensitive to human touch, not to mention such a soft pad of flesh, it made Shen Tong speechless.


He was so caught off guard that he laughed.


“Kitty, don’t touch here.”


“Don’t ……”


“So itchy.”


Shen Tong didn’t have the strength, he unsuccessfully tried to push the cat paws away, his eyes were wet, and his shirt raised a little, revealing his waist.


His waist was very thin, and very white.


Previously, Caesar was only trying to distract him, but after seeing the youth’s reaction, his movements became deliberate.


The flesh pad moved little by little.


If the youth was in his original form, he would have curled up his leaves and swayed with a flutter.


Caesar thought carelessly.


Pitiful and lovely.


Of course, these two words could also be applied to the youth at this moment.

What was different was that he looked like a young man, lying defenseless on one side, with his thick eyelashes fluttering shut from time to time. His moist eyes were saturated with water, almost softening his heart. The young man looked pitiful and teary-eyed. Besides being lovely, he also looked a little more attractive.

It made him want to bully him even more.


Bully him hard until he cried out.


“Miaomiao, Miao ……”

[TN: Another nickname — like kitty]


Shen Tong panted intermittently.



His tone was soft, like he was begging for mercy, and he gasped a few times in between.


Caesar suddenly felt that being called “Miaomiao” wasn’t so bad.


At least when the young man called him this, he seemed to be bullied so badly that he was meowing like a cat.

Shen Tong took the opportunity to push away the big cat’s paw. He told the big cat he was afraid of being tickled, yet it did it to avoid accountability. Shen Tong had no experience in raising cats, but he understood that wrongdoings must be punished, otherwise this big cat would always pretend to be sick and cause worry in the future.



Moreover, it learned to tickle him and tried to muddle through by doing so.


The situation was bad.


Shen Tong disapprovingly asked, “Kitty, why did you pretend to be sick?”


The snow lion saw that it couldn’t hide it anymore, it wagged its tail a few times, and slowly walked over to Shen Tong’s side, clearly not taking his words into account. After all, the youth’s temper had always been very good, it didn’t think that the youth would be angry with him over this small matter.


But this time it thought wrong.


Shen Tong had made up his mind to punish it.


For this big cat, its favorite thing was probably to go out for a full day walk, and then come back at night and stick to Shen Tong for the rest of the day.


If he didn’t let him go out for a walk, the punishment would be too heavy. So Shen Tong decided to stop him from approaching him.


He continued softly: “Think about what you did wrong, before you know, I won’t spoil you.”


The snow lion’s movement slightly paused, then it interpreted this as the youth trying to be intimidating, as if nothing had happened, it walked over.


Shen Tong said he wouldn’t spoil it, and he really no longer paid attention to the big cat, he took a book, flipped through it, as he ignored all the actions of the big cat –



The big cat squatted down and quietly gazed at Shen Tong, who didn’t respond.


The cat tried to pat down the book with a paw, but Shen Tong ignored it.


The big cat lowered its body to touch his a few times, but Shen Tong moved to the side to avoid it.


This took several rounds of attempts, before the snow lion finally determined that the youth was really angry.


Caesar’s gaze lightly dropped, and he tsked silently.


It was true that too much was too little.


How could he coax him?


Caesar didn’t agree with the coquetry of the youth, or they had different definitions of “coquetry”.


In Caesar’s view, Shen Tong’s coquetry was just an instinct, while Shen Tong didn’t think some of his words and deeds meant anything, Caesar decided that he was being coquettish.



Just now, for example, he itched badly, and he called out ‘miaomiao’ softly.


Caesar chose to let his instincts rule him.


Felines were creatures that needed constant attention, and the youth’s attention to the book was clearly greater than his.


The snow lion couldn’t get a response, so it narrowed its eyes and looked at Shen Tong for a few seconds, after that, it didn’t hesitate to slap the book out of the youth’s hand, and when the youth looked at it with wrinkled brows, the snow lion pounced on him aggressively, it buried its head against him, and then lightly licked his face a few times, this series of actions was done in one go, without the slightest hesitation.


This time Shen Tong couldn’t ignore him, he said helplessly: “Kitty, stop it.”


The snow lion lifted its eyelids and stared at him with smoky gray eyes, Shen Tong somehow understood its meaning –

It would keep doing it if he ignored it.

Shen Tong: “……”

He didn’t expect the big cat to cheat.


Or, he could…… teach it slowly.


Shen Tong was angry, but he couldn’t be ruthless to the big cat, he almost went soft, but at that moment, someone suddenly knocked on the door.


Shen Tong came back to his senses.


He couldn’t be soft.


The big cat hadn’t recognized its mistakes.


He couldn’t let it develop the habit of pouting after doing something bad.


Shen Tong: “Someone’s here, I’ll go open the door.”


The snow lion was upset about being disturbed, but given that the youth was still in a state of anger, it held back its temper and reluctantly backed away.


Shen Tong opened the door.


It was Shen Hua.


“Tongtong, I ……” Shen Hua had just opened his mouth, when the tip of his nose moved, keenly smelling the scent of another cat, the topic suddenly changed, “Tongtong, why do you smell like a cat?”


The smell was so strong, it was clear that it wasn’t a brief interaction, it had close contact with him.


Felines loved marking their possessions, the smell was very dominant, as if silently signaling its ownership.


Shen Hua subconsciously asked: “Tongtong, which cat were you mating with just now?”


Shen Tong: “……?”




“Oh, so that’s it.” During the conversation, the snow lion walked over, its hostility towards Shen Hua didn’t abate much, so its gaze was quite unkind. When Shen Hua saw this snow lion, he didn’t like it much. He instinctively felt threatened, which came from the threat of big cats to cats like him.


Of course, there was also the competition for the attention of the owner.


Shen Hua suddenly realized, “No wonder Tongtong left him in his room.”


Shen Tong sensed the misunderstanding and tried to explain, “No, Kitty can’t turn into a human, so ……”


Shen Hua blinked, “Ah? In this way, it’s really hard on you, right?”


Shen Tong: “……”


Why was it getting worse.


He explained again, “Just now, just, it licked, licked ……”


Speaking of which, his voice came to an abrupt stop. Shen Tong realized that he couldn’t explain it at all. He pursed his lips and looked at the snow lion.


Unlike Shen Tong, this misunderstanding made Caesar quite happy, and therefore, he generously allowed the conversation between this annoying orange cat and the youth to exceed three minutes.


Fortunately, Shen Hua didn’t stay on this topic for a long time, “Tongtong, I have to go back to the company, I have a commercial performance in a few days.”


Shen Tong breathed a sigh of relief, “Okay.”



Shen Hua spoke again with a smile, “Tongtong, I helped you get a few hundred thousand more star coins for the payout of your song I used, send me your account number when you’re free.”


“…… hmm.”



Shen Tong thought about it, and asked Shen Hua: “Did you still use it?”



Shen Hua asked in response, “Can I?”


Shen Tong nodded, “Of course you can, haven’t you been preparing for this album for a long time?”


Shen Hua blinked and muttered, “Tongtong, why are you so nice? It seems like no matter how excessive things are, you won’t get angry.”


Shen Tong didn’t reply.


And for this, the snow lion held a completely different opinion.


Although before today, he also thought so.


Shen Hua had come to say goodbye, so after they finished talking, he reluctantly spoke, “Tongtong, I’ll come back to play with you when I am done.”


Shen Tong nodded.

Shen Hua added, “Keep in touch.”


Shen Tong smiled, “Okay.”


Shen Hua glanced at the snow lion that intentionally separated him from Shen Tong, and decided to give it some trouble, “Tongtong, the lion has been in heat for a long time, don’t always let it bully you.”


Shen Tong: “……”


What could he do with a lion?


He wasn’t a beast.


Shen Hua came up to Shen Tong’s ear and whispered, “Tongtong, if you can’t stand it anymore, you can secretly take it to be neutered.”


He lowered his voice, but feline hearing had always been keen. Besides, except that the content was too bold, thw orange cat and Shen Tong were standing very close. Even though his misunderstanding pleased Caesar, it didn’t mean that Caesar allowed him to be so close to Shen Tong. The snow lion threw Shen Hua a warning glare.


Shen Hua waved at Shen Tong, “Tongtong, I’m leaving.”


Shen Tong: “Be careful on the road.”


Shen Hua nodded obediently and left happily.


As for Shen Tong, he wasn’t in such a good mood.



After all, there was a misunderstanding, and the other party was a lion.


…… Did he seem so beastly?


Shen Tong pursed his lips and hesitantly looked at the snow lion, the snow lion was also staring at him, Shen Tong could instinctively see a few points of smugness and perhaps a little irritation in its expression, Shen Tong moved faster than his brain, with a “bang”, he closed the door.


He shut the snow lion outside the door.


Caesar: “?”


For the first time in more than twenty years, this immensely honored monarch endured the feeling of being locked out.


It didn’t seem that bad.


But the …… youth was annoyed by him again?


After a moment of thought, he discarded his original body and changed back to his human form.


At the same time, Shen Tong realized the innocence of the big cat and opened the door.





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