C54—- Day 54

After the doctor finished with the snow lion, Shen Tong sent them out.


The Butler looked at Shen Tong frequently with a hesitant expression, but when Shen Tong looked back at him, he smiled as if nothing was wrong.


Shen Tong asked suspiciously: “What’s wrong?”


Butler: “…… nothing.”


His eyes crossed Shen Tong, glancing at the snow lion lying on the bed wagging its tail, he thought of what King Caesar mentioned – the youth wanted to leave Perth Palace, he hastened to remedy the situation: “I was just thinking, recently the night wind has been a little cold, remember to close the windows, and also be careful not to catch a cold.”


“Okay.” Shen Tong nodded.


The butler said goodbye to Shen Tong and gently pulled the door shut.


But the moment the door closed, his smile disappeared.


The butler couldn’t hide the shame he felt.


He actually collaborated with his majesty to cheat Catnip.


His conscience hurt.


The doctor, who didn’t dare to say anything inside, now hurriedly came up and inquired curiously, “Butler, what’s going on with that lion inside?”


When it glared at him, it was full of vigor and vitality, but when the young man raised his head, it became ill. He muttered, “Can we cats be knocked down by a fever? If one didn’t know it was a fever, they’d think it had an incurable disease. ”


Few people knew Caesar’s original form, so the doctor didn’t know that the lion he was gossiping about was his King, the butler interrupted him with an unchanged expression, “I’ll let you handle it, work hard.”


“No, no, no, it’s my duty.”


Inside the room, Shen Tong carefully closed all the windows, and drew the curtains, so it wouldn’t affect the snow lion’s rest.


When he turned around, he found the big cat on the bed staring at him.

It laid motionlessly on the bed, with its chin against its front paws, it looked very well behaved.


Shen Tong couldn’t help but laugh, “Aren’t you going to sleep?”


He took a few steps closer and nudged the tip of the big cat’s nose, “The doctor told you to get some rest.”


The snow lion still maintained this posture and only raised its eyes.


The big cat was obviously expressionless, Shen Tong couldn’t tell what it wanted from its “eyes”, so he tried to ask: “Want me to put you to sleep?”

The snow lion inclined its head and ignored him, but the tail behind it moved lightly.


Shen Tong pretended not to see, “You don’t want that?”


“Then have a good rest yourself, I won’t disturb you.”


The snow lion fiercely twisted its head and looked at him with dissatisfaction.


Shen Tong met its gaze and knew that the big cat was upset, he arched his eyebrows and said helplessly, “It was a trick.”

He sat on the edge of the bed, reached out and gently stroked the big cat’s head a few times, “Kitty, why are you so stubborn?”


The snow lion ignored him again.


Shen Tong thought it was uncomfortable, so his white hand gently patted it, he stopped teasing him and concentrated on putting him to sleep.


The early morning light shone from the gap in the curtains, shining on his face. As the young man lowered his head, his eyelashes seemed to be sparkling with the pale light, his eyes were clear and gentle, and his hand didn’t stop petting the snow lion.


Suddenly, Shen Tong’s knees felt a little heavy.


The snow lion used his thighs as a pillow.


It didn’t even look at Shen Tong, it kept its eyes closed.


It seemed very weary.

In fact, it quietly put all its attention on Shen Tong.

This big cat had a very twisted personality, it always secretly clung to him, either with its tail wrapped around his wrist, or its tail wrapped around Shen Tong’s waist, it was its first time using Shen Tong as a pillow, Shen Tong blinked, he was a little surprised, but then he attributed it to the big cat’s sickness.


It must have been really sick.


Shen Tong glanced at the listless big cat.


His movements became even more gentle.


Showing weakness really worked.


Caesar thought thoughtfully.


He glanced at the youth and intended to use this “sickness” to its fullest.


The next second, the big cat originally crouched on Shen Tong’s lap stood up, it slowly paced to the side where it often fell asleep, and then looked sideways at Shen Tong, expressing an obvious meaning.


It wanted Shen Tong to sleep with it.

Shen Tong didn’t want to sleep, “I’m not sleepy.”


The big cat stared at him silently.


Perhaps because it was sick, faced with this gaze, Shen Tong felt like it was pitiful, like an abandoned small pet, not to mention that this big cat was too sick to throw a tantrum, if Shen Tong refused, it quietly look at Shen Tong, with its tail wagging.


This made Shen Tong’s heart soft, more than when it threw a fit.


The cat he raised was so clingy, what else could he do?


Shen Tong sighed softly and compromised, “Okay.”


The snow lion was finally satisfied.


Shen Tong was forced to return to the bed, he didn’t intend to sleep, he just wanted to quickly put the big cat to sleep, so he moved to sit on the head of the bed. Shen Tong tilted to his left side, cupped the snow lion’s face and asked it in a soft voice: “Why did you become so clingy after you became ill?”


The snow lion looked at him and wagged its tail.


Shen Tong asked it again, “Can you sleep now?”


Not yet.


The snow lion answered with action.


It stood up an inch and stuffed itself into the youth’s arms, burying its furry head in Shen Tong’s neck.


And it pressed Shen Tong down.


Shen Tong had to sleep with it.


Shen Tong: “You’re so heavy, you don’t ……”


The snow lion ignored him, and rubbed itself against Shen Tong’s neck, making him a little itchy. He knew that this big cat loved to be pampered in this way, and Shen Tong wanted to stop it, but its temperature wasn’t quite normal, it made Shen Tong hesitate for a moment.


And his hesitation was caught by the snow lion.

This was equivalent to permission and indulgence of its behaviour.

The snow lion lifted its eyes and gave a soft tsk in its heart.


He was too soft-hearted.


It raised its head slightly, the room was dimly lit, he could clearly see the beautiful shoulder and neck line of the youth, as well as his porcelain white complexion..


Caesar’s heart was moved, his gaze also gradually darkened.


With that, the snow lion stretched out its tongue and licked him lightly.


It was very light, but when the barbs on its tongue swept through the nape of his neck, it felt too itchy, Shen Tong’s eyes fluttered with shock.


The big cat on his shoulder seemed unaware of this, and slowly licked him a few more times.




This feeling was very strange, Shen Tong hurriedly pushed it a few times, but the snow lion didn’t move, after noticing Shen Tong’s reaction, it slowly, slowly licked him a few more times.


“Don’t, don’t.” Shen Tong was afraid of that itchy feeling, and the cat’s tongue was also very hot, giving him the illusion of being burnt.


Shen Tong reached out to cover its mouth and frowned, “Kitty, no licking.”


The snow lion seemed very dissatisfied with his actions, its front paw pushed Shen Tong’s hand, seeing that the youth held it tightly, it glanced at him, then lowered its head to l!ck the youth’s finger.


It was hot and itchy.


They gazed at each other.


Caesar’s smoky gray eyes looked dark and deep.


The next second, the snow lion put most of its weight on the youth in order to stop him from getting up, and its paws didn’t hesitate to pin the youth’s shoulders.


It stared at the youth and lightly bit his fingers a few times.


With no force, as if teasing a prey.


And its posture also returned to its usual unbeatable appearance.


It no longer looked sickly.


Shen Tong obviously realised that.


He wrinkled his brow, “Kitty, aren’t you …… sick?”



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