C5– Day 5

Only, Shen Tong didn’t know.
He drifted into a deep sleep after the researchers had been sent away one after another.
–Plant growth was also a very energy-consuming thing.

What Shen Tong did not expect was that he had come back to the villa manor from earlier.
The luxurious building, the lake was calm, and there was silence all around. He could not help but feel a trace of doubt in his heart.
How was it this dream again?

Last time, Shen Tong just sat by the lake and basked in the sun, this time, he walked around quite curiously and finally came to the door of the villa, where a large open space had been created as a garden.

It seemed to be planted with lily flowers.

It was withered, only one branch was still standing and producing buds, but it didn’t look too good.

Shen Tong also had a small garden at home, his mother always liked to plant some flowers and plants, but unfortunately her health was not very good, Shen Tong often took care of it for her, this garden could be beautiful, Shen Tong saw the situation and couldn’t help but scoop up a handful of water and watered the poor lily orchid.

The fresh water slowly trickled down the white fingertips onto the lily of the valley, and the snow-white beautiful big cat, also came over at this time.

His gait was slow and light, and his movements had an unexplainable elegance.

Shen Tong spotted him and greeted him in a friendly manner, “Hello, little one.”

Caesar, who had been overly gifted since birth and had entered the Perth Palace located on the capital planet, had never been addressed like that, he narrowed his eyes dangerously.

This big guy’s unpleasantness was not noticed by Shen Tong, he watered the plant a few more times and felt that it was almost good enough before he turned his head, realizing that the snow lion was staring at him and Shen Tong misunderstood him, thinking that the lion was curious, “Do you want to be watered too?”

Then the wet hand flung gently at the snow lion.
Water droplets trickled down.


The Snow Lion was lazy about the youth’s action of teasing him as a cat, but seeing the youth bending his eyes in a smile, he didn’t want to let him go easily.

He stared at Shen Tong closely, as if staring at a prey, and in the next second, viciously pounced on him.

Shen Tong was immediately thrown to the ground. The Snow Lion stood up from him, maintained its posture, gracefully took a few steps forward, and slowly lowered his head, arrogantly looking at the youth on the ground.
It was a small punishment.

Shen Tong, however, directly reached out and hugged Caesar.

The snow lion’s pure white mane was soft, Shen Tong touched it a few times, and then pursed his lips and smiled, there were two dimples on his face, “So you wanted a hug.”
Caesar: “……..”

Shen Tong laid on the ground, stroking the big cat. His skin was white, his long eyelashes lifted, casting a dull shadow, the color of his dark pupils was pure, and the light that shone through was amazingly bright, “Surely even the biggest cat is still a cat, just as fond of pampering.”

There was no self-consciousness that he might be buried in the lion’s mouth.
The snow lion pressed his paws in discontent.
Caesar’s strength was well controlled, it gently resting on the youth’s pale lips, making it impossible for him to speak again.

Shen Tong tilted his head, his eyes quite innocent.
And this action of tilting his head allowed his lips to gently graze over the Snow Lion’s flesh pad.

It was soft.
Caesar paused.

Caesar looked at Shen Tong and withdrew his front paws in the end.
Shen Tong also sat up and scratched the Snow Lion’s chin, “This is the second time I’ve dreamt of you.”

Actually saying that it was a dream, Shen Tong always felt a bit strange.

Shen Tong thought absent-mindedly, but the movement of his hands was comfortable, the snow lion still looked lazy, he flicked his tail a few times and condescended to lie down.

Would he dream of this place next time?
There was a manor house, and a snow-white lion.

“… felt like this wasn’t a dream.”

Shen Tong was thinking about things, his movements were very light, not even scratching an itch, Caesar realized he was distracted, his smoky grey eyes looked at Shen Tong, he raised his chin slightly, unpleasantly signaling the youth to be more serious.

His posture was reserved and strong, as if he was already used to taking the high position and giving orders.
  But it was different in Shen Tong’s eyes.
This was a big cat.
Although it looked unpleasant and dangerous, it actually possessed the same unique feline traits – being awkward, arrogant, and very amusing.

Shen Tong: “Meow and I’ll scratch it for you.”

Caesar: “?”

  Shen Tong smilingly raised his hand and smoothened the snowy white mane of the snow lion, lowering his head to meet his eyes, “Can’t you meow? You’re a cat too, you’re just a little bigger than the other cats.”

The snow lion that was more than a little bigger sank down.

Shen Tong saw this and gently hugged the snow lion, soothing it, “Are you angry now? Well, I was only joking, don’t be angry.”

  The youth’s body, always lingering with a faint smell, a little sweet and fresh, Caesar dropped his eyes to see a fair neck, so slender that he could tear it with just one mouthful, without even trying too hard.

Really courting death.
He snorted.

The Snow Lion threw back its head and stepped out of Shen Tong’s arms, walking silently towards the villa.
Before entering the door, the Snow Lion looked back at him again and motioned for Shen Tong to follow.

Shen Tong was hesitant, “Is there anyone inside?”

Forgetting again that it was a different time of year and that felines had become dominant, he added, “…like your owner. Is it a good idea for me to come in like this?”

  The snow lion scowled at him and walked in impatiently.

  Shen Tong had to keep up.

Inside the villa, the lighting was good, the floor-to-ceiling windows were facing the garden, and there was a black and gold piano.

Shen Tong had practiced piano for many years and couldn’t help but approach, he lifted the lid of the piano and played a few notes with one hand, the crisp sound of the piano flowed from his fingertips.

As soon as he played the piano, he focused on it, forgetting his surroundings, and before he knew it, Shen Tong sat down and played out the music.

The youth’s ignorance made Caesar want to take him to the study and find some books about the spiritual world to give him a good education, but he only went up one flight of stairs and lost him again.

Caesar quickly found the book and took it in his mouth to find him.

It was then that he heard the sound of a piano.

Cheerful and crisp.

The Snow Lion approached slowly.

The youth sat at the piano, head slightly bowed, the bones at the back of his neck protruding beautifully and fragilely, the light from the floor-to-ceiling window bore in unscrupulously, illuminating him almost crystal clear, his complexion white and translucent. The youth’s black hair fell softly, his long, thin fingers pressed the black and white keys.

And the garden that served as a backdrop was deserted.

For the first time, Caesar felt that the garden outside the floor-to-ceiling windows should grow something.

The lilies were just right.

It was white and gentle, like the youth.

The snow Lion listened to the sound of the piano, put the book on the floor, and lazily laid down.

Shen Tong finished playing a song, ending with a glissando, he turned his head and saw the snow lion lying next to him, and asked softly, “Did it sound good?”

The snow lion moved its ears and lazily lifted its eyes, as if it had briefly dozed off.

–asleep, unknown.

But his tail wagged slowly.
To the beat of the music.

Under his paws, was a thick book, and Shen Tong came over, “What’s this?”

Caesar pushed it to him.

Shen Tong casually flipped through a few pages, which talked about felines whose mental powers were identified as SSS level. They were rare in number, possessed their own spiritual worlds, were known as High Evolutionaries, and were therefore constantly facing deadly dangers.

–The disorder of the spirit world and the difficulty in controlling their emotions.

Shen Tong pronounced, “When you find yourself frequently entering the spiritual world of a High Evolutionary, it means that his state is extremely unstable and may go out of control at any time, you can choose to flee or to pacify him, but you must understand that in their eyes, at the moment, you are only a prey, and he… . has been reduced to a bloodthirsty and vicious beast.”


8:30 AM.
Tata Star.

The dean was still on annual leave when he received the news that catnip had sprouted.

He was on Tata star, an interstellar vacation planet with a reputation for four attractions modelled on the seasons of ancient Earth – tropical islands, frigid glaciers, idyllic spring mountains and autumnal maple fires.

Thanks to its unique experience and first-class service, the Tata Star was booked by trillions of people every year, but the small planet could receive up to 50,000 visitors per year, so there was a long queue.
  The Dean had been in line for five years and it was finally his turn!

The first place he experienced was a tropical island.

At the moment the dean, dressed in a pair of beach pants and holding a coconut in his arms, was lounging on a beach chair reading a vacation guide, interested in the evening campfire.

The assistant’s call request also came at this time.

The Dean had been looking forward to the Tata star for five years, such a good vacation opportunity, he had already made up his mind that the ten days of his annual leave, the Academy of Sciences wouldn’t matter.

He immediately tapped the reject button.

The assistant sent another video request.
The dean refused.
The assistant sent another video request.
The dean then refused.

They were at a standoff for a long time, and the dean, overwhelmed by the situation, sent an angry message: [Your year-end bonus is gone!]

 The assistant responds by sending an analysis of the report.

  The Dean viciously clicked on it, and it didn’t matter if the results weren’t read.

[Scent number: 1275638
Source: unknown
Main ingredient: Nepetalactone (Vitexilactone)
Note: too low concentration, dilute or immature
Analysis results: the scent is 100% similar to the ancient earth herb catnip]

100% similarity?
Wasn’t that just catnip!

The Dean nearly jumped out of his beach chair and hurriedly sent a call request to the other side, he and his assistant spoke simultaneously, “What’s going on?”

“Dean do I still have my year-end bonus!?”

  The Dean said darkly, “If you say cr*p again, not only will you lose your year-end bonus, you’ll lose your salary too!”

Under the threat of money, the assistant quickly explained the cause and effect, and the dean listened in silence for a long time.

Catnip actually sprouted!
After two years of failed breeding, that seed sprouted!

The Dean’s mind went blank for a few seconds, then slapped his thigh, “Quick! Arrange for me to fly back to the Academy of Sciences now!”

The assistant opened the booking program, “The nearest rover leaves in an hour with one space relocation en route, arriving tomorrow at 9am.”

“Too late!” Dean wasn’t satisfied, “I want to be able to go back right now!”

The assistant hesitated, “There is a one, it takes off in half an hour, the whole thing is an hour, but there are twelve space relocations.”

Even the connection with a highly physically trained soldier, may not be able to withstand such frequent spatial relocations, but the dean thought of catnip and he clenched his jaw, “That’s it!”

The assistant actually wanted to talk the dean down a bit more, after all, the head of the Tata Star had posted a tourist information on the Star website last month, reminding all visitors that they would have to wait in line for at least ten years from now on.
But he thought about it, and if he told him-.

What Tata Star? Come on, what’s more important than catnip?


Poor Dean.

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