C47—- Day 47

  This direction was different from everyone’s expectations.

        Including Shen Tong.

        Shen Hua apologized to him, “Tong Tong, I’m sorry, I wasn’t careful ……”

        Shen Tong shook his head, “It’s okay.”

        He really didn’t mind.

        Shen Tong, in the process of flipping through the comments, had an idea.

        Maybe …… he could try to open a live stream?

        He knew he had an affinity with felines. As for the reason, when Shen Tong became a human, the scent of catnip was probably diluted, but it wasn’t gone, it wasn’t enough to make felines lose control, but it could still make them obsessed.

        He could play the piano live, plant flowers, or take care of the big cat?

    He would give it a try. If the content was suitable, the live broadcast could continue. If it wasn’t suitable, Shen Tong could find another way besides the live broadcast.

        After all, he had a big cat to feed, and couldn’t always live in this palace.

        After this was finalized, Shen Tong decided to take time to take care of his Starnet account.

        But now, he had to find the big cat first.

        Since he woke up in the morning, Shen Tong hadn’t been able to see it.

        He spoke to Shen Hua before going out.

        Shen Tong looked at the long corridor and couldn’t help but wrinkle his brow.

        The palace was too big, it wasn’t that easy to find the snow lion, besides, he had asked several maids along the way, and the answers he got were that they hadn’t seen a snow lion.

        Where could the big cat go?

        Unknowingly, Shen Tong passed by the study.

        The butler outside the door smiled as soon as he saw him, “You are looking for His Majesty?”

        “No.” Shen Tong shook his head and said worriedly, “I haven’t seen Meow Meow since morning – the snow lion last night, I’m looking for it. Have you seen it, Mr. Butler?”

        “The snow lion ……”

        The butler glanced untraceably into the study.

        Of course he had seen it.

        He said hesitantly, “He is probably sunbathing somewhere. You don’t have to worry, maybe it will come back later on its own.”

        Shen Tong was still not quite sure, “But it’s been almost a whole day.”

        “All day?”

   As they were talking, the door to the study was pushed open and Caesar came out.

        He asked with a confused expression, “Did you lose something?”

        Shen Tong: “No, it’s Meow Meow that’s missing.”

        After saying that, Shen Tong thought about it and added: “Snow lion, the one that came last night.”

        Caesar’s expression remained unchanged, even his tone was very smooth, “Don’t bother with it. In the palace, it can’t run away.”

        Shen Tong said softly, “I’ll look for it again.”

        His rather worried look pleased Caesar, the young monarch raised his eyebrows, and after a moment, he opened his mouth as if carelessly: “I will accompany you to look.”

        Shen Tong was stunned.

        Caesar slightly side-eyed, “Maybe it’s sunning itself in the flower room.”

        “Do you know where the flower room is?”

        “No, I don’t.”

        Caesar lightly raised his jaw, “Follow me.”

        Shen Tong hadn’t yet reacted, Caesar lifted his feet and walked a few steps, then as if he knew he wasn’t following, he stopped and said without looking back, “Hurry up, I am very busy.”

        Shen Tong: “……”


        In fact, the butler could also lead the way for him.

        But such disagreeable words, Shen Tong didn’t say it.

        On the way, Caesar didn’t have any intention to open his mouth, so Shen Tong had to find a way to have a few words with him.

        “Your Majesty, you and Meow Meow, have you known each other for a long time?”


        “How did you meet?”

        “Just got to know each other.”

        Caesar seemed not to want to waste too much time on this topic, so the answer was brief and perfunctory, Shen Tong heard it and couldn’t help but sigh quietly in his heart, he sometimes felt that this sire was like the big cat, arrogant and twisted, but sometimes he didn’t feel quite like it.

        He was much more difficult to understand than the big cat.

        Like now.

        Did this mean he longer wanted to bother with words?

        Shen Tong pursed his lips.

        The cat could be coaxed, but this sire didn’t seem easy to talk to.

        Perhaps Shen Tong had been quiet for too long, Caesar lightly spoke: “You want to know about it?”

        “May I?”

        “Yes.” Caesar replied calmly “It is the part of an albino species of a lion.”

        Shen Tong: “It’s covered in snow White fur, it’s a beautiful color.”

        Caesar looked askance at him, “It was identified as having SSS-level mental power in its infancy, and was sent to a …… very distant planet, and has since had specialized personnel to teach it a few things.”

        Shen Tong said not quite agree: “Infancy? It was still a young lion.”

   Caesar said meaningfully: “It has a strong innate ability, but also the need to assume responsibility, but also has the ability to correspond to the defects.”

        Shen Tong’s voice was put very soft: “Emotional control, it’s unable to become human.”

        In fact, not only Meow Meow, he remembered this sire, also had a similar defect.

        Shen Tong sighed.

        Caesar glanced at him, “What are you thinking about.”

        Shen Tong replied, “You.”

        Caesar’s footsteps lurched.

        Shen Tong’s eyelashes lifted lightly, realizing that these words could easily cause misunderstanding, and explained to him, “You and Meow Meow’s …… deficiency?”

        Caesar raised his eyebrows slightly, his mood was pleasant, but his face didn’t show it, he asked with a normal tone, “What else do you want to know?”

        Shen Tong hesitantly said, “I want to raise Meow Meow, but I’m afraid I can’t take care of it.”

        In his previous life, Shen Tong was very attracted to cats, but he never had a cat, this was because Shen Tong thought he was still in school and couldn’t provide them with the best care and companionship.

        These little guys needed companionship.

        The big cat in this life was special.

        “How to take care of it?” Caesar didn’t put it in his mind, his gaze lightly dropped, before he indifferently said, “However you want-“

        As soon as he said that, he abruptly stopped.

        Caesar’s eyes narrowed slightly.

He continued, “Felines are very possessive and territorial.”

        “You are his match, and in his eyes, you belong to him.” Smoky gray eyes watched Shen Tong, Caesar’s voice was low, “Don’t let another cat appear around you, and don’t have the stench of another cat.”

        After a pause, Caesar said unhappily, “You have the smell of other cats on your body right now.”

        Shen Tong: “……”

        Caesar looked down at him, he slowly asked, “Is that hard?”

        Shen Tong shook his head, “No.”

        “It’s just that–“

        Caesar said lazily, “Do you want him to always have emotional outbursts?”

        Shen Tong answered quickly, “No.”

        He raised his eyes, caught off guard as he met Caesar’s gaze, seemingly smiling and deep, after a while he said, “Its nature is too domineering, but …… forget it.”

        Shen Tong compromised with a frown, “It doesn’t always get angry, so it’s fine.”

        Caesar’s lips lifted lightly and withdrew his gaze, “Here it is.”

        Shen Tong looked over.

        This was a glass flower house.

        The lily of the valley bloomed all the way, winding to the beautiful flower room.

        Shen Tong looked at it several times, “So many lily of the valley.”

“I like it.”

        Caesar faintly put out a sentence. He glanced at Shen Tong’s fair face, after a slight pause, he said carelessly without looking at the flower house, “It isn’t sunbathing here.”

        Shen Tong nodded, he had seriously looked at it.

        “Well.” Caesar asked again.

        Shen Tong glanced sideways, “Huh?”

        Caesar lightly tsked, “This flower house.”

        Shen Tong replied, “It’s beautiful.”

        It was really beautiful and well taken care of, obviously the result of great care.

Caesar was satisfied. He was arrogant and said, “Here you go.”

That was why he laid the groundwork for so long.

        Shen Tong: “……?”

        He hurriedly shook his head, “I can’t take care of it.”

        “If you want to take care of it yourself, you can do it yourself, if you don’t want to, there are people here to help you.” Caesar’s tone was diffident, “Staying with plants rather than staying with other cats, the snow lion will probably be much happier, and won’t always lose his temper.”

        Shen Tong pursed his lips, “…… I can’t take any more of your stuff.”

        He explained, “I have been living in your palace, it’s inappropriate, after a while I will find a way to move out.”

        “And you are also other cats ah, meow meow won’t be happy.”

        Caesar: “……”

        He frowned.

        The smoky gray eyes were filled with displeasure again.

        Shen Tong said, “Your Majesty, Meow Meow is not here, I will go somewhere else, you don’t need to accompany me anymore if you are very busy.”

        “There is no inappropriateness.”

        Not long after, Caesar said in a hard tone, “You are catnip.”

        He stared at Shen Tong closely, like a cat that wanted to stay and refused to soften its attitude, still in a superior posture, so much so that the words that came out seemed like an order, “No.”

        Shen Tong looked towards him.

        He also inexplicably had a thought.

        This sire seemed like a cat.

        This King …… was indeed a cat?

        Shen Tong couldn’t help but smile.

        Previously, it was difficult for Shen Tong to establish any connection between him and the feline, because his majesty was too arrogant, strong and bad, he only felt that his majesty was like a big cat at one moment, and even attributed it to their same eye color, but at this moment, Shen Tong clearly saw the characteristics belonging to the feline in this majesty.

        — twisted, arrogant.

        These characteristics washed out a lot of the strong in his character.

        All of them became cute.

Shen Tong thought about it, “Your Majesty, we can talk about it another day? It’s about to get dark, I want to help Meow Meow take a bath while there is sun, at night I’m afraid it will catch a cold.”

        “I have to find it first.”

        His voice slowed down a lot, as he blinked, his eyes looked watery and extremely moving. Shen Tong softly inquired, “May I?”

        His tone of voice was soft and gentle.

        This was coaxing?

        Caesar snorted lightly.

        And the bath.

        Because he said he couldn’t turn into a human, he believed him?

        Why was he so gullible?

        Caesar was once again dissatisfied with the youth’s lack of vigilance.

        After a long time, he expressionlessly let out a hum.

        Shen Tong secretly thought: Sure enough.

        He could also be coaxed.

        He smiled, said goodbye to Caesar, and went elsewhere to find the snow lion.

        Shen Tong didn’t see, shortly after he left, the tall monarch disappeared in the flower room, then a snow lion appeared, covered in snowy fur.

        It glanced at the bell orchids near it, and then looked at the youth in front of it.

        Because of a bell orchids in the garden, he planted a whole palace for the youth.

        The bell orchids in the palace were blooming.

        The snow lion slowly lifted his eyes and stepped in the direction of the youth.

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