C41– Day 41


Star Ocean Entertainment.

The agent skimmed through a few scripts and sent a call request to Shen Hua.

The first time, no response.

Second time, he hung up.

Third time, hung up.

For the fourth time, the do not disturb mode was turned on.

The agent sneered, she had dealt with Shen Hua for a while, only one trick was enough, the agent ruthlessly typed: [If you don’t answer, you don’t need to do the album].

This time, the call request was sent and Shen Hua immediately accepted it.

His voice was muffled, “Sister Xu, what is it? I fell asleep just now.”

The manager said coolly, “This is the reason why you are always mocked for acting as a vase.”

[TN: Vase- pretty face with no talent]

Shen Hua smiled and said, “It’s because Sister Xu knows me too well.”

She was too lazy to talk to him, “I got a few scripts here, they are not bad, come to the company now.”

“No acting.” Shen Hua refused without even thinking, “It’s hard to finish the variety show, I want to finish the album early.”

Shen Hua was notoriously uncomfortable with business, refusing to take on more plays, not wanting to do more variety shows, and even his interactions with fans were pitiful, only towards this album, was his attitude surprisingly persistent.

This was also the only thing that she could use against Shen Hua.

She once asked why, Shen Hua gave the same answer as when he agreed to debut.

— “I’m looking for someone.”

The agent stressed to him, “I’ve looked at these scripts, they’re not bad.”

Shen Hua was indifferent, “Oh.”

Agent: “Come to the company now.”

Shen Hua: “No.”

“You ……”

“Sister Xu?”

The agent was about to threaten him with the album again when the assistant knocked on the door and hesitantly asked her, “Are you busy? Something’s come up.”

She temporarily put down the terminal, but didn’t end the call, “Not busy, what’s wrong?”

The assistant said, “Sister Xu, it’s like this. A big fan contacted us and said that Shen Hua’s unreleased album has been leaked out, they suspect it’s someone involved in the album production process and want the company to intervene.”

“Here’s another video.”

The assistant handed his personal terminal to the agent.

She clicked on this video.

The crisp sound of the piano rang out, pleasing to the ear and moving.


The sound of glass smashing came from the end of the terminal, the agent immersed in the music was jolted awake.

Shen Hua on the other side of the terminal pulled up his jacket and ran out, “Sister Xu, I’m coming to the office!”

She hurriedly assured him, “Don’t worry about this! Let me do it!”

Shen Hua said uneasily, “Wait for me to get to the company!”

There was a constant noise from the terminal, as if he had knocked over a vase, and in order to right it, it triggered a series of chain reactions, clanging and clanging, and finally there was another “bang”, and the call ended without warning.

This time, the terminal probably fell.

The agent and the assistant looked at each other.

What was wrong with him?

About half an hour later, the group leader who contacted Star Ocean Entertainment finally received a reply.

It was very concise, only two words.

[Stop it.]

Yes, don’t make a scene.

It wasn’t reassuring and it wasn’t a promise.

The group leader was full of questions.

She sent the reply given by Star Ocean Entertainment to the group, and the group boiled up at once.

[Is something wrong? Stop it? Let’s not make a scene? What kind of pig team is this company?]

[What’s wrong with us? Shouldn’t we tear up an unreleased album when it’s made public? What do you mean, we’re making a scene?]

[That’s right. And that person’s reply, what song did he write, he doesn’t know Shen Hua, and he exposed it maliciously. Didn’t he mean that Hua Hua secretly used the tune he wrote?]

[Is that sing something he can write?]

The group was making a lot of noise, reasonably speaking at this time the group owner and management should come out to calm everyone down to save any chaos, but because Star Ocean Entertainment’s response was so unbelievable, these few people couldn’t help but reveal some emotions, they simply let the group members complain.

Also at that moment, one member sent a message: […… What is Hua Hua’s manager talking about???]

She sent the screenshot to the group.

Star Ocean Entertainment V.

Hello everyone, @Shenhua’s album “Seeking” has been in preparation for a long time, far beyond the normal production cycle of an album, the reason for this is actually because the main song “Seeking” has a small melody using a piano piece written by @Shentong, but he could never be contacted personally, so it couldn’t be published in full, plus with @Shenhua’s schedule, the production of the rest of the songs could only be slowed down, resulting in the album “Seeking” remaining uncompleted. The album wasn’t finished, so many information about it wasn’t released, such as the arranger, and therefore it caused a series of misunderstandings. We would like to sincerely apologize to @ShenTong for adding your arrangement to the album without permission, and we are willing to make up for all the losses brought to you.

When he clicked on this picture, the information of the album’s title track “Seeking” had two names written in the column of the arranger.

One of them was Shen Tong.

And the time was marked a year ago, the day the official decision to produce the song “Seeking” was made.

Fans: ????

It wasn’t malicious exposure?

The tune was really written by this Shen Tong?

And it was also used by their side privately?

The fans were shocked.

How did they insult him at that time?

The absolute white lotus.


Bloodsucking, rubbish.

You know, when this little demo was released, it drew great praise from the industry.

Its melody was full of spirit and emotion, the level was high, and Shen Hua’s sound quality was between teenager and youth, exceptionally unique, this melody could completely accomplish Shen Hua and bring him to a new stage!

Now, Shen Hua’s manager had come forward to confirm that the tune was indeed written by Shen Tong.

The Absolute White Lotus? Thieving behavior? Bloodsucking rubbish?

Didn’t exist.

It simply didn’t exist.

Every word they had said before, at this moment, seemed to be hitting them hard in the face.

Their faces hurt, really hurt!

That wasn’t all.

Shen Hua, who hadn’t logged into his Starnet account for months, not only logged on, but also updated two dynamics in a row.

Shen Hua V.
Sorry @Shen Tong

Shen Hua V.
Apologize to him!

These two updates were easy to decipher.

The first one wasn’t an apology to Shen Tong for using his melody without permission.

The second one was asking his fans to apologize to Shen Tong.

In his previous life, when Shen Hua was an orange cat, he used to listen to Shen Tong play the piano while he was practicing on a nearby windowsill.

The youth loved playing the piano, and even during his exams, he chose to relax for a little while by practicing the piano. Shen Hua didn’t quite understand the feelings conveyed by these tunes, but that didn’t stop him from appreciating them.

He thought it sounded good.

Because it was played by the youth.

He liked this one the most. Because one afternoon, the youth saw Shen Hua lying on the windowsill and said to him with a smile, “Little orange cat, shall I play you a song I wrote recently?”

Shen Hua listened very carefully.

He also tried hard to remember the melody.

This was the song that the youth played, and the song that the youth played for him.

But even though he tried harder, he only remembered a small part.

After coming to this era, Shen Hua always believed that the youth, like him, had regained his life, and he tried to find the youth by all means.

— to stand on the highest part of the stage and sing the song he had written.

That way, the youth would notice him, right?

And Shen Hua deliberately posted the demo of the melody on Star Online, also with expectations.

Maybe the youth would see it?

A few hours ago, the call with his manager was suddenly interrupted, and then Shen Hua heard this music, this crisp, cheerful music that he almost knew by heart, and in that moment, Shen Hua almost jumped out of bed.

He had waited!

He had found the youth!

After he rushed to the company and understood the whole story, Shen Hua realized that he had caused a lot of trouble for the youth.

These troubles were caused by him, and it was up to him to solve them.


An apology was necessary.

Shen Hua’s fans gave him special attention, and they were almost always the first to see his post.

After reading it, they had mixed feelings.

Shen Hua’s behavior was tantamount to slapping their faces.

They rushed for Shen Hua and tore the sky and earth for Shen Hua, but in the end, Shen Hua asked them to apologize.

There was no comforting, nor any apologies.

At the same time, these fans understand in their hearts that they really should apologize.

This young man named Shen Tong didn’t maliciously expose the unpublished album.

On the contrary, he himself knew nothing about it.

He was also subjected to many unwarranted attacks, and could be considered a complete victim.

One by one, fans apologized.

[I’m sorry @ShenTong]

[We shouldn’t have taken it for granted that you exposed the album maliciously without confirmation, I’m sorry. @shentong]

[You play the piano really well, and the music is also very well arranged, sorry sorry sorry sorry! @ShenTong]


The fans on Star Network were apologizing, and Shen Hua’s big fan, Birch Big Cutie, had only just finished sending an apology message when she received a private message.

She recognized Shen Hua’s avatar.

It was a private message from Shen Hua

Birch Big Cutie looked at it incredulously for a long time.

How could he send her a private message?

Could it be …… comforting them all through her?

The more she thought about it, the more she thought it was possible.

After all, in a public place like Starnet, the slightest mistake would be denounced by the whole network, Shen Hua was already blacked out by the whole network from time to time, and this incident was caused by his fans’ thinking, but Shen Hua couldn’t blame them but had to scold them online.

But privately, he knew that they were aggrieved and could see that they did everything for him.

She took a deep breath and opened this private message.

Shen Hua V: Dismiss the fan group.

She froze and took a long time to come back to her senses.

Her idol, how could he be so cold ah?

Her big cute nose felt sore and tears fell heavily.


Suddenly, Shen Tong received many @ messages.

They were all apologies.

He was full of doubts when he received several private messages in succession, the avatar Shen Tong recognized, not long ago he had seen, but also he was curious about who exactly that star – Shen Hua.

Shen Hua V: [Tong Tong Tong Tong!]

Shen Hua V: [Tong Tong, I asked my fans to apologize to you, also disbanded all my fan groups].

Shen Hua V: [Tong Tong, I used your tune just want you to notice me, the arranger I also wrote your name, you do not get angry OK OvO]

Shen Hua V: [Tong Tong?]

Shen Hua V: [Tong Tong, are you still angry?]

Shen Tong: [You are ……?]

Shen Hua V: [It’s me!]

A photo was sent by the other, and Shen Tong clicked on it.

It was a small orange cat with a crooked head, facing the camera with a wink.

Orange fluffy head, snow white belly.

This was ……!

The little orange cat that always gave him cat food!

Shen Tong almost immediately recognized it.

He was sending this little orange cat to its owner on the way to a car accident, in the critical moment, Shen Tong remembered that he let go of it, but the car came too fast, Shen Tong didn’t confirm whether the orange cat dodged, and he lost consciousness, after he had woken up, he worried about this little orange cat.

He didn’t expect it to come to this era.

It was a pity.

Shen Tong sighed softly.

But after this, Shen Tong couldn’t help but feel happy that he could meet this little orange cat again.

In such a big interstellar, they could meet again, it really wasn’t easy.

Shen Hua was obviously also very excited, he was like a little chatterbox, he sent a message every few seconds.

Shen Hua V: [Where are you now, Tong Tong? I’ll go find you OK?]

Shen Hua V: [OK OvO?]

Shen Hua V: [Tong Tong, why won’t you say anything?]

Shen Tong hesitated, he also wanted to see this little orange cat, but he didn’t know how to reply: [The place I’m in is a bit special, I need to ask the owner of this place].

Shen Hua V: [It’s okay, if not, come to me].

Shen Hua V: [I’ll raise you OvO]

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