C40— Day 40

The progress bar began to pulsate and the music flowed out.

The crowd was instantly stunned.

They were a group of heavy hand interested patients, at first they were attracted by these hands, as for their initial intention to open the video, they just wanted to see more of these two hands, but when the video began to play, the pleasant and crisp piano music immediately took all their attention, so that people couldn’t help but immerse themselves in it.

They had to say, this piano piece, could mobilize everyone’s emotions.

The jumping musical notes were full of cheerfulness, vigorous and lively, and even the listeners felt their mood become slightly better.

And the young man playing the piano, inexplicably gave them a good feeling.

He sat there, his face was blurred, but his hands alone, as well as the lines of his extremely beautiful shoulders and neck, everyone agreed that this was definitely a beauty.

Unknowingly, the song ended.

The listeners couldn’t come back to their senses for a long time.

At this moment, the thoughts that came to their minds were surprisingly consistent.

–What kind of god was this?

His hands were beautiful and the piano sounded good.

The comments quickly posted.

[I want to get all the information about this little brother within 10 minutes!]

[Originally I just wanted to lick his hands, but after I opened the video, I completely forgot what I was doing and just listened to him play the piano. What are hands? No, I just want to listen to my brother play the piano!]

[Ah ah ah ah ah what is this beautiful sound?!]

[My sister studies piano, just now when I clicked on this video, she was amazed, she said this little brother absolutely practiced for many years, he’s not only full of emotion, his movements are also first-class, his level is super high!]

The hand admirers spared no effort in sending compliments and trying to promote it to their friends.

And in addition to them, squatting on the official account of Perth Palace were some netizens who had their hearts set on Catnip, hoping to get its recent status, and they couldn’t help but comment when they saw that the post wasn’t the Catnip they’d been longing for.

[How is the catnip doing in the end? The other day all of the stars were saying that it was in the growth phase, did it pass safely?]

[Is my little mint okay? QAQ, worried about it.]

[Perth dad, can you say a little about the recent situation of the little mint?]

This kind of behaviour was normal, after all, they frequently asked about catnip under irrelevant posts. But since catnip was stolen by star thieves, and then the news that it had entered the growth period, there were too many people who were worried about this, but the official response had never been officially given.

After the video was released, the butler did almost nothing all afternoon, holding his personal terminal and scrolling through the comments, especially everyone’s praise of Shen Tong’s content, he focused on reading those happily.

As for the concern about the recent situation of catnip, their side wasn’t deliberately not responding, but they hadn’t asked for Shen Tong’s opinion.

They needed to ask whether he was willing to appear in public in his human form.

Moreover, this was also Caesar’s intention.

Ask for Shen Tong’s decision.

But it wasn’t good to delay too long.

After asking Caesar, the butler came over to see Shen Tong.

Shen Tong had taken form, so he could no longer stay in the study, he had a room of his own.

When the housekeeper came over, Shen Tong was trying to make a plush pendant, and Yuanyuan was squatting next to him, looking around, his round eyes wide open, and from time to time he activated the built-in network to provide theoretical assistance to Shen Tong.

This plush pendant, Shen Tong made a catnip model.

After receiving three gifts today, Shen Tong thought for a long time about what to give back, and finally he remembered the members of the Rose Legion who wanted catnip dolls, and decided to make some catnip pendants for everyone with his own hands.

When he saw the housekeeper, Shen Tong pushed the materials aside, “Is there something wrong?”

“It’s a bit of business.”

The butler said and handed his personal terminal to Shen Tong. His intention was to show Shen Tong the comments on Starnet asking about Catnip’s recent situation, but on the way he accidentally clicked on the photo album, so Shen Tong only lowered his head and saw many praises for him.

[oooooooo heavy request for a pair of hands that look good like little brother and will play the piano!]

[Little brother, stop playing the piano, come play me]

[I can! I really can! This little brother is too good for me! ! ! ]

[Good to see and hear, what kind of god is this!]

Shen Tong: “……?”

Did something else happen that he didn’t know about?

Although it was a small mistake, but the housekeeper saw it and flipped up the photo album with great interest, showing Shen Tong the comments from netizens about him, “After posting the video of you playing the piano on the internet today, people’s reactions were very good.”

“These are all the comments that I have selected.”

The butler added: “Of course, we didn’t inform everyone of your identity before obtaining your consent, and also blurred your face for you.”

Speaking of this, Shen Tong also had his own plans.

Everyone’s love for Catnip made them willing to do many things for Shen Tong. Just like today’s three gifts, Shen Tong didn’t want to always cause others trouble like this, and his current planning for his future was only to play the piano well and support him and the big cat.

Also therefore, Shen Tong decided not to show himself as a catnip first.

He asked the housekeeper, “Can we not tell them that I am Catnip yet?”

The housekeeper wasn’t surprised by Shen Tong’s choice, because he could see that the youth had a gentle character and also preferred to be quiet. The butler smiled and said, “Of course you can.”

“Actually, I came over to ask you about this matter.” The butler said, “Then tomorrow we will only inform the people that you have successfully transformed, but not mention any information about your human form, is that okay?”


The matter was thus settled.

The butler said goodbye to Shen Tong and withdrew from the room.

He could imagine how excited the crowd would be after releasing this news.

Even the butler himself couldn’t help but be excited for tomorrow.

He didn’t expect that the next day, this plan would be disrupted at all.

What happened?

The video of Shen Tong playing the piano, because it was spread in a small way, someone found out that the piano piece he played had a small section with the exact same melody, Shen Hua, a small star released it on the star network not long ago.

Later, someone produced a sound track of both and it also matched exactly.

By now, after just one night, the wind had completely changed, and the comments were tidal wave of bad comments.

Shen Tong was accused of maliciously exposing the unreleased album.

Yes, malicious exposure.

Shen Hua’s album was titled “Seeking”, he had been preparing for this album for a long time, and it hadn’t been officially released yet.

After Shen Hua’s big fan learned about this, he sent a post.

Big Cute Hua: Shen Hua has been talking about wanting to make an album called “Seeking” since his debut. He has so much to do every day, so busy that he doesn’t even have time to eat, but he still finds time to record songs. He has been working hard for a long time and is about to achieve his wish, but the song hasn’t yet been released and you’ve exposed it, why are you doing this to him?”

The comments at the bottom echoed: [I feel bad when I think about it. He said this song was for his fans, he tried to do his best, and the result was that it was exposed, with the character of Shen Hua, he would rather scrap it and start over, his efforts have been wasted.]

[The person who played the piano has no heart at all.]

[You guys have time to be sad rather than going to the comment section of the video, I looked at a comment below, someone said it was a god playing, too disgusting.]

The unpublished album was exposed in this way, Shen Hua’s fans of course refused to give up.

With the organization of the big fans, they rushed over in an aggressive manner.

Shen Hua’s fans demanded that the video be deleted, and they subconsciously decided that the person who played the piano was involved in the production of the album, otherwise he wouldn’t have known the melody of the entire song, and he had failed Shen Hua’s trust in him, so Shen Hua’s fans were hostile, and their words were not so polite.

[This one who played the piano, with your thieving behavior, how dare you let people call you a god? White Lotus Fairy?]


[Can you stop taking advantage of Shen Hua’s efforts?]


All in all, because the fans held too much animosity towards Shen Tong, the comments they made were not so friendly, and there were even individual fans who directly started abusing Shen Tong, which caused the comment section to become chaotic.

The butler went through the comments, not quite sitting still, he came to the study worried.

The young monarch had just finished a meeting at this time, his body leaned back against the back of his chair, his posture was loose and revealed a few moments of careless strength, he lifted his eyes and glanced at the butler, “Something wrong?”

The butler explained the situation to him.

Caesar didn’t respond immediately, but only opened the star net. He looked down and frowned. After scrolling through, he coldly replied: “Delete posts and ban them.”

Starnet, Caesar had always been indifferent, even when he was crowned the name of tyrant, he also had an indifferent attitude, he didn’t feel the need, until the youth saw some exaggerated rumours about him, Caesar only let people purge and organise some, in addition, he never went too far.

But Shen Tong was denigrated and abused, Caesar felt the speech jurisdiction was necessary.

The ban was indeed a solution, simple and brutal, but also fast.

The housekeeper nodded and immediately informed the relevant personnel to deal with it, but he didn’t leave.

Caesar lightly raised his eyebrow, “Something else?”

Yesterday, after he made the connection between Shen Tong and the Majesty’s match, he couldn’t help thinking about it for a long time last night, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this guess was very likely, so the butler took the opportunity to try to ask his guess, “Your Majesty, your match …… Could it be Mr. Shen?”

Caesar looked at him with a smile, but didn’t deny it.

In other words, he acquiesced.

The butler understood, he murmured: “No wonder no matter what, we couldn’t find him.”

After a pause, the butler’s mind drifted back to the crown that Caesar gave to Shen Tong, “Your Majesty, then you are …… to him?”

Caesar smoky gray narrowed pleasantly, “Didn’t the crown give it away? He also received it.”

Wasn’t this your unilateral act?

The butler slandered in his heart.

However, this was too much of a coincidence.

Besides, if their queen were to be catnip…

He would become the most popular queen in the history of the stars, right?

The steward couldn’t help but smile, but it didn’t take long for him to put back his distant thoughts.

The most important thing was to ban them quickly, so that the youth wouldn’t see these comments, it would really affect his mood.

It didn’t take long for Shen Hua’s fans to realize one after another that they couldn’t speak!

First, the less friendly remarks were deleted one by one, they just thought it was some kind of bug and tried to type it again, but after clicking the send button a system prompt popped up.

You have been banned from commenting because you have made too many inappropriate comments.

Fans: ?

Banned from commenting?

Everyone was incredulous at first, then the fans tried to send more comments and gradually found a pattern.

They couldn’t send out a comment under the official Perth Palace account, but they could comment normally elsewhere, and when the comment was related to the person playing the piano in the video, whether it was under the official Perth Palace account, their own Starnet Center, or someone else’s post, they couldn’t comment normally.

Even if the occasional comment was sent, if it was negative, it was immediately deleted.

The fans, in order to experiment, in addition to the attacks on Shen Tong, also copied several compliments about Shen Tong and published them together in their own accounts, and now, of all the comments, only the compliments remained, they couldn’t help but fall into silence.

They were all sulking.

What was this situation?

A hand covering the sky?

Freedom of speech was practiced heavily in the relaxed interstellar, prohibited comments, especially not being allowed to publish negative related comments, this was extremely rare, for a moment everyone was confused.

On the other hand, even though they quickly started to clean up the comments upon request and set a series of comment restrictions, Shen Tong still saw the relevant comments.

After the housekeeper showed Shen Tong the comments yesterday, he asked Yuanyuan and learned that there was also a social network similar to Weibo, so he registered a StarNet account for himself, and today he saw a lot of bad comments.

Especially the bad comments accusing him of maliciously exposing the unpublished album.

What was going on?

Shen Tong gently wrinkled his eyebrows.

The song he played was written by himself and had never been published.

How could it match the sound track of someone else’s song exactly?

With a curious mind, Shen Tong found this star named Shen Hua according to the comments.

He entered Shen Hua’s star web page.

The information was a very official introduction, his posts weren’t much, only five in a whole year, and the most recent one, which was already two months ago, was a small demo that he sent out.

Shen Tong clicked on it to listen to it.

It really was exactly the same.

This was very strange.

Shen Tong couldn’t help but turn his attention to the homepage of the star named Shen Hua again.

Shen Tong, Shen Hua.

The album was titled “Seeking”.

The melody of the main song was a song he wrote.

…… Could it be that he wasn’t the only one who came to this era?

But in that case, who was this Shen Hua?

Shen Tong pondered for a short while and was going to try to leave a message for Shen Hua, but Starnet showed that it had been two months since this star had last logged in.

This meant that Shen Hua didn’t often log in to his Starnet account.

Shen Tong quickly made a decision.

Under the official account of Perth Palace, he sent out a comment: [I wrote this song myself, I don’t know Shen Hua, and I didn’t expose it maliciously].

The account he registered on Star Online, his ID was Shen Tong, and the user of the official account helped to repost it immediately after seeing it.

And once the official account was forwarded, a large number of fans were able to see it, and they were already holding their anger, their anger got even bigger!

Written by themselves? No malicious exposure? You don’t know Shen Hua?

Then what do you mean your name is Shen Tong?

What kind of white lotus comment is this?

Moreover, once the demo of Shen Hua’s song was issued, many senior music critics gave high praise, saying that the melody was full of spirit, definitely from the hand of a master, and with Shen Hua’s clear voice, it might be able to compete for the annual Golden Kiss Award.

You said you wrote it, do you deserve it?!

The names are posted with Shen Hua’s brother!

Fans were about to die of anger.

The major fans held their breath, and typed many abusive essays with passion, they had made up their minds to teach this little white lotus to be a good person, instead of just clinging to others to get fame. It was probably anger that made their brain speed increase, and inspiration kept coming. After more than half an hour, some people finished it one after another.

Fans sneered and clicked the send button.

But in the next second, instead of “successfully published”, “you have made too many inappropriate comments and have been banned from updating your page” popped up.

The page was automatically refreshed, and the content that was filled to the brim was immediately emptied.

Fans: ?????

The fans:? Their comments weren’t there.

They became more angry.

To this Shen Tong, they wanted to tear but couldn’t tear, wanted to curse but couldn’t curse, Shen Hua’s fan group almost ascended to the sky from anger.

[Where is the company? Is the company dead? What is this situation??]

[No, what exactly is this Shen Tong’s background???? Star network, die!]

[I, since my pursuit of stars began, I have never suffered so much aggravation!]

[How can you only praise but not scold? What’s wrong with Starnet.com? I’ll report it!]

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