C4– Day4

At that instant, Shen Tong clearly saw the world.

It was rush hour, the stars hung in the sky, the moon was as bright as water, the suspended lights gathered into the sea, and the aircraft raced past from the air orbit.

This was the interstellar age.
The interstellar age thousands of years forward.

Many emotions bubbled up.
There was strangeness, loneliness, and even nostalgia.

Shen Tong truly realized that he had become a catnip starting a new life in this era.


The next morning, Ji Mei came early, as usual, but in less than high spirits.
Shen Tong heard footsteps and quietly straightened up a bit, waiting for the intern to discover the surprise.

Ji Mei gently wrenched open the door.
At that moment, the tip of her nose was filled with a wonderful scent.

Faint and unusually sweet.

Wasn’t this the smell that she smelled yesterday afternoon while sunbathing?
Ji Mei was filled with doubt.

She looked around the lab, and suddenly, she saw plants breaking out of the vase.
Small clusters, bright green in color, soft and fragile.
Ji Mei was slow to react.

Sprouting, sprouting?

Her mind exploded with colorful fireworks.

The only catnip on the face of the planet!
It was sprouting!
Ji Mei was confused for a few seconds and instantly became a screaming chicken in excitement, “ahhhhhhhhhhh little mint you’re sprouting!”

Ji Mei was so excited, so completely immersed in the scent that belonged to catnip that she couldn’t even speak clearly, “Mint, oh my God, you smell so good, so that was you yesterday afternoon!”

She leaned in, her entire body surrounded by the scent of catnip, a scent wonderful beyond description, that easily conjured up the instincts of the feline to which Ji Mei belonged.

— Two slightly curled ears sprouted from the top of her head, her hands turned into furry cat paws, and her skin was covered in a layer of white fluff.

It was a sign of a feline losing control of her body in a state of extreme excitement.

So happy.
So fond.
  As it was written above in <<The Complete Guide to Ancient Earth Plants>>, the feline obsession with catnip was written in the genes, and right now, Ji Mei was so filled with inexplicable joy that she lost her reasoning and was almost ruled by instinct.

She cried out uncontrollably, her round eyes squinted into slits and she mindlessly scratched the tabletop.

Completely reduced to a disoriented curly-eared cat.

“Creak” was the cat’s claws scratching the tableboard, Shen Tong saw the little curly ears leave a few scratches on the table, and couldn’t help but lightly shake a few times.

Softly, rustling.

Ji Mei’s ears moved a few times, sensitively catching the slight movement and waking up at once.
She covered her mouth in panic, gazing incredulously at the scratches on the table –

God, what had she done!
She was so happy that she lost control!

Ji Mei felt like she needed to calm down, but she simply couldn’t contain her glee!
It was catnip!

“Mint, I knew it.” Ji Mei maintained her apparent calm, “I knew you’d sprout!”
Within a few words, Ji Mei couldn’t sustain it, and she screamed, “Aaaaahhhhhhhh sprouting sprouting sprouting!”

Shen Tong: “……..”
Was catnip so strong?

Shen Tong didn’t know that something even crazier than this was still to come.

The four interns who were in the same group as Ji Mei, even though they had already gone to help other labs, they still had to come over once every morning to sign in.

When the four of them reached the door, they saw Ji Mei, who was squatting in the doorway holding her knees, looking as if she was pitiful,  helpless and weak, and asked worriedly, “Ji Mei, what’s wrong with you, are you not feeling well?”
Ji Mei didn’t look up, “It’s nothing.”

An attentive intern felt that she wasn’t in the right state and leaned in close to take a look, “Why is your face so red? A fever?”

Ji Mei touched her face and said in a deliberately flat tone, “Is my face very red? It’s okay, too, but I was just a little excited to find catnip sprouting.”

She sounded like she was saying it was a nice day and the intern nodded, clearly not realizing, “Oh, I’m glad you’re okay – wait a minute?”

The rest of the group echoed, “Catnip sprouted?”

“Am I awake or are you crazy?”
“Definitely Ji Mei’s crazy.”
“Well, another crazy one.”

The interns didn’t take Ji Mei’s words seriously, and seeing that she was fine, they laughed and wrenched open the door.

For a moment, the sweet scent leaked out.

It was a very attractive smell, possessing an irresistible allure.
The smell was a little faint, yet the moment they smelled it, the joy and satisfaction that surged to their heart overwhelmed almost everything.

The four interns froze on the spot.

At this moment, the four interns’ minds went blank, forgetting where they were and what they were doing, completely immersed in the sweetness that belonged to catnip.

It was wonderful!
It was irresistible!

Their chests were heaving and their breathing was rapid.

The scent from catnip seemed to corrode the human will, and before they knew it, the four interns were on the verge of not being able to maintain their human forms due to overexcitement, their bodies became furry and their erect pupils incredibly bright.

It didn’t take long for the four interns to find the source of the scent – the

It was in a flower pot, just emerging as a seedling.

They subconsciously went after it.
  Sinking into the beauty of the scent, the four interns had completely lost control of their bodies and were naturally unable to maintain their sanity, at this moment, they obeyed their instincts, abandoned their human forms and the four cats darted towards Shen Tong!

All of them were in a trance.

They surrounded Shen Tong.

The smell the catnip was releasing was enough to drive a cat crazy, and a few of the cat’s noses twitched.


One of the little cats cozily yelped, and it was this that made the other cats notice the moment.

Felines had never been fond of sharing with their companions, be it their food or their toys, not to mention how wonderful this plant smelled!

Never share it with anyone!

The four cats were eyeing each other.

At this moment, they were completely out of their minds and didn’t know their companions and just wanted to guard the catnip alone!

It wasn’t long before one cat tried first, the other jumped on top of the other, and the four cats rolled into a ball and actually fought menacingly!

Shen Tong: “……..”
Another four crazy ones?

At the same time, in lab B302, someone was about to pass out as well.

On the computer screen, an analysis was displayed.

Odor number: 1275638
Source: unknown
Main ingredient: Nepetalactone (Vitexilactone)
Note: too low concentration, dilute or immature
Analysis results: the odor is 100% similar to the ancient earth herb catnip]

Ji Mei’s classmate, Kinsey, stayed put after analyzing the scent Ji Mei had given him.

It was catnip!

He was silent for a few seconds and edited the message on his personal terminal: [Analysis report is out.]
[Where did you collect this scent?]
[Is that catnip sprouting in that pot?]
Kinsey excitedly sent the analysis report along with it.

He was so excited that he didn’t even notice that he had mistakenly pressed the send button as a group button, and now, with three messages and an analysis report, Kinsey had sent it not only to Ji Mei, but to all the Academy staff as well!
A few seconds later, everyone clicked on this analysis report at the same time.

The entire Academy was boiling!

“What? 100% similarity? A perfect match with catnip?”

“Does this analysis mean…that the catnip breeding was successful?”
“No way, right?”
“Wasn’t this project abandoned two years ago?”

This analysis report, like a stone cast into a lake, created ripples.
Some believed it and were looking forward to it, others thought it was just a big joke, but coincidentally, they chose to go to the B502 lab to find out – and

Sweet! So sweet!
This was everyone’s first thought.

The door to the laboratory was ajar, and the smell wafting through the air was unfamiliar, but enough to send shivers down their spine.

The sweetness of it was hard to describe with words, one point was thick and creamy, and the other point was a little light, the smell was just right, as if it was created by the Creator according to the feline’s preferences, and because it was too much to their liking, it was full of irresistible temptation.

No one could hold back.
Everyone was enthralled by the scent!

Instinct prompted them to come closer, and closer, and before long the outside of the laboratory was clogged, and the inside, too, was crowded with people who, in a state of extreme excitement, had a pair of cat ears popping out of their heads, their pupils standing on end, and their tails wagging happily left and right.

It was conceivable that in a short while these felines would be unable to even maintain a human form.

This would definitely put the Academy of Sciences on the front page of Starnet, becoming the biggest scandal of all!

Just as the scene was about to get out of hand, Ji Mei rushed in holding her nose and dropped a glass cover.
Catnip’s scent was then cut off.

“What just happened?”
“Who am I and what am I doing?”
“What’s going on? Why are my ears out? My tail was there? Oh, God! Why am I all covered in hair!”

After a few minutes, the smell in the air faded and disappeared and the crowd slowly picked up their senses, they stood dazed and confused as to what had happened during that time that would cause them to be controlled by their instincts, their minds blank and in a state of great pleasure.

There seemed to be an incredibly wonderful smell?
Yes, catnip!

Researchers couldn’t help but fall into a reverie of it.

Could there be a more wonderful scent on earth?
Absolutely not!

It was extremely compatible with felines, as if it was tailor-made for them, a scent that easily evoked their inner instincts and desires, allowing them to leave behind all their worries and pains, forget the hard work and hardships of life, and return to the most primitive and purest form of pleasure!

After the aftertaste, it was the thought that counted.

Researchers who were normally serious and indifferent asked, “Can I smell it again?”
They begged, “Just lift it up a little so I can remember the smell.”
But Ji Mei refused mercilessly, “Little mint has only sprouted, so you can’t smell it.”

Was it contradictory for it to keep sprouting while they smelled it?
Not really.
Ji Mei just didn’t want the guys who’d despised catnip to smell it!

The scientific researcher was quite lost, but Ji Mei was secretly delighted, and she gazed eagerly at the catnip in the glass enclosure, raised her voice, and said excitedly to Shen Tong, “You know, little mint, the whole interstellar is going to be crazy for you!”
Shen Tong: “……..”
To be honest, he was a little overwhelmed.

The farce was over.
And the news that catnip had sprouted quietly spread.

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