C39—- Day 39

At this moment, Shen Tong remembered the housekeeper’s words –

Welcome home.


He lowered his head, and looked longingly at this beautiful little model. His white fingertips swept over the soft bell orchids, stroking one clay figure after another, and finally rested on the catnip with only one leaf, his heart felt like he was going to melt.

Shen Tong pursed his lips, and silently smiled.

He liked it a lot.

Really liked it.

At this time, there was a hand next to him.

A pale, strong and thin and slender hand, full of strength.

Its owner, very casually threw a fallen clay man to Shen Tong.

“Mine.” Caesar said lazily, “I just made one.”

As usual, after showing his disinterest, this monarch lightly lifted his jaw and gave a very ungrateful comment, “Troublesome.”

Shen Tong fondled this clay figure a few times.

The shrunken version of his majesty, inexplicably looked Q Meng.

The characteristics also matched this sire very well. The platinum blonde hair color, smoky gray pupils, black military uniform, but the clay figure didn’t have the oppressive feeling Caesar had, and it raised its hand and made a light cupping action, but Its arms were empty.

“It’s cute.” Shen Tong said.

He turned around and wanted to put the clay figure into the model, but after the symbol of his catnip filled the vacancy, there was no place to put Caesar’s clay figure, Shen Tong softly let out a hum.

“Your Majesty ……”

Caesar raised an eyebrow slightly.

Shen Tong said guiltily, “It seems to be full.”

Caesar glanced at him, “It can still be put.”

“Take yourself up.”

“Put me in.”

Caesar’s gaze dropped lightly as he reminded Shen Tong carelessly.

Shen Tong did as he was told. He took out the starry catnip and put down the clay figure symbolizing this sire, Caesar saw this and slowly opened his mouth again, “Put it in my arms.”

Shen Tong let go of his hand.

Catnip lightly fell into the arms of this clay man.

It filled the clay man’s vacant embrace tightly.

As if it was waiting for this pot of catnip.

Waiting for it to enter its embrace.

The corners of Caesar’s lips curved up.

The bell orchids, all over the tiny palace, swayed silently.

And he was in this bell orchid, holding the little potted plant.

A little potted plant that belonged to him alone.

The gift was completely completed, there was no more vacancy, and no one was left out.

Shen Tong smiled, even though he had already expressed how much he liked this gift, he still couldn’t help saying it again at this moment, “Thank you. ”

“I like it a lot, I really do.”

The housekeeper smiled and shook his head, “The next gift, perhaps you will like it even more.”

Shen Tong inclined his head, “There’s another gift?”

The butler glanced at Caesar and said mysteriously, “There are quite a few surprises.”

Caesar didn’t say anything.

Shen Tong gently wrinkled his eyebrows.

On one hand, he was touched, but on the other hand, he felt that it was really troublesome.

He didn’t like to trouble people too much, not to mention that each of these thoughts carried too much.

As if he knew what Shen Tong was thinking, the butler shook his head at him, “You mustn’t be polite with us, it’s our honor to do something for you.”

As the words fell, the butler activated the virtual projection screen.

It opened with a video.

A video recording the growth of catnip.

At the very beginning, the small pot was filled with soil, but empty, nothing was growing, and the intern chanted as she watered it, “Little mint, you have to grow up fast.”

In a quiet night, the seedling emerged silently from the soil, young and soft, and shook off the water droplets on the tip of its leaf.

Then the seedling grew little by little, its curled up leaves stretched out, its brittle white stems grew stronger, and on a quiet afternoon in the sun, the seedling hung low, it dropped down like a chicken pecking rice, its leaf tips almost touched the soil.

Several familiar faces appeared in the shot, they came very close, the tip of their noses about to rest against the glass cover, their eyes worried and frightened.

The scene changed, and inside the magnificent synagogue, the dean held up catnip with both hands, reluctantly but preciously handing it over.

It was like the completion of a transmission and a grand handover ceremony.

The picture was stopped here, Shen Tong’s moved.

He thought he knew what this gift was.

As expected, a few seconds later, Ji Mei appeared in the camera.

It had been a long time, she hadn’t changed at all, she was still full of energy. She waved excitedly, “Little mint, little mint, little mint, do you remember me? I’m Ji Mei!”

How could you not remember?

Shen Tong answered her wordlessly.

Ji Mei said cheerfully, “I heard that you’ve passed the growth period? This is really great, little mint. You have really grown up! ”

Here, as if she remembered something, Ji Mei stuck out he tongue, “Oh, I was so happy that I forgot to thank you, little mint. You know what? Because you sprouted during the time I was taking care of you, so I have a long-term meal ticket, and I can officially report to the Academy of Sciences after my exams and be a researcher! ”

Shen Tong knew that Ji Mei had always wanted to stay in the Academy, but she refused to change her project at that time in order to take care of him, which was equivalent to giving up the opportunity to make a good impression, and later even Ji Mei herself felt that she was unlikely to get this opportunity.

Now with such a result, Ji Mei finally got what she wanted.

Shen Tong was very happy for her.

Jimi said a lot more.

About her life, about her school. She complained to Shen Tong that the cafeteria was too crowded, that the library was always too crowded, and that she told Shen Tong that she had planted a pot of cactus and would spend every day with it in the sun.

At the end, Ji Mei suddenly quieted down and said regretfully, “Little mint, I really want to grow up with you.”

“But this is good.”

“Stay on the capital star and be our little baby.” Ji Mei smiled and said, “Okay, it’s time. Little Mint, remember to come back and see us when you can!”

She wished with all her heart, “Have fun every day, little mint!”

The picture was stopped here, the girl smiled brightly.

The virtual projection screen began to show the new video.

This time, the shooting location was familiar to Shen Tong, it was the Academy of Sciences.

The first person to appear on the screen was the dean.

The dean said, “How did the growth period come so quickly?”

His tone was both a bit relieved and inevitably a bit of regretful.

Shen Tong understood that, just like Ji Mei lamented about wanting to grow up with him, the dean was relieved that he had grown up, and regretted that he hadn’t been able to grow up in front of him.

“Fortunately, you safely passed.” The Dean lamented. He turned around and the camera moved with him, he winked mischievously, “Do you still remember this place?”

Of course Shen Tong remembered, this was the laboratory where he had stayed for a long time.

“This lab is now free of projects and specifically vacated.” The dean gloated, “After all, this is where you grew up and where you used to call home, and we’ll keep it for you. That’s a good decision, right?”

“I suggested it!” Dai Xi, as if taking credit, tilted her head into the shot.

She smiled and said, “Little Mint, when you see this video, you should have already transformed, right?”

Dai Xi gestured with her hand, “How tall are you? Same as me, or a little taller than me?”

“It depends on whether it’s a boy or a girl.” Alan also appeared in the shot.

Abe followed closely, “It should be about the same height as Alan and me.”

They have speculated about Shen Tong’s appearance after transforming. Several of them said something to each other, which reminded Shen Tong of when he was still in the Academy of Sciences, several of them always got together like this, discussing enthusiastically over what to design for him.

The dean took the opportunity to speak to the camera, “It should be much more convenient after the transformation, right? You can always come back and visit when you want to.”

“No need to be formal, this is your home too.”

“Yes, your home.” Dai Xi said, “Remember to come back often to see us ah.”

Abe joked, “Little mint, after sending you away, a few of us took a leave of absence, doing nothing all day, living like stay-at-home parents.”

Alan continued, “You still want to have no face? Calling yourself an old father, aren’t you taking advantage of little mint? It’s so cute.”

“Roll roll roll.”

Such an unusual fight, Shen Tong felt very nostalgic.

He curled his eyes and laughed silently.

As they yelled, the dean had to come out to preside over the situation: “The Perth Palace told us that you passed the growth period, we thought for days about what gift to give you, and finally decided to record a video for you.”

“What we wanted to say is all in here.”

The dean paused and spoke, “Be safe and happy every day.”

Dai Xi also said, “In our group of felines, you, catnip, were simply born to be pampered by us. Little mint, we will block the wind for you, we will cover you when it rains, you just need to bask in the sun, shake your leaves, and relax every day.”

After thinking for a while, Dai Xi added: “As long as you are well, it is enough.”

Alan and Abe also stopped bickering. Alan said, “Wish huh? Let me think about it ……”

Abe snaps, “The sun shines every day!”

“What kind of wish is that?” Alan was very disdainful, and as a result, it was his turn, and he held it in the camera for half a day, only spitting out three words: “Just be happy.”

It wasn’t that Alan was being perfunctory.

Shen Tong was very clear, whether it was the Dean’s wish, Dai Xi wanting him to be good, or Abe’s every day sunshine or Alan’s wish, these were from their hearts, their most sincere blessings.

In their eyes, catnip was very precious, and was worth everything.

Because catnip was precious, they simply didn want Shen Tong to suffer, they didn’t want him to suffer anything, they only hope that Shen Tong had peace and happiness, and could be happy every day in the afternoon sun.

That was enough.

This was also their true wishes.

They were like parents who wanted to spoil their child.

Just be safe and happy.

The rest, they would do.

Shen Tong looked at the video and was stunned for a long time.

His eyes also became wet.

It wasn’t over.

At the end of the video, every scientific staff of the Academy of Sciences appeared.

These researchers, some of whom Shen Tong remembered a little, some he couldn’t remember very well, but they were all familiar with Shen Tong, and their eyes were full of care for him as well as relief, and they gave Shen Tong their own wishes.

“Little mint, I originally wanted you to grow up quickly, now that you have really passed the growth period, I don’t want you to grow up so fast. No matter what, we will always be with you, cheer up.”

“Congratulations on passing the growth period! Even if you become a human being, you still have to get a good tan, you know?”

“Be good every day.”

“The first cutie in the universe should continue to be cute!”


These blessings, again, were much the same, out of a parental coddling mentality.

They didn’t have too many requirements, they only hoped that Shen Tong was well.

And here, the video finally ended.

The butler gently said to Shen Tong, “If you are willing, Perth Palace and the Academy of Sciences, will both be your home, and we, too, will all be your family.”

How could he be unwilling?

Shen Tong’s voice was soft, but his tone was serious, “Good.”

He came to this era all alone, became a seed, his relatives weren’t there, and he had no friends, Shen Tong would inevitably feel lonely and desolate, but fortunately he met many people.

Many people who loved and cared for him.

As a result, he accepted the world and his new identity.

And at this moment, Shen Tong had finally completely integrated into this world.

He was also gifted with a new …… home.

Shen Tong was still smiling, his eyes bent into a beautiful shape, but his dark pupils wavered again from the tears.

The gaze under his long, thick eyelashes, were clear.

“Thank you, really.”

“…… Thank you.”

The butler said with a smile, “To give you a home, this is actually His Majesty’s intention.”

Shen Tong’s eyelashes trembled, and his gaze subconsciously turned to Caesar.

Caesar met this moist look of his and let out a light tsk.


Shen Tong had always thought that this sire didn’t like him very much, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that this sire couldn’t resist the smell of catnip only because of his feline instincts, but he didn’t like catnip itself very much, so much so that Shen Tong didn’t even think that this surprise would be led by Caesar.

Did he misunderstand him?

Shen Tong pursed his lips and said very softly and gently, “…… Your Majesty, thank you.”

“Too early.” Caesar looked at the youth’s slightly red eyes and said faintly.

He passed a look to his attendant, after which a gesture scattered to take a box.

Caesar opened it carelessly.

It was a crown.

The diamonds were set, flowing and flourishing like stars, precious stones were set in between, lustrous and brilliant, it was extremely luxurious.

“A gift.” Caesar said.

Shen Tong was a little hesitant.

He didn’t know much about jewelry, but this crown, it looked very valuable.

What Shen Tong didn’t know was that this crown, besides being valuable, also had a profound meaning.

It symbolized the supreme glory of the empire, and also symbolized the supreme kingship.

The moment Caesar took out the crown, the crowd was more or less shocked.

How could His Majesty give it to Catnip?

Wasn’t this crown only for the queen!

Shen Tong wrinkled his eyebrows, “Your Majesty, it is too valuable.”

Caesar was indifferent, “This crown, besides looking good, is of little use.”

His attitude, described as cold, as if this crown, was really an insignificant little thing.

The butler, who knew the situation well, almost choked.

This crown, for successive emperors, it symbolised both the supreme kingly power and could command the legion, so much so that it was often handed over to the queen at the emperor’s wedding feast, cherished as a sign of affection!

— To thee be my full glory.

— and since then, to thorns for you, and to tear the twilight for you.

Not much use!

It had a lot of use!

The butler opened his mouth, but in the end, he didn’t dare say anything more, he only looked at Shen Tong.

It was just such a glance that the butler was suddenly blessed with understanding.

“It’s a young man, with black hair and black eyes. There seems to be a very faint mole under his right eye.”

This was the brief description of the man by that majesty of theirs after seeing his match for the first time.

It seemed ….. to be an exact match?

A bold idea rose abruptly in the butler’s mind.

Shen Tong didn’t want to accept it, but felt that it would refute this Majesty’s face, Caesar saw his hesitation in his eyes and said with little ups and downs in his tone, “You do not want it, it is not much use, it will only be thrown away by me, it is too troublesome to put it away.”

Shen Tong had to take it, “Thank you, it’s beautiful.”

He had no idea what this gift symbolized, and Caesar had no intention of mentioning it, but was only satisfied with the youth’s acceptance of the crown, and he narrowed his eyes in a happy mood, “You’re welcome.”

His voice was deep.
Shen Tong thought about it, but still felt that it was too expensive, he frowned, “Your Majesty ……”

Caesar seemed to know what he was going to say, his eyes lifted and his gaze fell on the piano not far away. A moment later, he said indifferently, “If you want to thank me again, why don’t you play a song for me.”

Shen Tong was stunned.

How did his Majesty know he could play the piano?

Then Shen Tong thought that his majesty knew that big cat.

Then it was no wonder.

Shen Tong looked at him and agreed, “Okay.”

He walked over.

Shen Tong slightly thought about which song he should play, his eyes glanced at the small Perth Palace, then he decided to play the song that he wrote himself in his previous life.

The soft, soothing music rang out, flowing like water.

From the moment the music began, everyone froze.

It was very moving.

The crisp, cheerful tune was already extremely easy to mobilize people’s emotions, not to mention that Shen Tong was here, and his extremely light breath were comforting and pleasant, the two complemented each other, making it almost intoxicating.

This song wasn’t complicated, but Shen Tong played with great care.

He lowered his head slightly, and the back of his snow-white neck showed a small section, with beautiful lines. His long eyelashes drooped lightly, the side of the young man’s face was exquisite without a flaw, as if favoured by the Creator, and he pressed the black and white keys with his fingers, which looked extremely beautiful.

The sound of music was moving, and the person playing the piano, was even more moving.

It was a pleasure to the eyes.

Caesar stared at him for a long time.

Not long after, the sound of the piano stopped, the butler suppressed his inner excitement and asked in a small voice, “Your Majesty, should we intercept this and post it on the internet to see the effect?”

In the butler’s opinion, the catnip’s transformation, sooner or later, had to be informed to the public, and this scenario right now was just right.

Caesar frowned.

He didn’t want to.

But Caesar knew that the youth enjoyed playing the piano, and he seemed intent on developing it.


Couldn’t he raise him?

Caesar slightly narrowed his eyes.

After a long time, he spoke nonchalantly, “Cut off his face. Don’t say it’s catnip yet.”

Reluctantly, he agreed.

The butler respectfully answered, “Yes.”

That night, Perth’s official account released a video.

It wasn’t catnip, nor was it political information, but a video of a youth playing the piano.

There was no face, only a pair of hands.

It was a pair of white, slender, beautiful hands.

As if accustomed to pampering, the complexion was white as jade, his fingertips round, and a little thin.

Many people saw the hand and was attracted, they couldn’t help but click on this video.

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