C33—- Day 33

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“…… Sister Suzy.”


“There must be another way besides destruction.”

The secretary opened her mouth.

Her current mood, was very complicated. On one hand, she knew the way catnip was handled, was related to the lives of many people; on the other hand, the secretary had also experienced the growth period, she knew how painful, not to mention that catnip’s situation wasn’t quite the same as hers, it was more painful.

And it entered the growth period so suddenly, perhaps because of their intention to destroy it.

The secretary blamed herself so much that her heart pumped.

It had to be very painful.

Suzy also looked over.

To be honest, just one plant, in her eyes, was no different from any other plant. She couldn’t understand why the the whole territory was on blockade mode, and she couldn’t understand where her secretary’s love for catnip came from.



She made several guesses, but couldn’t convince herself, and finally Suzy looked at the time, “In three hours, I will make the final decision.”

The reason for this wasn’t that Susie hesitated, but Suzy wanted to know if the plant was really that irresistible.

She decided to find out for herself.

If she was impressed, then catnip, perhaps wouldn’t be destroyed, otherwise they would need to endure the monstrous anger from the capital star.

After all, Suzy thought she was hard-hearted towards everything except star coins.

Suzy let her secretary carry catnip out.

She opened her personal terminal.

It hurt.

It really hurt.

In his last life, Shen Tong’s family was wealthy, but because his nature was too good, it was hard to connect him with those nose-diving rich kids, but Shen Tong was raised with respect in the end, except for the car accident, he never suffered so much again.

Shen Tong had never felt this much pain.

He didn’t want to grow.

What was the use of becoming human?

He couldn’t see his loving parents, nor his friends, in this interstellar era thousands of years later, he was alone.

Perhaps because of the change of mind, catnip sickly drooped down, its branches and leaves almost touched the soil, its trembling was no longer as great as before.

This worried the secretary who was holding the flower pot.

The growth period, in fact, needed people to accompany and encourage the other.

Parents, friends and lovers were all welcome. Pain could wear down a person’s will and also increase negative emotions, many people, because it hurt too much, thought there was no reason they had to get through the growth period and naturally chose to give up.

But catnip couldn’t.

Once it chose to give up, its consciousness would dissipate!

The secretary’s hand holding it tightened.

What could she do?

She was panicking.

At this time, a colleague saw her walking out of Suzy’s office and hurried up to the secretary to ask for news: “Angela, what did the boss say? ”

“There’s a lockdown everywhere, what are we going to do?”

“And what’s Catnip going to-”

The person who spoke paused, she apparently saw the small potted plant in the secretary’s arms, and asked in surprise: “What’s wrong with it? Is it sick?”

The news that Chris and the others had managed to bring back catnip really surprised and delighted the employees of the auction house.

The happy thing was that they could only watch the live broadcast of catnip in the past, with how realistic the virtual imaging technology was, catnip was also a plant that the staff could only hope for, each of them could only futilely lament a “I also want to raise it”, and then look at the screen with envy, now, catnip was stolen, their wish to raise it seemed to be coming through.

But the alarming thing was that the whole galaxy was in a high state of lockdown because of the theft of catnip.

As long as they found out, all of them would be finished!

But, thet really wanted to keep it!

Maybe this was the so-called sweet pain?

Everyone thought rather tacitly.

The secretary’s whole heart was focused on Shen Tong, not paying attention to the weird looks of the crowd, she said worriedly, “Catnip seems to have entered the growth period early.”

The growth period wasn’t strange to any feline, it was a lifelong “pain”, and early entry meant unnatural growth, many of those present had experienced, and they had been warned by their parents that they could die.

If the growth period wasn’t natural, the pain would be increased, and it could lead to failure, the consequences were serious and irreversible.

How did catnip enter the growth phase early!

Everyone’s eyes widened.

The secretary whispered, “Maybe it heard Sister Suzy say she wanted to destroy it.”


An employee immediately said, “No way!”

Someone echoed her and said, “Yes, how can it be destroyed? Catnip is so precious, there is only one strain of it in the whole universe, if it is destroyed, it will never be available again!”

The rest of the staff had similar opinions: “We stole it from the capital star, and then tried to dispose it for fear of being found out, what did Little Mint do wrong?”

“It can’t be destroyed anyway! Absolutely not!”

They weren’t Suzy, they knew very well how precious this plant from ancient Earth really was, and they knew what catnip symbolised for felines.

Destroying it would mean that from now on there would be no more catnip in the universe, they would not be able to smell it or see it anymore, and just thinking about it would be unacceptable, not to mention that the reason for destroying it was partly on them.

They absolutely didn’t agree!

And everyone asserted that if Suzy really did this, one day she would regret it!

There couldn’t be a feline that could resist catnip, it only laid in whether they had tried to understand and approach it!

At this moment, everyone coincidentally thought about the feasibility of rushing into the office and forcing their boss to watch a video about catnip.

But now the problem wasn’t to destroy or not to destroy, the secretary said helplessly: “You guys calm down first, I think catnip’s situation isn’t good.”

She pointed to the wilted plant, “It seems to be in pain, just now it was shivering, but now it’s not even moving much, I’m a little worried.”

The secretary’s concern wasn’t unreasonable, and her words managed to move all the staff’s attention back to catnip itself. The felines present, all of whom had experienced the throes of the growing period, looked down at catnip’s low-hanging branches and asked uncertainly, “Shouldn’t we be calming it down a bit?”

“The growth period is supposed to be spent in a familiar environment.”

An employee added, “It also has to have someone it trusts to stay around.”

Everyone looked at each other, and at the same time, they realized the seriousness of the problem.

Catnip was stolen to Yura Star, so perhaps it was terrified during the process of being stolen, and besides, this was a new environment that was extremely strange and unfriendly to it, and it was forced to enter the growth period with intense pain and without the slightest comfort or sense of security.

If this continued, sooner or later, something would happen!

“What should we do?”

“Try to soothe it?”

“Yes, calm it down! Tell it that it will be fine, that it won’t be destroyed, and that we’ll protect it!”

At that moment, one of the employees seemed to remember something and said with enlightenment, “Wait a minute! I just ran into Chris. I remember he said that along with Catnip, there was also a per panda, it seems to be a mechanical pet used to take care of Catnip over at Perth Palace, Catnip must be familiar with it, I’ll go find Chris and ask him to bring it here!”

“Go quickly, go, quickly go!”

Wiyh the crowd’s urging, the employee immediately moved to find Chris, while the secretary tried to comfort Catnip: “…… Hello, I’m Angela.”

“I know the growth period hurts, but you have to hang in there, don’t give up.”

The secretary was obviously not very good at comforting people, she said some irrelevant words, which attracted the rest of the people’s dissatisfaction, “How can you comfort it like this?”

“Don’t be so blunt, be gentle, what if you scare it?”

“What you said is too empty, there is no content at all, you can’t do this, you have to let Little Mint feel love and care.”

“And, Angela, you have to give it power!”

Secretary: “?”

She had to make her voice softer, make her words more descriptive, she also had make catnip feel love and care, and give it the motivation to grow, the secretary didn’t think she could do it!

But seeing catnip’s state getting worse, the secretary had no choice but to continue stiffly, “You may not know me, but I’ve been following you for a long time.”

“Actually, it’s not just me, but also my colleagues.” The secretary said to Shen Tong, “They all like you a lot.”

This kind of liking, when really carefully looked at, was actually quite unreasonable. Maybe it was because of its smell, maybe it was because it was cute, just for a second, they would be reduced to cats that had lost their minds, the secretary smiled and said, “Do you know there is this saying? The feline love of catnip is written in the genes, and we, are all felines, so don’t be afraid of us.”

Still not quite satisfied with this reassurance from her, the colleague frantically reminded the secretary, “Not enough! Quickly tell it what we really like about it!”

Another person chimed in, “And how much we really like it!”

“What’s the point of all this? The point is to comfort him!”

“No. Shouldn’t the point be to tell it not to be afraid and to spend its growth period here?”

“Isn’t telling it how much we like it reassuring? No one here is going to hurt it.”

A few people started an infighting.

The secretary had a headache.

She was too afraid that she would disturb the catnip and cause it to be distracted.

In fact, their words were completely heard by Shen Tong.

Although all of them were not quite united and argued over it, Shen Tong still felt their fondness for him.

There was no need to use words to express them. Their anxiety, worry and tension were all conveyed to Shen Tong.

At the same time, they were also telling Shen Tong in their own way –

He wasn’t alone.

In this world, there werr many felines paying attention to him, and they expressed their love for him in some ways that made Shen Tong want to cry or laugh.

Moreover, a lot of love and care was poured into him.

How could he be alone?

He should spend the growth period well, not wasting other people’s love.

The next second, the sickly little plant’s branches and leaves lifted a few points and regained some spirit.

At this time, Yuanyuan was also brought in.

The panda almost flew in, moving with such agility that it didn’t match its rounded figure. Since the panda cub was too small, it had to tilt its head up and stare at Shen Tong, turning on its detection function, “The cub has entered the growth period early, danger! Danger!”

The secretary felt that Shen Tong would be more familiar with this panda and it should be better to hand it over, so she handed over catnip, “Here you go.”

Yuanyuan immediately hugged it tightly in his arms.

As if it had found its lost precious treasure.

“Cub, don’t be afraid.” Yuanyuan said, “Water the pain away.”

The mechanical creature wasn’t empathetic, but it could detect abnormal data in catnip’s body, and in analogizing it to an abnormality in its own programme, Yuanyuan would understand.

Its programme would be sent for repair when there waa an abnormality, the cub couldn’t be repaired, so it had to be watered.

Yuanyuan said to the secretary, “The cub needs watering.”

The secretary was stunned, “Okay.”

Yuanyuan looked at the relevant data back and forth again, then added, “And nutrients.”

A colleague responded, “I’ll find it.”

With Yuanyuan around, Shen Tong did feel much more at ease.

It wasn’t because this little panda was strong in combat and could give Shen Tong a sense of security, but when Shen Tong saw it, he was sure that there was nothing wrong with Yuanyuan and that it was really only temporarily deactivated by those star pirates earlier.

He no longer had to worry.

Shen Tong breathed a sigh of relief.

The intense pain soon overwhelmed him again.

But this time it was different.

Shen Tong knew that many people were worried about him, and he wasn’t alone.

It didn’t take long for the secretary and her colleague to bring over what Yuanyuan wanted.

Yuan Yuan, a responsible mechanical pet, carefully analyzed the ingredients of the water and nutrients before refusing with wide eyes, “No, you can’t use them to water the cub. The pups don’t need artificial water sources or synthetic nutrients.”

“This ……”

The secretary was a bit confused.

Yura Star’s soil was barren, natural water sources were also very scarce, they lived here, most of them used synthetic water, as for natural water sources, thinking about it was already enough, they simply couldn’t afford to use it.

And the better nutrients were not affordable for them.

But –

The secretary looked at catnip that was in its growth phase.

She hesitated for a moment and finally made a decision, “Wait a little, I’ll ask Sister Suzy.”

Suzy’s status in Yura Star was outstanding, in their eyes, even if they couldn’t afford things, Suzy had to have a lot in her hands.

The secretary had already psychologically prepared herself, if their boss didn’t agree, she would force Suzy to watch catnip’s live videos!

She didn’t believe that someone would be indifferent after watching the live broadcast!

The secretary took a deep breath and pushed open the door of the office.

Suzy was leaning back in her chair, expressionlessly looking at the terminal screen.

The secretary guessed that she should be inquiring with someone about the latest news from the military.

Obviously, the situation wasn’t good, because Suzy’s face wasn’t looking good either.

The secretary hesitated for a few moments, asking Suzy for nutrients and natural water for Catnip, was like asking for a gun, and Suzy would probably not agree, but the secretary felt bad when she thought of Catnip’s sickly appearance, she still went ahead, “Sister Suzy, can… …”

“Could you lend me a tube of better nutrients and a little natural water source?” The secretary whispered, “The money can be deducted from my salary first.”

After saying this, the secretary realized how stupid she was.

Deducted from her salary?

After today, she wasn’t sure if they would still have their lives.

The secretary shut her mouth resentfully.

Suzy tapped on the terminal screen, paused the playback, and asked without looking up, “For catnip?”

The secretary said sheepishly, “Hmm.”

Suzy let out a sound.

The secretary didn’t listen carefully and subconsciously concluded that Suzy couldn’t possibly agree, so she tried to persuade her: “Sister Suzy, how painful the growth period is, you must also know, not to mention that it’s still because it entered the growth period early. Catnip really can’t have any accidents, there are so many people who like it, if we really destroy it, or cause it not to safely pass the growth period, we will definitely become interstellar sinners!”

“And ……”

The secretary was even very sure that if something went wrong with catnip on Yura, the planet wouldn’t be saved, after all, how felines were obsessed with catnip?

Besides, for the sake of catnip, that Ruler could even blockade the star field, so what else couldn’t be done?

She was chattering away when Suzy wrinkled her eyebrows, “Shut up. I said okay.”

“Sister Suzy, it’s you who refused to agree, I-”

After the secretary realized what she said, she almost bit her tongue, “Huh? What did you say?”

“I said, yes.” Suzy looked like she was looking at a fool, “Natural water source, nutrients, go ask Gaia for it.”

She accepted it so easily, the secretary was confused, “Huh?”

Suzy was too annoyed with her, “You have three seconds, if you don’t go out, forget I said anything.”

“Three, two-”

“I’m leaving, I’m leaving!”

The secretary hurriedly rushed out.

Suzy raised her eyebrows and looked down at the terminal again.

On pause was a live recording of a catnip. It was placed on the windowsill, the sunlight was bright, the flowing sound of the piano was pleasant and crisp, as the small potted plant swayed gently with the music.

Suzy’s heart slightly trembled.

She could feel that this little potted plant was in a good mood at the moment.

She also couldn’t help but smile.

Why did the theft of catnip lead to a territory-wide lockdown?

Where did the love for catnip come from?

Was this plant really that attractive?

Suzy finally had her answer after watching several videos.

Because it was – cute!
Because it was – pleasing to the eye!

It was an all-star treasure! It just had so much appeal!

She had actually wanted to destroy this plant!

She was a fool, right?

She was the one who was crazy!

Thinking about it, Suzy slowly, slowly hung her head and banged it against the table a few times.

She actually wanted to destroy catnip?

Was there anything in the world that was cuter and more pleasing to the eye than star coins?

There was.


Was it too late for her to go and apologize to it?

Suzy jerked up and walked back and forth in the office, she finally couldn’t help it, pretending to be indifferent, she opened the door a little gap to observe secretly.

Yuanyuan was watering Shen Tong, the rest of the people had come over caringly.

Catnip because of the pain, still gently trembled, and a lot of water droplets shook off it.

Suzy regretted it.

She was really regretful.

She didn’t know that what would make her regret even more, was still ahead.

A large number of warships and military personnel had arrived at Yura Star.

In the sky above Yura Star, the number of warships was so large and dense that it almost reached the point of covering the sky, and the solemn atmosphere coalesced.

The army commander of the Rose Legion respectfully said, “Your Majesty, the Rose Legion is assembled, waiting for your command!”

Caesar wore a black military uniform, his smoky gray eyes were cold, and he replied: “Find catnip.”

His voice was very deep.

At this time, he was in a very bad mood.

Because Caesar not long ago, once again picked up the mood swings of the youth.

Different from the previous panic, this time it was –


He was in pain.

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