C32— Day 32

For Caesar, this decision, was worth it and necessary.

Tyrant or arbitrary, these comments, in Caesar’s opinion, didn’t matter. And the blockade of the whole territory, may become another atrocity of his rule, but Caesar didn’t care about it.

As long as he was okay.

Besides, there was nothing wrong with being a tyrant.

To be obeyed, to be feared.

He could protect the youth better with that reputation.

He looked at Shen Tong.

The hug hadn’t ended.

The youth had his head down and the back of his neck was snow white. He raised a hand and gently stroked the snow lion’s back, it was more like smoothing a bad-tempered cat’s fur than soothing it.

His movements were very light and gentle.

Behind him, outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, the rain eased a little and eased into a drizzle. The rain fell in front of the window and poured on the garden, wetting one bell orchid bush after another.

The white flowers hung low, their petals were wet, and they trembled gently in the rain.

Just like the youth at this moment.

Even the color, was also the same, bright and flawless.

His smoky gray eyes became slightly teasing.

The snow lion, who was conjured with Caesar’s spiritual energy, withdrew from the embrace of the youth.

Shen Tong saw the situation and was slightly puzzled, but the snow lion ignored him, then it gracefully and slowly stepped into the rain, to the garden.

It lowered its head, bit the most beautiful branch of the bell orchids, and carefully held in its mouth.

Like a fierce beast, it put away its sharp claws and fangs and tried to maintain it in a rusty and precious way.

And bring it back.

He was afraid that the flower would fall apart with a little effort.

The snow lion walked back to the villa, and arrogantly put flower into Shen Tong’s hand.

Shen Tong was stunned.

The snow lion’s fur was soaked from the rain, but it was still a big, imposing cat.

And the bell orchid it handed him, was stained with rain, its petals were moist and had a velvet-like texture, it was white and soft.

“Is this for me?”

The flower had been bitten by the big cat. Shen Tong should have tried to scold it, but looking at the snow lion who kept wagging his tail, he couldn’t help laughing. “Thank you.”

Shen Tong patted off the rain beads for the snow lion, maybe because its act of giving flowers was too cute, he couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss the big cat.

“It’s beautiful, I like it a lot.”

He arched his eyebrows lightly.

Caesar: “?”

The face of the monarch, who was watching from upstairs, sank for a moment.

Even if this snow lion, was manipulated by his spiritual energy, Caesar’s mood wasn’t so pleasant anymore.

The youth even kissed it.

Because of the bell orchid.

The bell orchid that he wanted to give to the youth.

Caesar held out a hand, as soon as he closed it with force, the snow lion turn to smoke in this spiritual world.

In fact, he did want to do so.

But Shen Tong opened his mouth at that moment: “Kitty, can you please do me a favor?”

His hand, he had to let go.

Shen Tong said, “I …… told you last time that I am actually a grass. Today a group of thieves stole me, they brought me to the planet Yura? It should be the name, if you can help, can you contact Perth Palace? Tell them that Catnip is on Yura, and that I’m fine.”

“The butler and Natasha, must be worried about me.”

Just the butler and Natasha?

What about him?

Caesar narrowed his eyes expressionlessly.

His gaze was dangerous, and the snow lion revealed the same displeasure.

Seemingly sensing the change in the snow lion’s mood, Shen Tong thought for a moment and assumed the big cat was dissatisfied with his concealment, “It’s not that I didn’t want to tell you, it’s just that I was embarrassed before.”

Shen Tong blinked, “And I said so many bad things about my roommate to you, but he’s actually that tyrant Majesty – always out of control and unpredictable in his joy and anger, I’m afraid you’ll think more of it and think I’ll dislike you too.”


Caesar lifted his eyes, he glanced at the youth with the corner of his eyes.

Obviously, this explanation, completely failed to do what it was supposed to do.

His Majesty the tyrant, who was always out of control and unpredictable in his temper, looked at the youth with a deep gaze.

He let out a light tsk.

To be a tyrant, it didn’t seem to be so good.

Shen Tong seemed to hear something and immediately raised his head.

The floor was empty.

It must have been a hallucination, right?

In this spiritual world, only he and the big cat existed.

Shen Tong didn’t pay attention to it.

Not long after, he left the spirit world.

At this time, Suzy had also learnt about the territory-wide blockade.

Not only their Yura star, all star systems and planets, couldn’t be entered or exited normally, and were being checked out one by one. This meant that Suzy couldn’t open the auction as early as planned, so that catnip which had been stolen from the capital star, which was tantamount to plucking the hair from the tiger’s mouth, could be resold to others.

The people from the Capital Star would find this place sooner or later.

The alarms in Suzy’s heart were ringing like crazy.

The staff member, her secretary, also realized this, and she asked in fear: “Sister Suzy, what should we do?”

Suzy didn’t say anything and frowned at Catnip.

Shen Tong was also looking at her.


After a long time, Suzy pulled out a cigarette and said in an emotionless voice: “Let me think.”

In fact, what to do, Suzy knew very well in her heart.

–Find a way to destroy the catnip.

The people who traced the whereabouts of the catnip would sooner or later find their way to Yura, and unless all evidence was destroyed before then, there was absolutely no escape for her, the auction house, or everyone in the auction house.

Suzy lit the cigarette, and slowly exhaled a breath of white mist.

She said, “Destroy it.”

Destroying the evidence was really the only way to take a chance.

The secretary understood the reasoning, but once she thought that the object that would be destroyed was catnip, she hesitated a little.

The secretary loved to watch the live broadcasts about catnip.

Before watching it live for the first time, the secretary couldn’t understand it.

It wasn’t until she was watched the live stream.

This small plant, seemingly ordinary, bright green in color, young and soft, had a great attraction.

Its taste was irresistible and it could bring unparalleled joy.

In addition, it was cute enough to make people’s whole heart melt into a puddle of water.

It would doze off little by little, would gently wrap around her fingers, and would gently sway with the music.

Lovely to the extreme.

And precious enough to be called the jewel of the entire interstellar world!

Did they really need to destroy it?

“Sister Suzy, let’s not be so hasty first?” The secretary hesitated, “Destroying it is an option, but even if it is destroyed, it is not necessarily guaranteed that we will not be discovered, and stealing catnip isn’t bad compared to destroying it, destroying it, the Capital Star would be more angry, right?”

Suzy pinched her cigarette and didn’t respond.

The secretary frequently looked at the catnip, both nervous and worried.

She really couldn’t bear to destroy catnip.

Just thinking about it like this made the secretary feel conflicted inside, she should do something for the catnip instead of watching it be destroyed.

Besides, she herself waa a feline, and she knew very well what catnip symbolised for every feline.

It was important, very important, so important that just looking at it from a distance would make them feel happy.

But now, they might have to destroy catnip to keep themselves safe.

The secretary was conflicted.

She didn’t want to, she really didn’t.

The secretary was a little reticent, and Suzy finally replied, “I’ll think about it.”

But Suzy wasn’t like her secretary; she wasn’t doing it out of sheer reluctance.

Suzy was just trying to make the best decision.

After all, the lives of many employees in the auction house were at stake.

For Catnip, Suzy felt nothing, but she was more or less responsible for her employees.

And the conversation between them also made Shen Tong feel threatened.

He had to become human.

From Yuanyuan desperately protecting Shen Tong, and seeing its programme get frozen by the thieves, Shen Tong’s heart became clearer.

To be a grass, he may have a lot of care and love, but Shen Tong didn’t want to just be loved.

He also wanted to respond.

To the housekeeper, Natasha, those lovely cats at the Academy of Sciences, the intern who had taken care of him, and the big cat in the spirit world.

He had reaped too much kindness and love, but the response that he could give was very laid back.

Becoming human, he could say thank you in person.

When he met danger, he would no longer be unable to do anything like he was, now he could only be tied up.

Shen Tong tried to make himself grow.

He wasn’t really sure how to make himself human, but according to Dai Xi’s meaning, he was about to become human, it seemed to be related to them pouring too much nutrients, and the use of nutrients was to promote his growth, perhaps to become human, growth was necessary?

Shen Tong then did as he was told.


His branches and leaves grew, new leaf buds spread.

The root, buried deep under the soil, was also slowly changing.

Reaching a certain critical point, the pain came to Shen Tong unexpectedly.

This pain was indescribable. It came from the spirit, not the body, it came with a raging force, overwhelming, piercing deep into his bone marrow, as if it could cut his bones, so much so that Shen Tong could barely breathe, his branches and leaves, started trembling.

One after another.

It emitted a rustling sound.

This little movement wasn’t too big, but thanks to felines keen sense of hearing, Suzy and her secretary, almost turned at the same time.

Inside the glass enclosure, the plant seemed to be suffering from intense pain, its branches and leaves swayed frequently and wilted.

Changing from its native form to human form, this process, the felines called it-

The growth period.

It wasn’t a pleasant stage and was a nightmare for all felines when they were young, because it was considered a transition between two forms, and being in this stage required great pain.

And Shen Tong didn’t arrive at this stage naturally.

According to his growth, he should have needed nearly half a month more before he reached the growth stage, but Shen Tong had to control himself and try to grow because of the urgency.

It was equivalent to pulling up seedlings to help them grow.

This would only make his growth period harder, and the pain would have to far exceed the normal value.

The secretary said incredulously, “Little mint, this, is ……?”

“The growth period.”

Suzy said indifferently.

The secretary stared closely at Shen Tong, obviously a bit flustered, “Til now, I still have nightmares from my growth period, it was so painful that I didn’t want to be a human, at a point, I thought it was better for me to be a cat.”

Because of too much pain, in fact, there were many cases of failure.

Once it failed and didn’t last, then from then on, they could only survive in their native form.

But this was already the lightest result.

There was another case, that was, the body hadn’t yet developed to the stage where it couldn’t enter the growth period, but for various reasons, had to enter the growth period early, in this case, in addition to doubling the pain, if it failed, even their consciousness would dissipate.

Little mint was still in its seedling form!

It shouldn’t have entered the growth stage at this time!

The secretary’s heart lifted at the thought of this.

Not to mention that growth was one thing, at this very moment, her boss was still pondering whether to destroy catnip!

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