C3– Day 3

His worries were clearly unnecessary.

It was rare for Caesar’s spirit world to maintain good weather for a long time.
This meant that his state was stable.
Right now, Caesar was staying at the highest point of the villa, where the view was wide enough to net out the entire estate, including the youth who had inexplicably intruded into the territory that belonged to him.

On the interstellar network, cruel and bloody deeds about this tyrant abounded, but whenever the content involved some private information, such as Caesar’s original body, origin, etc., the page would show that it could not be opened.
In other words, almost no one knows what his original body is.

It was a snow lion.

Caesar was used to appearing in his spirit world in his original body, and he was lazily lying on the ground, his paws flicking the grass ring, and the sweet scent of the youth’s breath seemed to remain on his nose.
It was very, very faint.
He didn’t find it annoying.

To be able to enter his spirit world, this was his match?

The snow lion lifted its eyes, examining the young man by the lake again.
Beautiful and fragile.

The youth’s pure black hair and eye color were extremely rare among the stars, and combined with his outstanding appearance, it would not be a difficult task to find him.
Caesar thought carelessly.

Perhaps upon learning that the spirit world he had entered belonged to the person known as the Tyrant, the youth would be so frightened that he would lose his speech and recoil in fear.
More than a calm gesture, Caesar wanted to see the youth’s other reactions.
It stemmed from the badness in his bones.
  The snow lion stared at the youth for a long time, its eyes deepening, dangerous as a beast peeking at its prey.

Shen Tong seemed to look back with a feeling, he felt that a gaze was following him like a shadow.
But he couldn’t look for too long.
Shen Tong could faintly hear Ji Mei’s voice.

In the next second, the lake was empty, and the young man was nowhere to be found.

The Snow Lion faintly withdrew his gaze and stood up from the ground, he was not surprised that the youth disappeared.

Inside the study, the young monarch opened his eyes.
His smoke-gray pupils were deep, his hair was a lighter shade of platinum, his hair was slicked back, and he was dressed in a pure black uniform that increasingly matched the pallor of his complexion, while the extreme contrast in hue showed a few unspoken dangers.

“I was in there, I stayed too long, I missed the meeting.” Caesar began, his voice low and touching, “Everyone’s gone?”

“Yes, several of the lords have left.” The butler said worriedly, “Your Majesty, you didn’t come out, is it because there’s something wrong with the spirit world again?”
“I met my match.”

“Your match?”
This answer was unexpected, the steward was stunned for several seconds before he reacted, he was pleasantly surprised, “Your Majesty, your condition is finally under control, I’ll order them to find him!”

The steward seemed to be overwhelmed with joy and was in a hurry to leave, only on the way out did he remember that he had forgotten to ask about the match’s structure, and turned back to ask, “What does your match look like, Your Majesty?”
A few taps of the tabletop with bone-clear fingers, and Caesar said quietly, “It’s a young man, dark hair, dark eyes, his face-”

It was beautiful.

Caesar paused and said carelessly, “I don’t remember, there seems to be a very faint mole under his right eye.”


“I almost forgot it’s the beginning of the month again.”
“Mint, stay here in the sun while I go get you your nutrition.”
“I’ll be right back!”

Shen Tong woke up at that moment.

It was actually a bit strange to say that he woke up.
After all, in his dream, he could see lakes, meadows and blue skies, but when he really woke up, Shen Tong’s eyes were pitch black and he could only hear voices.
  But after spending two months this way, Shen Tong had gotten used to it.
He was very good at going with the flow, to put it bluntly, he was a Buddha. Shen Tong’s roommate always said that he was like a salted fish. When someone shoved him, he turned over, and he had no temper. It didn’t matter what he said.

Shen Tong then basked in the sun.

It was close to evening.
The sun’s shadow sank, the temperature had dropped a little, the soil still had a little warm residue. Shen Tong remembered that when he woke up, Ji Mei said she would be back soon, but a long time had already passed.

Had something happened?

There was indeed an accident on Ji Mei’s side.
Nutrients were developed by the Academy of Sciences specifically for plants, and contained many nutrients that were beneficial to the growth of plants. According to the rules, the laboratory that cultivated the plant could receive five doses per month, but this month, the phalaenopsis orchid that the Academy of Sciences was cultivating sprouted, and that laboratory was asking for more nutrients with this.

If it were any other plant, it might have been denied, but not the Phalaenopsis.

It all went back to the anniversary of the monarch’s accession.
At first, the Academy of Sciences had planned to cultivate catnip to present to their majesty, but after spending a lot of star coins and resources, the catnip remained untouched, so the Academy of Sciences chose a plant from the ancient Earth, the Phalaenopsis Orchid, to cultivate.

It must be said that the Phalaenopsis Orchid was much less troublesome than the Catnip.

The number of nutrients neede was limited, the laboratory that cultivated the phalaenopsis orchid asked for a few more, so the extra few could only be evened out from elsewhere.

The staff thought about it and took out three of the nutrients that originally belonged to catnip and gave them to them.
That was why Ji Mei had dawdled so long.

She returned with two nutrients in her hand, frustrated.

“Mint, I’m sorry I couldn’t get those three nutrients back for you.”
“That’s obviously yours.”
“I told them you needed them too, but…”
But what, Ji Mei didn’t say anything further, but Shen Tong could guess. It was nothing more than saying that it would be a waste to use it for him, and that he wouldn’t sprout anyway, so they might as well use it for something else.
  Shen Tong himself wasn’t too concerned, but Ji Mei was furious, “Why don’t they all believe you can sprout?”
“The cat’s eye sees the grass! They’ll regret it sooner or later!”
Shen Tong knew that Ji Mei felt it was unfair, and he estimated that with his growth, it would probably take three or four more days for him to emerge.

It wasn’t a long time, and Shen Tong had more patience and time.

Too bad Ji Mei didn’t have the time.
As the sun went down, she carried the catnip back to the lab, and halfway there, Ji Mei received an urgent notification on her personal terminal.
[Due to the celebration plan, each star will strengthen security measures from now on, all entry and exit need a pass, 1083 students internship ends early, on the 3rd at 16:00 at the Starport assembly].

News of the internship group reached 999+ comments instantly

[What? Internship ends early?]
[And only given two days. Don’t we have to hand over our work! Don’t you want to pack? Didn’t buy Titan Star memorabilia!]

[Actually, there have been talks for a long time that this year’s internship might end early. The schools also received news yesterday that they were sure to close the port, after all, the tenth anniversary of His Majesty’s succession will be a big event, and of course the security level will be increased, so if we don’t go back early, we’ll have to be delayed for a month].

Ji Mei couldn’t help but respond: [I’d rather delay for a month.]
Someone echoed her: [Exactly. I haven’t finished my lab project yet, and if I leave midway through the evaluation, my score will be extremely low, and I’ll have to stay in the hospital aaaaahhhhh.]

Ji Mei scrolled down again, everyone was complaining that the internship ended so suddenly and they weren’t prepared at all, worrying that their ratings weren’t high enough, Ji Mei was different from them, she was worried about catnip.

“Catnip, what to do, I can’t take care of you anymore.”
Ji Mei said worriedly, “Our internship is going to end early, and after I leave, there will be no one to take care of you.”

Shen Tong was startled.
In the two months since he came to the Star, Ji Mei had taken care of him very carefully, and Shen Tong could feel that Ji Mei really liked catnip, her only wish was to see him sprout, so Shen Tong sunbathed with her every day and listened to her complaints as he slowly grew.

He forgot that Ji Mei was just an intern and couldn’t wait long.

And when she learnt that her internship would end early, Ji Mei was sad not because she had wasted a lot of time here, and that she wouldn’t get high marks for her internship, but because she was frustrated that Shen Tong would have no one to take care of him.

Shen Tong couldn’t tell what she was feeling, but a thought crept up on him.

Ji Mei happily took the catnip out to sunbathe, and when she returned to the lab, she wilted and walked with a drooped tail.

And that wasn’t the end of it.

As soon as Ji Mei put the catnip down, the researcher in the next lab said to her, “Ji Mei, there’s a new project in the hospital, and this lab might be split up in a few days.”

Ji Mei was surprised and asked, “What about catnip?”
The researcher thought, and shook his head, “The person who came didn’t say, and I forgot to ask.”
Ji Mei opened her mouth and closed it again.

She’d have liked to argue on behalf of catnip, but what was the point, unless catnip sprouted, maybe catnip would be cleaned out of the whole pot.

What a lab.
Ji Mei thanked the other and silently unwrapped a nutrient and poured it into the flower pot.
  She actually felt bad about it.
It was easy to imagine how Catnip would be treated after she left.

Ji Mei sighed, “Mint, grow quickly. Let me, and everyone, take a look at you, okay?”
“It’s okay if you really can’t sprout.”
“They don’t have time for you anyway, but then I’ll steal you home and raise you.”

Shen Tong couldn’t respond and only looked at the exasperated girl quietly.
He shouldn’t keep letting others worry about him.

Thinking of this, Shen Tong, a usually complacent person, decided to take the initiative to turn over a new leaf.

 He felt the young sprouts that had only grown from the seeds, trying to make his growth a little faster, he punched the soil all at once.

The sky was sinking.
It was time for the end of the shift, and Ji Mei watered the catnip some more before leaving the lab.

Shen Tong was still growing.
Growing little by little.

A few hours later, in the lab where the lights were turned off, a small soft noise passed and the soil loosened a few times.
— In the flower pot, the young seedling poked out a tip, and droplets of clear water fell, its bright green color full of life.

Catnip, it was growing!

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