C28– Day 28

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In the live broadcast room.

Perhaps it was the agreement on the issue of “Catnip’s intergalactic cuteness” that finally convinced everyone that Catnip’s fallen leaf was caused by the staff’s negligence, and not by their Majesties’ frequent playing with Catnip’s leaves after the broadcast.

It seemed like an apology was in order.

But didn’t it seem dry to just apologize?

Everyone pondered this question at the same time.

That was right!

His Majesty also liked catnip, just like them!

After thinking about this, someone immediately sent a comment. The bubble showed a series of numbers, followed by the phrase: [Your Majesty, would you like to come in and take a look?]

This was the official catnip fan group.

The group owner and the group administrator were both staff members of Perth Palace, they often posted multi-angle pictures of catnip in the group, and the members in the group were mostly photographers and painters, so everyone could often get a lot of beautiful pictures of catnip from it, and they thought Caesar might like it.

Caesar opened it carelessly.

Official Fan Base Of Catnip.

Group owner: Harold
Admin: Natasha

Caesar: “?”

Butler and Natasha?

His eyes lifted, and at the bottom of the group’s profile panel, there were a few photos that had only recently been updated.

–The small plant that had just been watered, its branches were soft and slender, its leaf tips were covered with a round water droplet, clear and lovely.

In fact, Caesar wasn’t very happy.

In fact, he also looked rather dangerous.

It reminded Caesar what a foolish decision it was to open a live stream for catnip.

At the same time, without this foolish decision to open a live stream, he wouldn’t have been able to get close to Catnip.

The desire for exclusivity and resentment made Caesar’s aura extremely cold.

The viewers in the studio also felt the oppressive feeling.

His Majesty, what was wrong with him?

While they were still stiff, the live broadcast ended abruptly and the screen was plunged into darkness.

The end was so sudden that everyone was confused, and after the confusion, the inner thoughts were quite the same.

–The same unpredictable Majesty!

The whole day after the live broadcast, Caesar didn’t look good.

For this reason, Shen Tong was the one who suffered a lot.

He had to spend the whole day face to face with this Majesty.

And Caesar raised his head from time to time, his smoky gray eyes looked at Shen Tong, the same arrogant posture as in the past, his gaze was also deep, but because he cast his eyes too often, it was a bit like a big cat that wanted to get close, but was pretending to be cold.

Shen Tong: “……?”

Was this Majesty so cute?

He, he was thinking too much, right?

That night, Shen Tong went to the big cat’s spirit world.

In fact, recently Shen Tong came more frequently than before, which reminded him of what he saw in the relevant books – the more frequently the spirit world of a senior evolver opens, the more it indicated that his state was unstable, and these times, he came even more frequently than when Shen Tong was still unfamiliar with this big cat.

Shen Tong felt compelled to ask the big cat: “Kitty, have you been emotionally unstable again recently?”

The big cat glanced at him indifferently, seemingly thinking that his worries were superfluous.

Shen Tong was still a little worried, he gently rubbed the snow lion’s head and decided to be more accommodating to the big cat’s temper recently, so that he would be less angry.

After this decision, Shen Tong went to the private library, and then read a book.

He didn’t know why, Shen Tong felt that the development of music in this era was really backward?

He was reading a book, the snow lion was resting on the side.

The sound of the pages turning was very soft, and the sound of the youth breathing was very calm and comfortable.

Caesar’s nose moved, and the fragrance was not only as sweet as catnip, but also fresh and indescribable, which made people want to approach.

Caesar’s daytime accumulation of discontent, dissipated at this moment.

No one had seen the youth except him.

He was the only one.

The snow lion drooped his eyes in satisfaction, and his tail quietly and silently wrapped around Shen Tong’s wrist.

But after a few seconds, it released his wrist again and chose to wrap around the youth’s waist.

Closing and tightening.

Shen Tong flipped the book with a lurch.

He turned his face sideways, and the big cat had lazily plopped down, as if it had fallen asleep maintaining such a movement.

What was this bad habit?

Shen Tong found it a little funny. His six-year-old nephew liked to hold a doll to sleep, this big cat, every time he slept in the spirit world, it either wrapped it’s tail around his wrist, or hooked it around his waist.

Did it treat him as a doll that could be held to sleep?

Shen Tong lowered his head, touched the big cat’s tail and wanted to put it down.

Just around the moment, the snow lion alertly opened his eyes, and wrapped his tail back.

Four eyes faced each other, facing the big cat threatening eyes, Shen Tong smiled, “You have to wrap your tail around me to sleep, so what would you do when I’m not here?”

The snow lion twisted its head to the other side and simply ignored him.

But the tail remained wrapped tightly.

Shen Tong had to maintain this position, and helplessly turned the next page.

He looked down and read the book, while the snow lion next to him, put away its aura of indifference and stared at him steadily.

Later in the evening, Shen Tong suddenly remembered something and closed the book, “Kitty, does your kitchen work?”

Caesar did understand, but still returned a ‘it can’ look.

Shen Tong blinked, “Can you take me?”

Caesar: “?”

He glanced at the youth but still brought him to the kitchen.

In his previous life, Shen Tong’s family hired an aunt, but he would occasionally do it himself a few times, not to mention it wasn’t difficult, Shen Tong brought out two bowls of noodles.

He wanted to cook, but it wasn’t on a whim.

Today was Shen Tong’s birthday.

In the past at home, this bowl of noodles was always made for him by his mother.

Shen Tong pushed the bowl to the snow lion, the snow lion looked at it for a long time, with a semi-disgusted look, but it still condescended and took a bite.

Shen Tong also remembered, “Ah, I forgot to put the seasoning for you.”

This was a subconscious behaviour. Cats were not allowed to eat seasonings, Shen Tong remembered very clearly, which also led him to forget again that today was different from the past, these felines should be able to eat.

Shen Tong said slightly apologetically, “Or, will you eat from mine?”

The snow lion glanced at him proudly and wagged its tail a few times, obviously not angry about it, but it still gave a rather contemptuous look out of habit.
Shen Tong pushed the bowl over and looked out the window.

The night sky within the spiritual world wasn’t much different from the real world.

The night was dreary.

Maybe it was because it was his birthday and his family wasn’t around, Shen Tong was a bit depressed, he looked at the silent night sky, and only after a long time did he whisper, “Why are there no stars tonight?”

His words fell, then Shen Tong turned back again, he unexpectedly found that the big cat had already finished eating the bowl of noodles without seasoning, he was stunned, “It wasn’t difficult to eat?”

The big cat responded with a cold stare.


It didn’t hide its dislike.

But it still finished eating.

Shen Tong couldn’t help but laugh.

This bad-tempered big cat, was always able to make him happy when he was down.

Shen Tong walked over, hugged the big cat, buried his head on its body and gently rubbed it a few times, “Kitty, today is my birthday, thank you for keeping me company.”

This embrace was warm and moving.

The snow lion’s body had been somewhat unnaturally stiff when he came close, but its tail was wagging.

At the sound of his words it gave a violent lurch.


He remembered the youth’s despondency when he said there were no stars.

The spiritual world shut down in surprise.

Shen Tong took a long time to react.

Although he was a little surprised how it closed so suddenly this time, but Shen Tong didn’t think much about it, this time, he should also rest.

However, not long after, the door to the study was pushed open.

The visitor didn’t turn on the light.

Shen Tong: “?”

He tried to identify the person until he met the smoky gray eyes.

It was Caesar.

Why did this Majesty come here so late?

Shen Tong was still puzzled, but Caesar walked towards the floor-to-ceiling window and pulled the curtain open.

The next second, the fireworks rose in unison, like meteors trailing a long tail, they blossomed in this starless night, grand and magnificent.

It was like a river of stars swaying.

Shen Tong watched quietly.

It was beautiful.
He thought.

The blooming flowers illuminated the side of Caesar’s face, and he glanced at the small plant facing the floor-to-ceiling window and raised his eyebrows slightly.

–There’s the stars.
And, happy birthday.

This night, the capital star’s ceremonial flowers, spent a full three hours blooming.

All the inhabitants of the capital star couldn’t help but stagger in admiration.

Their majesty had explicitly forbidden the use of fireworks on the capital star because he thought it was too noisy, so the fireworks display, which was supposed to last for a week, was cancelled for this celebration.

Who had the nerve to do this?

They wouldn’t see the sun tomorrow!

Three days later.

Caesar was about to depart for Atlantis.

The starship was moored at the starport.

Caesar looked at the steward beside him and asked coldly, “You are the owner of the official Catnip fan group?”

The steward was stunned, “Your Majesty, you are also in the group?”

Caesar didn’t answer the question, just narrowed his eyes and mouthed dangerously, “You and Natasha, no more posting pictures of it after watering it.”

What did that mean?

Butler: “?”

Caesar did not say another word and slowly stepped into the starship.

In fact, any photo of Catnip, Caesar did not really want them to post it.

But in view of the fact that he was going to Atlantis, and the youth hated space migration and he couldn’t take it away, he could only reluctantly enter the group and temporarily allow the housekeeper and Natasha to send photos of Catnip again.

When he returned, the group would be blocked.

Caesar thought indifferently.

He passed a look to the officer beside him, signaling that he was ready to go. The main ship began to head into the air, and the fleet followed one by one, leaving the capital star in a star-studded fashion.

The steward smiled as he watched him move away, and turned his head to the men and ordered, “Get back!”

Since the last time they poured too much nutrient on catnip, causing it to lose a leaf, the butler could no longer stay in Caesar’s study for too long, and he hadn’t been able to see the catnip up close for five days.

The butler was even a little jealous of the mechanical pet that hung on his desk all day.

And Caesar had to open up access to his study again because he was going to Atlantis this time.

As soon as the butler returned to Perth Palace, he immediately rushed to the study.

But after he opened the door and looked inside, his smile disappeared abruptly.

The catnip in the study, was gone!

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