C27– Day 27

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So, so cute!

This scene made all the people present relax.

Their hearts also became soft in this soothing melody.

As for their feelings, it was difficult to describe in words.

Catnip for felines, was a very special existence.

The smell of it could easily attract any cat, and bring unparalleled happiness to cats, it wasn’t too much to say that it was a cat’s happy grass. But the amazing thing was, even after catnip appeared in front of the live camera, people still felt happy to see catnip again.

Not simply controlled by instinct, but they genuinely like this little plant.

As soon as they saw the catnip, they coulfn’t help but smile and feel happy, and when the catnip was obviously in a good mood, a strong sense of satisfaction rose up from within and blended in with this happiness, making everyone feel even happier.

Like this moment, catnip was gently swaying in the sunlight.

It was happy.
This knowledge made everyone happy.

They wanted to hug it, and they wanted it to be so happy forever.

Because this was their heart, their precious little mint.

Even if it was through the screen, and they knew it was a virtual image, the audience still didn’t want to make any noise, for fear of disturbing it, but they were full of joy with nowhere to vent, it piled up heavily in their hearts, almost causing it to overflow.

The next second, like a volcanic eruption, gifts came in like a tidal wave of water.

[Strawberry Boob Milk Coconut: Chirp – Stick! A grenade smashes into Little Mint!]

[Miss Puffy: Aim! Fire a dive bomb!]

[Sakura: Roses bloom in September, and you are the only one in my heart!]

[Yakult Green: In this historic moment, in this great moment, Little Mint do you see my deep-water torpedo-like true heart?]


The words that couldn’t be expressed was condensed in this constant stream of gifts. The system messages in the live room scrolled very fast, and everyone used the gifts to express their accumulated joy and their love for catnip.

–The actual fact was that it was really, really cute!

This time, Caesar also slowly spoke, “Because, it’s cute.”

His voice was low, like an aromatic spirit, and it had a cold undertone.

The crowd froze.

What’s cute?

It took a few minutes for someone to realise that their sire was answering the question from “Rust and Wine” earlier.

–How could he agree to go on air and take care of catnip?

Cute? Catnip was cute?

There was no doubt that catnip was cute, but this tyrant said it, it was too frightening, right?

After all, their majesty was notoriously cold and heartless.

For example, a few years ago, a minister gave Caesar a mermaid. As they all knew, mermaids were very beautiful and had a heavenly voice, and because of their scarcity, they were highly sought after among the stars. But this mermaid, Caesar not only did not give her a look, but also when the mermaid tried to encircle his neck, he released his spiritual power and indifferently watched the mermaid fall to the ground.

His thin lips lightly opened, “Roll.”

Such a monarch with a cold, fierce and violent nature that said to them, “Because, it’s cute.”

The stark contrast between the two attitudes was mind-boggling.

Your Majesty, this is not what you looked like when you told the mermaid to get lost!

Everyone’s eyes widened as if they had seen a ghost.

“What?” Caesar’s smoky gray pupils slightly narrowed, “Not cute?”

His tone was calm, but the end was cold, more like a threat than a question, as if the consequences would be severe if someone dared not obey his words.

The crowd in front of the screen had a jolt, and the screen instantly became filled with comments.

[Bully Chicken Box: Cute!!!]

[Rabbit riding a dinosaur: Super cute!!! Huge cuteness!!!]

[Garfield will not lose weight: invincible little cutie!!!]

[What to eat for lunch: the first interstellar cutie!!!!]

The two words “cute”, almost filled the screen.

And people praised the catnip, of course, not because of Caesar, just because catnip was indeed super cute!

At the same time, everyone’s heart was also a little shaken.

Before, they decided that Caesar was not good for little mint, but now they were a little suspicious.

It was really bad, could he just act the same as before? ?

Just now, Their Majesty’s eyes, as if as long as they dared to say “not cute”, Perth Palace agents would immediately go on the road, and assassinate them in three days.

Someone couldn’t help but ask out.
[Bambu: Your Majesty, what’s going on with little mint losing its leaf? Can you tell us about it OvO]

Of course, every word was said carefully and equally full of begging.

Caesar said indifferently: “Too much nutrients.”

Too much nutrient poured?

Really not being played to death?

When everyone was mentally doubting the veracity of this statement, Caesar’s gaze swept over catnip and he said carelessly, “So cute, no one would want to hurt it.”

…… it kinda made sense?

But there seemed to be another way of interpreting this statement.

Because it was so cute, that even the cold natured tyrant, in the treatment of catnip-related matters, was also a lunatic.

Because it was so delightful, their Majesties, like them, could not resist catnip for a moment and loved it from the bottom of his hearts, he couldn’t deliberately pull off its leaf.

All in all, it seemed that their little mint got the very difficult tyrant down!

What could they say?

Their little mint, indeed, was the number one cutie of the stars!

It could conquer even this tyrant, so what else couldn’t catnip conquer!

Absolutely nothing!

Catnip deserved all of the Interstellar to go crazy over it!

The audience was thrilled by this, but Shen Tong himself, was not only indifferent, but also full of distrust to Caesar’s words.

–so cute, no one would want to hurt it.

If Shen Tong understood correctly, the object that this sire called cute, seemed to be himself.

The one who always touched his leaves before, wasn’t it this sire?

Even a tyrant had to say something against his heart for the sake of public satisfaction.

Shen Tong thought in his heart.

The live broadcast hadn’t yet ended.

The catnip by the window was no longer shaking.

The agent sighed regretfully.

“Sister Xu, what are you looking at?” Only after finishing an announcement, Shen Hua lolled back in his seat, he fiddled with his light computer for a while, and looked down at the person beside him, “Live broadcast?”

Because of the programme requirements, Shen Hua dyed his hair haze blue. Other people may not be able to hold up this colour, but Shen Hua’s white complexion and youthful appearance made it work.

He tilted his head and stuck out his tongue to his cheek, the agent raised her hand, not even looking at him, and directly pushed him away with one hand.

“Did you know that catnip was recently cultivated?”

“Catnip?” Shen Hua said distractedly, “Now I know.”

“I’m watching the catnip live.” The ageny caressed her heart and sighed, “My little mint is really cute ahhhhhhhhh.”

Who would have thought that the famous gold medal agent, in private, also watched to the point of delirium?

Shen Hua blinked at her, “Sister Xu, am I not cute?”

Such a small action, but Shen Hua added some youthful vitality, the agent looked stunned, and then she scolded him with a red face: “Roll roll roll,if you blindly tease me, I’ll break your leg.”

She continued, “Do you want to see? I’ll push it to you. Take a breath and relax when you have time. This is our little baby in the interstellar space. This one is very precious.”

Shen Hua wasn’t as uninformed as she was, “No need.”

It was a bit magical to say, but that was indeed the truth – Shen Hua came from the ancient Earth a thousand years ago.

At that time, catnip was a usual plant, and humans specialised in growing this plant to please cats, at that time Shen Hua had five owners, and they planted a lot for Shen Hua, but Shen Hua preferred the scent of the youth than catnip.

Also known as Shen Tong.

The scent of the youth, fresh, comfortable, and his character, gentle and not boisterous.

Since humans could keep cats, then cats could also keep humans, right?

Besides, the youth would always stay late in the library.

This was also the reason why Shen Hua would always guard near the library and bring him cat food.

He wanted to raise this human.

Until because of a car accident, Shen Hua came to this era.

Recently, he had frequent dreams about the youth and had a vague feeling in his heart that he and the youth, might be about to meet.

The agent was still trying to promote catnip to Shen Hua, “You can see how cute it is just by taking a look at the live broadcast. No, more than cute, it also smells good.”

Shen Hua raised his eyebrows, and before he could say anything, a call request was sent on the terminal.

He took a look at it and directly clicked down to reject it.

When the agent saw his reaction, she asked without thinking, “Is it Mr. Xia?”

Shen Hua: “Yes.”

This was again attributed to Shen Hua’s old habit of flirting with people, and the agent said, “You should stop it.”

Shen Hua didn’t take it to heart, and asked innocently, “They love to think about it, what can I do?”

The agent was too lazy to care about him.

The other party sent several call requests one after another, Shen Hua ignored them all, so Mr. Xia had to send Shen Hua a message.

[Xiao Hua, I heard that you like black diamonds, I just saw one at the auction a few days ago and took it for you].

A picture was also attached below.

Inside the jewelry box, the pure black diamond shined brightly.

The agent knew the goods and was shocked when she took a look, “It’s definitely not less than 50 million star coins!”

Shen Hua also looked at it for a while.

He liked the black diamond, it actually looked like the eyes of the youth.

Black, and translucent.

Shen Hua collected many black diamonds and wanted to give them to the youth later.

Just like when he was an orange cat, Shen Hua would choose the best tasting cat food to give to the youth. All that he had and didn’t have, as long as he thought it was precious enough, Shen Hua wanted to hold it in front of Shen Tong.

And this diamond was more beautiful than the ones Shen Hua had in his hand.

He had his eye on it.

Shen Hua immediately replied, [Okay].

The broker was full of questions, “You have a safe full of black diamonds, what else do you need his for?”

Shen Hua licked his tiger teeth, “His is beautiful.”

And this Mr Xia, who received the reply, was almost too happy.

Shen Hua, this person, was abominable. One second he was trying to tease you, and the next second he may lose interest and ignore you. There were many people who liked Shen Hua, and even more people who wanted to please him in private, but Shen Hua had never given anyone a response.

Only this time, he promised him!

The president Xia, did not even know that he had become an ingrate for Shen Hua to please someone else.

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