C26—- Day 26

Shen Tong didn’t know what happened on the star network.

He read for a while, before leaving the spirit world, he went to the garden to water the bell orchids again.

Perhaps after coming to this era, Shen Tong had become a plant, so he was extra attentive to the bell orchid in the garden. As for the big cat, it wouldn’t remember to water the bell orchids.

After all, when Shen Tong first arrived, these bell orchids were withered.

The snow lion also followed along.

Shen Tong used his hand to gently poke the bell orchids, pouring water in the soil.

As soon as he looked up, he saw the big cat that came near him. It seemed to be a little curious about what Shen Tong was doing, but when it met Shen Tong’s gaze, it turned around expressionlessly, with a few paws tapping a bunch of flowers of the bell orchids.

The little white bells shook one after another.

“Kitty, don’t play with its flowers.” Shen Tong stopped the big cat.

Felines seemed to like to play with the flowers or leaves of plants, the big cat was like this, and so was His Majesty. Shen Tong sighed, “This is not good.”

“I don’t like it when my roommate always touches my leaves.” Shen Tong frowned.

Caesar: “?”

He moved a little.

Feeling the big cat’s stiffness, Shen Tong rubbed its head and smiled, “I don’t like my roommate, not you.”

Caesar: “……”


It was also at this moment that Caesar remembered, untimely, that the youth had described him as –

A very noisy, moody roommate.

Caesar narrowed his eyes dangerously, and his eyes were deep.

Shen Tong was still watering the flowers.

The snow lion’s tail flicked and it indifferently walked out of the garden.

Don’t want to learn to water the flowers.

But he took a few steps, and then stopped, his smoky gray eyes looked straight at the youth.

Forget it.

He would reluctantly forgive him once.

For the sake of his grooming.

The snow lion thought with displeasure.

At the same time, he stared at the youth’s movements, looking serious as if he wasn’t watching the watering of flowers, but some scientific experiment, Caesar made a mental note of what he thought was the most important point.
–don’t pour water on the leaves.
Two days later.

At exactly 10 a.m., the live broadcast opened.

Unlike previous days, once the live room was opened, viewers who wanted to stare at catnip poured in at the right time, sending out one comment after another, chatting away feverishly on the screen.

This time, the live room was very quiet, abnormally quiet.

The number of people in the upper right corner, on the contrary, had been rising like crazy.

The atmosphere was still weirdly silent.

In fact, it wasn’t that they didn’t want to talk, but they didn’t dare.

Last time they rushed to see the catnip live, Caesar suddenly showed his face, it was so scary, not to mention they also said the wrong things, they had been afraid for many days.

This time the live preview was again the tyrant taking care of catnip, for them to courageously enter the live room, was all because of their love for catnip.

The location of the live broadcast was still in the study.

A few minutes later, the mechanical pet put Shen Tong in front of the camera.

This was the first appearance of the catnip since it lost a leaf.

— A tiny one, green and clear and vigorous, with a slightly rounded leaf, soft and young. So lovely, but it just had a leaf, only a lone piece, the other side was bare.


Little mint must have suffered a lot.

At this moment, the thoughts that came to everyone’s mind were surprisingly consistent.

They all gave up hope for the live broadcast.

After all, in the eyes of the audience, this was just a show.

The poor thing was that little mint would be subjected to His Majesty’s poisonous hand again.

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh.

Caesar walked into the study at that moment.

Although through the screen, his body’s oppressive aura almost made them breathless, his slightly cold eyes swept across the screen.

The atmosphere abruptly became stagnant.

Too, too scary.

The viewers in front of the screen stiffened their bodies and thought in unison.

No comments?

There was dead silence in the live room, and when Caesar saw this, he raised his eyebrows lightly, but didn’t take it to heart. He would agree to go live, naturally, it wasn’t to improve the d*mn public satisfaction, much less to interact with the audience, if they didn’t comment, it saved a lot of time.

Caesar’s eyelids drooped lightly, he reached out to the round hand, “Waterer.”

This hand, beautifully shaped, bony and well-defined, was very pleasing to the eye. The pet with the appearance of a giant panda heard the command and obediently fetched the waterer and handed it to Caesar.

He held the waterer and his eyes fell on the small plant in the pot.

These two days, the mechanical pet had been responsible for watering Shen Tong, Shen Tong thought that this tyrant gave up, he didn’t expect him to plan to perform in front of the camera?

Shen Tong was a little confused.
As the waterer slightly tilted, Shen Tong almost reflexively dodged.

Caesar looked over, “No hiding.”

The tone of his voice was very cool, his usual tone of command, which wasn’t really good.

Shen Tong was used to it, but in the ears of the audience, it confirmed that their majesty wasn’t good at all to Little Mint.

How could this be?

Little mint was so precious, so cute, obviously it should be treated tenderly, carefully cared for!

Everyone was full of complaints, and they didn’t know who started the “live room group chat” function, everyone tacitly agreed and clicked on it one by one, the group messages soon reached 999+!

[Suggest for His Majesty to be lectured!]

[Sister you are right! The first lesson, learn to speak softly to the mint!]

[Lesson 2, add the word “please” before each sentence.]

[ Lesson 3: Know your identity.]


The group was brainstorming about opening a moral class, while Caesar said to Shen Tong in a light tone, “Roll up the leaf by yourself.”

He didn’t allow Shen Tong to hide, and Shen Tong did not listen, but he told Shen Tong to roll up the leaf, and Shen Tong obediently rolled it up.

Caesar hummed lightly and tilted the waterer slightly.

Shen Tong was surprisingly a little nervous.

The group chat also came to a screeching halt.

In the next second, water droplets gently dripped down

It wasn’t the stormy rain that was envisioned, but a gentle breeze. The water droplets rolled down, soaking the soil, Caesar seemed to have intentionally avoided Shen Tong’s branches and leaf, but it still touched some a bit.

Caesar was quite dissatisfied with the water droplets on the tip of the leaf.

He lifted a hand, and wanted to rub the water for Shen Tong.

But before that, Shen Tong himself moved first.

He shook the leaves left and right a few times, rustling and flinging off a few round drops of water.

…… flung into the Caesar body.

Shen Tong froze.

The audience also froze.
They knew this monarch better than Shen Tong, their reaction to this, naturally, was also much greater than Shen Tong.

[It’s over, it’s over, it’s over. I remember that His Majesty has a cleanliness fetish, is he going to be angry?]

[I remember that too. What was it that time? His Majesty was splashed with red wine by a waiter, and that waiter almost died!]

[Yes, yes, yes! It was the fireworks festival on Somil Star!]

[My God he can’t do that to little Mint!]

The crowd’s prayers were apparently falling on deaf ears for Caesar.

He stared at Shen Tong inexplicably for a long time, his pale, slender hand still reached out to him, followed by a slight flexion of his fingers and he picked up the flower pot.

This was……?

To smash catnip?

The long silent comment section finally ushered in the first, no, the first wave of comments:

[Rabbit riding a dinosaur: stop !!!!!!!]

[Raising Lots of Green: Don’t touch it !!!!!!]

[Bully Chicken Box: Your Majesty, don’t !!!!!]

The comments swarmed, everyone’s heart lifted, but the culprit, their majesty, didn’t even glance over, he lazily raised his hand –

And placed the flower pot on the windowsill.

Audience: ?

No, wasn’t he going to smash catnip?

Everyone looked back and forth in disbelief.

As it turned out, Caesar just put the catnip on the windowsill to let it sunbathe.

As for the water droplets that splashed on him, Caesar wiped them away with his eyes downcast, not even bothering about it.

His actions were so confusing to the audience that the group started sending a steady stream of messages again.

[His Majesty this is ……?]

[Surprisingly, he didn’t get angry! Unbelievable!]

[Yeah, he’s notoriously bad-tempered, I almost died of shock just now, I thought he was going to smash catnip.]

[You’re not alone.]

Not only them, in fact, even Shen Tong was a bit puzzled.

Shen Tong hadn’t heard too many rumours of this sire, but these few days of getting along, according to his character, after he shook the water to him, this sire more or less should be a little discontent.

Could it be for …… popularity satisfaction?

This was the most likely answer.

Shen Tong no longer thought about it, and quietly sunbathing.

“Yuanyuan.” Caesar squinted at the small plant under the sun, and gave a new task to the mechanical panda, “Play a few piano songs.”

He thought the youth would like it.

Yuanyuan started the program.

Not long after, the melodious sound of the piano rang out.

Shen Tong was stunned.

At this moment, the sun was warm and sunny. Floating lights leaped around, the beautiful palace looked grand and serene under the daylight, and the piano melody in his ears was not complicated, but it was pleasing to the ear.

This reminded Shen Tong of his home in his previous life.

On every sunny weekend, his family would sit in the beautiful garden and have an afternoon tea under the melodious sound of the piano.

Cozy and leisurely.

He was a little nostalgic.

At this time, another comment appeared on the screen.

[Rust and Wine: Your Majesty, can I take the liberty to ask why you agreed to come live to take care of catnip? Just …… feel that with your personality, you are not interested in live streaming, and in taking care of people. I just asked, your majesty doesn’t have to answer OvO]

It wasn’t just rust and wine, she was literally helping everyone ask, but her attitude was careful to the point that every word was begging for life.

It was nothing that couldn’t be said.

Caesar’s eyelids lifted and he was about to open his mouth, his eyes glanced at the catnip on the windowsill, but the next moment, he raised his eyebrows unexpectedly.

–In the sunlight, the lush green plant was swaying gently from side to side to the melody, and the leaf was swaying rhythmically.

Perhaps Caesar’s gaze was too hard to ignore, after the catnip swayed a few times, it abruptly stopped, Caesar then pretended not to pay attention and faintly lowered his eyes, “Because ……”

He dragged out his voice, low and moving.

And Shen Tong hesitated for a moment, choosing to believe that Caesar hadn’t noticed his small movements.

The sound of the piano was still flowing, lilting and crisp, Shen Tong kept a motionless posture and honestly stayed still for a while.

He observed Caesar for a good half day, after determining that Caesar would not raise his head again, Shen Tong couldn’t help but follow the melody again, swaying in a small way.

The branches and leaf lightly swayed and rustled.

Like a small dancing grass.

Caesar saw it.

The viewers in the live room, of course, also saw it.

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