C25— Day 25

Felines couldn’t resist catnip?

How was it possible?

It wasn’t like it was a star coin that could be liked by everyone.

Suzy smiled slowly.

The Perth Palace was lit up.

The mechanical pet sent by Ute Star had been sent to the study. At this moment it was lying in front of the desk, like a large pendant, staring at Shen Tong motionlessly.

–Its program had been activated.

As a companion pet, its appearance was a giant panda, black and white, naive, the simulation of its fur was almost as real as the real panda, also in addition, this mechanical pet, also had a cute name, Yuanyuan.

The main function of its program was to unconditionally protect and care for its master, catnip.

This was exactly the reason why Yuanyuan, in the form of a large panda, was lying motionless on the desk.

Its little master also didn’t move.

Yuanyuan looked at Shen Tong, Shen Tong also couldn’t help but look at it.

He wanted to touch it.

The study was quiet.

Caesar was dealing with official business.

They came from the military department, from the cabinet, or from various star areas. Caesar slightly lowered his eyes, browsing one by one, his attitude lazy and casual, until he saw the invitation from Atlantis.

It was the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Atlantis into the Empire.

The planet Atlantis had a special geographical location, and in recent decades, because of the interplanetary development plan, it had become an important choke point, not to mention the fact that Atlantis was very supportive of all the policies introduced by the interplanetary, as long as the capital star’s side gave the word, whether it was money or effort, there had never been a refusal.

In Caesar’s years in power, the phrase “the child who makes trouble has candy to eat” had never worked, and his preferential treatment was only given to those who listened to the planet.

The invitation of Atlantis, in reason, Caesar would accept.

Only ……

Caesar raised his eyes to look at catnip.

Go together?

This idea hadn’t yet taken shape when Caesar remembered that on his spirit world the youth had complained to him that when he came to the capital star, he experienced too many spatial migrations, which made him very uncomfortable.

Perhaps Caesar’s gaze lingered on Shen Tong for a long time, and after Shen Tong noticed it, he rolled his leaves up rather uneasily. He felt that he probably had PTSD, as long as those pair of smoky gray eyes looked at him, he would subconsciously put his leaves away.

When Caesar saw this, he completely dismissed the idea and snorted lightly, “Troublesome.”

Fear of spatial migration, fear of itching, and fear of him.

Caesar’s voice was deep and his expression was somewhat unpleasant, so much so that his tone was on the cold side when he gave the reply that he would visit Atlantis.

Shen Tong naturally perceived his mood change.

His Majesty wasn’t in a good mood right now.

So angry, Shen Tong was surprisingly a little curious, if this ruler and the big cat were put together, which one of them would be more angry?

He thought about it, and when he looked over, Caesar had already stood up and was staring at him from above.

Shen Tong: “……?”

How, what?

“Because of you, my satisfaction popularity dropped 8%.” Caesar glanced at him, as if he was very impatient, “For this reason, I have to take care of you live to make them satisfied.”

In fact, Caesar never put satisfaction popularity in his eyes, whether his decisions were correct or not, he didn’t care. But at the moment, Caesar needed a reason for Catnip to stop resisting his approach.

Caesar’s eyelids lifted, “In the meantime, I will try to take care of you. Now, I’m going to water you.”

“You’d better cooperate, otherwise it’s a waste of each other’s time.”

Shen Tong: “……”


If it was just watering, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem?

It turned out that the facts proved to Shen Tong that watering would also be risky.

After all, this was a pampered sire.

His bony hand held the waterer, Caesar tilted the waterer towards Shen Tong, perhaps the angle was too big, there was a “clatter”, and the water inside gushed out like a rainstorm, pouring on Shen Tong’s head and face.

The small plant in the pot, was obviously too young, it simply couldn’t resist it, even the leaves dropped down.

Shen Tong: “.”

Perhaps only the cancellation of the live broadcast would preserve the remaining satisfaction popularity votes.

Caesar frowned at the waterer and didn’t seem to understand why it was like this.

A few moments later he tsked and raised his hand and touched the wet foliage with his fingertips, Shen Tong shrank a little, Caesar said indifferently: “No shrinking.”

Shen Tong subconsciously froze.

It was also within these few seconds that Caesar rubbed the water droplets on the leaves one by one with his fingertips.

His tone wasny good, he looked serious, even the coldness on his face faded a bit, and his movements were incredibly gentle.

It even gave Shen Tong a feeling of being carefully cared for by him.

Shen Tong was stunned, this contrast, almost made him forgive this ruler.

But only almost.

Because he picked up the watering can again.

Shen Tong didn’t want to be watered by him again, he immediately resisted and rolled up, full of refusal.

Caesar had to put down the waterer with no expression.

Shen Tong then slowly stretched out the branches and leaves.

Caesar: “……”

He looked at Shen Tong with a rather mysterious expression for a long time, and lifted his feet to leave the study.

Caesar entered the spirit world.

He chose to stay in his snow lion form in it.

It was also the day when Shen Tong entered the spirit world and found that the big cat was extraordinarily enthusiastic towards him.

But that was already an hour later.

In the spirit world, as soon as the snow lion saw Shen Tong, he pounced on him.

Shen Tong didn’t think much about it, he just raised his hand and patted the big cat’s head, smiling happily, “Why are you so excited today?”

The majestic cat waved its tail in displeasure and rubbed its meat pad against Shen Tong’s face.

Shen Tong wanted to reach out to pinch its paws, but the snow lion quickly dodged. It pressed on Shen Tong, lowered his eyes and arrogantly licked him several times.

Like a clingy cat asking to be pampered.

As well as quietly leaving an exclusive mark.

The big cat was usually very arrogant, so this time he accompanied the snow lion to play for a while, before he softly asked: “Kitty, is there anywhere I can learn about the outside world books?”

Seeing the snow lion’s slightly puzzled expression, Shen Tong explained to him, “It seem I’ll be turning into a human soon, so I want to learn a little more about things.”

Before Shen Tong was just a grass, he couldn’t care about anything and calmly stayed in the pot, but Dai Xi had told Shen Tong that he would soon become a person, Shen Tong decided to take advantage of his situation to learn more.

Because Shen Tong wasn’t quite sure if he would be thrown out of the Perth Palace by the monarch.

After all, their previous get-togethers weren’t exactly pleasant.

Shen Tong felt that he should make plans earlier.

He wanted to read a book, so Caesar took Shen Tong upstairs.

There was a private library here.

The snow lion walked in noiselessly and jumped onto the sofa, lazily dropping his eyelids.

Shen Tong selected a few books from the shelves, sat next to the snow lion, and gently turned the title page.

The snow lion opened his eyes and glanced at the books the youth had selected, from the most basic life guides to the history of interstellar music.

Shen Tong noticed Caesar’s gaze and and smiled, “Kitty, do you think I can support myself by playing the piano in the future?”

Shen Tong had studied piano for many years, and his university major sas related to music, but it was more on the theoretical side. And his major, he learned a little bit of everything, but didntt learn too deep, so Shen Tong felt that he could only play the piano.

It seemed that singing was also okay?

Shen Tong frowned and thought.

The sow lion looked at Shen Tong.

He didn’t think it was necessary.

It wasn’t like he couldn’t afford it.

But the youth did play the piano very well.

This was an ancient human instrument, thousands of years down, many piano scores had been lost, and the felines had researched for a long time, but they could only use it to play simple music.

Caesar didn’t know the piano, but he could feel that the youth was playing at a very high level.

Shen Tong saw that it didn’t pay attention to him, so he looked down and continued reading.

The private library was well-lit.

The place where they sat, as if favoured, white daylight poured in, making the youth’s already fair complexion look even whiter, like porcelain enamel, beautiful and flawless, and his gaze was glittering, and his temperament was pure.

The snow lion raised his eyes and looked at him several times.

If not for the youth’s unintentional disclosure, Caesar would never have imagined that he would be the pot of catnip that he had placed in his study.

Thinking of this, Caesar slightly narrowed his eyes.

After leaving the spirit world, the youth would see him again and curl his leaves.

Caesar flicked his tail a few times in annoyance.

The snow-white tail moved towards Shen Tong. Shen Tong inclined his head in confusion, the snow lion with smoky gray eyes glared at him, Shen Tong was a little puzzled, but he still put down the book for the time being, and good-naturedly rubbed the big cat’s smooth fur, “Want me to scratch your chin?”

The snow lion reluctantly raised his chin, his posture high and proud.

The same attitude, appearing on the face of that Majesty, was arrogant and insolent, but with the snow lion, it became cute.

Shen Tong’s eyebrows lightly curved, “Kitty, you are so cute.”

Caesar accepted his ministrations with an expressionless face.

After all, after getting out of the spirit world, he won’t have this treatment anymore.

That night, Perth’s official account sent out a preview of Caesar’s live broadcast.

–taking care of catnip.

To be honest, many people clicked on it and couldn’t help but watch it several times over, suspecting for a moment that they had misread the content of the live broadcast.

Their majesty taking care of catnip?

He more or less bullied the catnip!

Some people commented under this post: [Are you guys serious? No need, really no need, catnip only has a leaf left!!!]

This comment was published and in just half an hour, it received 30,000 likes and was on top. The manager of the official account replied to her with the instructions of the butler: [His Majesty also loves catnip, and as for the loss of a leaf, His Majesty was actually upset – it was caused by the negligence of the person who took care of the catnip.]

The person who took care of the catnip was careless?

Don’t give me that.

The netizens who saw the reply, unanimously thought that this was a shifting of blame.

They watched as His Majesty fiddled with the leaves of the little mint in the live broadcast.

What was more, what kind of person was His Majesty?

The actual tyrant with a brutal and cold temperament and blood on his hands.

The little mint must have suffered a lot of aggravation!

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