C23–Day 23

At the same time. Lyre Star.
On the holographic stage, the lights were gorgeous, and the audience below the stage shouted like a tidal wave.

This was the concert of the intergalactic Top group – S.T.

The tickets for this concert were on sale for a limited time, and on the day the tickets went on sale, it was so hard to get a ticket that it almost caused the star network to go offline, VIP seats were sold at sky-high prices, and even the audience seats farthest away from the stage were moved by scalpers to tens of thousands of star coins.
Even so, there were examples of successful transactions.

In fact, this already showed from another level that S.T was very popular and had become a phenomenal heavenly group.

The few people in the group were all outstanding in appearance, and no matter which one was singled out, they were the most popular idols nowadays.
And Shen Ye, standing in the C position, was the center of attention. [TN: C stands for Center]

At this moment, he was dancing.

His black hair was moist, he had a fair complexion and narrow eyebrows. His movements were sharp and full of strength, and the corners of his open black jacket flipped coolly.
The next moment, the music slowed down a little, Shen Hua’s head tilted and his tongue licked the corner of his lips.

Screams immediately erupted from the audience.

Shen Hua’s face was quite androgynous and looked delicate, but that didn’t stop him from trying different styles.

He could be both cold and cool, but he could also wear a white shirt, turning into a clean and refreshing teenager, because he always retained a sense of youth, and even more, as long as he wanted, Shen Hua could easily tease people.

Unfortunately, he had no heart.

Shen Hua only liked to tease, he wasn’t responsible at all.

As if it was just too boring to find fun for himself.

This was why the posts of Shen Hua’s chaotic private life would be on the top of the star network hot search list every now and then, even his fans, from the initial anger to later numbness, had said they were tired of watching, tired of the noise, and then there were similar anti-fans comments.

What was more, Shen Hua himself didn’t care, he even showed …… his frequent appearance at the top of the Starnet list

Showing great enthusiasm.
For better or for worse.

The song comes to an end.
Shen Hua gave a wink as the camera turned toward him, and the screams almost lifted the roof.

Even offstage, the manager who had been with him for several years turned red, “It’s too much, blindly teasing again.”

This old problem of Shen Hua’s love of teasing made the manager worried for a long time.

But every time she painstakingly persuaded, Shen Hua gave the same answer.

“What if he can’t see me?”

This “he” seemed to be a very important person in Shen Hua’s mind.

Speaking of which, the agent picked up Shen Hua on the street at first, and he was weird.

The agent’s inquisitiveness wasn’t very strong, but Shen Hua’s body, indeed, had too many mysteries, he was of unknown origin, didn’t know modern technology, and didn’t even have an interstellar resident ID. By definition, the agent shouldn’t have spent too much time on him for the sake of safety.

But Shen Hua’s appearance was too outstanding, and his aura was also very attractive.
The first time the agent saw him, she was convinced that in time, Shen Hua would become an intergalactic star.

She still remembered to this day that when she was negotiating a contract with Shen Hua, Shen Hua agreed without hesitation, licked his tiger teeth and smiled.

— “I’m looking for someone. I want to stand on the highest stage, so that he can see me at a glance.”

What was more, before Shen Hua signed his name on the contract, he asked his agent, “There is a man named Shen Tong, if my name is Shen Hua, will he pay a little attention when he sees my name?”
The agent thought for a moment and nodded, “A very intimate pair of names.”
Shen Hua smiled again.

Thinking about it, the agent couldn’t help but be curious.
The person Shen Hua was looking for, was it this person named Shen Tong?

What was he like?
To have this heartless Shen Hua think about him for so long, he had to be especially good, right?


After the live broadcast ended.

The butler knocked on the study.
Obviously, his concern for the live broadcast was comparable to his rigorous attitude towards his work, otherwise he wouldn’t have come in the first place.

“Your Majesty, you shouldn’t have bullied Catnip.” The housekeeper looked lovingly at Shen Tong, his tone carrying a bit of condemnation, “It’s so afraid of itching, yet you always touch its leaves.”
Caesar said carelessly.

Shen Tong: “……”
He didn’t feel it was fun.

The butler had to persuade in a different way, “Your Majesty, do you know that originally, because of this live broadcast, your popularity rose by 5%, but fell by 8% because of your behavior of bullying it later.”
Caesar: “?”

The butler also knew it was a little hard to understand. He remembered that a few years ago, Caesar personally conquered the starfield, and even after defeating the invading enemy race, the popularity satisfaction only rose by 0.5%, just because he didn’t want to leave anything behind and decided to cut off the root of the problem.
And since Caesar succeeded to the throne, the public’s satisfaction hadn’t been high, the monarch they served didn’t have the support of the people, whether the cabinet or the military, which caused headaches.

  Only Caesar himself was indifferent and unconcerned about it.

Right now came an opportunity.

“Your Majesty, the cabinet consul, and the military department, both hope that you can live broadcast a few more times.” The butler truthfully relayed to him, “According to statistics, except for when you first appeared on the screen, people were perhaps shocked, and the public satisfaction dropped slightly, then began to gradually rise because you did not harm catnip until you did, then it began to drop again.”

“The cabinet and the military department think you can broadcast live with catnip a few more times, the content can be you watering catnip, giving it a trim, such similar small clips of you taking care of it, with how much people love catnip, it will be very beneficial to your image and the people will change their opinion of you.”

Caesar: “Tch.”
Shen Tong: “……?”
Was it too much to say that these cats were too fond of him?

For Caesar, he had always disdained participating in such showmanship, so he refused without delay, “No need.”
The housekeeper wanted to say something but stopped.

It was Shen Tong who heard his answer and couldn’t help but quietly sigh with relief.
He felt that the king didn’t look like a person who would take care of people.

Although the butler felt regretful, Caesar’s mind was not something that anyone could influence.
He was about to leave the study, and after taking a few steps, as if he remembered something, he turned back to Caesar and said, “Your Majesty, the information you want about the incoming people has been sent to your terminal.”

Caesar answered, opened the terminal, and began to check.

Within ten minutes of flipping through it, his face sank.

Shen Tong, who witnessed the change in his expression, couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.
This monarch was really too temperamental.

Caesar went through the information from beginning to end a few times. He didn’t even limit himself to the Blue Star, but never found the youth who had entered his spirit world among these arrivals.

What happened?

Caesar frowned.
Not long after, he entered the spirit world.


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