C22-Day 22

Your Majesty, Your Majesty?
The crowd, who were still addicted to catnip, were stunned into silence.

How could their king appear in the camera?
What kind of luxurious lineup was this!

No, no, the most important thing was…

The pop-ups sent out in the live room could be withdrawn within three minutes, and everyone coincidentally remembered the series of “toolman” and “digging gems” comments just now, the time for the former had passed, and the latter had not, and a series of withdrawals quickly appeared on the screen Reminder.

[User “rabbit riding a dinosaur” withdrew a comment]
[User “Milk Cherry” withdrew a screenshot]
[User “Wah Wah” withdrew a comment]

But did it really work?
The system alert displayed on the screen, almost every word was clearly written “you’re dead”.

The live broadcast room was as quiet as a cicada.

Not only were the viewers scared, even the fans who rushed over from Zhang Ganggang’s victim alliance didn’t dare to squeal.
They were dancing so hard before, and they were mocking others in a weird way, saying that it was impossible for His Majesty to come over with his status, but it turned out that His Majesty really came over.

His Majesty personally hit them in the face!

But they didn’t recognize His Majesty at first, and they called him “brother” for half a day.
If they got in his way, they were absolutely finished!

Both groups of people felt like ashes.

They had been terrified, but when their eyes fell on the screen, the fear turned to heartbreak.

Inside the screen, the catnip leaf, still curled around Caesar’s hand, did not let go.

The little mint, how soft it was, how fragile, everyone present knew.
In contrast, Caesar’s deep cruelty, indifference and violence.

This monarch of theirs, acted decisively, he had never been a patient person, let alone asking him to love the catnip.

If this went on, maybe Mint would get hurt!

This realization made everyone’s heart jump.

No way!
Absolutely not!

Thinking of this, someone carefully posted a pop-up: [Your Majesty, the fact that Little Mint doesn’t let go means that it likes you, maybe it wants to play with you? Don’t be angry.]

This pop-up screen received unanimous approval, and one after another, many people also plucked up their courage to send out a comment.

[养乐多多绿:Yes, your majesty QAQ little mint is just naughty, talk to it properly, don’t get angry with it]
[花露水儿: it it it just suddenly became rebellious? Your Majesty, don’t you think it’s super cute QAQ]
[crabapple sauce mixed noodles: yes yes yes QAQ]

To be honest, these people’s hands were trembling as they typed.
Before this, to their deaths, they didn’t believe that they would one day try to communicate with their king as well as try to persuade him not to get angry.

  But Caesar did not pay attention to the pop-ups.
He gazed at the small plant and slowly spoke, “Do you hear me, let go.”

Caesar’s accent was cold and almost impersonal, and the crowd in the live room couldn’t help but suck in a breath as if they were on the verge of death.
This was the second time they had been reminded that their sire had probably completely lost his patience.

This also meant that if Little Mint didn’t let go, maybe –

At this point, Caesar seemed to suddenly think of something, his smoky gray eyes lowered, and he asked thoughtfully, “Are you afraid of tickling?”
Shen Tong wiggled a few times, indicating that he was really afraid.
Caesar gave a light snort.

A moment later, he lifted his eyes, his mouth moved, “Loosen up, I won’t touch your leaves.”
The tone wasn’t exactly nice, but other than that, he didn’t do anything.

Without the expected displeasure or the expected tragic scene, the viewers in the live room froze for a moment.

After all, according to this tyrant’s nature, it was more likely that he’d forcefully rip it apart out of discontent than if he had taken the initiative to back off, not caring how young the catnip leaves were.
Further on, this tyrant should not actually be present in the live room at all. He had never been interested in these things, and also considered it a waste of time.
Even his willingness to loosen up the live stream was quite mind-boggling.

Was it hard to believe that this tyrant had changed his nature?
Or was it …… because of catnip?

What the audience thought was actually correct.
Caesar let go of catnip, indeed because …… Shen Tong.

The small plant itched and trembled, even rolled against his fingers, and in that moment, Caesar remembered the day in the spirit world, he pulled down the hem of his shirt for the youth, and when his flesh pad rubbed against the side of the youth’s waist, the itch was too much for him to bear, and his eyes looked at him.
And the touch under the pad of flesh, was as soft and delicate as ever.

Shen Tong thought for a moment, and slowly, slowly let go of Caesar’s fingers.

Perhaps his too-slow movements revealed a bit of distrust, which made Caesar raise his eyebrows, he stared at it for a few moments and changed his mind once again, Caesar moved his finger carelessly, several times as he deliberately skimming over the tip of the leaf.
His face remained unchanged, “Careless.”

Shen Tong: “?”
He subconsciously closed the leaf.

At this time, the audience also saw this small, bright plant, because of Caesar’s outburst, it quickly tightened the two leaves, curled together. The two leaves, when stretched out, were smooth and supple, but now they were crumpled and shrunken into a ball.

Everyone looked at it with mixed feelings.

Catnip was bullied, their first reaction was to be heartbroken, they should have strongly condemned the culprit, but the current situation of catnip, it was a bit miserable, and it shrunk into a ball, but it was somehow cute.
The vivid image showed a “poor, weak and innocent” look to everyone.

The viewers in the live broadcast room were heartbroken and wanted to laugh, but they also wanted to curse.

So should they condemn or laugh first!

Fortunately, they soon didn’t need to dwell on it anymore and their complex emotions were unified.
Because their sire had come to bully catnip again.

Inside the camera, the slender fingers plucked a few catnip rolled up leaves, the catnip’s two small leaves almost balled up, it seemed overwhelmed, it had to move back a little, Caesar saw this and slightly narrowed his eyes, his hand came towards him again, catnip then dodged to the side.
In this way, it became you chase me, I run. Shen Tong, in order to avoid this annoying hand, catnip’s tender green leaves shook left and right, rustle rustle.

“Resistance” was written all over its body.

Little mint was too miserable!
Even if it was the tyrant, they had to strongly condemn!

All the viewers tacitly cut off a few pictures and posted them with their own text.

[Melatonin: Mo suffer the old man.jpg]
[Sakura: 莫挨老子.jpg]
[Starlight: Make a sound of rejection.jpg]
[Fixu: Dislike written all over her face.jpg]
  When Caesar finished bullying Shen Tong and withdrew his hand, the live stream had been reduced to a sea of emojis.
His eyes moved to the screen, for the audience’s dissatisfaction, he wasn’t too concerned, but then he thought that the youth might also be one of them, and frowned.

His attitude just now, didn’t seem to be good.

Caesar: “……”
He immediately ended the broadcast.

Fans: ?????

It was gone!
The emoji package wasn’t finished yet!

But the screen had already gone black. No matter how unfulfilled they were, the audience had to accept the fact that the live broadcast had ended and start waiting for the recording to be uploaded again, and the group of fans from the Zhang Ganggang Victim League felt as if they had forgotten something important.
Until they exited the live stream and saw the message reminder.

Zhang Ganggang Victim Alliance 9999+

Forgotten what?
They forgot to post the comments!

Due to the nature of catnip, the managers of Zhang Ganggang Victim Alliance agreed that they had to be the iron fans of Shen Hua in order to prevent everyone from flocking to the live stream room in one go, and as a result, once they smelt catnip, they were reduced to becoming two-fifths and nested up.
Never thought that even if they kept it in mind, in the end still ……

  Became two or five.
Even when catnip rolled that tyrant’s finger and didn’t let go, they felt heartbroken.

Was there a creature in the world that was cuter than catnip?
Was there a creature in the world that could defeat anti-fans?
Yes, catnip.

–The d*mn feline gene!

Perhaps because they were too vain, the managers of this group of Zhang Ganggang victims’ alliance, after the live broadcast, were as quiet as chickens and did not dare to appear in the group at all.

This led to the confusion of the group members.

[@ birch big cute group master group master, where are they? Sisters are ready!]
[@ walk with brother on the road of flowers @ Shen Hua my boyfriend @ moldy management? Management you guys in?]
[@All, Hello? We are still here?]

No, not in, not antis.
Ask again late.

Several managers who were frequently @ management thought.

And that wasn’t the end of it.
  Later that night, Zhang Ganggang updated again.
Zhang Ganggang V: Today something happened, I didn’t catch the live, I heard that Shen Hua’s fans ran over to cause trouble? I thought you guys were going to do something big, but the results hasn’t showed yet, my mechanical keyboard is ready for you, yet you are unable to play?

Management staff: so angry ah.

But what could they do?

They just couldn’t afford to play!

D*mn feline genes, they were unable to fight against catnip!
Strongly condemn!

At this moment, the management of Shen Hua’s fan group regretted their unsteady stance, they simply didn’t know that even their brother, Shen Hua, who they were so devoted to, was actually worse than them.
After all, even the name Shen Hua was inextricably linked to “Shen Tong”.

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