C20- Day 20

 Live streaming?
Together on camera?

In comparison, Shen Tong actually resisted the latter a little, but the live, he had accepted.

In fact, substitution, these cats looked at Shen Tong, probably just like Shen Tong looked at rolls?

In his last life, Shen Tong loved to watch the live broadcast of rolling, these little fat balls could make people feel better even if they didn’t move, Shen Tong often opened the live broadcast app to do his own thing, and especially went to watch them many times.

The only regret was that he didn’t get to hold a panda.

Shen Tong was happy to do what he could for these felines.
Besides, the live broadcast did not require him to do much.

Now that the matter of voting had been settled perfectly, the housekeeper and Natasha said good night to Caesar. Just as Natasha picked up Shen Tong and was taking him out, Caesar said nonchalantly, “Leave the catnip behind.”

Shen Tong: “?”
Natasha was also hesitant.
Their Majesty, seemed, not so friendly to catnip.
  The housekeeper saw Natasha’s concern, moved his lips, and quietly reminded her, “During the day …….”
Caesar put down his glass and looked over his shoulder.
The butler changed his tone with an unchanged expression, “Natasha, His Majesty will take care of it. Besides, as you said, it will get used to its new surroundings much faster.”

Natasha, who was aware of what had happened during the day, exchanged a knowing look with the butler and put down the catnip, “Your Majesty, please take care of it.”
Caesar didn’t take a hint.

As soon as the two of them left, only Shen Tong and Caesar were left.

Shen Tong didn’t know why his majesty wanted to leave him behind, but at this point, his advantage as a blade of grass was back, and he could safely refuse to socialize.
But Caesar obviously did not think so.
He spoke thoughtfully, “Evolved species?”

“In the auditorium during the day, that smoky smell, did you put it out on purpose?”

Shen Tong: “……”
He could now add a new keyword for the tyrant’s majesty.


Caesar waited a moment, and with a sweep of his eyes, “Well?”
Shen Tong could only respond by shaking it a few times.

Only inside the glass cover, a small seedling was swinging from side to side, and it didn’t shake very much, so much so that it looked more like it was trembling, and somehow appeared to be aggrieved.
It also looked like it was scared.

Caesar’s tone was cold, “No acting spoiled.”
Shen Tong: “?”
He didn’t?

In the next second, bony hands reached out and Caesar removed the glass cover that kept the smell out.

The smell of catnip wafted through the air.
It was sweet and inviting.

Caesar narrowed his eyes slightly.

Perhaps it was because he had been at the top for so long, but his aloof demeanor gave the impression that he was dangerous and powerful. But at this moment, he restrained the chill in his body, and the aggressiveness in his body receded quite a bit, his posture languid and easy.
Caesar allowed himself to be immersed in the smell of catnip.
For a long time, his voice was low, “It’s too strong.”

Shen Tong: “……?”
Caesar raised his eyelids, his smoky gray eyes glancing at the catnip, and he repeated, in a discontented tone, “The smell is too strong.”

Shen Tong finally understood.
This monarch, left him behind in order to …… suck him?

The way he looked now was like the big cat in the spiritual world, the big cat wanted Shen Tong to tickle him, deliberately put on a posture of condescension, lying beside him and lifting his chin slightly.
The force was too light, the big cat patted him with dissatisfaction, and Shen Tong got distracted again.
It was awkward.

Probably because of the thought of the big cat, Shen Tong tried to restrain himself.

Caesar raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s too light.”
Shen Tong: “……”

Big cats were less troublesome and much cuter.
They didn’t look alike at all.

When catnip didn’t respond for a long time, Caesar noticed its uncooperativeness, lowered his eyes, and said carelessly, “It’s quite temperamental.”

It was the first time Shen Tong received such a comment.
He suddenly felt that his temper was too good.

Caesar faintly withdrew his gaze and spared Shen Tong.
After bathing, he opened his spiritual world.

–Lately, he had been entering it quite frequently.

As far as Shen Tong was concerned, Caesar was just leaning gracefully on the head of the bed, his eyes lightly closed, as if he was taking a nap.
Shen Tong’s routine this time was very regular, and he also wanted to sleep.

But ten minutes later, Shen Tong entered the spiritual world.

Shen Tong: “……”
Forced to stay up late.

It was the first time he had ever been here at night.
The night added a bit of mystery to this beautiful manor house, brilliantly lit up everywhere, the fire reflected in the lake, grand and magnificent.

It looked like the Perth Palace at …….
But not quite the same.

The snow lion also smelled him the first time and walked slowly to the spiral staircase.
He did not expect the youth to arrive at this time.

In order to enter the spiritual world, two conditions must be met. The first was that the spiritual world was open, and the second was that the other person’s consciousness was floating and not asleep.

So late and still awake?
The Snow Lion looked at Shen Tong with discontent.
  Shen Tong sensed its discontent and said softly, “My …… roommate? He’s a little noisy.”
It would be right to call him a roommate, right?

In the meantime, Shen Tong said, “Shall I dry it off for you?” He didn’t dwell on the name for long, because he noticed that the Snow Lion’s body was damp and its white mane was attached to its body as if it had just played with water.

The Snow Lion was even more upset.

His match, smelling of another cat?

Seemingly sensing the big cat’s abnormality, Shen Tong asked it in confusion, “Kitty, what’s wrong with you?”
The snow lion flicked its tail and walked away indifferently.

Of course, it didn’t get far, but it picked a spot and slowly laid down.

Why was it upset again?
Shen Tong sighed.

After waiting for five seconds, Caesar looked over his shoulder and narrowed his eyes dangerously at Shen Tong.
He took the hairdryer and sat next to the snow lion.

Shen Tong asked: “Are you afraid of this sound?”
The snow lion threw a dirty look at him.
Shen Tong thought about it. The felines of this era were not quite the same as those in his last life, and he asked with hindsight, “Kitty, can you turn into a human?”

The Snow Lion made an unnatural pause.
Shen Tong found out.

About the advanced evolvers, Shen Tong knew almost everything about them, this kind of felines, because of the inherent genetic defects, there would indeed be some that were unable to become human, Shen Tong mistakenly thought that the Snow Lion belonged to this category.
He felt a little sorry for this big cat.
In the meantime, Shen Tong lowered his eyebrows to comfort it, “Actually, I prefer this kind of you, it’s very cute.”

Caesar raised his eyes.
The light in the villa was dim, and the shadows that floated across the young man’s face were gentle and still. His long, thick eyelashes were downward, and his dark pupils were dripping with fluorescent light, and even the pale mole under his eyes, which was not so obvious, was beautiful.
It was almost intoxicating.

Shen Tong noticed the big cat’s line of sight, slightly averted his head, and curved his eyebrows, “You’re really cute.”
The snow lion lowered its eyelids and stopped looking at him as if it was not satisfied with this “cute”.

But its tail was wagging gently behind it.
Because in front of the word “cute”, that meant “like”.

Shen Tong smiled and turned on the hairdryer.
White fingers moved the snow lion’s mane, and the warm breeze blew slowly.

His movement was gentle and comfortable.

Caesar squinted in pleasure at the noise, and his tail climbed up quietly.
Wrap it around the youth’s wrist.


—it was his.

Outside the window, the night air was blowing and the stars were shining.

The night was deeper.


Two hours later, Caesar shut down the spirit world.

The touch of the youth’s fingers over the hair remained.
It was warm and soft.

Caesar slowly opened his eyes.

The night was gloomy and the stars were bright. The light wind blew the curtains, and the plants on the table drooped limply, their young leaves swaying gently with the wind.
The sweetness of the catnip melted into the air.

Caesar came over and knocked back the glass cover carelessly.

It wasn’t much of a noise, but Shen Tong was still awake and looked at it in a daze.
The young green leaves moved with it.

Tried to hold it up.
But it didn’t hold.

A “snap” sound, it wilted and drooped, due to inertia, and shook a few times.

Caesar: “……”

He eyed the catnip for a moment and made a decision.
The catnip could not be given to the youth.

After all, it was an evolved species.
It would become human later.

Thinking of this, Caesar suddenly remembered the roommate the youth had spoken of, and his brow furrowed again.

Although the ceremony had ended, there were still several parties to attend in the following week for those invited to the Capital Star.
This meant that the youth would have to live with someone else for a week.
  It was also a roommate who was very noisy, as he called …….
Even the youth was noisy.

Caesar sent a call request to the housekeeper.
The steward quickly answered.

“Your Majesty?”
“Where do the people who come to the party live?”

The butler pondered, “They are all housed in the hotel owned by Isis.”
Caesar said quietly, “Tell them to go on, one room each.”
Housekeeper: “?”
Caesar: “Upgrade to VIP room, no two people allowed to live together.”

“The fee will be deducted from my account.”

This request was really confusing, but the butler was used to Caesar’s autocracy, as long as there was an order, he would do it and never ask too much, “Okay, don’t worry, I’ll arrange it.”

“Wait a minute.”
Caesar called the butler again as if remembering something, his voice was low, “Tomorrow.”

The youth should be asleep by now.

The steward answered, “Yes. Is there anything else His Majesty wants?”
“Give me a copy of the information on all recent arrivals.”

Caesar commanded, ending the call.

He glanced to the low catnip branches.
It slept soundly.

Tapping his long knuckles on the glass cover a few times, Caesar stared down at the plant, which was gradually raising its branches and leaves, “You’d better cooperate with our broadcast.”
Caesar’s voice was low and menacing.

Because the youth would be watching.

Shen Tong who was woken up several times: “……”

Cats were lovely creatures, except for this man.

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