C19- Day 19

 What was this all about?

There was a very special blogger on the Star Network, named Zhang Ganggang.
As his name implied, he was a notorious barbarian.

Regardless of the circles and fields, Zhang Ganggang had always made comments that offended many people with his tricky angles and rhetoric.
He had tens of millions of fans, but these tens of millions of fans were actually all Zhang Ganggang’s anti-fans, and people only paid attention to him so that they could rush to scold him at the first opportunity.

This evening, Zhang Ganggang’s anti-fans got a notification for his new post.

Zhang Ganggang V: Catnip, pretty cute, vote for it.
Perth Palace: In celebration of the 10th anniversary of His Majesty’s reign, Perth decided to select the most popular dedication and set up a live broadcast for it, so come and pick your favorite dedication!

Did Zhang Ganggang sell his account?

Who was Zhang Ganggang?
If you said it was a beautiful day, he would ask you which day was bad. If you said your sister was beautiful, he would ask you if your brother wasn’t?
Interstellar stinky-mouthed talker.

The tens of thousands of updates on his StarNet account were all on the bar, each of which was singled out as a standard barometer quotation that could even be published in a book.
–The self-cultivation of the barbarian.

The self-cultivation of the barbarian”.
And vote for catnip!

It went against the grain of his unparalleled personality!

Originally, Zhang Ganggang appeared, and the anti-fans should, as usual, leave a message to scold him, but a few days ago, Zhang Ganggang provoked a popular traffic, fans of Shen Hua.

He sent a long article, criticizing Shen Hua’s new song as nonsense, and mocking Shen Hua’s chaotic private life.

That was the equivalent of poking a hornet’s nest.

The fans, who were never easy to mess with, quickly set up a group called the “Zhang Ganggang Victims’ Alliance”.
The “Zhang Ganggang Victims’ Alliance” was founded less than three days ago and had already exceeded 100 million people, covering a wide range of fields and a staggering number of people.

The leader of the group was about to teach Zhang Ganggang a lesson when he spun the poll.
The members of the group decided to do unto others as they would have done unto them!
They want Zhang Ganggang to know what it was like to be unrecognized by his beloved baby!

Everyone decided to vote for Ute Star’s companion mechanical pet!

And voting on the list was what fans were good at. Zhang Ganggang was also to be blamed for offending too many people. After the news came out from the “Zhang Ganggang Victims Alliance”, everyone thought this method was good and adopted it one after another.

This was how Ute Star’s mechanical pet votes surpassed Catnip’s!


When Natasha figured out why, she said grimly, “Catnip has to get first place.”
The housekeeper slowly nodded his head.

Shen Tong had a bad premonition when he saw the two of them with heavy faces.

As it turned out, his hunch was right.
Natasha and the housekeeper, along with Shen Tong, went to find Caesar.

Caesar was in his master bedroom.
It was nighttime, and outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, the lights were brilliant. The red light of the wine was reflected in his cold white hand, the contrast between the two colors too strong, mysterious, beautiful, but also dangerous.
His voice was calm, “What’s wrong?”
  Natasha: “Your Majesty, please vote for catnip. I’ve checked the voting and your vote hasn’t been cast yet.”
Caesar: “?”
With a movement and a smirk, he asked, “Coming over at this time just to get me to vote for catnip?”

The housekeeper explained for Natasha: “Catnip was outvoted and we were concerned that it wouldn’t be able to go live and wanted you to think of a way to do it.”
Caesar: “?”
This was even more unbelievable than his press secretary coming to him at night to vote.

Natasha told him the whole story without much ado, and Caesar tsked to show that he understood.
He looked down at Shen Tong, who was in Natasha’s arms, and approached, tapping his fingertips, “How can you not even compare to a mechanical pet?”
“Isn’t it embarrassing?”

His final note was heavy.

Shen Tong: “……”
He was just a blade of grass.

Caesar looked away, not with any conscience, but realizing that there was no point in bullying a blade of grass, he took out his terminal and mindlessly edited a message.
A few moments later, he said lazily, “Okay.”

Natasha immediately opened the voting site.

Caesar flicked his eyelids and took a sip of red wine, “Not so fast.”
Natasha looked at him quizzically.
Caesar did not speak again.

Even Shen Tong became curious this time.

An hour later, they knew what Caesar had done.

Although they were currently at peace, the empire’s emphasis on the military had never changed, and the number of people joining the army was growing larger and larger.

There were a total of twelve legions under the military headquarters. The army had always been strictly disciplined, without much entertainment, and personal terminals had to be handed in for safekeeping, Caesar sent a directive to the twelve commanders.

–Caesar sent a directive to the twelve commanders: “Send down the terminals and vote.”

Vote for what?

This directive from the Capital Star left the twelve army chiefs quite bewildered.

The army had always been much slower to get news, they didn’t know about the vote, let alone about catnip sprouting, and could only look at each other and their deputy army chiefs face to face.
The good news was that someone remembered to hold a video conference.
So the twelve army chiefs saw each other through the terminal.

“What does His Majesty mean ……?”
“Vote for what?”
“What’s going on?”

Everyone stared at each other for a long time, but no progress was made.

It was just a waste of time, so everyone had to open the Star.com website and try to search the poll.
The first thing that popped up was a poll from the official account of Perth Palace. After it was expanded, the word “catnip” jumped into view.

Heads of Army:!
Cat, catnip!

They coincidentally typed the word “catnip” into the search bar.

Immediately, many catnip-related contents popped up on the screen.

The first was a GIF released by the Academy of Sciences.
Inside the glass enclosure, the seedling appeared to have just emerged, a small clump of leaves with tips so tender that they could be pinched out, green and lively.
Suddenly, the leaves drooped down, and then lifted up slightly, as if they’d been trapped to the extreme and were struggling.
But soon afterward, the leaves dropped again with a click.

The soft green leaves trembled so gently that people’s hearts shook with them!

The captains had to open their eyes and look at the moving picture again, and they almost sighed in relief.
–Cute, just lovely!

After saving to the terminal, they clicked on the first live CUT of catnip.
Someone was reading a commentary, and the little plant seemed to understand, and was very shy, its two leaves dropping down little by little, and also tightening little by little, in a vivid performance of “I’m shy”.
  Army Captains:!
Can’t breathe!

There was no need to look any further; they immediately executed Caesar’s command.

–Deliver the terminals! Vote! Now!

And what the hell kind of voting was Catnip not number one?
How could catnip not be number one!

The Empire’s Twelve Legions were coming out of the woodwork!

By this time, it was ten o’clock in the evening, and according to army regulations, the barracks had turned off the lights.
The trumpets sounded unexpectedly!

It wasn’t unheard of for soldiers to rest, but then to blow their horns and quickly rally their men, even five years before the enemy invasion.
At this point, the first thought of the military men was–
The bugs were at it again!

They assembled quickly.

Within ten minutes, on a spacious, flat land, a single unit was integrated.
They said in unison, “The empire is glorious, and the mission will be accomplished!”

The commander nodded in satisfaction, his speech short and snappy, “Now is the time the Empire needs you!”

He gave the secretary a wink to start sending out personal terminals, and then slowly said, “Everyone on my command! Open Star.com, go to the official Perth account and participate in the poll!”

Soldiers: “???”
How was this not what they thought it would be!

Soldiers were required to obey unconditionally, and even though they didn’t understand what they were doing, they did what the commander of the army said and entered the Star Network.
All their doubts were solved when they opened the voting site and saw the word “catnip”!

Catnip’s vote count started skyrocketing!

90,000, 80,000, 70,000 ……
The gap was getting smaller.

At 23:20 interstellar time, catnip was tied with mechanical pets in votes, and then leaped back up quickly!

In the Perth palace, the butler who frequently peered into the room with Natasha to watch the voting was also a little excited, and he said to Shen Tong, “You’re back in first place again.”
Shen Tong: “……”
This state was quite like his star-struck cousin staring at data.

Natasha’s appearance also eased up a bit.
But her eyes were still glued to the screen, “Thirty-one thousand, thirty-two thousand, thirty-three thousand ……”

This was the part where the votes exceeded.

The Empire’s soldiers, combined, were not a small number, not to mention the chassis were still there, and there would be no more surprises for first place this time around. The butler exclaimed, “Your Majesty, it is fortunate that you remembered our legions.”
Caesar raised his eyebrows.
The butler smiled again and said, “By the way, Your Majesty, did you know that it is an evolved species? Everything you do for catnip, it knows.”

Evolutionary species?
Caesar really didn’t know, but he wasn’t interested either.
He said bluntly, “Who says I’m doing it for catnip?”
  The butler used his usual, incredibly cooperative tone, and went along with the monarchy’s words, “Yes, you didn’t do it for the catnip.”

But this time the butler used the wrong term, and it was true that Caesar would do it not for catnip.
He just thought that the youth liked catnip and wanted to watch the catnip live.

This live broadcast, he was doing it for the youth.

Caesar wasn’t keen on sharing.

Thinking of this, he tilted his head, his smoky gray eyes glanced at catnip, and Caesar spoke with a deep voice, “I’ll be on camera with catnip during the broadcast.”
So that the youth would see him, too.

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