C18- Day 18

The news pushed through and the whole internet was abuzz!

What do you mean by a crescendo?
What do you mean by that?

This was it!

Everyone rushed to vote for catnip right away.

As for their King, Caesar, why did he change his mind?
It wasn’t important.
All that mattered was that catnip would go live again!

And so, within minutes of opening the poll, Catnip was way ahead.

Natasha exited the Star Network satisfied.

Taking the form of a poll and having the public choose the most popular offering to broadcast was actually the result of multiple considerations by the Perth Palace spokesperson, Natasha.

She was a secret agent before climbing into this position and was very good at guessing human nature.

For this anniversary celebration, each galaxy and planet had sent their own representatives.

In order to show their respect and support for Caesar, they had actually started preparing their offerings a long time ago, and even though the gifts that were eventually offered were not as precious as catnip, they had all gone through a lot of trouble.

If it was directly stated that a live broadcast would be opened for catnip, then these representatives would be somewhat uncomfortable in their hearts.

After all, liking catnip was one thing, but having your own feelings ignored was something worthy of frustration.

It occurred to Natasha that she could put all the offerings together, have them compete fairly, and then open a live stream for the most popular offering selected, which would perfectly put an end to all unpleasant elements.

She was confident that Catnip would win first place.
Because even Natasha herself was a huge fan of Catnip.

It was precisely for this reason that she would take every aspect into consideration, not wanting other factors to affect everyone’s love for catnip.

Thinking of this, Natasha, who had always been known as an iceberg beauty, could not help but reveal a smile.
The look could almost be called gentle.

That was unusual for Natasha. So much so that her past best partner and now assistant subconsciously asked her after seeing her, “Natasha, who’s going to die today?”

–Iceberg beauty Natasha never smiled unless she was about to pull the trigger.

Natasha reverted to her original ice coldness, “You.”
  Voting was something that Shen Tong found out about at night.

After he came out of the spirit world, he began to try to familiarize himself with his new surroundings.

This study was spacious, bright, and also brightly lit, but it seemed cold and icy. The pure black obsidian table, the bookcases made of transparent material, the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, and all the furnishings were neatly overdone, comparing it to the always messy laboratory, there was a world of difference.

Shen Tong sighed.
Perhaps it was because he had stayed too long, he had gotten used to the lab full of lab equipment.

At this time, someone came.
It was Natasha.

On the pure black obsidian table, the small bright green plant was conspicuous.
Natasha stood in the doorway, after a few glances, she came over, her tone hard, “Hello.”

Shen Tong: “?”
Was she talking to him?

Shen Tong uncertainly shook the branches and leaves a few times, giving her a response.

Natasha’s eyes unconsciously softened a little at the sight, but she still maintained her frosty attitude, “This is Perth Palace, we will take care of you from now on.”

Long before the catnip was brought to Perth Palace, Natasha had learned that this was an evolved species, it had a consciousness of its own and could understand conversations and even give responses in its own way.

As for why and how she knew, it wasn’t worth mentioning to Natasha, who was a secret agent.
If she wanted, Natasha could get all the information she wanted.

Shen Tong looked at her in confusion, not quite understanding where Natasha was coming from.

Natasha was not someone who talked too much, and after she finished these two sentences, she did not speak again.

Shen Tong was even more confused.

Not long after, someone pushed open the door again.

The housekeeper unexpectedly said, “Natasha, what are you doing here?”

Natasha said grimly, “I’ll stay with it.”
Shen Tong: “?”
The butler was as dazed as Shen Tong, “Accompany it?”

Natasha said in an even tone, “Catnip is an evolved species, it has its own consciousness, it has only arrived here, everything is still unfamiliar, it might be better to have someone with it.”

Shen Tong was startled.

The housekeeper was equally stunned, then smiled, “Natasha, you are always so attentive.”

Natasha didn’t answer, only looked down at the light brain.

Shen Tong’s mood was a bit complicated.
It was probably …… unexpected and touching, right?
He hadn’t even expected anyone to think of that and come over to accompany him on purpose.

It was also true that Shen Tong, who was unfamiliar with the place and was left alone in the study, missed the previous lab, which was always hot and bustling, extraordinarily.

It was just that the emotion didn’t last long.

Natasha frowned and asked the housekeeper, “Why does the IP address show only five people who voted for Perth Palace?”

Butler: “Five people?”

  Natasha was dissatisfied, “According to the personal information tied to the Starnet account, only we, Sands, John and Jon have voted for Catnip so far.”
Shen Tong: “?”

The butler thought about it and made a quick decision: “I’m going to call everyone over and have them vote for catnip on the spot.”
Shen Tong: “???”

Natasha nodded, glancing at Shen Tong and explained to him succinctly, “We sent out a poll for the most popular offering, and the first place will have a live broadcast.”
After a pause, Natasha added, “You had a high number of votes, but-”

The steward chuckled and interjected, “There is absolutely no one under our jurisdiction who has not voted for you.”
Natasha nodded her head in agreement.

Shen Tong: “……”
All right.

Fifteen minutes later, all the maids and guards of Perth’s palace were gathered outside the study.
The steward didn’t explain the reason to them, but just sent an assembly message and claimed that it was something very important, so after everyone came over, they inquired bewilderedly, but without exception, they got an answer of “I don’t know”.
It must be big because the steward not only ran the Perth Palace, but even their majesty had many matters that would be entrusted to the steward, and he spoke of very important matters.

Everyone couldn’t help but get a little nervous.

When the butler came out, he first apologized to everyone, “I’m sorry for interrupting your work, but I have a very important matter here that I need you to do now.”

What was it?
Was it life-threatening?
Everyone waited apprehensively for the aftermath.

The butler said slowly, “We sent out an online poll for the most popular offering, and now you need to vote for catnip with your own Starnet account.”

The crowd froze for a second.

This important thing was actually different from what they had envisioned.

Because voting for Catnip, in their hearts, was a matter of course, and they didn’t even need the housekeeper to say that they would do it themselves.

In fact, everyone was too busy to know there was such a thing as voting, and if they had known, they would have voted by now!
Everyone immediately agreed.

At this time, one of the maids couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Butler, the most popular offering, you don’t have to think about it to know that it’s catnip, so why are you still issuing this poll? There’s no need for it at all.”

The housekeeper was quite agreeable to her words, but said tactfully, “Maybe someone doesn’t like catnip.”

  Maid: “No way! Even His Majesty ……”

At that point, she covered her mouth and winked at the butler, the meaning clear.

–Catnip can even conquer His Majesty, is there anyone else it couldn’t conquer?

The butler couldn’t help but laugh, “Vote.”
The maid swallowed her words, “Yes, Mr. Butler.”

The butler was asking the people of Perth Palace to vote for catnip, and Natasha was not idle.

She acted in the same style as her temperament, cold and hard, and decisive.

Due to the demands of Natasha’s job, she dealt with the media on a regular basis, and Natasha contacted the heads of these media outlets directly to communicate with them on video.

“Miss Natasha, long time no see, you ……”
Natasha interrupted his greeting and asks bluntly, “Do you like catnip?”

The question was actually a big jump, but several people across the room gave their answer in unison, “Like.”

  ”Miss Natasha, would there be any felines that don’t like catnip?”

“Good.” Natasha nodded in satisfaction, “I need you guys to do something.”
“What is it?”

  Natasha: “Perth Palace has launched a poll for the most popular offering, so let your staff vote for catnip.”

Perhaps it was because Natasha looked so serious, but after she made the request, several people across the room froze up, and even the first reaction was –
That was it!?

A vote was just a finger swipe.
Besides, voting for catnip didn’t even require issuing any demands!

Natasha waited three seconds without any response from the other side, and she asked icily, “Is it hard to do?”

It wasn’t a secret that Natasha was a secret agent, the person in charge across the room wiped a cold sweat under her gaze and explained to her, “Miss Natasha, it’s like this, it doesn’t even require us to organize, our staff will spontaneously vote for catnip …… this thing you want us to do, in fact, our employees have done it themselves.”

Natasha softened her tone a bit after hearing, “That’s good.”

Another person in charge also said, “Miss Natasha, you may not know that after the live broadcast of today’s celebration, everyone knows about Catnip, even the elderly who don’t have internet access. One old man in our company is even asking young people to teach him how to sign up for a Starnet account just so he can vote for Catnip.”
Natasha was more than satisfied, “That’s good.”

After a moment, the other side said, “Since you said so, Miss Natasha, we will also remind employees who forgot to vote to participate in this poll.”

Natasha nodded, “Good, no one should be left out.”

She ended the video call.

Natasha said to Shen Tong, “We would be happy to do anything for you.”

Shen Tong looked at her and gave a few shakes of his head in thanks.

Whether or not it was the most welcome offering, Shen Tong didn’t care, but he found that the housekeeper and Natasha seemed to care about it, and in the end, it was for him.
It was another sinking piece of goodwill.
Shen Tong couldn’t express it in words, so he had to shake it twice, hoping that Natasha would understand what he meant.

Natasha clearly understood.
She smiled slowly.

The ice and snow melted.

Natasha lowered her head and proceeded to check the votes on the terminal.

Suddenly, her eyebrows quirked.

–Catnip, who should have been riding high, had been overtaken.
Now in the first place was the companion mechanical pet sent by Utestar.

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