C17- Day 17

This joy didn’t last long.
Because everyone suddenly reacted as they reviewed the celebration live.

Even their majesty, Caesar, couldn’t resist the smell of catnip, so would catnip continue to go live from now on?

Many people already had an answer in mind.
It wouldn’t.

Who was Caesar?
The highest ability rating and youngest monarch in Interstellar’s history, and the one with the coldest personality.

Among the many rumors of the stars, his name as a tyrant originated from a snow wolf.
It was a snow wolf tamed by Caesar in the barren snowfields of the planet Apas, which he brought back to Perth Palace. Caesar was still a young man, his military and political power were not yet in his hands, and his cabinet did not care about him, so he decided to play with the wolf.

The snow wolf, which he found interesting, was brought and played with by the steward, who was about to stop talking.

The snow wolf was so fierce that it pounced on the cabinet minister and bit him on the artery at the neck. Blood flowed all over the floor, ranging in color from red to black, and Caesar just watched indifferently until the Cabinet Minister was drained of his last drop of blood before he lifted his foot and walked away.

As for the snow-wolf, he never looked at it again.
For it was tainted with the scent of others.

The instincts of felines made them inherently very territorial and possessive, and this monarch of theirs, Caesar, was definitely much more possessive than them.

At this moment, the netizens who were still laughing at Caesar’s “real thoughts” couldn’t laugh anymore.

As fans of catnip, they realized that Caesar would only take it for himself.
What live? It didn’t exist.

Their monarch would never share it with them!

After figuring this out, users were desperate.
Someone tried a dynamic: [@Perth, is catnip not even going to be put out live anymore QAQ?]


Inside the auditorium, Caesar buckled the glass cover, and the irrational crowd was coming back to their senses.
They broke out in a cold sweat as they thought of what exactly they had just done.

They had actually surrounded Caesar!
And almost attacked him!

…… for catnip.

Thinking about the original reason, and thinking that if it happened again, they’d still do it.
After all, it was catnip.

As for Caesar, he stared meaningfully at the catnip, apparently having a memory of what he just did.
Caesar: “……”

For a long moment, he lifted his eyelids as if he wasn’t the one who had just been controlled by instinct and snorted, “What a way to cause trouble.”
A look was then cast at the butler.

The steward, also no longer decent because he had turned into a cat earlier, smoothed out the creases in his clothes and asked, “What is the order, your majesty?”
“Put this troublesome grass ……”
The butler smiled and suggested, “Put it in the flower room?”

A greenhouse?
It was too far.

Caesar looked unchanged, “Put it in the study.”
He didn’t show any fondness for catnip, looking arrogant and haughty, “It’s sunny there, so as not to be unable to feed it.”
As if it was some great reward.
  The steward said against his will, “It’s still His Majesty’s thoughtfulness.”

Shen Tong: “……”
He almost believed it.

Such a character.
Shen Tong couldn’t help but think of that snow-colored big cat.

How come all cats were so awkward?

Shen Tong shifted in a rather good mood.

Perhaps it was because he read it that way, but soon after Shen Tong was put in the study by the butler, he entered the mental world of that big cat.

Caesar’s intention was to find out why Shen Tong hadn’t appeared at the celebration.

He had appeared in the form of a snow lion. His grey eyes were narrowed and looked dissatisfied, Shen Tong could not read too much information from it, only knowing that the big cat was unhappy again.

Shen Tong sighed, “Kitty, why are you always unhappy?”
Caesar: “?”

Because of who?

Hearing Shen Tong’s words, Caesar was even more dissatisfied.
He came over menacingly, but as a result, Shen Tong just curled his eyes, “You’re always unhappy, or how about changing your name to unhappy from now on?”

Caesar decided to teach this ungrateful youth a lesson.

He pounced on Shen Tong.

As the snow lion pounced on the couch too suddenly, Shen Tong was unprepared.
“With a creak, the sofa sank and made a slight sound.
The snow lion pressed his front paws on top of Shen Tong to express his displeasure with the name “unhappy”, and of course, the damned “kitty”, which Caesar didn’t necessarily like.

That tyrant’s eyes were also this color.

But Shen Tong didn’t think much of it, only that it was a coincidence, he raised his hand and touched the Snow Lion’s head, “Kitty, I saw someone today whose eyes were the same color as yours.”

The snow lion looked at him askance.
Shen Tong said smilingly, “Do you want to know who it is?”
Caesar didn’t really want to pay attention to him.
So Shen Tong said to himself, “Caesar.”

Caesar: “?”

He was pretty sure that the youth wasn’t there when he made his entrance.
Was it …… after he lifted the glass cover of the catnip?

It was the only possibility that he didn’t see anyone.
The youth still attended the celebration of his succession.

Caesar’s discontent evaporated.
He also withdrew his claws.

But because of his earlier action, the youth’s clothes rolled up a bit, revealing a waist. The oversized uniform pressed down on him, and the sunken blackness, the more it set off his fair and lean waist, and the curve of his waistline was extremely beautiful.
Caesar’s gaze was averted.
Then he tilted his head unnaturally.

A few seconds later, the snow lion’s paws reached back and pulled Shen Tong’s clothes down.

This big cat’s pads of flesh were soft.
It pulled the clothes but still touched Shen Tong’s waist, not painful but itchy, Shen Tong was sensitive, especially at his waist, it couldn’t be touched at all.

He shrank to the side a bit, “Don’t.”
The Snow Lion didn’t listen.
Shen Tong’s itch was unbearable, his eyes became moist, he held the Snow Lion’s paw to keep it from messing with him, “Kitty, it itches.”

His voice was weak, and soft, so soft that Caesar’s heart jumped.

As if hiding something, Caesar glanced at him extremely quickly, moved away, and shortly thereafter, looked over.
Shen Tong: “?”

He had no idea what he looked like now.
With his eyes glowing and his long, thick lashes lifted, Shen Tong gasped softly and there was a little red at the end of his eyes.
He explained, “I’m ticklish.”

As if he had heard, or as if he hadn’t, Caesar stared thoughtfully at the youth, his eyes growing deeper.

So pretty.
More than anything, he wanted to see him cry.

Shen Tong calmed down for a moment and raised his head to the side of the couch facing the floor-to-ceiling window, which overlooked the garden outside.

The lily of the valley there was in full bloom. One after another, little bells bobbed back and forth, white as clouds, Shen Tong looked at them and remembered something, and asked softly, “Kitty, do you know catnip?”

What would the big cat’s reaction be when it touched him?
Shen Tong was quite curious.

Caesar cast a questioning look.
  Shen Tong thought, “Felines can’t seem to resist its taste.”
The Snow Lion drooped its eyelids, seemingly not too interested.

This disdainful look of its reminded Shen Tong again of that extremely imposing young monarch.
— “The feline’s fondness for catnip is written in its genes?
— “I don’t have these irrelevant things in my genes.”

Shen Tong couldn’t help but laugh, “Kitty, that tyrannical majesty today, originally didn’t believe it either.”
Caesar: “……”
The tip of the snow-colored tail fiercely shook.

Shen Tong didn’t notice its abnormality, but gently rubbed the snow lion’s head a few times, “I’m going to water the bell orchids, or they will wilt.”

Shen Tong took a few steps, and it was rare to find that the big cat didn’t follow.
After spending some time together, he had already figured out this big cat’s personality, it was actually quite stalkerish, although it would always put up a high and mighty front.

Shen Tong laughed and came to the garden alone.

The Snow Lion didn’t follow him, just walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and raised his eyes.

The young man in the flower bushes really resembled a lily.
The same softness, warmth, and ……

Caesar thought of that lean, tough waist.

It was fair and soft.

The lily of the valley needed to be watered, or it would wither.
The youth needed it, too.

He would have to be kept with affection.

Caesar looked steadily at Shen Tong.

Only after Shen Tong finished watering the lily orchid did Caesar close his spirit world.

It had to be said that Caesar’s mood was much more stable since his spirit world was open to Shen Tong.

He walked towards the terrace.
His footsteps stopped abruptly.

Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Caesar spoke lazily.
“Your Majesty.” The butler pulled the door open and handed Caesar the terminal he was holding, “Look.”
Caesar’s gaze fell diffidently.

It was a development that had been posted a few hours ago.
[@Perth, is catnip not even going to be put out live anymore QAQ?]

Caesar: “What’s wrong?”
The Butler explained to him, “The Academy of Sciences had a live broadcast for Catnip once before, so the netizens wanted to know if it would be possible to have a live broadcast again after Catnip was sent here.”

“Of course not-“

Caesar didn’t even furrow his brow, subconsciously planning to refuse.
He had come to regard catnip as his possession.
But before the words left his mouth, he remembered the youth.

No feline could resist the smell of catnip.
Even the youth of the Blue Star had the recessive gene for catnip in his body.

That meant he liked catnip too.

Caesar changed his mind and cocked his head slightly, “Yes.”
The butler was startled, “Huh?”
Apparently, he had no hope of Catnip going on the air before he came here.
Caesar’s voice was low and touching, “I say, yes.”

–watered so his youth would not wither.
  Actually, Caesar would have preferred to send it directly.
But he hadn’t met him yet, and didn’t want to be too rash, after all, he was still the “Tyrant Majesty” as the youth called him.
Caesar tsked a little.

“Ah, Yes.”
The butler froze in his tracks and said joyfully, “I’ll go and talk to Natasha.”

By eight o’clock that evening, the official Perth Palace account was updated.

Perth: To celebrate the tenth anniversary of His Majesty’s succession to the throne, Perth has decided to select the most popular dedication and host a live feed for it, so come and pick your favorite dedication!

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