C13- Day 13

 He couldn’t help but sigh.

The rest of them reacted at this point and looked at each other.

In the silence, someone was the first to open his mouth and withdrew voluntarily: “Actually, thinking about it, it doesn’t matter if I go or not. It’s quite a waste of fuel to have to go along, I don’t know much about plants, and in case the catnip gets sick on the way and it’s dry and anxious, I’ll be useless, it’s purely for fun, so I’d better forget it.”

Shen Tong still remembered this man.

He was the first researcher who asked if he could accompany him to Capital Star, and his name seemed to be Gavin.

When Gavin saw everyone looking at him, he smiled and said, “It’s not easy for catnip to grow, and there’s only one plant in the entire star, it’s precious. If I were to take care of it, I wouldn’t quite dare, it might be even harder to raise than a cub, after all, the cub meows a few times on its own when it’s uncomfortable, we’re going to have to be entirely careful.”

The crowd pondered.

It wasn’t long before a second person stepped forward, “I’m pretty much the same. I’ll just draw a mechanical diagram, and all I usually get started with are materials like alloys, so it doesn’t matter if I drop it or touch it, but catnip is different, I’ll have to wander the stars for the rest of my life if I give it a smash by mistake.”

With the two of them taking the lead, more and more people began to take a stand, “Yeah, I’d be adding to the trouble by going anyway. And I was going to go along just to see catnip, but now that I think about it again, I’ll have to say goodbye sooner or later anyway, but it’s pretty much the same, as long as catnip is well.”
“I don’t have any need to go.”
“Yeah, as long as Catnip is well, I don’t have to go along.”

Everyone said it easily, but in reality, only they themselves knew how reluctant they were.

But no matter how reluctant they were, they still didn’t regret giving up this opportunity, after all, it was really inappropriate for them to follow, and everyone knew in their hearts that the five candidates the dean had decided on in the beginning were actually the most suitable, and it was very unreasonable for them to make such a scene, but Catnip was still good-natured enough to shake at each of them a few times.

That was the response Catnip gave them.
A gentle and silent response.

It knew how much everyone loved him, and even more so, how much they cared for him.
It was trying to reassure them in its own way.

That was enough.

In contrast, the researchers had opted out voluntarily and had decided to leave the burden to the best person for the job and the best person to protect the catnip.

Gavin said to Dai Li and the others, “You must take care of Catnip.”
Dai Li, startled, she quickly understood what he meant, then smiled and responded, “We will.”

The rest of the group threatened, “If Catnip loses a single leaf, you’ll never come back to the Academy of Sciences!”

Ya Bo and Ai Lun smiled at each other, “Got it, got it, so long-winded.”

Shen Tong gently shook his branches and leaves.
The scientific researchers looked over, their hearts soft.

Their fondness for catnip came from nature, and they couldn’t help but want to be nice to it.

And this catnip deserved such love from them.

It was nice to be able to send catnip, and if they couldn’t, it didn’t matter, they would wish it a safe and thriving journey in their hearts.

As long as it was well, parting was nothing.

Everyone was talking and laughing, but there was still a parting atmosphere in the air.
Even Shen Tong was also infected and felt a bit reluctant to leave.

The dean aimed at a few eyes, and finally said with a taut face, “Am I the dean, or are you the dean? Did I say you weren’t allowed to go?”

He looked askance at the crowd and said leisurely, “You were elected by catnip one by one, doesn’t he get tired of shaking? You have to go, not one of you, all of you!”

The crowd was stunned.

The Dean cleared his throat, “I’ll take care of the visa and I’ll cover the expenses.”

After several seconds of silence, the cheers almost lifted the roof.

The Dean was lifted up in a moment of inattention, and he raged, “You put me down!”

No one paid any attention to him at all.

  The group of researchers ripped off their lab coats and ran back and forth like mad, carrying the dean around the lab, each one of them flushed with excitement, no longer keeping their mature and stable elite appearances, jumping up and down and high-fiving each other, deaf to the dean’s roar.

They, too, could accompany Catnip to the Capital Star!

To the stars, let’s go!
  Five days later.
Capital Star.

The Rover landed in Seville Starport.

The dean had only stepped out of the Rover when his personal terminal received a message: [The net wants us to collaborate on a perfume, we’ve had a meeting here and think it’s a good suggestion, how’s it going on your end?]

The sender was a perfume company that had been working with the Academy of Sciences for a long time.

The Dean was quite confused and asked his assistant, “What perfume?”

The assistant leaned in to look at it and took a breath, “I said you forgot something!”

As for what happened, but also from the last live broadcast.

The dean ended the live broadcast without mentioning Shen Tong’s breed, and then sent Shen Tong to the Capital Star anxiously, he put this matter to the back of his mind, naturally he didn’t know about the chaos online.

The mimosa, itchy tree, flytrap, people online guessed randomly, catnip was also mentioned, but not much.

One blogger, “Whisper Meow”, posted a post about it.

My uncle works at the Academy of Sciences, and he said that the Academy bred a catnip, and that was catnip.

How was that possible?

Most netizens didn’t take the news seriously and even clicked on the report in the upper right corner to complain about spreading false rumors.

After all, two years ago the Academy of Sciences began to cultivate catnip to see, but since then there was no news at all, did this not mean that it failed?

How could it be catnip?

To that end, someone else replied under the whisper meow’s comment: [Here comes another uncle party. Can’t you guys who have a brother/sister/uncle in your family who works at the Academy of Sciences pull together a small group and not say mimosa for this and catnip for that and be a little more consistent?]

The reply got a lot of likes, and the person, who was kind enough to share the news, didn’t expect to be mocked, so she disliked it back: [How does it smell so good if it’s not catnip? You have to eat melons with some brains, too, and plants like mimosa and itchy trees don’t even smell that good!]

Because Whisper meow’s reply was so unforgiving, the other side didn’t let up: [You knew plants like mimosa and itchy trees didn’t smell like this? It’s been extinct for thousands of years. Have you smelled it? If you say no, then no?]

The two people’s choking fireworks were so strong that they couldn’t wait to strangle each other through the net.

Because of the heated discussion between the two of them, this dynamic became the new hot topic under the topic, with many people replying to it, and the conversation gradually turned in the other direction –


Whisper Meow was right, the plant smelled so good!
The few seconds it took to lift the glass cover were short-lived, but no matter how discerning people were, they would be addicted to it.

Someone got the bright idea of the same perfume and started @ Famous Fragrances.

[@SIMONE Simone perfume, want the same scent !!!!]
[@StunningTime, come out to make money!!!]
[@DLU Reticia, giving you a chance to empty me out!!!]

Simone Perfume and the Academy of Sciences already had some cooperation, their staffs were keenly aware of the business opportunity, and after submitting a proposal to the head office, this was the message sent to the dean.

The Dean stroked his chin and regretfully declined the request for cooperation.
After all, catnip would soon have to be offered to that tyrant.

And the assistant, at his behest, logged onto the Academy of Sciences official blog and posted a development.

Academy of Sciences V: It’s catnip.
An analysis was attached.


Was it really catnip?
  You know, catnip was the lifelong dream of all felines, and no doubt, it didn’t take long for this development to go viral!

[ Dad! Science Academy Dad! Do you dare to answer when I call you Daddy? You guys actually secretly bred catnip ????]

[I saw someone say that the Academy of Sciences had bred catnip, but I didn’t believe them and reported her, my face hurts!]

[Is the little baby actually catnip? Catnip? I still want to keep it? Do I deserve it? I don’t deserve !!!!!]

[I don’t deserve !!!!!!!!!]


Since the Academy of Sciences never responded, the heat on this topic had died down, but because of this analysis, within ten minutes, the topic was back on the hot seat, with a red fire sign attached to the back!
The news that the Academy of Sciences has bred catnip began to be pushed all over the internet!

The words “I’m not worthy” were also in the real-time square, with tens of thousands of messages!

At this moment, after learning that the grass they’d been dreaming of for a few days was catnip, the netizens thought in unison –

They were the ones who didn’t know what they’re talking about!
They were the ones floating too high!
They actually wanted catnip?
They didn’t deserve such a precious little baby!

Not worthy at all !!!!!

In one of the many “I’m not worthy” comments, someone excitedly asked: [Is Academy Dad still going to be on the air? When’s the next live broadcast!?]

The official blog picked up on this reply: [won’t be reopening, catnip was bred for His Majesty and has now been sent to Capital Star].
This blogger replied quickly: [QAQ huh? No. !!!!]

Many netizens who rushed to see this reply also saw it, which was like a splash of cold water poured over them and followed by a “QAQ”.

But soon someone else reacted!

[Sending to Capital Star now? Is it as a gift from the Academy of Sciences to His Majesty? I remember big celebrations like this being broadcast live! I have a bold idea, how about I see you at …… the celebration live!!!]?

This comment reminded a lot of people, and everyone responded in unison below: [See you live at the celebration!]
[See you live at the celebration!]
[See you live at the celebration!]

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