C12- Day 12

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The matter of catnip, being handed over to someone else made the Dean feel uncomfortable, he threw out the pen, and he shamelessly picked it up, doodling a few times, roughly formulated a few criteria.

1. patience and attentiveness.
2. knowledge of the plant field.
3. in good physical condition.

The last one alone had screened out quite a few people, not to mention the fact that there were provisions for the field of study, the dean quickly had a few candidates, so he asked his assistant to send out the list with the selection criteria, and reclined in his reclining chair, thinking that he could rest easy.

Half an hour later, the president realized how wrong he was.

First, the top brass of the Academy of Sciences were not happy.
People of age, usually paid attention to exercise and maintenance, their bodies were not like young people, they either had little heart problems or chronic diseases, This standard was that they had to be in good health, it was obviously meant to give them a hard time.

A line of men came menacingly to the office.

“What’s wrong with your standards? Looking down on us old guys?”
“What happened? I’m in perfect health!”
“Why should only young people be allowed to send catnip and not us? Are you targeting us with this standard?”

The dean hurriedly reassured, “It’s not that I won’t let you go, it’s that the distance from Titan to Capital Star is too far, what if something happens to you on the way?”

The older people got, the more they actually looked like old kids, and this group of executives were no exception, not to mention they couldn’t bear to not look at catnip and wanted to see more of it, “You just tell me, are we going to make it?”
The Dean was embarrassed, “This ……”
The higher-ups got angry, “I’m telling you, a lot of us are going to have heart attacks, so don’t be mad at us.”
Dean: “?”

Seeing that he still didn’t let up, when someone immediately covered his heart and screamed, “ouch ouch ouch,” “My heart hurts, it’s all because of you.”
The people next to him also played along, “It’s just going to a capital star, isn’t it? You’ll have to agree to it before you make old Yang angry, and he installed the mechanical heart only last month.”

Old Yang took the opportunity to add more fuel to the fire, rolled back his eyes, fell back, and struck a standard porcelain clinching pose.
–wouldn’t get up without winning!

The Dean was helpless as a 300-pound child.

The porcelain clinker here was motionless, and the young man on the other end was also distractingly disturbed.

“Dean, if my field of study isn’t plant-related, don’t I understand plants?”

“Exactly! I’ve been doing a lot of research at home since the catnip sprouted in the yard, and I’ve been taking side courses in the botany department at a nearby university.”

“And why is it that Dai Li and the others were the ones who gave away the catnip again? It’s not fair, they’ve had enough with catnip, it’s time for a change for us, it’s not like we can’t take care of catnip.”

The list drawn up by the Dean included Dai Li, Ai Lun and Ya Bo.
In fact, they all knew in their hearts that the dean had his reasons for his consideration. Dai Li and the others were already familiar with catnip, not to mention that they also knew plants, but everyone was intellectually acceptable and emotionally reluctant for no other reason than they were so jealous!

Ever since they learned that Dai Li and the others had been transferred to lab B502, when the researchers in the hospital saw them again, all of the researchers turned into lemons for a second and were covered in rushing acidity.
–They also wanted to stay in the same lab with catnip.
  Researchers had thought that at the time to send catnip to the capital star, they could salvage a place, they didn’t expect that they were not only brushed off, but Dai Li and the others took up three places, the people were immediately displeased, one after another, they ran to ask the dean for an explanation.

The old guys were trouble, the young people were also quarreling.

The dean simply could not stop the dispute and rubbed his face several times with worry.
Finally, he thought about it, there was only one way to make this group of people shut up, the dean slapped the table, “Stop it! Since you all have an opinion on who I’ve settled on, let’s – let  catnip choose for itself!”

The crowd was laid to rest.


At this time, Shen Tong was still in Caesar’s spirit world.

The big cat didn’t know what was going on, but suddenly it sank down and couldn’t get past a book, it tore the pages apart with its sharp claws, and in the meantime, Shen Tong slapped it lightly on the head, “No.”
The snow lion raised its head in displeasure, its remaining anger still intact.
Shen Tong was not afraid, however, he asked softly, “Why are you unhappy again?”

The snow lion flicked its tail and turned its head indifferently, not wanting to pay attention to him.

The snow lion’s appearance was like when Shen Tong confiscated his five-year-old nephew’s toy, sullenly turned its back, but had to stand in Shen Tong’s line of sight, almost carving the words “coax me” in the back of his head.

The snow lion’s chin was scratched a few times by him.

The snow lion raised its chin slightly and reluctantly accepted his service, but didn’t give a single look to Shen Tong.

Shen Tong said with an act of annoyance, “Don’t you want to be scratched? That’s fine.”

He made a gesture to retract his hand, but only after moving a bit, there was suddenly a furry touch on his wrist, Shen Tong lowered his head, and the Snow Lion’s tail gently wrapped around it, but the awkward big cat still didn’t look at him.
Shen Tong wanted to laugh even more.

“You ……”

With the words still on the tip of his tongue, Shen Tong disappeared.

Caesar noticed the youth’s departure at first, but the snow-white tail didn’t immediately retract.

His wrist was delicate, warm, and soft.
He wagged the tail that still had some residual warmth, and sniffed it gently from the side of his head.

He smelled sweet.


When Shen Tong woke up, there were many people in the lab.
He was a bit confused.

The Dean gently explained to Shen Tong, “You’ll be sent to Capital Star soon, and the number of accompanying places is limited, but everyone wants to go, so I want you to choose a few people yourself.”
Shen Tong: “……”

After a period of observation, the speculation that this already extremely valuable catnip might be an evolved species had actually been agreed upon long ago. It had its own specific routine, could understand conversations, and even gave some responses, but the Academy of Sciences never sent it for testing out of a sense of love and care.
After all, the catnip was still so small, so who knew what the testing equipment would do to it?

And thus, the dean left the decision to Shen Tong.

If the dean himself chose the people, the big guys would simply make a scene, letting catnip decide meant that this group of people would stop arguing, right!

The dean thought eagerly.

And after Shen Tong figured out what was going on, he was a little distressed.
After laughing and crying, he was inevitably annoyed.
  In fact, just like the National Day in his last life, this celebration also had ten days off, which amounted to a small holiday, and Shen Tong felt that many people should have already made other arrangements, and if they were chosen to send him to Capital Star, their own schedules would have to be postponed collectively.

Not good.
Thinking like this, Shen Tong hesitantly looked towards a row of staff members, resulting in everyone staring at him with bright eyes and a look of anticipation.

–Choose me, choose me, choose me!

These words were simply exhaled.

Shen Tong: “……”
Life had finally done this to him, the lazy fish.

“Can I, can I go with you to Capital One?” A researcher asked softly.
Despite the calmness he maintained on the surface, his hand clenched out a fist, “I will take care of you, water you, talk with you, hug and carry you out in the sun.”

This paragraph was not long, but after this researcher finished it, he seemed to run out of courage, he blushed a red face and his hair was soaked with sweat, but his eyes were sincere throughout, staring at catnip without blinking.

Shen Tong’s heart was soft and empathetic.
Ever since he sprouted, everyone treated him with care and treasure, as if Shen Tong was some fragile treasure that needed to be held and cherished.

Shen Tong had never taken anyone’s kindness to him for granted, and when he thought of it that way, he was even less able to refuse.

A few seconds later, inside the glass enclosure, the small, green, and the clear plant, briskly shook the tips of its leaves.
A rustle.

The researcher froze in place as if he hadn’t even expected to be chosen.
After all, he didn’t spend a lot of time with the catnip, unlike Dai Li and some few others, he had only come to see it quietly once or twice when it was asleep.
But then the researcher cheered excitedly, almost jumping up, and he turned his head and said to the rest of the group, “Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I’ve been chosen! I’ve been chosen! I’m sending catnip to the Capital!!!!!!”

Shen Tong: “……”
The rest of them returned jealous looks.

Gone was one, and the researcher in line behind him came up to ask questions, but he was obviously much more nervous than the last one, and was quite incoherent for a moment, “I, I, that, you can send me to Capital Star too – no, Capital Star can send you too, no! ”
This researcher was about to cry in a hurry over his own clumsiness, and as Shen Tong shook a few branches and leaves like he was soothing him, he slowed down his own speech and said word for word, “Can I send you to Capital Star, too?”

Nervousness was an emotion that not only could be caused by fear, but also by over-preoccupation.
Because of something precious, one could be terrified, and because of over-eagerness to be close, one could lose one’s sanity and calm and become clumsy.

But it was lovely.

Of course, Shen Tong would not refuse.

He gently shook the leaf again.

The scientist pinched himself hard and muttered, “I’m not dreaming, am I?”
The ensuing pain confirmed it, and the scientist hissed softly, overwhelmed with joy, “Catnip agrees! It’s agreed to let me come along to the Capital! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I’m going to tell my son, grandson, and great-grandson the story of how I accompanied Catnip to the Capital Star later !!!!”

Shen Tong: “……”
What’s with the crazy one?

Just like this, one round at a time, Shen Tong simply couldn’t bear to reject a single person, and every researcher who came before him, Shen Tong gently shook a few times.

Rather, no one was disappointed, but there were always only five slots.
What should be done about this?

The Dean was getting worried again.

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