C11-Day 11

This also led to several consecutive days of arguments in the Academy of Sciences.
Everyone simply wanted to grab their heads in order to get the quota.

Shen Tong’s daily routine consisted of nothing more than sunbathing, watering, sleeping, adding a new project, listening to a few people in the lab expose each other, and trying to dissuade their competitors.

Dai Li was merciless and said, “What capital star are you two going to? Who doesn’t know that when His Majesty visited Titan last year, you two were so scared that you could barely maintain your human form?”
Ya Bo countered her, “Fear of His Majesty is not inconsistent with going to the Capitol. We’re doing it for catnip, not for him.”
Ai Lun chimed in, “As much as we’re afraid, we’ll go, and we’ll see Catnip one more time if we can.”

“Besides, you had to be present for last year’s inspection, when His Majesty’s eyes were so cold-”
Ai Lun said palpably, “It was like an ice blade.”
Ya Bo chimed in, “Who isn’t afraid of him? You’re not afraid?”

Of course, Dai Li was scared, but like Ai Lun said, as scared as she was, she wanted to send catnip off.

She turned her attention to Shen Tong, “Hey, do you guys think we should make another shield for the catnip that will keep out the smell and protect it from falling when the nurturing pod is done?”

His Majesty’s mood was less than stable, so Dai Li was worried about what might happen to the catnip in his hands, “It’s catnip, there must not be an accident.”

Her suggestion was met with approval from the two researchers, “Yes!”

Ai Lun thought, “How about the alloy material?”
“The alloy isn’t strong enough.” Ya Bo pondered as well, “Didn’t they come out with a CMI alloy a while back? That’s it.”

Honestly, the alloy material was already the strongest material in all of the stars, and because of its scarcity, it was already expensive, and the CMI alloy was an even more enhanced version of it, with a staggering cost, and if the purpose was just to protect a potted plant from being broken, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was a great material.

But several people’s expressions were very serious, and their concern for catnip was almost spilling over.

This made Shen Tong curious.

Was that ruler, Caesar, really that scary?
And that he was about to be given away to this tyrant?

He had to say goodbye again.
Shen Tong realized this and suddenly became a little homesick.

It was with such thoughts that he went into Caesar’s spirit world.

The weather was quite nice.
But Shen Tong was not in a good mood.

The last time he got wet and cleaned himself up, he was wearing the clothes that the snow lion had gripped to him, and this time, the clothes were still on him, Shen Tong carefully rolled up his overly long sleeves and went to the garden to look at the only remaining lilies.
It was no longer as sickly as it was last time.

The green was clear and the buds were rounded and bulging, revealing a bright white color.
It was about to bloom.

Shen Tong gently tapped it with his finger.
His finger was very white, long and thin, nails rounded beautifully, the end of the color had a hint of pink, like a thin piece of a clamshell.

He never noticed the snow lion that came to his side.
Caesar waited a full five seconds, then raised his front paws in dissatisfaction.

The pads of flesh touched Shen Tong.

He had a good grip on his strength, it was just a touch, but the discontent at being ignored was conveyed clearly, and Shen Tong finally noticed the big cat.
He pulled the snow lion’s front paws away, “The flowers are going to bloom.”
  The youth did not start teasing the big cat at the sight of it as usual, but said gently, “My home, too, has a garden with many flowers, and it is beautiful when it is in bloom.”

His long eyelashes drooped gently, and he still looked like he was bending his eyes and smiling, but the light in his eyes was much dimmer.

Caesar, who had never been fond of such nonsense, lazily lifted his foot to leave but paused as his eyes swept over the youth’s face, finding his slightly lowered mood.

Shen Tong didn’t say another word even after that.

The air became quiet.
The wind blew gently, and the bell orchids fluttered and shook, the buds were like little bells, shaking silently.
The youth’s black hair was blown down and stuck to his face, while his long lashes trembled slightly, and his oversized clothes also stuck to his body, creating a thin and tough outline.

He was like a lily of the valley swaying in the wind.

Bright, gentle, and fragile.

A delicate creature like a flower needed to be cared for and loved, or it would wither.
Caesar glanced at Shen Tong.

What a pain in the ass.
He finished commenting carelessly, then released his mental energy.

In the next second, the buds of the bell orchid began to slowly unfurl.
The rest of the lily of the valley that had wilted in the garden was also standing up again. Little by little, the tips of the withered yellow leaves were tinged with greenery, producing one round and full bud after another, slowly blooming.
Just in a blink of an eye, the entire garden was full of lily flowers, white flowers that were soft and delicate, like bells, with the wind swaying, left and right, soft.

Shen Tong was startled.
The flowers suddenly bloomed, for Shen Tong, who had received many years of education, was surprised, but it wasn’t hard to think that this big cat had done it, and he looked over.
The snow lion arrogantly lifted its chin to meet his eyes.

Shen Tong remembered what he had said unintentionally.
–My home, too, has a garden where many flowers are planted, and when it’s time to bloom, it’s beautiful.

Was this big cat …… comforting him?

For a long moment, Shen Tong couldn’t help but smile, his fingers brushed over the soft petals and finally landed on Caesar’s head, “Your garden, it’s beautiful too.”
His low mood was swept away and he said seriously, “I love it.”

This time, the youth smiled brightly, with shallow dimples in his cheeks.
He smiled in a way that was much more pleasing to Caesar’s eyes.

For that reason, he reluctantly allowed the youth to rub his noble head a few more times.

What a coax.
Caesar thought.

This afternoon, Shen Tong recovered and sat at the floor-to-ceiling window again, reading and continuing to learn about the Advanced Evolution, while the Snow Lion lounged gracefully on the side, glancing over at him from time to time.
Caesar was considering whether or not to spend time with the youth in his human form.

This meant that the youth would know who he was.
…… Would he be afraid?

Caesar narrowed his eyes.

He didn’t know that Shen Tong, at the moment, was reading something that was relevant to him.

In this book about advanced evolutionists, the author gave a familiar example in order to give the reader a more thorough understanding of how dangerous these felines at the top of society really were.

Monarch Caesar, identified as having the highest level of interstellar spirituality, intelligence, and decision-making ability, corresponding to a world of constant turmoil and repeated emotional outbursts, with the following bloodstained consequences.

(a) In 1065 AH, 12 ministers of the Cabinet were killed.
In 1066 stellar year, bloodshed at the military headquarters, with over 100 casualties.
In the year 1070, the enemy attacked and blew up the M-17 star, with incalculable casualties.

Almost an entire page was devoted to the deeds of this monarch.

Cruel, tyrannical, bloodshed.

Shen Tong gently inhaled, no matter whether it was intern Ji Mei or Dai Li and the others in the lab, they had all mentioned how terrifying this monarch was, he never expected it to be so bloody.

Would the big cat become like this as well?
Shen Tong dropped his eyes worriedly but found that the Snow Lion was looking at him thoughtfully.

“Kitty.” Shen Tong touched the snow lion and asked him hesitantly, “Do you know Caesar? Like you, he’s also an advanced evolver.”

The Snow Lion’s gaze was quite meaningful, while it passed Shen Tong a questioning look.

Shen Tong didn’t think much of it as he cupped the Snow Lion’s face in his hands and knitted his brows, “You must never be someone like Caesar in the future, okay?”
Caesar: “?”

Shen Tong sighed, “It’s kind of not good.”

As his emotions were out of control and there was no match to reassure him, this monarch always seemed to act with a bit of a tantrum, Shen Tong said to the Snow Lion, “I’ll do my best to help you control your emotions as well.”
Caesar: “……”

He lowered his head and read the contents of the book’s pages in a single glance.
The snow lion then stood up menacingly and closed the book with one paw, gazing dangerously at the two lines on the cover.

By Stephen Bryan.
An exclusive look at the unimaginable ferocity of Caesar’s majesty you never knew.

He didn’t need to think about whether he wanted to get along with him in human form anymore.

Caesar had always been murderous, not bothering to explain himself or pay attention to the interstellar rumors about him, but now, he decided that sitting on the sidelines might not be a good idea.

Caesar was upset.
And when he was upset, someone was going to be unlucky.

The Blaine family?
It was about to leave for a stroll to a desert star billions of light-years away.


Same time.
Science Academy.

The Dean was very sad.

With less than a week to go before the Succession Celebration, it was reasonable to say that they should leave the day after tomorrow at the latest.
But the biggest question was, who should be chosen to go to the Capital Star together?

In the past, not to mention going to the capital star to meet his majesty Caesar, just for any activities of the Academy of Sciences – to participate in summits or academic exchanges, this group of people were exempted from the mandatory requirements of the academy before they were willing to be present, this time the application for a business trip to the capital star, the entire academy actually signed up without missing a beat!

Including the old guys who’d been in their labs for a long time ago.

How to choose, the Dean had no clue.

He wanted to hit the ground with his head, the assistant peeked around a few times, aimed at the thick pile of applications, and came up with an idea, “Dean, you should set a few criteria, those that meet can go to Capital Star, and those that don’t can forget about it, and you can’t be blamed.”
The dean pondered, “Hey, that’s a good idea.”
  He perked up a bit, thought for a few seconds, took a pen and swished it around, and wrote out three requests-.

1. love catnip.
2. patient with catnip.
3. attentive enough to catnip.

The assistant leaned over and said grudgingly, “Dean, there’s no one in the entire Academy of Sciences who doesn’t meet your three criteria.”

The dean had to add another criterion.

4. no stealing catnip.

The assistant has something to say again, “Dean, this time we don’t have anyone in the labs who fits the bill.”

Dean: “……”

  He threw the pen away and said angrily, “Here’s the pen, you write.”

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