C10-Day 10

The pop-up interface froze for a few seconds.
It was followed by crazy bubbles.

[I don’t play with idiots: it’s so cute!!!]
[Silly Yellow Sweet: Too Cute to Fu-suck !!!!!]
[Miss Puffy: Oh my God !!!! What kind of little baby is this!!!]?

[Raising Lotto Green: foul!!!! That’s foul!!! Even if it can doze off, why is it still shy!]
[Strawberry Smoke: Stop it, Mom !!!! I want to raise it!!!]
[But TEM-8 doesn’t change its name: Sister, wake up and raise it, there’s no room for you in this house!!!]

In just a few seconds, the pop-up screen was filled with exclamation marks, and the word “cute” appeared so often that people almost didn’t recognize them.

At the same time, many people started sending gifts like crazy.

[User 26354232: Aim! Launch dive bomb!]
[Miss Puffy: Have you seen my deep-water torpedo of a sincere heart at this historic moment, this great moment, UP Lord?]
[I’ll f*ck you up and meow: Roses bloom in September and I only have you on my mind!]

That wasn’t all, someone started @ing.

[La la la hoop: @kangkang, still bored?]
[crawfish allergy: @bar, still bored?]
[Raising Lots of Green: @bars, still bored?]
[cranberry cookies: @bar, still bored?]

That bar didn’t say a word.

The dean returned to the live feed after reading the comments, he was first startled by the layer after layer of pop-ups and then flipped back to what had happened.

In the glass enclosure, the catnip’s sickly appearance was quite distressing, but the Dean thought it was so cute that he almost fainted when he thought of the original reason, and he coughed a few times, “So what, we were just talking about, what breed is this.”

Shen Tong saw that the dean had finally stopped reading those comments and slowly straightened up.

Little did he know that both the dean and the audience in the live studio were actually secretly observing him.

–First the thin white stems, then the two leaves so thin that they were translucent slowly lifted up, during which the tips of the leaves shook gently with the movement, rustling inaudibly.

In a few moments, the catnip came back to life.

[Cranberry Cookie: my God, am I really going to pass out!?]
[User 26354232: Secret Observation.jpg]
[I don’t play with fools: caught red-handed.jpg]
[Miss Puffy: What kind of a cutie is this?]

The Dean was also a little overwhelmed, but as soon as there was a reaction from his side, catnip would find it, and to keep Shen Tong from cringing pathetically, the Dean turned his head and took a few deep, hard breaths.

At that moment, the bar that hadn’t squeaked earlier reappeared.
[BAR: What’s the use of the glass cover outside? This isn’t some kind of realistic plant toy, is it?]

The Dean, to distract himself, answered her question, “The glass cover is to keep the smell out, otherwise everyone would suffer.”

Everyone listened and got curious again.

[Raising Lotto Green: bad smell?]
[Strawberry Smoke: so bad that it has to be isolated?]
[I’m going to f*ck you up with my meowing:? Such a cute little baby, I won’t allow it!!!]

The dean smiles mysteriously, “No, it smells too good.”

[BAR: No way, I don’t believe it.]

In fact, no matter where you were, there would always be a few guys like Bar who were keen to get into people’s lifts. The dean was going to ignore it and prepared to end the broadcast, but then he thought to himself that once the catnip was delivered to Capital Star, he would never get a chance to smell it again, so he might as well take this opportunity to record the scent.
The dean said, “Then smell it and find out.”

After saying that, he reached for the glass cover.

Shen Tong: “……”

He was a little afraid of the next scene.

Good thing the Dean knew better than to take the glass cover out completely, but raised it a little and kept it up for three seconds.

The beautiful scent came out.

A little faint.
That was everyone’s first thought.

The viewers in the live studio, at the same time, smelled the scent.
The smell was actually somewhat indescribable. It was very, very faint, but enough to deeply appreciate the beauty of what it contained, and it was also sweet to the extreme, yet not at all cloying.

There had never been a flavor that was so agreeable!
Sweet and touching.

Just a few sniffs and their hearts floated very high and far away. No matter the pressure on their work, or the worries about their studies, in this moment altogether, they forgot, inexplicable joy and satisfaction filled their empty hearts, the whole person can not help but involuntarily leap up.
Time seemed to freeze up at this moment.

However, the smell of it quickly dissipated.
It also melted into the air.

It could no longer be smelled.

The fluttering hearts fell back into place as if they were stepping back onto the ground after a moment of weightlessness, consciousness slowly returning, and everyone couldn’t help but think back to the smell.
It was beautiful and irresistible.

For a full five minutes, no one sent out another pop-up on the live feed, and the interface remained stuck on the tiny seedling.

Finally, everyone was coming back to life.

[Cranberry Cookies: smell good!? It really smells good!!! Smells too good, doesn’t it!??]
[Crawfish allergy: wouldn’t you believe it if I told you that it smells like my tail is coming out?]

[Miss Puffy: You’re not alone!!!! My indisputable ears and tail are popping out too!!!]
[I’m going to fuck you up and meow: I’m going to suck and suck and suck until I burst ahhhh !!!!!!]

The pop-ups were starting to stack up again, and of course, there were plenty of @bars.

[User 26354232: @bars, believe it or not].
[I don’t play with fools: @bars, believe me]
[Raising Lots of Green: @bars, do you believe it?]
[Don’t say kiss me: @bars, believe it?]

[bars: ……]

The more they praised Catnip, the more beautiful the Dean’s heart became, and he said with satisfaction, “That’s it for the live broadcast.”

[But TEM-8 didn’t change its name: Wait! What kind of breed is this that hasn’t been said yet ahhhhh!!!]

But the live stream had gone dark.

The dean ended it too quickly, and besides not seeing the pop-up, he also didn’t notice that the number of people in the live stream had jumped from 295 at the beginning to 9867, almost breaking ten thousand by the time the live stream ended.

On top of that, a few hours later, a baffling new hot topic appeared on the Star Network’s hot search list.

# What exactly is the breed? #

It was 6 or 7 p.m., during rush hour and the most active time for netizens, and many people were drawn to the topic and couldn’t help but click in to find out what was going on.

[Bar bite: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I doubt! A while ago, I was sucking birds, and these days I’m sucking grass until I can’t get out of my own way. What kind of plant is this little baby? want to raise!!!]

[Eve: Academy Dad, will you behave yourself! What are you selling? Stealing grass!!!]

[Barbara: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh lovely, smells good, really! The! Yes! Crowd! Yes !!!!!]

Netizens: “……”
What the fuck? Were they crazy?

In real time, the screen was full of screams and exclamation points, so they couldn’t get any useful information from it, so they had to click on the popular page in a daze.
What caught their eyes was a 20-minute live feed.

People who were curious about the topic clicked on it in unison.

At first, there was only a potted seedling on the screen.
It was a clear glass cover upside down, a young soft thing, but the size of a little finger, with two leaves.

Netizen: What’s so pretty about this?

As the progress bar increased, a voice read several comments one after the other, all of which seemed to praise the grass for being lovely, and the grass, which was plain and nothing to look at in the eyes of the users, slowly moved.

With each reading, it got shorter, and with each reading, its leaves tightened up a bit, and in the end, the whole grass almost shrank into a small ball, with its soft leaf tips touching the soil, like it was shy.
This little plant, as if the left leaf was written “self” and the right leaf was written “closed”.

This was a vivid performance of “all thoughts are lost”.

Website: !!!!
That was something !!!!

They then looked down and saw the glass cover being lifted up a little, and with it came an aroma.

It was very, very faint, but wonderfully.
In this instant, their bodies and minds no longer belonged to themselves, completely immersed in this scent that was enough to trigger great pleasure, inexplicable leaps and bounds came to their hearts, all of them simply could not resist this, nor did they want to.

This smell was simply enchanting!

It was just too bad it dissipated so quickly. It wasn’t long before the progress bar came to an end, the screen went black, and the smell dissipated.
It was so fast that it was impossible to react.

The users stared at the terminal blankly, filled with emptiness.

For a long time, they had typed a new message:[ahhhhhhhhhh what the hell is this plant!!! ?????? Can I call you Dad? Dad, you’re capable of starting a live broadcast, aren’t you capable of telling us what kind of plant this is? !!!!]

The real-time square was still full of screams and exclamation points.

There was never a response to this from the Academy of Sciences.

It wasn’t that they were deliberately trying to whet people’s appetites, but they had another matter to deal with.

Since the catnip was to be sent to the Capital Star as originally planned as a dedication for that tyrant’s succession, who should step in and send it to the Capital Star?

In the past, everyone would have wanted to put this difficult task on someone else’s head, after all, it was easy to meet their majesty, but not so easy to come back alive.
In the interstellar rumors, this tyrant was unpredictable and murderous.

But this time, everyone in the Academy of Sciences was fighting over this quota.

For no other reason, it was because this was the last chance to see catnip.
Everyone in the Academy of Sciences wanted to fight for themselves.

What happened to the Tyrant? What was so great about a tyrant?
Just one more look at the catnip, no fear!

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