Ye Tianyi’s mental energy had been paying attention to the situation inside the villa, and indeed saw someone take out a gun from a box, and then shoot at the window at the ordinary zombies that were rushing towards the villa with clumsy movements.

These ordinary zombies had stiff limbs and walked slowly, their only advantage was their strength, but this strength advantage didn’t have a chance to be used when they couldn’t reach people. So these slow walkers were a target, being shot one by one by the snipers upstairs.

Ye Tianyi quietly retreated while the firepower from upstairs was focused on the ordinary zombies.

After the Scarred man had killed all the zombies downstairs, he lowered his gun and said to the old man, “Boss, i’ve killed all of them.”

The old man asked slowly, “Where is Ye Tianyi?”

The Scarred man was stunned, trying to react to the fact that the ‘Ye Tianyi’ the old man was talking about was the zombie that had evolved lightning ability, and replied, “He escaped.”

He saw early on that Ye Tianyi was afraid of his sniper rifle, so when he found Ye Tianyi missing after he killed all the zombies, he felt that Ye Tianyi must have escaped. Evolutionary zombies knew how to fear, so naturally they also knew how to escape.

The old man nodded his head and was about to say something when suddenly his eyes widened and then he collapsed.

The others panicked, and when the Scarred man tried to rush up to check on the old man, he suddenly felt as if his brain had been hit by a heavy hammer, and suddenly he was so dizzy that he couldn’t even see what was in front of him and plunged into darkness.

The old man and the Scarred man, one being the leader and the other, the strongest, both died strangely in public, everyone began panicking and looked around vigilantly, afraid of when the mysterious god of death might visit them.

Someone clever tried to pick up the sniper rifle that had fallen to the ground after the scarred man’s death, but just after touching the gun, he died just as inexplicably as the Scarred man and the old man. No one else dared to draw attention to that gun anymore, it was almost like a precursor to death.

The man who wanted to move that gun would surely die, but the man who didn’t move that gun didn’t necessarily not die either.

In this short period of time, one by one, just like those who had died before, others strangely died without a single scratch on their bodies and just stopped breathing. People were getting more and more terrified and panicked, they wanted to escape, but the large number of zombies that had gathered outside the villa at some point again discouraged them.

Ye Tianyi was lying on the wall outside the villa, mentally feeling the panic of the humans, then silently absorbing their fears and growing his own mental strength.

He instinctively knew how to use his powers since he had awakened his abilities.

For example, he was the one who had just used his mental abilities to drill into the brains of those people and destroy their mental energy, causing them to die a bizarre death.

But how to make the abilities advance, Ye Tianyi didn’t know, but he instinctively absorbed the energy that was beneficial to him, such as the strong emotions in the human spirit to increase and strengthen his spiritual power.

Ye Tianyi continued to use his mental energy to attack, killing the food one by one.

But when he attacked the woman who was extremely emotional and screaming silently about to collapse, he failed!

A faint spiritual energy was outwardly emitted from that woman and her emotions had stabilized.

Apparently, this woman had awakened her spiritual abilities due to extreme fear and nervousness.


Ordinary humans also had mental energy in their brains, but it was so weak that they couldn’t resist even one second of a mental attack. Whereas a spiritual person’s mental energy, although it also couldn’t be outwardly exerted like that of an ability user, it was stronger than that of an ordinary human, and it was resistant to mental attacks as well.

This woman’s mental energy was weak but it could be exerted outwardly, which was a sign of an awakening ability.

Ye Tianyi was a third-rank ability user zombie, of course he had noticed the woman’s much stronger and still externally available mental energy, otherwise she wouldn’t have survived his attack.

He almost instinctively increased the intensity of his mental attack, he knew that the woman had given him a slight sense of threat and had to be eradicated or she might grow to threaten him.

The number of mental abilities was very rare, and in this villa, one of the newly awakened person with a mental ability was crushed by Ye Tianyi’s third stage mental power, turning him into a fool.

The woman had just awakened her ability, and even before she herself realized that she had awakened her ability, she just suddenly felt much clearer in her ears and eyes, but was crushed by Ye Tianyi’s mental ability.

Her mental instinctive defense was defeated, but she didn’t die, but her mental strength collapsed and she turned into an idiot.

The woman’s peculiarities were soon noticed by the crowd, but when they realized that the woman had just turned into an idiot, they left her alone.

In other people’s eyes, this phenomenon of the woman was just her poor mental capacity and she had gone crazy.

In this cruel end of the world, where everyone was at risk, who was in the mood to care about a crazy person. Even in the peaceful era before the end of the world, not many people were willing to care.

After Ye Tianyi used the same method to kill a few people, little leaf that had been lying nicely on his head before suddenly whooshed in, so fast that even Ye Tianyi could only see a white shadow.

The other humans except for that wind ability user who could vaguely see Little Leaf’s shadow, no one could see him clearly.

Little Leaf was also smart, he probably knew that the wind ability user could see him and he was the first one he attacked.

Little Leaf didn’t get bigger this time like he did when he stopped that sports car before, instead he attacked with the size of a small white cat, the little ball of flesh stretched out its sharp claws, and before the man could react, Little Leaf’s tiny cat claws left several deep gash marks on his neck and blood spurted out from the aorta.

That wind ability user subconsciously covered his neck, he still hadn’t reacted – what was that white shadow just now?Why was his neck suddenly spurting blood?

He never got another chance to know those two questions, he fell in a pool of blood with his eyes glazed over, no one around him dared to approach.

After killing the ability user, Little Leaf didn’t continue his action, but landed on a high counter to one side, pacing slowly with elegant steps, he proudly and disdainfully looked down with his sapphire blue eyes at the panicked humans below.

Ye Tianyi was so shocked by Little Leaf’s series of actions that he tumbled into the villa as well.

The crowd, who were already panicking because of Little Leaf, became even more frightened when they saw Ye Tianyi who tumbled in through the window.

After all, compared to the adorable Little Leaf, even knowing that he had just killed an ability user, it was hard to generate fear, but facing Ye Tianyi’s handsome but greenish-white face and those long and black claws, no one could remain calm.

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