Ye Tianyi was happy after discovering that his limbs weren’t as stiff as before, though he didn’t know how he had become flexible.

His happiness was manifested in chasing those two food items faster.

The two youths, one of them was a wind power user but his powers had been exhausted, and the other was just an ordinary youth despite his greater strength and stature.

The two of them ran like hell for a long time, eventually they were so tired that they spat out their tongues like dogs, but they didn’t dare to reduce their speed even though their legs felt as strong as lead.

They were lucky for the time being, although Ye Tianyi’s limbs had lifted their stiffness, his speed hadn’t fully exploded yet, and because he had released the pressure of a third-ranked zombie, the other zombies didn’t dare to come and grab food from him, so the two of them were able to run all the way without encountering any other zombies to stop them.

As for the fast little leaf, it was lying on top of its master’s head and wagging its tail.

Apparently Little Leaf didn’t think its owner would be able to catch up with the two slow food.

Ye Tianyi was getting faster and faster as he adjusted to lifting the rigidity of his limbs, and the distance between him and the two youths was getting shorter and shorter.

Seeing the food just three meters in front of him, Ye Tianyi was about to stretch out his claws to catch them when he suddenly felt a creepy crisis that made him subconsciously jump to the side, and several craters appeared where he was standing before.

Ye Tianyi saw the weapon of mass destruction, his pupils shrank, and a small fragment of memory turned up in his mind, the memory fragment told him that the situation was very dangerous, his current body could not withstand the attack of this kind of weapon.

So he gave up on continuing the hunt for the two foods.

He watched as the two foods ran into a large villa, and the man with the scarred face holding the weapon that made him retreat was standing by the window, his black hole gun aimed at his head.

Ye Tianyi’s eyes stared at the scarred man with the gun, and then, a deep purple lightning bolt appeared out of thin air by the window, and came down hard towards the man.

Caught off guard, the scarred man dropped his gun and rolled backwards, dodging the thunderbolt.

Although the target of Ye Tianyi’s attack was mainly the gun that made him instinctively feel danger, that Scarred man so decisively abandoning his gun and rolling to escape from the lightning attack was something he didn’t expect.

Although Ye Tianyi had lost most of his memories, he was not stupid, and he knew at first sight that that Scar Man was a powerful character that he could deal with, but it would take a lot of effort.

Reaping the maximum benefit with the minimum effort, that was the motto engraved in his bones, even if he was now a zombie, he didn’t forget.

He didn’t go in without a fight.

Those two food weren’t worth anything to him to break into a villa that he didn’t know the power of defense.

Was the kind of gun that could pose a threat to him really only the one he’d just destroyed? He wasn’t sure.

Ye Tianyi cautiously stepped back, then his mental energy spread out and peered into the villa.

There were many people in the villa, but most of them were young adults, a few women and children, and only one old man.

The old man in the villa seemed to be the leader of these strong young adults, and even someone as powerful as the Scarred man was honestly respectful to him.

At present, his mental power could still only detect surface things, which meant that he couldn’t detect things if they were in a box or inside clothes.

So of course Ye Tianyi didn’t find the g*ns, he still cautiously summoned the dozen or so ordinary zombies around.


As soon as the two youths entered the interior of the villa and the door closed, they collapsed on the ground in a heap, breathing heavily.

As survivors who had escaped from under Ye Tianyi’s claws, they were very much concerning to the owner of this villa – the old man who was treated respectfully by the Scarred man.

The old man smiled benevolently and asked, “Can you tell me about the circumstances in which you encountered that evolved zombie? This will help us deal with that evolved zombie.”

As soon as they heard that someone was willing to deal with Ye Tianyi, the two youths looked happy.

The one with wind ability spoke up first, “He and I escaped from our home together, and when we saw a deformed car with food and water in it, and the owner was dead, we wanted to go take those supplies .There was only one Zombie by the car with its back to us, so I attacked him with a wind blade…”

At this point, this wind ability user deliberately paused, and the old man cooperated, “So you’re also an ability user.”

The wind user nodded smilingly and continued, “But I found that the wind blade I was able to cut through the zombie’s skull was blocked when it came within three meters of that zombie, as if there was an invisible transparent barrier.Then the Zombie turned to look at us, and I realized that he was actually Ye Tianyi!”

The old man had obviously heard of Ye Tianyi’s name as well, he frowned and sighed, “It’s a pity…” such an excellent young man had turned into a zombie.

The wind ability user didn’t care if it was a pity or not, he didn’t care about Ye Tianyi at all.

“Ye Tianyi’s appearance is complete, without the slightest bit of zombie decay, he should be an evolved higher zombie.”

The old man’s brows were tightly furrowed with wrinkles layer after layer as he heard about the evolved higher zombie.

At this time, a skinny man who was specifically guarding the window to observe the situation outside suddenly shouted, “That discharge-only zombie g*n has attracted a lot of zombies.”

A group of people all gathered around the window to watch, but they didn’t dare to get too close, they just stood far away and took a glance through the window.

Sure enough, outside the villa, more than ten horribly decaying ordinary zombies gradually came around, and those zombies were standing behind Ye Tianyi, like soldiers, and they were so well-behaved.

Ye Tianyi hissed at the zombies a few times, and then those zombies rushed over to the villa, even though they shot at them them from the window, killing several zombies one after another, none of the zombies retreated.

And there were more zombies that gradually rushed over under Ye Tianyi’s call.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s heart sank.

Ye Tianyi was still standing farther outside the safe villa, the bullets couldn’t reach him at all, and he didn’t care in the slightest about the life or death of the ordinary zombies he had summoned.

He tilted his head up, his red eyes staring at the second floor window, which still had scorched black marks from the lightning he had struck out.



🧟‍♀️[Reporting for duty boss  Ye Tianyi]

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