C75— Final Chapter

Ye Tianyi stood on the walls of the coastal base, looking at a steady stream of mutant sea beasts climbing ashore from the sea water with a grave expression and said to the people around him, “This time the tide of sea beasts is different from the previous ones, it’s like an army, so it’s likely that the sea beast emperor has appeared!”



He was with Jiang Yan, the son of the head of the Human Federation, Jiang Yan as the next head of the human federation and one of the strongest humans stood on behalf of the human side and followed Ye Tianyi to the coastal base to resist the tide of sea beasts.



This coastal base was a war fortress built by the human and zombie alliance against the tide of mutant sea beasts, it had withstood many tides. But this time, the tide of sea beasts was the most dangerous ever, when the commander-in-chief of the coastal base sounded the highest level of alarm, Ye Tianyi and Jiang Yan rushed over with elite men and zombies.



Jiang Yan was now in his thirties, naturally he was no longer as conceited, his expression changed slightly after hearing Ye Tianyi’s words.



Sea Beast Emperor!



The appearance of a sea beast emperor was the worst situation.



No matter what species it was, as long as a leader appeared, it would be able to spread out its aura, which was an extremely terrifying force.



Just like the humans that made up the Federation, the zombies were ruled by the strongest zombie king Ye Tianyi, the land mutant beasts were controlled by Xiao Yezi who had evolved to an eight-tailed cat demon.



Now mutated sea beasts had a Sea Beast Emperor?



Originally the ocean had the largest number of mutant sea beasts, if there was a leader to integrate this huge force …… The consequences were simply unimaginable.



Ye Tianyi now had extraordinary strength, but even with Xiao Yezi as a helper, this sea beast emperor would be difficult to deal with. The sea beast emperor was living in the sea, that was its home turf, in the sea, Ye Tianyi’s  strength would only reach seventy to eighty percent, but the Sea Emperor had countless mutant sea beasts as reinforcements.



The bodies of mutant sea beasts under the coastal base walls had been piled high under the laser cannon attack, but countless mutant sea beasts were still climbing ashore from the ocean, and the humans and zombies defending the city also had casualties under the attack of countless sea beasts.



Jiang Yan looked at the situation and ordered his people, “Fire ability users prepare!” Only when the current group of mutant sea beasts were close to the base wall, did he continue, “Attack!”



The flames emitted from the countless fire ability users were enough to describe as overwhelming.



Jiang Yan ordered the fire ability users to send out ordinary high temperature red flames, so that the consumption of spiritual energy was smaller, although this degree of flame couldn’t burn the shell of the mutant sea beast, but the attack on the mutant sea beast was fatal.



The reason was that even if the mutant sea beasts could go ashore, they were still aquatic creatures, and water was a necessity for their survival. The flame of the fire alters couldn’t burn their defensive shell, but could evaporate the water in their bodies, directly causing them to die from lack of water, or so that they had to return to the ocean because of water evaporation.



And in order to prevent the mutant sea beasts with water-based abilities from putting out the flame, Jiang Yan also deliberately instructed the accompanying water-based ability users to pour a lot of oil on the bodies of the mutant sea beasts. Even though most of the mutant sea beasts were water-based, they couldn’t immediately extinguish the fire. As long as the flames burned for more than ten seconds, the water in their bodies would evaporate to a critical level.



This means of flame attack had been very effective against mutant sea beasts, and was by far the biggest killer to stop the sea beasts in the ocean from further occupying the land.



But even the best means also had a limit.



There were five seventh-rank mutant sea beasts pressed ashore, they were quickly moving through the flames, an invisible transparent film wrapped around their bodies, stopping the evaporation of water as they wandered unharmed in the flames.






Ye Tianyi glanced at Jiang Yan, “Do it!”



Without saying a word, Jiang Yan had already used his wind ability to fly out.



These five seventh-rank mutant sea beasts weren’t something the current technology could deal with, the laser cannon also had a killing effect on them, but the speed of the laser cannon couldn’t keep up with the speed of the seventh rank mutant sea beasts, it simply couldn’t hit them. So to deal with these high level mutant beasts, they could only use high level ability users or zombies.



The sixth-rank mutant sea beasts in the tide of mutant sea beasts held Ye Tianyi and Jiang Yan’s elite men in check, the five seventh-rank mutant sea beasts could only be personally dealt with.



Jiang Yan had a wind and water ability, the wind ability gave him the ability to fly, the water ability allowed him to use the ocean to its maximum attack power. But the mutant sea beasts had always lived in the ocean, and most of the abilities they awakened were based on the ocean, except for a few special ones.



Ye Tianyi didn’t make a move for the time being, he stood on the wall and watched. Now Jiang Yan’s strength was at the peak of the ninth rank, and he had absolute dominance over these five seventh-ranked mutant sea beasts, but since the mutant sea beasts were partially immune to Jiang Yan’s water-based ability and there were countless brave fifth-ranked mutant sea beasts attacking him under the orders of the seventh-ranked mutant sea beasts, it made his mission a bit troublesome.



But even so, Ye Tianyi had no intention of helping Jiang Yan.



This little trouble was nothing to Jiang Yan, and the object that could make him strike was not these five little guys …… Ye Tianyi looked up to the distant depths of the ocean, where countless mutated sea beasts was rushing to the shore.



Jiang Yan and the five seventh-rank mutant sea beasts didn’t have a long standoff before he used his wind ability to cut off their heads and dig out their crystal cores with his hands.



According to reason, the five seventh-rank mutant sea beasts had died, the remaining mutant sea beasts should have automatically retreated. But this countless mutant sea beasts still fearlessly hit the base, without the slightest intention to retreat, even the death of five seventh-rank mutant sea beasts didn’t allow them to stop the pace of impact for a moment.



This could only mean that to this tide of sea beasts, the five seventh-rank mutant sea beasts, weren’t the real leaders.



As Jiang Yan killed the five seventh-rank mutant sea beasts, before he could return to the base wall, a dark green water arrow silently sneaked up from behind him, not even making a tiny sound, if he wasn’t a wind ability user, it would have been a successful sneak attack.



Jiang Yan’s body quickly dodged the water arrow, the water arrow shot straight past, hitting an unlucky fourth-rank mutant sea beast, the mutant sea beast didn’t even scream, it quietly melted into a puddle of black water.





What a powerful toxin!



Jiang Yan’s face changed. If he hadn’t dodged quickly, it would have been him who turned into a puddle of black water.



It seemed that the ability of the mutant sea beast should be poison, this kind of ability was the most insidious and difficult, if he was a little distracted, it would hit him.



However it hadn’t ended, Jiang Yan dodged a poison water arrow, the second, third …… also followed, but he hadn’t been able to find the sneaky beast’s hiding place.



Standing on the walls of the city, Ye Tianyi had the offshore area enveloped in his spiritual energy, the mutant sea beast throwing arrows from the sea couldn’t hide.




Ye Tianyi telepathically spoke to Jiang Yan: “That is a mutated eighth-rank squid, its location is at ……” He directly revealed the mutated squid’s hding place.



Jiang Yan had a plan in mind and began to approach the eighth-rank mutant squid without moving. Now the enemy was no longer hidden, plus with the level difference, as long as Jiang Yan was vigilant, the eighth-ranked mutant squid couldn’t escape his palm.



Ye Tianyi also didn’t focus on the eighth-rank mutant squid, because he knew very well that with the scale of such a huge sea beast tide, a mere eighth-rank mutant squid couldn’t have triggered it.



Suddenly his expression changed slightly as he got a message from Xiao Yezi, then he suddenly disappeared in place.




With his spatial ability, Ye Tianyi instantaneously moved to the coastal base tens of thousands of meters away from the surface of the sea, the sea was dark, turbulent and extremely unsettled, as if there was a giant beast in the bottom of the sea. Ye Tianyi wasn’t afraid to enter the waves, he quickly moved into the sea.



A spatial shield was automatically formed around his body to drain the seawater, reducing the water pressure to a minimum, his spiritual energy spread out Ye Tianyi frowned, his spiritual energy spread in seawater was far more difficult to control than on land, the range was reduced several times.



But as he continued to dive, the two giant beasts fighting at the bottom of the sea also entered the range of his spiritual field.



One of them was the evolved eight-tailed cat demon Xiao Yezi, and his opponent was an incomparably huge mutant giant shark, the strength of this giant shark and Xiao Yezi was almost the same, but because the bottom of the sea was its home turf,  there was more pressure on Xiao Yezi.



Ye Tianyi saw that Xiao Yezi fell back in the battle with the mutant giant shark and his white fur was stained with blood, his expression changed dramatically. He hurriedly rushed over and stood in front of Xiao Yezi to block the attack from the mutant giant shark. Seeing Ye Tianyi, Xiao Yezi transformed to an ordinary kitten and jumped into his arms with joy.



Ye Tianyi embraced Xiao Yezi and didn’t turn to return to the base, but in mid-air, he coldly spoke: “Change to your human form!”



Xiao Yezi blinked his big blue eyes and waved his eight tails: Oh, master asked me to transform, is it to do those very comfortable humiliating things? p (# ̄▽ ̄#) o,  the shy Xiao Ye obediently turned into his human form, and obediently laid in Ye Tianyi’s arms.



Ye Tianyi skillfully took out a cloak from space and wrapped it around Xiao Ye, and then expressionlessly slapped Xiao Ye’s a*s.



With the sound of the crisp slap, Ye Tianyi said with a sullen expression: “Do you know what you did wrong?”



Although it didn’t hurt, Xiao Yezi also knew that his master was angry, he obediently admitted his mistake: “I know.”



Ye Tianyi took a look at the innocent little expression of the person in his arms, and knew that he actually didn’t know why he was wrong, but was afraid that he was angry so he obediently admitted his mistake. This positive admission of wrongdoing yet unrepentant virtue, really made Ye Tianyi feel very powerless ……



He sighed: “You begged me to allow you to do this reconnaissance mission, what did you promise me? I told you to check the sea beast emperor and come back to me first, why did you fight with it? What if you suffered a loss? What if you got hurt?”



Xiao Yezi had the bloodline of the nine-tailed cat demon, although it had evolved to eight tails, it was very difficult to evolve successfully to the final nine tails. In Ye Tianyi’s estimation, that sea beast emperor’s strength wasn’t much weaker than Xiao Yezi, and in the ocean, Xiao Yezi would definitely suffer a loss if he fought with the sea beast emperor.



Ye Tianyi treated this little cat as if he was his heart, how could he let him suffer a little loss? If he wasn’t unable to withstand Xiao Yezi begging, how would he be willing to let Xiao Ye detect the movements of the sea beast emperor? He would prefer to keep Xiao Yezi protected under his wings at all times.



The waves on the sea became more violent, Ye Tianyi couldn’t continue to teach the disobedient kitten, he sent Xiao Yezi into the space, he stayed behind to deal with the mutant giant shark emperor.




The size of the mutant giant shark was too huge, an upstream tail swing could form a huge wave.



But Ye Tianyi didn’t care about these small movements, then he reached out to call a huge thunder, as the mutant shark emerged from the waves, a thick thunder struck its head, the smell of burnt flesh wafted out, the thunder spread along the sea water and countless electric snakes quickly surrounded the mutant shark.



After eating a terrible loss, the mutant giant shark saw this terrible thunder transform from one into countless, it was so scared it pushed its head into the sea.



Ye Tianyi didn’t follow it into the sea, but used his spiritual energy to monitor it, and found that the mutant giant shark actually didn’t dive to the bottom of the sea, but swam towards the shore of the base.



Ye Tianyi’s expression froze: “Not good!”



He hurriedly invoked countless lightning strikes to the mutant giant shark, slowing down its swimming speed.



The huge size of the mutant giant shark also meant that its survival ability was strong, even if these lightning brought it a lot of damage, it was only flesh and blood injuries, it hadn’t been hurt internally yet.






Jiang Yan, who had already solved the eighth-rank mutant squid, was standing on the base wall. He was still wondering where Ye Tianyi was going when he was alerted by a soldier who was in charge of monitoring the situation of the surrounding mutant sea beasts, who informed him that Ye Tianyi was rapidly flying this way from the sea tens of thousands of meters away, and there was a huge and incomparable mutant sea beast in the sea below him swimming towards the base at an extremely fast speed.



It was a long story, but the distance of tens of thousands of meters was less than ten seconds for a giant mutant shark to swim, and that was because Ye Tianyi had delayed it with lightning harassment.



Ye Tianyi knew that the coastal base of the monitoring of mutant sea animals close to the shore wasn’t relaxed, the mutant giant shark was huge, and unlike the mutant squid that had the special ability to shield people’s perception of it, without his notice, the base would certainly be ready to defend. So instead of teleporting back to inform Jiang Yan to get ready which would waste two or three seconds, giving the sea shark emperor time to swim to the shore, it was better to stay here to slow down the mutant shark’s swimming speed, giving the base enough time to open the highest defense system.



When the mutant shark rushed to the shore, it directly crushed many mutant sea animals that were in the way.



Ye Tianyi also reached the base, he waved his hand, once again invoking countless thunder,bolts as it almost reached them, the mutant shark suddenly spoke human words: “Stop! Don’t electrocute me again!”



Ye Tianyi heard it yet countless thunderbolts fell without hesitation.



The mutant shark was so scared that it hastily retreated back into the sea, after the thunder fell into the seawater, it used its sea control ability to push the thunder far away from itself, but some still hit it.



But the killing power wasn’t much, as a mutant sea beast, the mutant giant shark still didn’t like the feeling, it made it want to roll in pain. And if it wanted to go ashore, the countless thunderbolts would definitely hit it.



The situation was that the sea beast emperor would die in Ye Tianyi’s hands if it went ashore, but if it continued hiding in the sea, Ye Tianyi couldn’t kill it. If the sea beast emperor had been hiding in the bottom of the sea and commanded the mutant sea beasts to attack Ye Tianyi, it would have been mildly troublesome.



Ye Tianyi saw that the sea beast emperor was shocked by his thunderbolt strike, he turned his head to Jiang Yan and started chatting, then he flew over the sea beast emperor, calling out to stop the sea beast emperor who thought he was going to use another thunderbolt attack, it was about to dive deeper: “Since you’ve opened your spiritual wisdom, let’s talk.”



The sea beast emperor refused to swim to the surface of the sea, its voice rang out from underwater: “Talk about what?”



Ye Tianyi smiled faintly: “Talk about the friendly trade cooperation between land and sea ……”



The End.

The wait was long indeed.

My first completed novel (/•-•)/

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