After Ye Tian Yi reached an agreement with Chief Jiang privately, he returned to the Cemetery of the Dead.

The Cemetery of the Dead was a city similar to the Radiance Base City established by Ye Tianyi, where countless high-ranking zombies with high levels lived, and there were even several zombie kings, and those ordinary zombies below the seventh rank didn’t even have the chance to enter once if they didn’t have a strong level, and could only live in the small city outside the Cemetery of the Dead.

As the most powerful zombie king, once he returned to the Cemetery of the Dead, all the high-ranking zombies who were qualified to greet him came to greet him.
Ye Tianyi looked at a middle-aged zombie wearing a white lab coat standing at the front of the greeting line and asked, “Shao Qing, how is the research on the tracker?”

This middle-aged zombie named Shao Qing was a tenth-ranked ability zombie king, the strongest and wisest zombie under Ye Tianyi’s hand, and his attack ability was very strange, if not for the fact that Ye Tianyi’s three abilities were higher than Shao Qing’s, he might not have been able to successfully subdue him. Shao Qing was the only one besides Ye Tianyi who had reached the tenth level of psychic ability, and the only one besides Ye Tianyi who had retained some of his memories from when he was human.

Shao Qing was a researcher, and after becoming a zombie, he awakened to a spiritual ability that had a bonus in research, so after Ye Tianyi took him in, he let him organize a group of high level ability zombies to continue doing research.

Not only did humans have scientists in the research institute, but the Cemetery of the Dead also had them, and the leader was a zombie king who had reached the tenth rank, far beyond the strongest human ability user. The Cemetery of the Dead was no match for the Radiance Base, only Shao Qing had his human memories, other zombies had no human memory or knowledge about scientific research, they had to learn again.
After discovering that mutant plants had evolved to the point where they could run around free from the restrictions of the land, Ye Tianyi captured dozens of evolved mutant plants and gave them to Shao Qing for research, hoping to work out a way to understand, but because of the slow progress, they had to shift the research aspect from cracking to prevention.

Tracker was an instrument proposed by Shao Qing that could effectively track the whereabouts of mutated animals.

When Shao Qing heard Ye Tianyi’s inquiry, he bowed respectfully towards him: “Your Majesty, the progress of the research of the tracking instrument has entered the final stage, and it will be manufactured soon.”

Although Ye Tianyi felt very shameful about his men calling him ‘Your Majesty’, he couldn’t do anything about his subordinates who treated him as a servant and thought he was the noble king of all zombies and didn’t dare to overstep his bounds and had to call him ‘Your Majesty’. He had no choice but to let it happen.

He heard Shao Qing say that the research of the tracking device had almost ended, he nodded and said: “Three months later, I will go to the Radiance Base city to discuss with the human alliance, finish the tracking device as soon as possible, this will become our greatest sincerity in the matter of alliance.”

They had to find a way to use the tracking device in exchange for some weapons research information, Shao Qing wasn’t good at weapons research, resulting in the Cemetery of the Dead in dealing with the enemy with only their abilities, unlike the humans that could hide behind their defense shields to use lethal thermal weapons.

The best thing would be to let a few of his high level mental ability zombies to follow the human scientists for a period of time, they would be able to directly learn from them.


–The human race was allied with the zombies of the Cemetery of the Dead!

This shocking thunderbolt stunned all humans who heard this news.

Before the rise of mutant animals and mutant plants, humans and zombies could be said to be incompatible, they had thought that humans and zombies could only coexist peacefully if one of them was completely extinct, they never thought that one day humans could shake hands with zombies and make peace.

There were far more opponents than the number of pacifist supporters.

Could humans really live in peace with zombies?

Could the zombies who liked to eat fresh flesh and blood really hold back their appetite when faced with humans?

Not only were the general public questioning, but even the top brass of the federation were also asking questions.

In response, Chief Jiang, who supported the alliance, didn’t forcefully suppress the dissent, but said, “Let’s wait until you have met the incoming ambassadors from the Cemetery of the Dead in three months.”

Three months wasn’t a long time, and soon it was time for the incoming ambassadors from the Cemetery of the Dead to visit Radiance Base City.

In order to show his importance to the alliance, Ye Tianyi personally led the team to come, in addition to leaving a tenth-order zombie king to watch over the base, the remaining two zombie king were stuffed into the mission, the mission had a total of fifty zombies, Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi accounted for two, and then two tenth-rank zombies, the remaining forty-six zombies were all ninth-rank.

The size of zombies Ye Tianyi brought to the Radiance Base City for the mission, if the humans knew, they would be scared, so in order to avoid the alliance being broken, he deliberately explained to this group of zombies, if it wasn’t necessary, they must not scare people!

This group of high level zombies took a second to understand – they couldn’t reveal their level, they had to act harmless to reduce human vigilance, so as to eat, cough, so that humans could be rest assured about the alliance with them.

So when Ye Tianyi, holding a full humanoid looking Ye Zi, with a group of above average [the higher the level of the zombies, the more perfect the appearance] high-ranking zombies reached the city, no one could see that they weren’t human, they flocked to the streets to see the handsome men, they also had the courage to talk to them to find out which base or guard city they were from.


When the head of the Federation came to greet the delegation, he saw this group of zombies surrounded by enthusiastic humans, scaring him into a cold sweat – seeing their food, how were this group of zombies holding back?

However, when he walked in to see what was going on, he was speechless – these people were talking to a group of zombies and going crazy! Did they really know what they were doing? But seriously, these zombies were really good looking!

Chief Jiang had people purge the surrounding area and persuade all those unrelated ordinary people to leave, then personally went up to Ye Tianyi and said, “Welcome King Ye! On behalf of all humans, I extend a warm welcome to you!”

Ye Tianyi swept a glance around the ordinary humans who were whispering in fear after hearing Chief Jiang shouting out his identity, before they could move away, he responded with a smile, “Humans are indeed very enthusiastic.”

His double entendre made the head of the Federation smile slightly awkwardly with no response.


Ye Tianyi also introduced the person beside him, he held Ye Zi’s shoulder and smiled: “This is my lover, Ye Weiqing.”

The head of the Federation looked at Ye Weiqing, and pondered in his heart to estimate what species this particularly beautiful-looking ‘Ye Weiqing’ was, a zombie? Mutant plant? Mutant animal? He was certainly not human anyway, after all, no human had the courage to fall in love with predators that saw them as delicious food.

Chief Jiang couldn’t figure it out, after all, today’s Ye Weiqing’s human form was very perfect, without a trace of beastly features, he couldn’t guess his race.

“Lady Ye, hello.” Chief Jiang extended his hand to him.

Ye Zi, except for being very close to Ye Tianyi, had an indifferent attitude towards other humans or zombies, he really didn’t understand what Chief Jiang meant by this and looked curiously at Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi didn’t let him respond – how could he let people casually touch him?

He showed an apologetic smile and said to Chief Jiang, “Sorry, this one in my family is too shy and not quite used to being around people.”

Chief Jiang withdrew his hand with a calm demeanor, and said he didn’t mind.

Ye Tianyi changed the topic and began to introduce the men behind him, first introducing a very beautiful and fairy-looking female zombie among the two tenth-rank zombies: “Her name is Luo Nui, she is especially beautiful and likes to dress herself the most.”

The name Luo Nui had an origin, when she hadn’t yet advanced to the tenth rank and was taken in by Ye Tianyi, she had captured a few humans as reserve food, as a result, a man was fascinated by her beauty and couldn’t help but praise her as Luo Shen.

After she knew that Luo Shen was a very beautiful goddess, she was very proud and narcissistic and named herself Luo Shen. Luo Nui wasn’t only narcissistic about her beauty, but also liked good-looking humans or zombies, and extremely hated ugly people. Later, Ye Tianyi successfully subdued her, mostly because Ye Tianyi looked particularly handsome, he was especially in line with her aesthetic.

After being accepted as a servant by Ye Tianyi, Luo Nui decided that Ye Tianyi, the master, was the only god in her heart, and felt that her name Luo Shen was too disrespectful to her master, so she changed it to Luo Nui.

Ye Tianyi continued to introduce: “You’ve already met Shao Shi.”

Shao Shi was the tenth-rank zombie Ye Tianyi had just taken in, the humans had called him Shao Wang, just like humans called Ye Tianyi, Ye Wang.

[TN: Ye Wang— King Ye, Shao Wang—- King Shao]

In fact, the young king himself gave himself the name Shao Shi, because he especially liked lions, he also had a mutant lion as a pet, but unfortunately it was killed by Ye Tianyi, which was mostly why he had refused to submit. Later, Ye Tianyi specially captured a mutant lion king for him, which made him sincerely submit.

[TN: Shi means Lion]

Chief Jiang looked at a harmless and simple-like young man, his smile subconsciously stiffened, “Oh, we’ve met before.” Before he brought tens of thousands of zombies to attack the base, even if he wanted to forget, how could he ah!

For Ye Tianyi, only the tenth-rank zombies were qualified for him to look at, as for the ninth-rank zombies, he didn’t care much, so in the introduction of the dozens of ninth-rank zombies, he spared a sentence for them: “The rest of these are my escort team.”

Chief Jiang vaguely surveyed these zombies, then smiled as he guided Ye Tianyi into the First Guard City.




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