After the young king was subdued by Ye Tianyi, the control of these tens of thousands of zombies naturally all fell into Ye Tianyi’s hands. Instead of letting the zombie army attack the human city, Ye Tianyi went up to the city wall alone.
The ability users on the wall naturally didn’t hesitate to attack Ye Tianyi, but those attacks all disappeared ten meters away from him, as if there was an invisible bloody mouth that swallowed all those attacks.

Ye Tianyi looked at the ability users who were looking at him with fear and confusion and said with a gentle smile, “Don’t be afraid, I just want to see your chief Jiang.” Chief Jiang was the father of Jiang Yan, the child with dual abilities that Ye Tianyi saved not long after the end of the world, the commander of the A city survivor base at the beginning of the establishment.

The former commander Jiang, now the head of the Federation, could be said to be lucky. The Xiao family got back a batch of insect repellent from the Gao family of the B city survivor base because of the mutant insect ants attacking A city’s survivor base, and with this capital, the Xiao family took the opportunity to start a rebellion to drive Commander Jiang out of the base and replace him. At the beginning, Commander Jiang fled A city’s survivor base as a loser, and avoided the Xiao family’s pursuit. But he had a good son ……


Commander Jiang had a good ability, but his son Jiang Yan had the same luck.

Jiang Yan awakened the wind and water abilities, he had a good killing ability and a practical ability. Jiang Yan had the strength, Commander Jiang had leadership skills, and soon the father and son got their original team, occupied a small base, then slowly expanded their power. They gradually entered the center of power of the Federation …… Jiang Yan’s powerful battle achievements in the military was very prestigious, Commander Jiang had the support of his son and his companions, so he smoothly ascended to the position of the head of the Federation.

When Commander Jiang became the head of the Federation, Ye Tianyi was relatively satisfied, at least he was owed for saving Jiang Yan, the son of the head of the Federation, although he wasn’t asking him to repay him, the zombie king, but it would be more convenient.

Hearing Ye Tianyi’s words, the surrounding ability users who were panicking because of the ineffectiveness of their attacks were slightly relieved, and one of the high-ranking ability users who should be the leader stepped forward and said to Ye Tianyi with a stiff expression, “Please wait a moment, King Ye, I’ll report it.” He took out his communicator to contact his immediate superior, after all, his position wasn’t enough to speak directly with Chief Jiang.

Ye Tianyi was planning to cooperate with the human side and didn’t want to make trouble, so he was patient and waited in place.

But the humans didn’t dare to let him wait much longer, fearing that he would be impatient and let the zombie army press in, very fast, not two minutes, the high-ranking leader came towards Ye Tianyi, he stood in front of Ye Tianyi, with legs shaking a little under the pressure of the zombie king, but still strong enough to take off the communicator and hand it to Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi took it, it was easy to open, he accepted the other’s video communication request, a virtual screen popped up in front of Ye Tianyi, a majestic middle-aged man appeared. He recognized that this person was the Commander Jiang, whom he had met before. Commander Jiang had become the head of Federation, but it seemed that there wasn’t much change in his face, the cellular activity of ability users were much stronger than that of ordinary people, and his body was much more robust, slow to age and long-lived. The head of the Federation, who was just over 50 was still in his prime.

When Chief Jiang saw Ye Tianyi, a flash of amazement flashed in his eyes, but he quickly hid it and said to him with a calm expression, “Hello, King Ye.”

Humans knew two zombie kings, Ye Tianyi, because of the surname Ye, they called him King Ye, the teenage zombie king had no memory of being a human and no name and because of his appearance as a teenager, so he was called young king.

Ye Tianyi thought King Ye wasn’t a good name but this name was already recognized, so he didn’t refute it.

He smiled, thinking he was being friendly: “Hello, Chief Jiang, we meet again.”

Chief Jiang looked at Ye Tianyi’s threatening smile, his thoughts became even more grave, but on the surface, he remained unmoved: “I wonder what King Ye wants to see me about?” A zombie king looking for him, it didn’t feel right ah.

Ye Tianyi swept a glance at the crowd, then an invisible mental barrier quietly erected, the people outside the barrier could only see Ye Tianyi standing there motionless, but couldn’t see his lips movement, and couldn’t hear what he said.

Looking at the virtual screen in front of him, Ye Tianyi said to Chief Jiang, “I’m just here to find you humans to cooperate.”

When Chief Jiang heard this, his first reaction was disbelief. Cooperation? Compared to the hundreds of millions of zombie armies in the Cemetery of the Dead, tens of millions of high-ranking zombie elite teams, the hundreds of millions of human beings in the Federation were mostly ordinary people, but ability users were scarce, it was really not a comparison. The zombies had a lot of advantages over humans, if not for Ye Tianyi, the king of zombies, maybe one day, this hundreds of millions of zombies would flood the human base.

As the highest leader of the human race, Chief Jiang and the zombie king Ye Tianyi had an understanding, Ye Tianyi had contained zombie and human conflict, unlike the other zombie king who gathered countless zombie army to attack the human base. Because of his goodwill towards humans, it made the Chief Jiang hesitant about his request but he didn’t reject it directly.

Ye Tianyi continued: “You should have just encountered the attack of mutant plants, the same for the Cemetery of the Dead. And not only mutant plants, mutant beasts also for some reason began to riot ……”

Whether it was zombies or mutant beasts, once its level was high, it was easy to be rebellious. Although the mutants beasts were subdued by Ye Zi, Ye Zi could only rely on his level pressure to suppress those high-level mutant beasts, he had no way to directly control them.

Ye Tianyi could control those high level zombies with intelligence and wasn’t afraid of their rebellion, because he had a mental ability. For a king of the zombies without mental ability like the young king, some of the high level zombies around him were easily pried away by Ye Tianyi.

So Ye Tianyi could suppress the zombies’ riot, but Ye Zi couldn’t suppress the rebellion of other mutant beasts, not to mention those mutant plants.


When Chief Jiang heard this, his expression couldn’t be controlled: “Is this true?” Mutant plants evolving again was already very difficult, if the mutant beasts came to add insult to injury …… would human beings still have a way to live?

Ye Tianyi said: “If it were not true, I wouldn’t be telling you this now.” Mutant beasts weren’t only interested in human fresh flesh and blood, they were also fond if zombies crystal nucleus, he didn’t want to see the place he spent more than a decade to build get destroyed. So to deal with these rioting mutant beasts and mutant plants, it was best to cooperate with the technologically advanced humans.

Chief Jiang pondered for a while and carefully asked Ye Tianyi about the mutant beasts, especially the number of mutant beasts.

When it came to the number, Ye Tianyi’s face revealed a bitter smile: “Countless! Because it’s not only the mutant beasts on land, but also the ones in the ocean and rivers have appeared. The reason why I know that mutant beasts will rebel is because I saw a large number of marine mutant beasts come ashore at the seaside …… ” Although this batch of marine mutant beasts were killed by him, but the ocean was several times larger than the land, deep and wide, the number of species of marine life even before the end of the world weren’t fully discovered, let alone after the end of the world.

Not to mention the hundreds of millions of zombies in the cemetery of the dead, even if coupled with hundreds of millions of humans, the number wasn’t as many as the marine mutant beasts.

Even Ye Tianyi couldn’t estimate the strength of the marine mutant beasts, although his strength today could be called the first on land and he wasn’t afraid to go deep into the ocean but the sea was the home of marine mutant beasts, if Ye Tianyi went into the sea, his strength would be greatly reduced. But by the same token, the strength of marine mutant beasts ashore would also be weakened.

That was why Ye Tianyi wanted to join forces with humans to deal with the attack of the marine mutant beasts, the combination of the strong combat strength of the zombie army and the power of human thermal weapons could most effectively produce a huge killing effect on the large number of marine mutant beasts.

Ye Tianyi was very sincere in his cooperation, so he didn’t hide the information about the marine mutant beasts from Chief Jiang, but told the truth.

However, this fact was too appalling, and Chief Jiang said with a grave expression, “Please wait for a moment, King Ye, I will come out to discuss with you in detail.”

There were some things that weren’t really good to talk about through the virtual screen, but Chief Jiang was still defensive about Ye Tianyi and didn’t let him enter the base, choosing instead to come out himself.

He took this very seriously, so within a few minutes, he appeared in front of Ye Tianyi followed by a few bodyguards.

Ye Tianyi’s gaze paused on the young ability user closest to him beside Chief Jiang, and he discovered that he was a rare spatial ability user.

Ye Tianyi himself was a lightning, space and mental ability user, his space ability’s level was very high, so the person beside Chief Jiang’s sixth-rank space ability was easily seen through. But he didn’t care about a small low-ranking spatial ability user, he only looked at him because his ability was the same as his.




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