After the underground research institute of the b-city survivor base was blown up by Ye Tianyi, the information and experimental bodies were destroyed, and much of the research on abilities and zombies in the institute came to a standstill. The forces within the base were once again in chaos, and the division of interests began again ……

And this was no longer the business of Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi. Anyway, the survivor base in S city was infested with zombies, after the Xiao family overthrew the control of Commander Jiang, but they were quite incompetent, they simply couldn’t manage B city, so B city survivor base were too busy with infighting to care about him.

Ye Tianyi stayed near the base for a long time, hunting some high-ranking ability users of the base, which not only enhanced his strength, but also weakened the evolution speed of the ability users, and provided convenience for his future plans.

Ye Tianyi leisurely sat in a hotel suite while playing with a laptop, as he monitored the nearby situation, squatting on his shoulder was the snow-white folded ear cat, and next to them was the original owner of this suite who became a zombie with dark fangs.

This laptop couldn’t access the internet, but it had a lot of movies and TV shows, from science fiction to parental soap operas. As for the charging problem …… Ye Tianyi finally felt the usefulness of his lightening ability.

Ye Tianyi opened the movies one by one. When he opened a dog blood drama, Ye Zi that had been lying on his shoulder and was so bored suddenly meowed a few times: “Meow ~ master, I want to see this meow ~”

Ye Zi rarely made a request to him, and Ye Tianyi certainly wasn’t dissatisfied, so he let the movie that should have been closed continue to play …

“Go away! Your mother has told you to divorce me, what are you still coming to me for?!”

“Wife, don’t get angry, my mother has a temper, for the sake of the children we can’t divorce ah ……”

“Son! Mom told you! This marriage must end today! I won’t allow you to be with her anymore!”


Hearing this line, the corners of Ye Tianyi’s mouth twitched, then he noticed the name of the movie – “The bratty daughter-in-law of a domineering mother-in-law” What the hell was this?

However, seeing Ye Zi stare at the screen with unblinking eyes and looking extra serious, Ye Tianyi silently endured.

The lines continued: “How can you do this to us, mother-in-law? How dare you pretend to be sick in order to break us up! I was worried that you were really sick ……”

“Really? You were really worried about me? I’m really too happy darling, you know, actually I’ve liked you for a long time …… why do you have to stay with that brat? Don’t you know that I love you more than that brat?”

“Mother-in-law, what are you talking about? I don’t understand it …… are you really saying that you really like me ……”

Ye Tian Yi:_(:3″∠)_

He finally understood the meaning of the name of this movie ……

At this point, Ye Zi asked curiously, “Master, why does that mother-in-law have to not let her be with her own son?”

Ye Tianyi said seriously: “Different races can still fall in love, but same genders can’t fall in love …… like us.” Race is different but the same gender ah.

Ye Zi still didn’t understand: “What does it mean to fall in love?”

Ye Tian Yi silently held the cat on his shoulder in his arms: “Become humanoid!”

Ye Zi transformed into his n@ked human form.

Ye Tianyi didn’t dress him as in the past, but pinned him to the bed, and kissed and touched him: “We are now in love ……”


Humans now couldn’t care about Ye Tianyi’s side, he had time to develop his own power.

Ye Tianyi had experienced so much, he deeply understood the importance of minions. If he had minions, he wouldn’t have needed to infiltrate the base to bomb the Institute. If there was a sufficient number of minions, there was no need to infiltrate the base, he could directly attack the base.

So he took this opportunity to collect all the zombies and zombie plants and animals that could be collected, he no longer took only zombies with abilities, their strength didn’t matter, they could be cannon fodders.

As a high-intelligence and high-strength zombie, Ye Tianyi’s expansion had been going smoothly, and even Ye Zi had helped attract a group of younger brothers who were animals. It was just that his good fortune seemed to have been used up. On this day he met with a big trouble.

Ye Tianyi learned from a zombie that had regained its spirit that there was a high level zombie in a village on the outskirts of this area, and went over to tame it personally. But when he stepped into the village, a strong sense of crisis struck him!

He had never had such a strong sense of crisis before, but he was convinced of his intuition.

Ye Tianyi suddenly turned from entering the village openly to quietly entering the village.

However this didn’t work.

He hadn’t reached a few meters, when he felt what was staring at him, and then a huge black shadow swiftly shot towards him, so fast that his spiritual power couldn’t scan the true face of the black shadow.

Ye Tianyi’s speed was also very fast, but it wasn’t as fast as the black shadow, it was too late to avoid, he could only use his right hand wrapped in lightning to punch the black shadow.

The black shadow flew backwards and collapsed.

Ye Tian Yi didn’t take advantage of it, he staggered back a few steps, only to feel a burst of numbness in his right arm, he almost lost consciousness.

He used his powers to unblock his paralyzed right arm, and his gaze was fixed on the unknown creature he had just sent flying – it was a very hideous and strange-looking thing, like a humanoid zombie that had mutated for some reason.

Its limbs became thick, and it crawled on all fours, it had a bulbous flesh tumor about the size of its head, the flesh tumor leaked out a dark green mucus from time to time, its mouth became very large, and its black tongue was thick and long, it stretched freely and very flexible, and black smoke visibly radiated from it, it was intimidating.

This monster wasn’t injured from Ye Tianyi’s punch. It quickly got up, on all fours, with scarlet eyes staring straight at him, but it didn’t attack again, as if it also sensed that Ye Tianyi wasn’t easy to mess with, and was a formidable enemy that needed to be treated with caution.


Ye Tianyi could clearly feel that this monster was like him, it was also a zombie, also in the middle of the fifth rank. But it seemed to have gone through a special mutation, its flesh was extremely strong, its tongue and the flesh tumor were poisonous, it wouldn’t be easy to deal with, it could be said to be the most powerful enemy Ye Tianyi had ever encountered.

The monster’s patience didn’t seem to be good, after staring at Ye Tianyi for a while, seeing that he didn’t move, it couldn’t resist charging up again. But this time its speed wasn’t as fast as last time, even his spiritual power could capture his true face, it was slow, like it didn’t want to be hit by Ye Tianyi’s lightening fist again, but it remained at a distance of ten meters from Ye Tianyi and began to attack with its tongue.

Ye Tianyi quickly dodged to the side, it hit the stone behind Ye Tianyi, the large stone instantly shattered, and then it started smoking and quickly melted into a puddle of black water.

What a powerful tongue! What a powerful poison!

Ye Tianyi didn’t dare relaxe, he used his spiritual energy to monitor the monster’s movements, his lightning and spatial abilities moved around to form two layers of protective shield to avoid the poison.

A knife appeared in his hand from thin air. This knife was reinforced with post-apocalyptic exotic metal and could be used as a conduct for abilities. Ye Tianyi attached his lightning and spatial abilities to it, and when the monster attacked him again with his tongue, he quickly slashed up.

Spatial distortion!

The lightening ability scorched the monster’s tongue, temporarily paralyzing it, and then he used spatial distortion to isolate the poison on the tongue from contact with the Blade, and with the momentum of the Blade’s slash, he cut off the monster’s tongue.

After the tongue was cut off, the blade immediately disappeared back into his space – he was worried that the monster’s healing ability was too strong to put the tongue back together again.

The monster’s healing ability was indeed strong, the tip of the tongue that was cut off was still able to move. The tongue was taken back by the monster, and Ye Tianyi saw with his own eyes that when it was taken back, the cut tongue regrew. But the newly grown tongue was still very tender and soft, not black, and not highly toxic.

The monster received a serious injury to its tongue, so it no longer attacked with its tongue, but went closer to Ye Tianyi, and sometimes threw its head’s venom to Ye Tianyi.

But the defense around Ye Tianyi was extremely strong, the venom hit the lightning defense shield and sizzled into black smoke, the monster’s powerful power attack also hit his space defense shield, which easily transferred the force, making it harmless.

This monster, although powerful, it was only in the middle of the fifth rank, compared to Ye Tianyi who was at the peak of the fifth rank and had three abilities.

It had the advantage of strong defense, strength, speed, but with Ye Tianyi’s lightning defense and spatial ability to transfer the force of the attack, it gradually became suppressed, Ye Tianyi and it fiercely battled for more than two hours, then he finally took it down.

This battle was won, but it wasn’t an easy win. But when he finally got the spoils of war, Ye Tianyi was extremely happy.

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