After Ye Tianyi got quite a bit of information about the survivor base in B City from the two dying ability users, he planned to leave Mengjiawan.

He had previously only used Mengjiawan as a temporary place to settle down and hunt the ability users who came here, however now he had something more important to do – grabbing the territory.
He didn’t enter the base as rashly as he did in A city. Instead, he first subdued the zombie group near B city, and then step by step, he took control of the whole B city. During this time in Mengjiawan, Ye Tianyi also went out from time to time to subdue the zombies near Mengjiawan, otherwise Mengjiawan wouldn’t be as peaceful as it was now without zombie attacks.

Ye Tianyi had already grabbed the territory around Mengjiawan, and if he wanted to expand his territory again, he could only go farther. In that case, it wouldn’t be very suitable to remain in Mengjiawan.

The number of zombies was very large, many times more than the surviving humans. In such a huge base, even if the evolutionary speed of high-ranking zombies wasn’t as fast as Ye Tianyi, who awakened as a third-rank zombie, there were still a lot of them. The third-rank zombies had the most basic intelligence, they were no longer completely controlled by instinct, they had learnt to group together to divide the work, so in the field, he encountered a dozen high-rank zombies and many controlled low-rank zombies.

Therefore, the speed of Ye Tianyi eating the zombie group wasn’t fast.

For Ye Tianyi’s farewell, Ning Zi’an was sad to say goodbye.

It wasn’t that he had become more affectionate towards Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi in these two months, but he knew that with Ye Tianyi, Mengjiawan could be so calm, otherwise just those wandering zombies were enough for him to be tired of running. Now Ye Tianyi was leaving, of course he didn’t want to give up such a good umbrella.

However, Ning Zi’an’s couldn’t decide where Ye Tianyi could go, so he could only watch as Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi left Mengjiawan.

Ye Tianyi wasn’t worried about whether Ning Zi’an would reveal his identity and existence. Ning Zi’an was a half corpse who was coveted by people, and he had always stayed away from human beings. even the folks who were quite familiar with him had been avoided by him. It could be seen that he waa wary of human beings. As long as Ning Zi’an wasn’t stupid, Ye Tianyi, a zombie, wouldn’t be found by the humans in B city’s survivor base.

Even if he was discovered, so what?

B City was quite close to A city, there had to be communication between the two bases, B city’s survivor base could also learn of his existence from A city’s survivor base.

Ye Tianyi wasn’t worried about it. Everything was a paper tiger in the face of great strength. What was more, now was the world of zombies, zombie animals and mutant plants. Human beings could only retreat in the survivors’ base, and worry day by day about the base being destroyed, they couldn’t effectively plan to capture Ye Tianyi at all.

After all, he was a zombie, unlike half-corpse people, who were not accepted by the zombies, he could blend into a zombie herd, then no one could find him.

The biggest advantage of humans today was intelligence and technology, but these two advantages were also gradually disappearing.

Intelligence, now many zombie mutant beasts were more humane, and for some of them, their intelligence wasn’t less than a teenage human; Technology, technology needed energy support, but today, what humans lacked the most was energy, such as oil and gasoline. There were also artillery shells and whatnot, which were basically consumables, otherwise humans wouldn’t be so passive.


As they left Mengjiawan, Ye Zi revealed his tail happily.

He always hid his tails in the windbreaker, and also paid attention to avoid revealing his tails, it was really a test for this simple-minded cat, he finally could stop caring about these things.

Ye Zi wrapped his tails around his arm, Ye Tianyi looked at his lively expression, his hardened expression couldn’t help melting into a gentle smile.

In order to let Ye Zi have more freedom in his half cat- half human form, Ye Tianyi deliberately recruited hundreds of zombies around them, their figures were hidden in the middle of the zombie herd, so that even if they encountered humans, they wouldn’t be seen easily and they would have enough time to teleport away from the humans.

Although Ye Tianyi’s mental scouting range was wide enough, inevitably there would be other human ability users who could hold up a mental barrier and hide their tracks. So this method was the best for now.

The two of them swept all the way through, basically they had reached the villages around B city, cleaning up countless mutant plants and mutant beasts, as long as the higher level zombies were controlled by Ye Tianyi, the low level zombies were cannon fodders, just a roar could make a hundreds of thousands submit, but Ye Tianyi didn’t want to waste his mental energy.

Ye Tianyu was finally ready to go into the city.

The city had been affected by the first post-apocalyptic rain, it was gray and dreary everywhere, and certain low-lying areas had accumulated a lot of blackened and smelly water, occasionally a semi-mutant mouse scurried past. After the first rain that infected many ordinary people, ordinary animals had become very rare, all animals had some degree of mutation.

The mutation of animals were different from that of plants.

Plants either didn’t mutate, remaining exactly the same as before the end of the world, or they mutated in two directions. The first was to mutate in the direction of no offensive ability but valuable medicinal properties, and the second was to mutate in the direction of strong offensive abilities.

The animals were divided into the whole mutation and part mutation, basically there was no ordinary animals without a little mutation, because those animals who couldn’t survive the mutation were dead. All mutated beasts were very strong, their flesh contained toxins, mutated beasts could also grow abilities. And those partially mutated semi-mutant animals would be very irritable, their attack wasn’t too strong, their flesh also also contained toxins, so they couldn’t be eaten.

The semi-mutant animals repulsed mutant animals, semi-mutant animals were also disgusted by each other, and their temper tantrums led to indiscriminate attacks, so semi-mutant animals travelled alone. Ye Tianyi wasn’t so familiar with it, but seeing a mutant rat meant there was a mutant rat colony nearby.

There were mutant ants herd, mutant rats group, mutant bee herd …… these mutant animals were in groups, encountering these mutant animals, was even more frightening than encountering high level mutant beasts.

Even if Ye Tianyi could control the zombie herd, these mutant beast herds weren’t easy to deal with, because a few mutant beasts could chew into a zombie’s skeleton. But usually mutant beasts and zombie herd didn’t bother the other, for mutant beasts, they didn’t like zombies at all, if they were accidentally scratched and bitten by a zombie with a rank higher than them, they would become zombie beasts; and for zombies, these mutant beasts were like chicken ribs, tasteless, they preferred to run after humans.


When Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi got further into B city, the first thing he was to occupy a base first, and then spread through the whole city. And in order to avoid human disruption, Ye Tianyi also spent most of the month collecting supplies.

The zombies, mutant beasts and mutant plants certainly didn’t need to use clothes, oil, rice, pots and pans and other supplies, so Ye Tianyi collected supplies, and didn’t encounter any obstacles, the zombies he met avoided him, Ye Zi was a fifth-rank mutant cat, mutant beasts didn’t dare provoke him, and the number of mutant plants were relatively small so they didn’t encounter any powerful ones.

Ye Tianyi’s space was already very large, and then because of the Jade Goddess of Mercy’s appearance, it became even larger, and the fusion of the Jade Goddess of Mercy’s space wasn’t like the ordinary space that required the consumption of energy. An ordinary space was small, not to mention, to fill it with things, it needed to continue to consume energy, and when the energy was consumed, the supplies would fall out, after Ye Tianyi fused with the Jade Goddess’s space, his space stopped needing to consume energy.

The collected supplies were neatly sorted in the open space, and he took things from almost half of the city, but only filled a small part of the space.

Ye Tianyi selectively picked the things he took, he collected the materials that were close to B city’s survivor base, and only collected things that could still be used, the human necessities. Other things such as large machines, which took up space and weren’t very useful, Ye Tianyi didn’t collect them.

Therefore, during this period of time, the people of B city’s survivor base felt confused, before they received the news that there were xx materials here, how come after a few days, it was gone? Could it be that the other teams got ahead of them?

The outer part of B city near the survivor base was out of supplies, those who had prepared for the journey couldn’t turn around and go back, they could only take the risk and continued to go deeper.

The closer they got to the centre of the city, the more dangerous it was, and the deeper they went, the more people died. So these teams of ability users who came to find supplies didn’t dare to go too far.

But Ye Tianyi had scavenged almost all the supplies close to the base, those people were destined to return empty-handed.

They couldn’t find supplies, and their strength wasn’t enough to go deep inside, the team of ability users could only return home. It was estimated that there wouldn’t be time for them to enter the city for a few months, so they wouldn’t disturb Ye Tianyi’s search for high level zombies.

While Ye Tianyi took control of the high-ranking zombies, he didn’t forget to ask Ye Zi to tame the high-ranking mutant animals.

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