Early the next morning, Ye Tianyi took Ye Zi out of the space, because he heard the movement outside.

Several tough vines penetrated through the gap between the boulder blocking the cave entrance and the stone wall, and the powerful force caused the boulder to start breaking, and when Ye Tianyi took Ye Zi out of the space, the vines almost shattered the top of the boulder blocking the cave entrance.

The vines extended to Ye Tianyi’s face and swayed a few times, seeming to get his attention.

Ye Tianyi: “……” Ning Zi’an’s way of communication was really unique enough.

However, he still followed the guidance of these vines, Ye Zi also followed him closely, all the way to a certain hidden cave behind the bushes.

When he saw this cave, Ye Tianyi knew exactly what Ning Zi’an had called him to come for, this was a cave dedicated to the treatment of those ability users.

Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi walked in together. The stone walls of the cave were crawling with mutant plants, which were prison guards for the prisoners under Ning Zi’an’s control, and whenever there was any movement of the ability users being held in the cave, they would truthfully pass on the news to Ning Zi’an.

After the two entered the cave, the bushes that had been stripped away were once again restored to their original state, blocking the cave entrance again. The cave was pitch black, but Ye Tianyi was a zombie and Ye Zi was a mutant cat demon, both were able to see clearly in the dark.

The dirt on the ground was a little wet, wet from being soaked in blood. The stone wall covered by countless mutant plants was also dark red.

The mutant plants inside the cave were all Ning Zi’an’s eyes and ears, and Ning Zi’an quickly learned of the arrival of Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi and went to greet them personally.

Shrouded in black robes, Ning Zi’an almost blended in with the darkness as his hoarse voice rang out, “Tianyi, Weiqing, you’re here.”

Ye Tianyi ignored his self-effacing greeting and just walked inside, asking as he went, “How’s it going? Did they come up with anything?”

Ning Zi’an’s broken voice rang out, “Their identity is indeed unusual, they are the heart of the top brass of the survivor base in B city, and they came to Mengjiawan just to ……” he paused, “for me. ”

Ye Tianyi’s footsteps paused: “For the half-corpse people?”

Ning Zi’an said, “Yes, my two companions who are also half-corpse people were exposed and captured into the B City Survivor Base Institute …… It is said that they can research how to suppress the zombie virus from the half-corpse people.”

This news was indeed a ray of hope for humans in the last days, in order to have enough research materials, the people of the Institute then scouted around to capture half-corpse people. Ning Zi’an had been the companion of the two captured half-corpse people, so naturally he was also included in the capture list.
However, it seemed that the one who controlled this research of the Institute wasn’t the top management of the whole B-city survivor base, but a certain high level person. This senior figure was selfish and wanted to gain power and profit with this potion, so he only captured the half-corpse people privately and issues a mission to probe the specifics of Mengjiawan and let those mercenaries take the lead.

This was also the reason why Ning Zi’an was targeted, but no large force of ability users had come over to capture him until now.

Otherwise, even if Ning Zi’an’s wood ability level was high, he wouldn’t have been able to escape the B City survivor base’s ability users who had sent a large force. The reason was that there were several fourth-rank ability users in the B-city base, while Ning Zi’an was only one person.


The two of them were the most important ones. The two male ability users that he left alive were here.

When Ye Tianyi saw the scene in front of him, then silently covered the eyes of Ye Zi, but also shielded his spiritual energy.

The situation of the two male ability users in front of him was too hurtful to the eyes, he didn’t want Ye Zi to see such scenes.

He breathlessly glanced at the side of the black robed Ning Zi’an really didn’t expect this guy’s taste was so heavy, he even liked tentacle play …… Yes, these two male ability users were being poked in the chrysanthemum by Ning Zi’an’s vines.

Two or three thick and long vines squirmed in and out behind the men without pity, bringing out bloody intestinal flesh, and when the torn wounds became larger and the gap was vacant, another vine was inserted. The two men’s naked bodies were full of wounds, flesh and blood flopping around in a rather miserable manner, but their mouths contained a petal of a medicinal mutant flower that made them hang on to life, so they couldn’t die even if they wanted to.

Although most of the mutant plants were mutated to attack powerfully, some mutated to be highly toxic or flesh-eating. But some mutant plants mutated in the direction of good mutations, with extremely good medicinal effects, far better than the medicinal herbs before the end of the world, and even the flesh of the magical mutant plants.

This magical plant was talked about, but no one had seen it. Maybe someone had seen it but didn’t reveal it.

The two male ability users’ mouth contained the petals of a mutant flower petals with life-saving effect, although not as precious as the pistil, but enough to make these two unable to die.

Ye Tianyi had to say, Ning Zi’an’s method of forcing a confession was really quite good, these two could only honestly expose a lot of useful information.

The two male ability users’ saw Ye Tianyi’s arrival, their eyes were barely open as they looked at him, as if they were about to die.

Ye Tianyi let Ning Zi’an temporarily control those vines to stay still, he stood in place, looking at the two people lying on the ground like dead bodies from above, and asked, “You should know where those half-corpse people are being held, right?”

Ye Tianyi asked about the whereabouts of those half-corpse people, not out of kindness to save them, but to destroy the research of the Institute on half-corpse people, lest they really research a medicine that could resist the zombie virus.

He wasn’t a person who would sacrifice himself for the future of mankind, since he was young, he had been taught to learn to use everything available to create maximum benefit for himself. It could almost be said that in his heart, the most important thing was his safety and his care for Ye Zi, as for how others, he didn’t care.

If he were a human, he would of course be willing to help humans research a potion to resist the zombie virus. But he was a zombie …… If humans researched a potion to resist the zombie virus, and humans who were bitten and scratched by zombies no longer became zombies, then the number of zombies would no longer increase. Even if the zombies wouldn’t give birth, get old or sickness and death, but one day they would killed by humans, and then he, a zombie, would only be like a rat in the gutter hiding in the crowd to survive.


The cool natured Ye Tianyi had no attachment to humans and he quickly made the choice that was in his best interest.

Only if the zombies continued to exist, could he protect Ye Zi in the end of the world to live better. The only thing that was best for the development of the zombie community was for humans and zombies to co-exist. As long as there were enough humans alive, the zombie community would be able to have a constant supply of raw material to replenish, humans had the ability to reproduce that zombies didn’t have.
Ye Tianyi had already started to consider whether he should rule all the zombies and then keep the humans in captivity. ……

As for the question of whether he could rule all the zombies – do you still need to ask? Ye Tianyi was very confident, he had the mysterious chant and space, and he also awakened as a third-rank zombie, so there was no doubt he wouldn’t stand at the top.

Ye Tianyi’s mental power invaded the people’s awareness to pull out information about the Institute, then simply killed them, burning their bodies. After making sure that the scene didn’t taint the eyes of Ye Zi, only then did he stop shielding of Ye Zi’s mental energy, he removed the palm covering his eyes.

Ye Zi was very good, although it was very strange why the master didn’t let him look before, he didn’t ask questions.

Only that, when his curiosity bubbled up, his tail started flapping around. Ye Tianyi was well aware of this habit, he worried about his tail being exposed, and quickly reached into Ye Zi’s trench coat, grabbed the five restless tails, and reprimanded in a low voice: “Don’t move!”

Ye Zi was held in this sensitive place, he became as soft as a puddle of water, and gently laid in Ye Tianyi’s arms, and whispered: “Master …… don’t touch me there …… ”

His tail being grabbed was so strange ……

Ning Zi’an awkwardly looking at these two hugging in front of him, with a glance he could see Ye Tianyi’s hand restlessly going into the clothes of that beautiful boy, and as a half corpse, his hearing was also very good, heard the boy’s whisper, he immediately understood.

Ning Zi’an looked at Ye Tianyi meaningfully, even if he turned into a zombie, he also captive such a beautiful teenager, he really had good luck. He was wondering how Ye Tianyi, a zombie, was followed by a human (he as a half corpse judged zombies and humans from the presence or absence of life characteristics, Ye Zi was a mutant beast not a zombie beast, so he had life characteristics, he was treated as a human) – so it was because of that ah.

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