Ning Zian was born in Mengjiawan and went to work in B City after graduating from college. When the end times broke out, he received the news that his parents were seriously ill and was on his way back to Mengjiawan from B City when he was unexpectedly used as a shield by his companion and pushed into the mouth of a zombie.

Although he awakened his wood ability in time to save his life, he was still scratched by a zombie and infected with the zombie virus, turning him into a pathetic half-corpse, looking at his gradually decaying body day and night without relief.

The city grew rapidly and many people no longer stayed here, so there were not many residents and not many zombies.

However, he found that his parents died of serious illness long before the last full-scale outbreak. It turned out that they were seriously ill early, and hid it in order not to bring trouble to him. He never knee when his parents died.

Ning Zian painfully blamed himself for being unfilial, in these years of working outside, he rarely went home to pay respect to his parents, but also he was somewhat glad that his parents died before the end of the world. Otherwise, with their frail bodies, they would have been infected with the zombie virus and turned into zombies.

The folks in Mengjiawan all watched him grow up or grew up with him, and Ning Zian chose to stay in Mengjiawan. He killed all the zombies, worked hard to upgrade, and then the plants mutated, and it was good that his wood ability were strong enough to control those mutated plants from hurting people. Perhaps because of his half-corpse identity, Ning Zian’s desire for strength was stronger than normal, and he always thought that maybe when his ability level went up, he would be able to turn back into a human.

However, the wood ability had been upgraded to the fourth level, Mengjiawan in his protection had become a beautiful paradise, but his body was still decaying day by day, the stench of decay was very heavy, so heavy that even if he pretended that it was because of the zombies he killed, it would still be suspicious. In the end, he had no choice but to hide in the mountains, digging a large cave in the belly of the mountain as his residence, isolated from people.

Ning Zian was hiding in the mountains like a rat in a gutter, hiding his rotting body tightly under his black robe day and night. When he met Ye Tianyi, he was almost overjoyed. The first time he met Ye Tianyi, he knew that Ye Tianyi wasn’t a human, the heavy pressure belonging to a high-rank zombie couldn’t be mistaken, if not for the fact that he was only a half corpse, he was afraid that under this pressure, he could only honestly bow down and do as he was told.

Ning Zian saw Ye Tianyi’s intact face and body, and his slow heartbeat accelerated with excitement. If he could be like Ye Tianyi with such a well-preserved appearance, even if he was turned into a zombie, it didn’t matter.

However, Ye Tianyi said to him, “I am not the same as you, I started out by mutating into a third-rank zombie, my appearance is so intact, while you are a half-corpse.”

The degree of decay on a complete zombie might not have been as severe as Ning Zian’s, because their mutation process was only one or two hours, but Ning Zian was in the process of mutation from the time he was scratched by a zombie until now, and his body kept decaying, decaying to the point where he could not continue to decay, or decaying to the point where his sanity disappeared, and he became a complete zombie.

The pain of this process was unbearable to normal people.

Ye Tianyi only had two possible solutions: “One is that you give up the struggle to lose your sanity and become a complete zombie, and the second is that you try to improve your strength to delay the degree of decay, and perhaps even become a complete zombie, the higher the level the more intact the appearance.”

Ning Zian could only choose the second method.


Ye Tianyi stayed in Mengjiawan, Mengjiawan’s mutant beasts were given to Ye Zi, who was already almost at the fifth rank, to tame, while he studied the half-corpse man in front of him every day.
It wasn’t until wave after wave of mutants from the b-city survivor base came to his door that Ning Zian confessed to him, “Actually, although half-corpse people are rare, I’m not the only one, I once met two other half-corpse people outside, and I brought them into Mengjiawan.”

After all, being a half-corpse person, there was inevitably a feeling of compassion for the same disease.

Half-corpse people were known by humans and would be killed as zombies, while zombies smelled them and only treated them as food.

So Ning Zian softened up and brought the two half-corpse people into to Mengjiawan.

The two half-corpse people also later met, seeing that they were the same, they became companions. They stayed in Mengjiawan for a while, then wanted to go to B City to find their relatives who might still be alive , and left Mengjiawan. Since then, Ning Zian never saw them again, but not long after that, Mengjiawan got wave after wave of B City Survivor Base’s ability users ……

To say it didn’t involve the half-corpse people that left Mengjiawan was something Ning Zian wasn’t foolish enough to believe.

Now that these ability users had aroused Ye Tianyi’s suspicions, Ning Zian thought he was no match for Ye Tianyi, so he chose to confess honestly.

Ning Zian revealed that the people from the B-city survivor base had set their eyes on this inconspicuous Mengjiawan, most likely because they had captured the two half-corpse people or had learnt about the anomaly in Mengjiawan from some other source.

However, Ye Tianyi didn’t feel that this was a trouble, instead, he joined hands with Ning Zian, with the layout, he used Mengjiawan to lure those ability users to come here, and when they entered Mengjiawan, their identity changed from hunter to prey.

The energy in the crystal core of a zombie wasn’t pure, so it was easy to die from the impure energy when advancing to the next rank, so ability users preferred to cultivate pure energy themselves. Therefore, the energy in their crystal core was far more pure than a zombie, and was better absorbed.

This was also why zombies and mutant beasts preferred to eat ability users. If not for the inability of humans to absorb the energy of ability users, there would be many humans who would kill each other.

Ye Tianyi used Mengjiawan to lure in all the ability users of the survivor base in B City, each of their ranks weren’t low, absorbing their cores, he and Ye Zi’s abilities improved very quickly, and the time spent on refining energy was greatly reduced. It made Ning Zian envious, but he was a half corpse-half human, and couldn’t it use crystal cores. He could only pick up the bodies to make fertiliser to raise his mutant plants.


After killing the female shifter, Ye Tianyi left the remaining two male ability users alive and asked Ning Zian to watch over them so they wouldn’t run away. Then he took Ye Zi back to the cave they had dug themselves on the other side.

The reason why he didn’t live close to Ning Zian was because Ye Tianyi didn’t want to expose his space.

He also didn’t trust him at all. Even telling Ning Zian how to stop the continued decay was only because he was curious about the half-corpse and wanted to experiment.

When Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi entered the cave, they pushed a boulder to block the cave entrance and the two entered the space.

The conditions in the space were much more comfortable than outside, how could they leave the comfort of the space and run to sleep in the cave?

Lying on the soft and huge bed, Ye Tianyi reached out and pulled down the hood of the trench coat still on Little Leaf’s head, his other hand was touching up along the hem of the trench coat, then tugged on the long cat tails, his slender fingers played with the cat tails, which immediately made Ye Zi’s body go soft and he fell into his arms.

Ye Zi squinted his blue eyes and looked at him accusingly, and softly said, “Master, how can you pull my tail?”

This ‘master’ made Ye Tianyi’s body hot, he had been a zombie for so many years, his body temperature had always been cold, and only becaus of love would it heat up.

Ye Tianyi used one hand to stroke the root of the tail, and the other hand touched the slightly folded cat ears on his head, and he moved close to Ye Zi’s ear, as his eyes were dazed, and whispered intimately: “Good boy, call me that again a few times.”

Ye Zi’s tail and ears were already sensitive points, being so technically touched and pinched by him, he was as limp as he could be. But hearing his master’s words, he obediently and softly responded: “Master master …… master don’t touch there. Ah …… master ……”

Ye Tianyi looked at him, and finally resisted the urge to eat him dry, but he grabbed his white tender little hands and pulled the little cat into his arms, lowered his head and kissed the tip of his ear, and said softly, “Little guy, you have to break through quickly.”

Ye Zi was now at the peak of the fourth rank, with the breakthrough to the fifth rank, he would be able to transform into a full human form. Although no cat ears and tails was less interesting, only when he was in full human form, could he be considered a real adult cat demon. So Ye Tianyi had to endure until Ye Zi broke through.

Ye Zi was still confused, he didn’t quite understand why his master was so anxious to get him to the fifth stage, but his instincts made him feel a sense of crisis – he had a feeling that his master would eat him when he reached the fifth rank.

Ye Zi looked up at Ye Tianyi’s gentle eyes and thought to himself that he was over thinking things. Then he nodded obediently.

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