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When the two remaining ability users saw Ye Tianyi’s cloudy and breezy way of directly digging out the female ability user’s crystal core, each of them looked miserably pale and ugly. In particular, they were shocked to discover an unbelievable fact – this cold young man, who looked like a human, was a zombie!

If he wasn’t a zombie, how could he have those long sharp black nails?

Then he was a zombie, were the other two also zombies? They looked at the beautiful boy wearing a trench coat and hat to cover up and the black-robed man who was covered from head to toe under a black robe that only revealed a white chin, and thought of what Ye Tianyi said earlier – “I’ll take the three’s cores, and their bodies are yours to do with. ” — it seemed very likely that they wouldn’t only be dead, even their whole body couldn’t remain.

Ye Tianyi took the crystal core in his hand towards Ye Zi who was wearing a long trench coat to cover his cat’s tail and ears, then Ye Zi threw a water ball over, cleaning his hands of the dirt and crystal, then Ye Tianyi pretended to put the clean crystal into his pocket, then sent it into his space.

Then he walked in front of the remaining two ability users, this time he didn’t directly kill to take their cores, and asked softly: “What kind of do you two have?”

Between the two ability users, only the bald and thick-headed man answered Ye Tianyi’s question honestly: “I have a body strengthening ability.”

Ye Tianyi’s gaze fell on the middle-aged male ability user and said to himself: “So he has a mental ability ……” He could withstand his mental persuasion, either his ability level was higher than him, or he also had a mental ability, and the level wasn’t too low.

The level of the middle-aged male ability user certainly couldn’t be higher than him, so it was only possible to be a mental ability user. The bald and thick-headed man who had a body strengthening ability, simply couldn’t resist his mental persuasion, and he would soon speak the truth fully.

The middle-aged ability user wanted to wake him up, but because his level was not as good as Ye Tianyi’s, he could only watch as the bald man, under Ye Tianyi’s control, gave a clear account of their purpose for coming here.

The female shifter was killed in front of the two of them in order to frighten them and break down their psychological defenses, otherwise the mental suggestion would not have taken effect so easily. After all, the minds of ability users weren’t weak, if he forcefully hinted or controlled them, it would only make them stubbornly resist.

The bald man’s expression was very dazed, his gaze unfocused: “The people above received the news that there are no zombies in Mengjiawan, mutant plants and mutant animals were very docile, so they sent people to investigate the cause. But the ability users who came here have gone and never came back, so the boss sent our team ……”

Ye Tianyi listened while pondering the situation of the B city survivor base.
B city survivor base wasn’t worse than A city survivor base, but because B city had agriculture developed and a lot of food, the living conditions of the people were better than A city’s survivor base.

Food didn’t cause much worry, they were more concerned about how to improve their strength. It was said that the research institute of B city’s survivor base had researched a medicine that could increase the chance of awakening ability users.

The human being, after being bitten by a zombie, would either mutate into a zombie, or awaken an ability, even if they were already ability users, there was a small chance of awakening another ability. The medicine developed by the Survivor Base Research Institute in B City was the medicine that increased the chance of awakening abilities in this case.


The last day of the world, humans fell from the top of the food chain, zombies, mutant beasts, mutant plants and so on were a huge threat to humans, ordinary people couldn’t even beat a newly awakened mutant mouse, so human society gradually fell from the original peaceful morality into the law of the jungle of the weak and strong, the strongest was the most important.

In the post-apocalyptic world, all kinds of ugly sides of human nature were exposed. In order to live well, you could only rely on strength.

Therefore awakening abilities became a dream opportunity for ordinary people, the Institute developed a potion that could increase the chances of awakening abilities, which was undoubtedly a ray of hope for ordinary people. Perhaps, after being bitten by a zombie, they were likely to awaken their abilities, what was missing was this little increase in the chances of this potion. Even some ordinary people in order to become an ability user, bought the potion, and then actively got scratched by the zombies, and then drank the potion expecting to be able to awaken an ability.

This kind of extreme action was done by many, some people succeeded, but more people failed.

Those ordinary people who wanted to live better, they focused on those examples of success, choosing to ignore those who failed to die, they all had a fluke – maybe they would be the ones who succeeded.

But the potion did bring more ability awakenings to B city’s survivor base, although the strength of the ability awakened by the potion was inferior to that of the naturally awakened ability users, but it couldn’t be underestimated.

He heard that B city’s survivors base research institute was studying how to suppress the zombie virus, if the drug research and development was successful, even if human beings were scratched by zombies, as long as they drank the potion, they wouldn’t transform into zombies.


Ye Tianyi learned a lot about the survivor base in B City from the bald man. What he attached most importance to was the news about the survivor base research institute in B City, but these words were all heard by the bald man, and there were few real ones. However, Ye Tianyi could basically be sure that the research progress of this research institute was so fast, and they dared let out the news, that they would soon be able to develop a drug to suppress the zombie virus, which was said by Ning Zian, one of his companions had been captured for experiments …

Ye Tianyi looked at these two people, he found that the three ability users who came this time were likely to have an unusual identity and should know a lot of information. He finally chose to leave these two ability users for the time being, no matter what, it wasn’t too late to pull out all the valuable information from the bellies of these two before killing them.

The dark green mutant vines dragged the two away, and in the dim cave, it looked as if a black shadow had swept them away.

Seeing that Ye Tianyi didn’t kill the two mutants, the black-robed man asked strangely, “Why did you let them go?” When he heard the bald man mention the Institute, he wanted to kill them with his own hands.

Ye Tian Yi didn’t answer his words, but asked the black-robed man, “Ning Zian, how is the level of your decay now?”


Ning Zian, whose entire body was shrouded under a black robe, hesitated for a moment, then stretched out his hands, which were as thin as chicken claws with black sharp nails, and lifted the outer black robe to reveal his true appearance.

All his hair had almost fallen off, the top of his head to the end of the nose had turned black and decayed, but under the nose was normal human appearance. His eyes, the left eye was left with only a black hole in the eye socket, which flowed with a slimy black unknown liquid, emitting a disgusting rotten smell, while the right eye was intact, but the eye was murky scarlet. His neck was surrounded by a scarf, but the edge of that scarf in contact with the skin of the neck clearly showed the tumbling green and gray flesh …… further down, was covered by clothes.

Ning Zian’s dark left eye socket and scarlet right eye looked straight at Ye Tianyi, and when he saw Ye Tianyi’s face intact despite his pale complexion, jealousy rolled over in his heart.

He said in a hoarse voice: “I feel myself rotting day by day, the disgusting stench of decay has made me sick from the smell but now I am used to it, I can barely hear the sound of my own blood flowing now, the beating of my heart is also minimal. The flesh and blood of the living is becoming more and more appealing to me, and I am becoming increasingly intolerant of human food …… What to do? I can feel myself really close to complete mutation!”

Ye Tianyi was mutated into a zombie after being bitten by a zombie, and then only he slowly regained his sanity, he was a complete zombie, so he wasn’t quite sure about the half-corpse human situation.

That was right, Ning Zian was a half-corpse half-human.

The half corpse human was a human being who was bitten by a zombie and began to mutate into a zombie, but unlike ordinary people who quickly mutated successfully, the half corpse human’s mutation process was very long, his sanity was still awake, he could clearly feel his body decaying day by day into a zombie, his own characteristics belonging to the living gradually disappeared, the sanity belonging to humans would slowly be replaced by the instincts of a zombie.

Although the half-corpse would definitely awaken an ability, and the level of the ability wouldn’t low, but this long process of decaying made it horrifying for the sane human. So the half-corpse either collapsed in pain and gave up, losing their sanity and quickly becoming walking corpses, or holding on to their sanity and resisting efforts to slow down the time it took for a decaying corpse to become a zombie.

Ning Zian was the latter.

But he felt that he was about to give up.

When Ye Tianyi first came to Mengjiawan, he found the smell of the living and the smell of a zombie was intertwined strangely here, especially since he didn’t find a zombie in Mengjiawan at all. So he followed the smell to the cave in the belly of this hill and found the presence of Ning Zian.

It was also the first time he saw a half-corpse species, and when Ye Tianyi saw Ning Zian struggling with the painful process, he couldn’t help but secretly admire him. The situation of Ye Tianyi waa different from Ning Zian, he directly mutated into a zombie, and then miraculously recovered his memory, and because he awakened three abilities, he mutated into a third-rank zombie, his appearance was complete, not decayed. Ning Zian, from a human, decayed into a zombie bit by bit, which would also make him lose his wisdom little by little, reduced to an instinctive zombie.

For Ning Zian’s situation, Ye Tianyi had no solution, he thought that perhaps the mysterious chant could help him, but his biggest card was the mysterious chant, so it couldn’t be revealed.

So Ye Tianyi finally told Ning Zian to speed up his strength.

The higher the level of the zombie the higher the maintenance of its appearance, and the improved strength was also conducive to the preservation of his sanity.

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