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The simple man ignored the peasant woman’s face and touched his bald head with a simple smile: “Sister, we just want to stay here, take shelter, it would be better if we could stay here and not leave, it’s too dangerous outside. If we can’t stay here, we’ll leave in a few days.”

He sincerely expressed his desire to become a member of Mengjiawan and said, “The three of us are all ability users, although our strength is average, it’s not bad at least.”

The peasant woman heard the naive man say so, hesitation appeared on her face, at this time the captain took advantage of that and made up stories to get sympathy.

Finally the peasant woman took a look at the three-headed dog, then said to them, “Come with me.”

The three of them followed the woman towards the inside of Mengjiawan.

Before the end of the world, Mengjiawan was just an ordinary bay, but in today’s post-apocalyptic world, which was in crisis everywhere, it was so safe that it felt eerie. There were many mutant plants, but they weren’t aggressive, and mutant animals lived in the village like ordinary livestock.

The human beings, on the other hand, were concentrated in the housing deep in Mengjiawan against the mountain.

The three ability users followed the woman to the settlement of Mengjiawan residents, and weren’t rejected, someone briefly asked them about their identities and powers, and then settled them down. The only thing they were told was that they had to help plant the land and that the only prohibition in Mengjiawan was that they could not go up the mountain at will, otherwise they would be responsible for the consequences.

The three people were sent by the B city survivor base to investigate the unusual aspects of Mengjiawan, so they stayed here for a while and soon set their sights on the hill that the residents of the bay had seriously warned them not to enter.

On a dark moonless night, the three of them quietly avoided the residents of Mengjiawan and the mutant beasts and sneaked into the mountain. This mountain, which was regarded as a forbidden place by the residents of Mengjiawan, didn’t have any guarding power, so they easily entered.

This mountain was not tall, even an ordinary person with poor physical strength could climb up. The trees and plants were mutants, but they were the same as the mutant plants in Mengjiawan that didn’t attack people, and they didn’t make any aggressive moves against the three uninvited guests.

The three were first very wary of the mutant plants, then they saw that the mutant plants were as harmless as ordinary plants, so they gradually relaxed their vigilance and focused more on finding mutant beasts and other abnormalities.

The three went deeper into the forest, no one noticed that behind them, several dark shadows crept silently behind them, without making the slightest sound, in the thick night, the dark shadows were completely hidden.

The three ability users continued to move forward in the silence of the mountain forest, only the sound of the simple man cutting through the thorns, the captain’s three-headed dog’s six scarlet eyes looked around, when the red pupils of the eyes look back, the quietly creeping forward black shadow immediately stilled, avoiding the three-headed dog’s eyes, ears and nose.

They gradually walked towards the depths of the mountains and forests, the darkness ahead was like a huge monster opening its bloody mouth, just waiting for them to walk in of their own accord and then be swallowed into its belly ……
Once the day dawned, Mengjiawan once again returned to peace and quiet.

As for the matter of the three ability users being missing, no one asked a single question about it, and all of them looked as if they were used to it, as if the three ability users had never appeared in general. They continue to live a calm and peaceful life as before the end of the world ……

And at this time the three missing in the mountains …… they looked at the thing in front of them in horror.

Especially the captain, how could he believe that his most trusted partner, the three-headed dog, would actually bare itd fangs at him. Since the mutation, in addition to his master who ignored the three-headed dog, it had always wagged its tail at him happily, that wagging tail reminded him of how it used to be before the end of the world, but it looked at him coldly and wagged its tail at a young boy.

The beautiful boy smiled faintly at the three-headed dog wagging its tail, stretched out his hand to touch one of the heads and said approvingly, “Well done.” His voice was crisp and pleasant, even with a slight laughing note, making people’s hearts tingle.

The three-headed dog that was praised seemed to want to pounce on the teenager, but was kicked away by the cold youth standing next to him. The young man stood in a guarding posture in front of the boy’s side, his cold gaze fell on the three-headed dog, the fierce nature of the three-headed dog as if encountering an irresistible natural enemy, slightly lowered his head, its tail went between its two hind legs, a gesture of submissiveness and fear.

Seeing the scene, the three ability users tied by mutant vines slowly began to fear the situation.

The three-headed dog was the peak of the third rank, very close to breaking through the fourth rank, but was so easily kicked away by the youth, it didn’t even dare to show hostility and directly pinned its tail in submission. Beasts erre far more straightforward than humans, once they submit, they became really submissive to the strength of the strong, unlike humans who went back on their actions after.

But that captain was still undyingly calling out to the three-headed dog he raised, but the three-headed dog just glanced at him in a high-handed manner, then turned his head and no longer looked at him.

Seeing this scene, Ye Tianyi said unhurriedly, “You don’t need to waste your effort, it has long become our servant beast, it can’t possibly listen to you anymore.”

After saying that, he no longer bothered about the reaction of the three people, and looked sideways at the person beside him who was shrouded in black robes from head to toe, and said, “We’ll take the crystal cores of these three people, and their corpses are at your disposal.”

The person shrouded in black robes let out a dry and hoarse sound: “Yes.”

After receiving the black-robed man’s answer, Ye Tianyi walked towards the three, he first pulled out the enchanting female ability user, and as he did so, the mutant vines tying her automatically loosened. The first thing she did was to mobilize her energy to attack Ye Tianyi. Although she was a mutant bird ability user, she could still mobilize her energy for pure energy attacks without changing her body.

However, the mutant vine that tied her up before was a special mutant plant with tiny thorns on the incomparably hard vine, which pierced inside their skin when the vine tied them up, injecting a toxin in their bodies that dissolved their abilities. This was why they were not able to use their powers after being bound by the mutant vines.

After being freed from the vines and not continuing to be injected with that toxin, the woman recovered some of her energy, but how ridiculous was this attack in front of Ye Tianyi? Even when she was in her prime, she was no match for him, let alone when she was so weak.

Ye Tianyi easily dispersed her attack, not even using his powers.


Although she had seen Ye Tianyi’s extraordinary strength when he kicked away the three-headed dog, as she stood close to him, that despair was far less than now.

The female ability user no longer held the advantage, so she immediately turned to escape. The body of a shape-shifter had to be very good, otherwise it would not be able to carry the process of turning from a human body into a beast. So even though she hadn’t yet recovered her powers, she was running extremely fast.

But Ye Tianyi still indifferently stood in place and didn’t chase after her.

At this time, the black-robed mystery man’s broad sleeve emerged a faint green light, and then a black shadow invisible because of its speed scampered out, and soon the fleeing female ability user was tightly bound by dark green mutant vines.

For misbehaving prey, Ye Tianyi had never had the patience. This time he did not bother to untangle the female alien from the mutant vines, but directly extended his right hand, which already had long sharp black nails, he expressionlessly plunged into the top of her head and quickly pulled out an irregular crystal.

Looking at this crystal clear crystal that was different from others, Ye Tianyi wasn’t surprised, but instead said with understanding: “So it’s a shape-shifting crystal core.” The shapeshifting core was different from the core of other abilities, not spherical, but an irregular crystal.

Ever since the last encounter with a peak fourth-rank mutant tree, Ye Tianyi no longer acted with overconfidence, but with caution. Therefore, after he arrived not far from the survivor base in B City, he did not boldly blend into the base like he did before, but chose to poke around in a small survivor settlement outside the base.

As a result, he didn’t expect that after finding Mengjiawan, a small survivor settlement, he had an amazing harvest in this place.

In the end, he chose to stay in Mengjiawan.

During this period of time, the B city survivor base sent waves of ability users to investigate the situation in Mengjiawan, Ye Tianyi basically treated these ability users as prey, their crystal cores and zombie crystal cores were helpful to him and Ye Zi’s advancement, of course, they couldn’t be spared.

In these days in Mengjiawan, he also got a lot of information that he couldn’t get when he and Yezi lived alone away from the crowd, such as shape-shifting ability users, a rare type of ability.

Ye Tianyi also recalled when the zombies were sent to attack the survivor base in A city, a few mutant birds hovered over them, at first he was wondering why the mutant birds flew to the base, now it seemed that those were clearly shapeshifters! It was estimated that the senior management of the A city survivor base already knew that the zombie tide was because of him ……

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