Mengjiawan was just an ordinary bay next to B city, outside was a concrete road, a car or even could barely pass the width. Going further inside, there were only dirt roads, and when it rained, it was a little muddy.

But even so, Mengjiawan also had a lot of rich households, the houses were very elegant. Of course, there were rich households who could afford to live in the elegant houses, and naturally there were poor households who were still living in mud and dangerous houses, forming a stark contrast between the rich and the poor.

Mengjiawan was a rural town, unlike the city that the housing planning was neat and tidy, but according to the local infrastructure housing, the height of the houses were all different from person to person, without the slightest consideration of it being neat and beautiful as well as the spacing between buildings. Therefore, people who were not familiar with this place might really get lost.

After the end of the world, Mengjiawan also didn’t escape the calamity and most of the residents turned into zombies, although they were rural, they had TVs and everything, even poor people had radios, so the survivors of Mengjiawan were also clear about what was going on with the zombies.

However, the residents of Mengjiawan, who should have fled to the nearest survivor base in B City like other residents of the bay, surprisingly didn’t leave the area. It wasn’t that they couldn’t leave for any reason, but they didn’t want to leave here.

Because the place was very calm and peaceful ……

Mengjiawan was calm, there were no hissing of zombies, no mutant plant rampage, it was just like a paradise.

However, this weird calmness made the three people who just entered Mengjiawan a little uneasy.

The three people were two men and one woman, the leader was a serious middle-aged man followed by a black mutant dog at his feet, this mutant dog actually had three heads, with a hideous and fierce face, it was very similar to the legendary three-headed dog of hell.

Behind the middle-aged man was a dark and sturdy bald man, he looked quite large, but looked very naive, he looked very easy to bully. They were followed by an enchanting mature woman, she wasn’t very beautiful, but her figure and mature charm made her a very attractive woman.

The woman looked at Mengjiawan, which wasn’t much different from before the end of the world, her intuition made her frown and she said to the middle-aged man, “Captain, this Mengjiawan is really as wrong as Xiao Li said, do you want me to go up to the sky to take a look?” She was a mutant bird shifter, the best at flying to survey from the air.

The middle-aged man shook his head and said, “It’s better not to alarm the snake, let’s see what happens first.” They had sent people with mutant bird shifters, but they all perished, and finally ordered their strongest three people to take this task, it could be seen that the mutant bird shifters found nothing but also alarmed the snake.

After the captain spoke, the woman immediately stopped talking, the other man always stood four steps away from the captain, the distance between the footsteps showed no difference. From the walking movements of these three people, it could be seen that they were very strictly trained professionals, very good at detecting traces.

The captain patted the middle head of the three-headed dog that was following at his feet, and the fierce and ferocious-looking three-headed dog bowed its head slightly in the face of its master’s caress, and stuck out its tongue to lick its master’s palm.

The captain said to the three-headed dog, “Go ahead.”

The three-headed dog took a few steps forward in a very humane manner, sniffed around with its three heads, then all heads turned to look in the same direction and it ran in that direction with its legs.

The captain waved his hand to his two team members, “Follow!”

Under the leadership of the three-headed dog, these three ran very purposefully toward the bay, they were very careful, as if they were afraid that their whereabouts would be discovered.

But their caution was meaningless, because they had walked all the way, yet they hadn’t seen a living person, they also couldn’t feel the movement of anything.

The more they looked at this Mengjiawan, the more bizarre it really was…… the woman looked at a date tree growing in a certain courtyard, this date tree was very luxuriant, the tree also bore heavy large dates, the clear scent of dates scurried into her nostrils, it was extremely tempting.

The female shifter said to the naive man, “Silly big guy, deal with this tree.” She was definitely sure that this tree was a mutant tree, but what was unclear was why the mutant tree didn’t attack when they were within its domain?

The simple man really lived up to his size, with a few steps forward, he uprooted the very thick mutant date tree, but he moved very lightly, even as it was uprooted, his movement weren’t very big.

But for the simple man to be this mission, he definitely didn’t just have a strength ability, not only did his strength increase, his body became invulnerable.

The captain saw that the date tree didn’t attack even after it was uprooted, he couldn’t help but frown tightly, he didn’t think it was bad that the tree didn’t attack him, but it was very strange and weird.

He went over and carefully examined the strange mutant date tree once again, and found nothing, he didn’t know why it wasn’t the same as other aggressive mutant trees, but instead it looked like a normal tree.

This situation wasn’t the first.

For example, they encountered a mutant grass, tiny but tough, it liked to burrow into the pores of people to suck blood, but the mutant grass they encountered this time was exactly the same as the mutant grass outside Mengjiawan, but it refused to attack them, even if it was trampled to pieces.

They had seen strange, Mengjiawan mutant plants and zombie plants. They only collected some samples, and intended to return to the B city survivor base to the research institute to study it properly.

Finally, three people and a dog walked past the dozen or so homes outside of Mengjiawan, turned a corner, and entered the inside of Mengjiawan.


After the turn, was a very large artificial pond, the pond’s water was very dark, apparently also polluted, the pond was surrounded by a row of very old guardrails, there was a long ladder all the way to the shore under the water, built with a huge slab of green stone, it was very wide. This place was where the residents of Mengjiawan pounded and washed their clothes at the edge of the pond.

Three eyes casually swept to the warning sign with the words ‘Beware of the water depth’ written on the side, which had been stripped of its paint colour, but was still vaguely recognisable.

The three-headed dog bypassed the artificial lake and continued to walk towards the inside of Mengjiawan, with the three ability users following behind it.

Just before they reached the entrance of a pathway, the three stopped in their tracks because they finally saw a living person in this weird Mengjiawan, although this living person was doing a very surprising thing – sun drying.

There was certainly nothing surprising about sun drying, before the end of the world, after worn clothes were washed, the washed clothes naturally had to be hung out to dry.

But, that was before the end of the world! And now, it was the post-apocalypse …… not to mention washing clothes, even washing your face with clean water, was a luxury that only a water ability user could do. So in this post-apocalyptic world, wouldn’t it be a surprising thing for someone to sun-dry their clothes? Especially since the clothes she was sun drying were still cleanly washed clothes, so it was clear that she washed them with clean water.

This rural woman with a basin of clothes and a stack of racks also noticed the three people standing at the entrance who were thinking whether to hide now or to ask about the situation from the only living person they had seen.

The rural woman didn’t defend against them, but greeted them with special enthusiasm: “Hey! You came from outside the countryside to take refuge?”

She spoke in a dialect, the three people had a bit of difficulty understanding her, they could only hazily guess what she meant, and quickly smiled and nodded: “Yes, the three of us heard that there were no zombies in Mengjiawan, so we all wanted to ……”

Who knew that the rural woman who had just been quite hospitable to them suddenly frowned and said sternly: “What are you talking about? Get out! Get out! Get out!” She was enthusiastic but not stupid, and naturally she knew that there were zombies everywhere outside yet Mengjiawan didn’t have zombies, this unusual situation would probably bring Mengjiawan to its doom.

However, the rural woman’s appearance of ‘not wanting to say much but there is definitely a story behind it’ made the three people even more curious.

This time, in the face of the rural women who suddenly turned against them, the person who came forward to deal with her wasn’t the middle-aged captain, but the simple and honest man with a face that looked easy to bully.

Although the simple man was large, giving a very strong sense of physical oppression, his face was enough to make people believe his words more.

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