It wasn’t clear what means Ye Tianyi used to escape, but looking at his reaction, the identity of his zombie was basically confirmed.

Thinking of Ye Tianyi’s identity, Young Master Xiao said with a cold face, “Go and get Su Ming!” Originally, the ability user he sent was only secretly monitoring Su Ming’s every move, trying to get the secret of Su Tianyun’s cultivation of fresh vegetables and fruits from him.

The Xiao family secretly prepared the institute.

Young master Xiao looked at his former lover lying on the dissecting table with a blank expression and no mercy.

Su Tianyun struggled to open his eyes and looked at Young Master Xiao with hatred, barely grimacing and making a nagging sound: “Kill me, and you’ll never know my secret.” He was reborn ten years after the end of the world, and his desire for life was incomparably strong, so even though he had fallen to this point, he didn’t want to die. He knew very well that if he told the secret of the Jade Space, he would no longer have any use, and there would only be death waiting for him.

Young Master Xiao did not press Su Tianyun about the secret of growing fresh fruits and vegetables this time like before, he said indifferently, “Ye Tianyi is a zombie, do you know that?”.

When Su Tianyun heard this, his pupils shrank slightly, not daring to believe it.

A zombie? Ye Tianyi was a zombie? How could he be a zombie when he looked just like a human? No, he obviously threw him downstairs and saw him bitten by a zombie before, but Ye Tianyi hadn’t fully awakened his powers yet, so he should have turned into a zombie.

Could it be that what young master Xiao said was true, Ye Tianyi really turned into a zombie? Or the legendary …… zombie king!

After the word “zombie king” appeared in his mind, Su Tianyun could not help but recall the memories that he did not want to recall even if he died.

In his previous life, he and his father, Su Ming, and brother, Su Tianyu, had been staying in C city, where the C city survivor base was much smaller than the A city survivor base and not as strong as the A city survivor base. Therefore, when the zombie king attacked the C City base with his zombie army, countless high-level zombies were the zombie king’s thugs, and the ability users in the base couldn’t support them at all, and in the end, even water-based ability users who had little offensive power and generally only did logistics were sent to the battlefield.

The tenth-ranked fire ability user zombie king looked just like a normal human being, but his scarlet pupils made it clear that he was a zombie. The tenth stage of the zombie king’s strength was extremely powerful. Before the zombie king didn’t attack, the C-city survivor base could still hold on for a while, but after it attacked, the defenses almost collapsed at the first touch. It was the arrival of reinforcements from the City A Survivor Base that saved the City C Survivor Base from total annihilation.

Su Tianyun still remembered the scene when Ye Tianyi, who was the strongest survivor of the A-city survivor base and the strongest ability user in the country, fought against the tenth-ranked zombie king. The high-level zombies around them were turned into flying ash by the after-effects of the battle, and large areas of land were smashed into deep craters by the zombie king’s fire ability and Ye Tianyi’s lightning power, and large forests of mutant plants were razed to the ground ……

The grand scenes that could only be seen in movies before the end of the world appeared in front of the eyes, which was extremely shocking. When Su Tianyun saw Ye Tianyi’s powerful power, he felt jealousy and resentment in comparison to his own weak fourth-tier water ability, which lasted until his rebirth at …….

A zombie that could look almost as complete as a human was definitely a zombie king, but in his previous life, it took almost ten years for the zombie king to advance to the tenth rank. Now that the end of the world had just started for half a year. if Ye Tianyi was a zombie, how could he have advanced so fast? If Ye Tianyi wasn’t a tenth-ranked zombie king by now, how could he keep his human appearance intact?


A confused Su Tianyun struggled to open his mouth and asked, “How do you know …… Ye Tianyi …… is a zombie?”

Young Master Xiao didn’t tell Su Tianyun why, but only said, “The identity of Ye Tianyi being a zombie can’t be wrong.” The female psychic’s abilities were useful in distinguishing between zombies and humans.

After receiving a definite answer, Su Tianyun laughed in a low voice and didn’t stop even when he was laughing so hard that his body was in severe pain from his wounds.

Young Master Xiao asked in confusion, “What are you laughing at?”

Su Tianyun slowly stopped laughing, the wounds on his body had collapsed, and he closed his eyes tiredly, no longer paying attention to Young Master Xiao.

He didn’t expect that his rebirth would result in such a result!

In his previous life, Ye Tianyi was powerful enough to rival the zombie king, and it was with him that he reached a temporary peace agreement with the zombie king, giving humans a chance to breathe. Now after Su Tianyun was reborn, his jealousy towards Ye Tianyi, his half-brother, he threw him into the zombie herd, resulting in the creation of another, more powerful zombie king ……

Although Su Tianyun didn’t know how Ye Tianyi became no different from a normal person so quickly, he wqs sure that even if Ye Tianyi became a zombie, he must have awakened the mental ability, spatial ability and lightning ability, and three supernormal abilities, which was even more powerful than the former King of the zombies with dual abilities of gold and fire …… But this time, there was a less human side like the former Ye Tianyi. The zombie side of that strong man, the zombie side had an even more powerful zombie king.

His rebirth may well have cut off the last chance of survival for mankind …… If mankind had not been born strong enough to rival the zombie king, then mankind’s demise would have been foreseeable.

The zombie king’s strength was definitely not something that could be resisted by the current technological strength of mankind unless there were ability users of the same level to fight against the zombie king. And because zombies were born with strong control over their abilities, their strength was usually higher than that of people of the same level, and the same level of mono-series abilities were still not the opponent of the zombie king.

If Ye Tianyi hadn’t been a tenth-ranked ability user, it was not certain that he and a tenth-ranked zombie king could have fought evenly. But in this world, Ye Tianyi became a zombie, a triple-ability zombie king ……

Su Tianyun’s emotions at this time were extremely complex, both in terms of the guilt that he may have cut off the last hope of mankind because of his own evil thoughts and in terms of the pleasure that he could drag all mankind to his grave even though he has ended up in such a state. This contradictory mood made him finally keep silent to Young Master Xiao and say nothing.


Young Master Xiao got nothing from him, so he turned to the captured Su Ming and pressed him.

Su Ming was not a hard-headed person, and after being taken care of, he immediately said everything.

But Su Ming didn’t know much, he only knew that Su Tianyun had awakened his prophetic and water powers before the end of time, and then asked him to gather supplies and go to the Ye family to ask Ye Tianyi for the Jade, after which Su Tianyun awakened his spatial abilities.

When he heard these clues from Su Ming’s confession, young master Xiao’s heart moved, “Jade?”

He remembered the Guanyin statue he had seen on his chest when he was tossing clouds and rain with Su Tianyun, but now it had disappeared from Su Tianyun’s chest. Before, Su Tianyun had perfunctorily told him that it was a tattoo, but now how could he have the conditions to wash it off?


What was the relationship between that Goddess of Mercy statue and the Jade Goddess of Mercy that Su Ming mentioned? There was also the spatial ability that Su Tianyun awakened after obtaining the Jade Goddess of Mercy …… These clues made Young Master Xiao think about his personal space.

…… The thought of a portable space that could be planted made Young Master Xiao’s heart aflame.

Just thinking about Su Tianyun’s situation, the Guanyin Tattoo has disappeared, and he couldn’t fulfill his contract to supply fresh fruits and vegetables, so his space must have disappeared or been taken away …….

Young Master Xiao wasn’t too old, and always liked to read unrealistic Internet novels, so his brain was a bit big, and he unknowingly deduced the truth without realizing it. However, his father, Admiral Xiao, was a very old-fashioned person, and he only found these speculations absurd.

General Xiao said, “You should read fewer useless books in the future. How can something as unscientific as personal space exist? Su Tianyun must have awakened some unknown ability to grow fresh fruits and vegetables!

Young Master Xiao was righteous: “Is portable space unscientific? What about zombie science? Is Isotope Science? End Times Science? Even post-apocalyptic zombie powers have appeared, and there may be such treasures as personal space.”

Admiral Xiao was speechless, so he had no choice but to blow the man out of the room: “Even if there is, what’s the use? I’m afraid it’s in the hands of that Ye Tianyi.”

Young Master Xiao left helplessly, he really didn’t have the ability to take it, Ye Tianyi’s strength was too strong.

After he was blown out by his father, he turned to go find Su Tianyun again, and he still had a little hope that maybe the Jade Goddess was still with Su Tianyun, and even if it wasn’t, he could still get some news from Su Tianyun.

At this time, the two men guarding Su Ming came over and asked, “Young Master, what about that man?”

Young Master Xiao was in a bad mood. He glanced casually at Su Ming who was like a dead dog after being punished. He said with indifference, “Send it there to keep Su Tianyun company. Anyway, there is just a shortage of people now. “

After saying that, he strode away.

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