Ye Tianyi indifferently said, “Oh, then you’re really pitiful, but what does it have to do with me?”

If he could try to kill him for money before the end of time, if he could throw him into a herd of zombies with Su Tianyun on the first day of the end of time, and now he had the face to come to him for asylum?

Ye Tianyi looked at Su Ming coldly, was he not clear in his head or did he think he was a wronged person?

Ye Tianyi’s indifferent words made Su Ming, who was crying, pale, and he couldn’t play the affection card anymore, so he used coercion: “Ye Tianyi, no matter what, I’m your real father, how can you ignore me?”

Ye Tianyi snorted, “Didn’t you say that we had severed the father-son relationship, those fathers and sons who were close before the end of the world can go their separate ways, let alone us.”

It hadn’t been too long since the end of the world began, but there had been a few incidents of bartering, though it wasn’t common.

He coldly said, “Tell me, what happened to Su Tianyun?”

Something must have happened to Su Tianyun, or else why would Su Ming come to him after so many days without food? And so sneakily.

Su Ming’s body stiffened, but looking at Ye Tianyi’s cold expression, he chose to tell the truth: “Tianyun was captured by the Xiao family, they said he was detained for violating the contract. However, I heard that he was taken into the lab because Tianyun’s spatial abilities are different from others.”

He didn’t care where Su Ming got the news from, he reckoned it was basically true that Su Tianyun lived a prosperous life, and the Jade Guanyin space contributed to it.

He saw so many fresh fruits and vegetables in the space, plus heard that Su Tianyun often ate fresh fruits and vegetables, and most of the soil in the base was polluted, fresh fruits and vegetables were difficult to grow …… These clues, allowed Ye Tianyi to slowly work things out, the Xiao family was so important to Su Tianyun, certainly not because young master Xiao was deeply affectionate towards Su Tianyun! It was probably for those fresh fruits and vegetables. The contract Su Ming mentioned should be a contract between Su Tianyun and the Xiao family to provide fresh fruits and vegetables, but he took away the Jade space, Su Tianyun could not provide fresh fruits and vegetables, and the Xiao family noticed something strange, so they chose to use human research.

He didn’t know if human body research existed before the end of the world or if it started after the end of the world, but at least it existed now, otherwise, the Xiao family wouldn’t have researched the chemicals and other things they used to recruit people with different abilities so quickly.

Nowadays, all space ability users weren’t that useful, but Su Tianyun’s space could grow fruits and vegetables, which was indeed of great research value, and the Xiao family wasn’t surprised that Su Tianyun was doing it. Unfortunately, they never expected that Su Tianyun’s space came from the Jade, and now he had taken it away from him.

Su Tianyun fell into the Xiao family’s research institute, and he would probably end up in a fate worse than death.

Ye Tianyi didn’t bother to break into the institute just to kill Su Tianyun, and he was happy that he was living a life worse than death.

After he got enough information out of Su Ming, he mercilessly threw him out.

The commotion wasn’t small, and it attracted the attention of those watching outside. Su Ming didn’t dare to dwell on it, lowered his broken hat, and hurriedly fled, but the few watchful ability users looked at each other, and one of them quickly followed.


Ye Tianyi used his mental energy to ‘see’ that the ability user monitoring his residence had followed Su Ming, smirked, then bent down, picked up the little leaf that had rubbed against his leg, and murmured in a low voice, “Seeing that they’re having a bad time, I’m letting go. It’s also time for us to leave the base ……”

He and Little leaf, one of them was a high-level zombie and the other was a mutant beast, neither of them were existences that could stay in the base for long.

Especially him! Little Leaf was fine, he was a well-behaved mutant beast with a master, not a zombie beast, and the people at the base could still accept him. But he was a zombie, and once his identity was discovered, he would be hunted. Moreover, Ye Tianyi found that he was particularly sensitive to the smell of fresh human flesh after staying in crowded places for a long time, and sometimes even couldn’t help but look at the living people with eager eyes. ……

He knew that he was a zombie with zombie instincts at work.

No matter how similar he looked to a human, no matter if he had memories from when he was human or not, he was a zombie after all, and his zombie instincts made him suppress it very hard.

Ye Tianyi was a very sensible person, and since he had a different identity, it would be more beneficial for him to break away from the crowd and enter the city to live among the zombies.

He was a man who could stand loneliness and had enough patience, not to mention the fact that he still had his only trusted little leaf by his side.

After Ye Tianyi made up his mind, he put everything he needed to take with him in the rental room into the space, and then he took Little Leaf in his arms and headed out.

He turned a blind eye to the ability users watching him outside, and walked directly toward the base gate.

They had already heard from Young Master Xiao that Ye Tianyi’s ability level was much higher than theirs, and he would definitely find them. But as long as they didn’t get too close and just paid attention to Ye Tianyi’s entry and exit, and didn’t do anything else, there should be no danger.

But when Ye Tianyi went out for the first time in so many days, he should have found them already, so why did he ignore them? Or, pretend not to notice them?

One of those ability users went to inform young master Xiao, and the rest quietly followed, far behind Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi was simply too lazy to pay attention to them. Anyway, when he went out of the base and entered the city, they couldn’t track him even if they wanted to. 

At the same time, Young Master Xiao was in contact with a female ability user dug from Commander Jiang’s side, and when she heard the news about Ye Tianyi going out, the female ability user smiled and said: “I heard that the level of this Ye Tianyi is very high? Why don’t I go meet him for a while?”

She was very confident because although her ability level was only at the peak of the second stage, it was comparable to that of a third stage person due to the special nature of her abilities. She would not have been loyal to the Xiao family if they had not spent a big price on her. But since she decided to get on board the Xiao family’s ship, of course, she had to show her strength and increase her value.

She had heard of Ye Tianyi, a high-ranking supernatural being that Young Master Xiao attached great importance to, and no one knew how high his rank was, but she estimated that it was only at the lower third rank, so she was confident that she could deal with him.


   After hearing her words, Young Master Xiao’s eyes lit up, he agreed.

It was a pity that he didn’t have any useful people at his disposal, and the news that the woman had defected to the Xiao family hadn’t spread yet, so asking her to kill Ye Tianyi, regardless of whether she succeeded or not, would be beneficial to the Xiao family.

If it worked, it would remove a powerful potential enemy; if it didn’t, the Xiao family could use the fact that the woman was still nominally Commander Jiang’s person to recruit Ye Tianyi, and even if it didn’t, it would make the Jiang family more powerful enemies.

In the end, when he caught up with Ye Tianyi, who was not yet able to leave the base with the female psychic, the female psychic suddenly stared at Ye Tianyi with extremely frightened eyes and screamed: “Ah – zombie! He’s a zombie!!!”

Ye Tianyi also instinctively felt a sense of crisis the moment the female ability user appeared, as a result, he immediately heard her scream. He didn’t hesitate, didn’t even look back, and rushed to the base gate as fast as he could.

However, the base gate was designed to defend against the zombie hordes, and it was made of the best electric door material, and one of its biggest advantages was that it closed very fast. Ye Tianyi was unable to escape before the gate closed.

Young Master Xiao knew what the female’s power was, since she said Ye Tianyi was a zombie, and Ye Tianyi fled after hearing her scream, he has basically confirmed Ye Tianyi’s zombie identity. He immediately ordered all the ordinary people around him to evacuate, aimed their weapons at Ye Tianyi and attacked him, and the ability user must also attack him, or be punished for treason.

No matter which faction the ability users were from, they were all humans, and all of them chose to work together when facing the zombies. Despite the doubts in many people’s minds – how did a zombie get into the base and become so human-like?

Ye Tianyi looked up at the people coming at him, never expecting that they could really attack him without caring about the safety of the humans in the base, even if they hurt the innocents.

He put the little leaf that wanted to transform into his space and then dodged their bombardment range with an instantaneous movement.

He advanced to the fourth level, and after his spatial abilities absorbed the Jade space, he had an additional ability of instantaneous movement. This was also why he was not afraid in the slightest. Ye Tianyi looked at the city wall that was close to his eyes, just one more instantaneous movement and he could leave this place.

Ye Tianyi controlled the lightning ability to bombard the ability users who attacked him and looked back at the female ability user beside Young Master Xiao, a trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes. Why was this woman able to see through his disguise?

However, he looked at the more than a hundred ability users gathered around Young Master Xiao, and finally gave up on the idea of rushing back to kill the female. There would be plenty of opportunities to get rid of that woman in the future.

Ye Tianyi disappeared from the base with a single instant.

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