The heartbreaking despair made Ye Tianyi’s entire heart feel as if it was being gripped so tightly that he couldn’t breathe.

But at this time, he suddenly realized that the jade pendant hanging on his chest was his Jade Goddess of Mercy.

His Jade Goddess of Mercy was not taken by Su Tianyun?

Ye Tianyi could no longer care about this and as if he had a life-saving treasure in his hand, he held the Jade Goddess of Mercy in his hand …… Just what could he do to get the space and the spiritual spring?

How did Su Tianyun awaken the Space? He had no idea!

After regaining hope and then suddenly plunging into despair, Ye Tianyi now felt the body of little leaf in his arms was completely cold, he reached out with a trembling hand to touch its heartbeat, a calm ……

Ye Tianyi kept this movement with a blank expression, and after an unknown period of time, he suddenly moved – he viciously slammed the jade in his hand towards the ground!

If it couldn’t save Little Leaf, what was the use of the Jade Goddess of Mercy? Might as well destroy it!

The moment the Jade shattered, a white light flashed ……

Ye Tianyi suddenly opened his eyes, looking at the snow-white wall in front of him, still a little unable to regain consciousness, this was not the suburb he had just been carried to by Little Leaf, but the rental house he entered in cultivation …… He turned his head to look at his side, indeed, Little Leaf was lying beside him in cultivation, four tails wagging rhythmically around.

He had unconsciously removed his hands from the statue at the bottom of his neck, and the voice in his head reciting the chants had disappeared.

Ye Tianyi couldn’t care less about continuing his cultivation, he was too busy hugging little leaf in his arms, feeling the real entity of little leaf in his arms before his heart gradually relaxed.

Little leaf was pulled out of its cultivation state and looked at its master strangely, seeing that the master was only soothingly smoothing its fur without saying anything, it peacefully laid down in the master’s arms with its eyes closed and slept.

Before the end of the world came, its owner had been holding it and smoothing its fur for a long time, so it was used to it and did not feel surprised.

Ye Tianyi sat on the bed in a daze, holding little leaf in his arms, and looked at the snow-white wall in front of him without focus, remembering the dream in his mind, with the feeling of despair still in his heart.

His heart had stopped beating long ago, but the pain of his heart gripping tightly still made him feel the same.

This feeling was so real that he didn’t want to believe that it was just a dream.

Moreover, he was already a zombie that couldn’t sleep or dream, and every time humans slept at night, it was the most active time for zombies. Because of their yin nature, zombies prefer nights without sun.

A zombie was considered a living dead person, without all the physiological functions of a living person.

He had no heartbeat, no respiration, no body temperature …… and no life features that a living person should have, so he couldn’t sleep and couldn’t dream.

Therefore, Ye Tianyi decided that the bizarre dream he had experienced before – let’s call it a dream for the time being – was definitely not a real dream, but another kind of future.

Ye Tianyi was a very smart person, and he was also very good at making associations, immediately associating the situation in the previous dream with the possible future.


In that bizarre dream, he was an ability user who had not mutated into a zombie, and his powers were still those of a third-tier ability user, he had lightning, spirit, and space abilities, but he was still only a third-tier intermediate peak ability user.

Little Leaf, on the other hand, was still a two-tailed first-ranked advanced mutant cat.

The abandoned warehouse where they were trapped looked to be one of the abandoned warehouses in the southern part of City A. There were a few iconic and famous stores in the area where he and Little Leaf had gone, so it was easy to guess where the street was.

He and Little leaf were supposed to come out of the south side of the city toward the survivor base, unlike in reality when he and Little leaf came out of the east side of the city.

In reality, if he wasn’t a high-ranking zombie, he wouldn’t have been able to make the tens of thousands of zombies give way to a safe passage.

In the dream, neither he nor Little Leaf could make the tens of thousands of zombies give way, so it was normal to take a detour to the south of the city. In reality, many of the survivors who came to the base were walking from the south of the city, where there were many zombies, but they were very scattered, especially the streets and alleys, which were very suitable for running away from the zombies.

In the dream, he didn’t know why he was alone with Little Leaf on the road, or why he was trapped in an abandoned warehouse by a horde of zombies, which resulted in Little leaf having to fight to the death to save him.

If in reality he hadn’t been killed by Su Tianyun and turned into a zombie, but was just an ability user, he might have had to go through the scenario in his dream, or maybe Little Leaf would really have died to save him.

Ye Tianyi guessed this, and couldn’t help but sneer in his heart, so it seemed, he might have to thank Su Tianyun.

In this end of the world, it was true that it was much easier to be a zombie than a human, but as time went by, who knew if the now disadvantaged humans would make a comeback?

But it was more likely that the human race would disappear from this world.

Ye Tianyi put aside the inexplicable thoughts in his mind, sighed slightly in his heart, and hugged little leaf in his arms tightly.

Although it might have been a dream prophecy, a possibility of future development that had nothing to do with reality, he did experience the pain of losing Little Leaf once.

Ye Tianyi looked into little leaf’s silly sapphire blue eyes for a long while, smiled gently, and gently printed a kiss on its forehead: “It’s okay, go back to sleep.”

Little leaf stretched out its little tongue and licked his cheek, but this time Ye Tianyi did not reach out to wipe his damp licked cheek again, and his eyes became even more gentle.

Perhaps, that dream was not some accident …… Ye Tianyi touched the Guanyin statue on his body and thought carelessly.

It wasn’t important anymore, regardless of whether the dream was the ghost of the mysterious Jade Guanyin or not, he had already made sure of one thing – Little Leaf was really very important to him, he would try to become stronger and protect Little Leaf, at least not to the point of being protected by Little Leaf with his life, that would hurt him too much as a master …….


After experiencing that dream, Ye Tianyi had never neglected little leaf for the sake of practising these days, and he had become a cat slave.

In the past few days, he has been playing with his cat with a teaser stick, when there was a knock on the door outside, he didn’t bother to get up to open the door.

Su Ming’s current state was quite bad, it was simply worse than the group of refugees waiting to die in the D district, and if Ye Tianyi didn’t know him quite well, he couldn’t help but notice that such a poor person was the original glorious Su Ming.

Ye Tianyi was curious as to what this guy had done to get to this point, but he already had a suspicion in his heart that it was probably related to Su Tianyun’s disappearance.

In other words, the fact that Su Ming had ended up in this situation was probably indirectly caused by Ye Tianyi, and Ye Tianyi felt a bit happy.

He had to get the truth from Su Ming to confirm his suspicions before he could feel even better.

After the door was opened, Su Ming looked at Ye Tianyi’s face as if he was having a good time, and his eyes flashed with jealousy, but he was happier.

Su Ming immediately squeezed into the room through the open doorway.

He was so dirty that Ye Tianyi couldn’t help but take a step backward, not wanting to get up close and personal with his dirt, which gave him the opportunity to enter the house.

Ye Tianyi saw that Su Ming had already entered the room, so he didn’t bother to kick him out again, but listened to what the guy had to say first.

He casually closed the door of the room and asked, “Tell me, what are you looking for me for?”

He did not ask Su Ming how he came to this state.

This made Su Ming, who wanted to wait for Ye Tianyi to take the initiative to ask and then cry about his miserable situation, a little accosted, but since he had come to Ye Tianyi, he had naturally exercised making his skin thicker than the walls of a city, and he cried to Ye Tianyi, one tear after another. “Tianyun awakened his spatial ability, so all their supplies were put in his space, I only had a little bit of food on hand, not enough to eat, and could not afford the rent, so I had to go to the D district to live for a period of time ……”.

Then he cried how miserable his days in D District were, but he didn’t have the heart to bring trouble to Ye Tianyi. Eventually, he couldn’t hold on for many days because he had eaten all the food.

After listening, it went into Ye Tianyi’s left ear and came out of his right ear, he didn’t take it to heart at all.

If he took Su Ming’s words seriously, he would be the No. 1 fool in the sky.

These days there were always people watching around where he lived, but after he appeared, those who monitored left immediately, Ye Tianyi became suspicious.

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