Ye Tianyi took another close look at the jade guanyin and found that the impurities in it were gone, so he stuffed the jade guanyin back into his clothes.

  He got up to go check on the little leaf on the bed, but suddenly felt dizzy, he braced the back of the chair to barely stand still, and shook his head, and there was already a heavy shadow in front of him.

  Had he been sitting for too long?

  He stroked his forehead, but his hands felt hot and feverish….

  He wondered in a trance: why hadn’t the old butler come to call him for lunch today?

  Then he fell to the floor and fainted, his face red from fever.

  It wasn’t until the sky completely darkened that the deadly silence was broken, and the door was opened from the outside, and then two people came in.

  These two people were precisely Su Ming and Su Tianyun who should have left the Ye family.

  After Su Tianyun saw the unconscious Ye Tianyi, his face flashed with joy as he quickly stepped forward to pull the jade guanyin off of Ye Tianyi’s neck.

  He looked at the exquisitely carved and crystal clear Jade Guanyin in his hand, the smile on his face couldn’t be concealed even if he wanted to, he couldn’t help laughing a few times to express his joy.

  This treasure had finally arrived in his hands, and with it, the end world would surely become his paradise!

  Su Ming also curiously leaned over to take a look at the Jade Goddess of Mercy, and when he saw the Jade Goddess of Mercy, he said somewhat strangely, “Why does it feel like this Jade Goddess of Mercy has become a bit better looking?”

  He still remembered that when he bought this jade guanyin more than twenty years ago, the jade wasn’t in good condition, now it seems that it’s completely a fine jade carving piece.

  Su Tianyun casually picked up, “Maybe you remembered wrongly.”

  Such a good treasure should look so exquisite.

  Su Ming poked around without a trace, “I have quite a few jade guanyin like this, why do you have to have this one from Ye Tianyi?”

  Su Tianyun gave him a wary glance, then pretended not to care much, “I just wanted to rob Ye Tianyi, why are you asking so much?” After saying that, he impatiently looked at the unconscious Ye Tianyi.

  Su Ming didn’t ask any more questions, but Su Tianyun who lowered his head didn’t see the flicker of uncertainty flash in his eyes.

  Su Tianyun looked at the feverishly unconscious Ye Tianyi and said to Su Ming, “How is he going to handle it?”

  Su Ming’s gaze landed on the red-hot Ye Tianyi’s face and coldly said, “What do you care what he does? He might just turn into a zombie, let’s get out of here.”

    ”Go?” Su Tianyun wasn’t as kind as Su Ming, but he knew that Ye Tianyi’s fever wouldn’t turn him into a zombie, but instead he had awakened the Thunder, Space, and Spiritual powers, and once awakened, he was a third-tier supernatural being that far surpassed others.

  Su Tianyun looked at the unconscious Ye Tianyi, then looked at the huge floor window, reached out and dragged Ye Tianyi to the floor window, he looked through the window to the shrieking zombies outside, sneered and opened the window, then kicked Ye Tianyi down.

  Originally the Ye family’s feverish maids had all taken their leave and were not here, leaving only an old housekeeper and Aunt Li, there shouldn’t be too many zombies in the Ye family.

  But Ye Tianyi’s awakening supernatural powers were too powerful.

  The time when an ability awakened was also the most dangerous time, because at that time the supernormal ability didn’t have the slightest ability to resist, and the breath emitted from the awakening would crazily attract the zombies, so the supernormal ability could either awaken in a safe place, or strong people could help guard it, or else they would usually only lose their lives to the zombies without any resistance.

  Originally it was safe for Ye Tianyi to awaken his abilities in his room on the second floor, because the early end times zombies with stiff limbs and slow mobility had no way to pose a threat to him except for a few shrieks around the small pond garden downstairs.

  But it was partial that Su Tianyun was reborn from ten years after the end of the world, he knew when Ye Tianyi awakened his abilities, and even more so, he knew what kind of abilities Ye Tianyi awakened, so he very viciously threw Ye Tianyi down from the upper floor.

  The distance from the second floor to the bottom of the building wasn’t too high, so as long as the fall wasn’t head on the ground, there wouldn’t be any fear for his life.

  But the problem was that Ye Tianyi was now awakening his abilities and was still unconscious, and there was a group of zombies coveting his flesh and blood not far downstairs….


  The zombies ran towards Ye Tianyi, who had been thrown down the stairs, and although they needed to bypass a small pond halfway through, it didn’t hinder their desire for delicious food.

  Su Tianyun just stood upstairs condescendingly coldly watching the scene with a twisted sense of pleasure.

  Ye Tianyi, Ye Tianyi, have you ever thought that once you thought it would be too dirty to look at me, but today you were sent to the zombies with my own hands, it is me, the brother you have never looked at in the eye?

  The only third-ranked supernatural being capable of fighting the zombie king? The savior of mankind?

  You won’t get any of this glory, Ye Tianyi! It’s all about to belong to me, Su Tianyun. Haha!

  Su Tianyun watched as the first zombie that ran the fastest jumped on Ye Tianyi’s body, and only after making sure that the zombie had bitten Ye Tianyi’s arm did he turn to Su Ming in satisfaction, “Let’s go.”

  As soon as Su Tianyun turned around, Su Ming, who was originally in a state of shock and fear, quickly changed back to his original appearance.

  Hearing Su Tianyun’s words, Su Ming nodded silently.

  He followed behind Su Tianyun and left this room, but his heart stirred up waves of shock.

  When exactly had this youngest son of his, who had been a mediocre and obedient child, become so terrifying?

  Oh yes, it was yesterday when he told him that he had gained prophetic abilities and water powers, and after foretelling the end times….

  Su Ming indifferently looked at Su Tianyun’s back and silently began to calculate his retreat in his heart.

  Such a ruthless young son, and the many secrets that the youngest son was hiding… were enough to prove that this youngest son wasn’t reliable, and he had to prepare a way out for himself.

  Su Ming and Su Tianyun who left from the front never expected that Ye Tianyi, who they thought would definitely be eaten by zombies, would suddenly explode with a deep purple lightning bolt when they had just left the room, the zombie that had bitten him a few times was turned into charcoal by the lightning bolt, and the remaining zombies also stopped in fear because of the electric snake that was moving around Ye Tianyi’s body.

  For the zombies, lightning was the energy they feared the most.

After the electric snake gradually disappeared into Ye Tianyi’s body, Ye Tianyi, who was originally lying on the ground like a dead corpse, slowly moved….

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