Su Tianyun and young master Xiao escaped from the factory under the escort of several guards, but before they could escape far away, a dark shadow in the factory sprang out and blocked their way.

It was a male zombie wearing old, dirty, unrecognizable overalls, with all of its body and limbs intact, except that half of its face was greenish-gray and intact, and half of it was rotting with worms.

The two eyes – the intact half of the face was the same scarlet red as other zombies, the decayed half of the face had a black hole, there were a few white insects going in and out, it looked extremely disgusting.

Before in the dark factory, they couldn’t see the true face of this third-rank zombie, the crowd did not feel anything, but now under the sunlight, the insects crawling in and out, the decaying black skin was clear, so disgusting that people wanted to lie down on one side and vomit.

But at this life-threatening juncture, no one would waste precious time fleeing for this trivial matter.

They panicked and scrambled in all directions, but the third-rank zombie always stopped them at the end, teasing them like a cat teasing a mouse.

Young Master Xiao also saw the attitude of this third-rank zombie and gritted his teeth in hatred, “Fight it!”

While Young Master Xiao and Su Tianyun were fighting for their lives against the third-rank zombie, Ye Tianyi rested and stood at a distance, puzzled.

This zombie’s level was only 3rd rank low level, but something was very wrong, its intelligence was not low, it was reasonable to say that a zombie that had only evolved to the 3rd rank, with the exception of himself, other ordinary zombies should not have such high intelligence.

But Ye Tianyi wasn’t very concerned about this matter, because this third-rank zombie might not be low in intelligence, but it wasn’t very high either, it was similar to a child around ten years old. And it was also possible that the zombie’s intelligence would increase dramatically when it broke through from the third to the fourth stage, and his estimation might not be right, after all, it was the first time he had seen a third rank zombie other than him.

It had only been half a month since the end of the world yet it had evolve to the third rank, this zombie was good, Ye Tianyi began to consider whether he should control it or not, it was also an additional competent little brother.

Although he was a high ranked zombie, he could always control the lower-ranked zombies for his use, but those were just small soldiers, this zombie was a general.

After thinking, he took advantage of the fact that the third-ranked zombie was dealing with the attacks of a few second-ranked supernaturals like Young Master Xiao and others, and his mental energy quietly probed over ……

It was just a sudden change, his mental energy had just touched that third rank zombie, the zombie that was just chasing the group of people started coming towards him.

Don’t come at me, little brother zombie! We’re the same kind!

Unfortunately, this zombie would not be able to reach Ye Tianyi’s compatriot love, it came at him like it had found an enemy.

Originally, Young master Xiao, who had been supporting very hard, suddenly had no pressure, and all of them were going to fight to the death. As a result, the situation was that the strong enemy ran away, stunning everyone, but they wouldn’t waste the perfect opportunity to escape, and they couldn’t control whether the zombie would suddenly come back.

They didn’t even look at the third-rank zombie anymore, they just ran to the car and drove away without even daring to look back.


At this time, Ye Tianyi was also up against this third-ranked zombie with an unsightly appearance.

This zombie was an ice ability zombie, third-rank low level.

Facing a third-rank advanced Ye Tianyi, it was properly a food delivery.

But after fighting with this third-ranked zombie, Ye Tianyi also found a problem, this zombie’s abilities seemed to be very unstable, it was often dumb when trying to come closer, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to take it down so quickly, and the few ability users that had just faced it wouldn’t have been able to fight it for so long.

This zombie was definitely not at the level that a normal third-tier zombie should be, what was going on?

And how was it that this one zombie was willing to abandon the tempting ability users regardless, and instead come against the same kind of zombie?

There must be something wrong with this third-rank zombie that evolved far faster than other zombies.

However, Ye Tianyi also realized something, although he had mental abilities, it was easy to control low-level zombies, but it was not easy to control zombies of the same level, didn’t he just fail to control it?

Ye Tianyi dug open the third rank zombie’s head and took out the crystal nucleus from it.

This crystal nucleus was not as crystal clear as the nucleus he had taken from a zombie’s brain before, instead, it was a bit cloudy, like a piece of glaze that had failed to burn, it was obvious that the energy in this nucleus was mottled and not suitable for absorption.

He had originally wanted to take this third-rank ice crystal core for Little Leaf to use for his third-rank advancement, but the result was really disappointing.



Ye Tianyi kicked the corpse of the third-rank zombie aside, and then raised his steps towards the inside of the factory, perhaps the reason why this zombie was so wrong could be found here.

The door of the factory was blown open by a grenade, the doorway was wide open, sunlight shone in, and the originally dark interior could be seen a bit more clearly.

Ye Tianyi stood at the door without going inside, his eyesight was excellent, he could see in the dark, and the scene inside was clear to his eyes.

It was no wonder that the factory had such a strong foul smell of decay, but it was because it was full of corpses, not just the corpses of the ability users who had just come in with Su Tianyun, but also the corpses that had already started to decay, most of which had black skeletons, and the black and long nails, which further indicated that these corpses were not humans, but zombies.

If these zombie corpses were found around one of the bases, Ye Tianyi wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.

But these corpses were found in the lair of the third rank zombie, something was wrong.

He didn’t think that an ability user could go to a third-rank zombie’s lair and kill low-ranked zombies, but strangely enough, the heads of these low-ranked zombies had been gouged out.

Curious, Ye Tianyi endured the filth and walked in, carefully examining the condition of these zombie corpses.

After looking at almost all of them once, he was able to understand them all.

Why was that third rank zombie’s energy so mottled, why were there so many zombie corpses here, and why did that third rank zombie give up ability users and come against his kind ……

Because it was a nucleus-eating zombie!

The heads of these zombie corpses had been gouged out, and judging by the marks, they were gouged out by the zombie’s claws, and some of them had even had half their heads bitten off.

Who else would do such a thing other than the third-rank zombie here?

Ye Tianyi guessed that it should be that this zombie didn’t know when it accidentally discovered that there were crystals in the brains of its own kind, and after eating them, it could also increase its strength. Compared to the humans who would run away in scarce numbers, the zombies who were stupid enough to let it dig up the nuclei were easier to get, so this zombie who got a sweet taste not only ate exotic balls and humans but also ate zombie nuclei.

No wonder there weren’t many evolved zombies around.

The third-ranked zombie had given up on the people rushing towards him before, because it sensed that he was not low ranked and coveted his crystal core, it never thought that it would get itself killed instead.

The zombies, on the other hand, relied on swallowing human flesh and blood and natural evolution to grow their strength.

This zombie that was spawned solely by the exotic crystal cores would of course have an unstable foundation.

Ye Tianyi left that bloody factory, took out the crystal nucleus that was dug out from the brain of the third-rank zombie, looked at the cloudiness inside the nucleus, and patted little leaf on his shoulder that followed him to have fun looking at the nucleus: “You have to be good and cultivate with me from now on, shortcuts are not that easy!”

Little leaf nodded its little head in anger, but it actually didn’t understand why Ye Tianyi said that to it at all.

Ye Tianyi also didn’t explain, reaching out his hand to fish little leaf on his shoulder into his arms, “Come on, we should go take care of Su Tianyun.”

Previously, he wanted to borrow the knife to kill him, but instead, he ended up getting himself targeted. Now that he had finished with that zombie, it was time for him to deal with Su Tianyun, and it seemed that it would be more secure for him to do it himself.


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