Hearing Young Master Xiao’s words, Su Tianyun also knew what was wrong, he exclaimed in alarm, “There must be a high ranked zombie here, so the low ranked zombies around wouldn’t dare to come over.”

The zombies would also circle the territory, the low ranked zombies would not dare to offend the high ranked zombies, that was why there was no one around.

Before, they thought it was because there were no people in the factory, so there weren’t any zombies after the end of the world, but now that they thought about it, they felt something was wrong.

Even if there were no people living around the factory, it wasn’t like there wasn’t a single worker here, right? It was not like any of the workers here hadn’t mutated into zombies, right? Even if the factory workers weren’t here, or if they were lucky enough not to turn into zombies, then the zombies outside would still wander over.

Therefore, it was creepy to see the clean appearance of the surroundings and the zombies outside that didn’t dare to wander over to the factory.

All of them were tense, looking at the destination of their trip with fear in their eyes.

Don’t look at the fact that they were almost all ability users, killing ordinary zombies one at a time was easy enough, but they had a bit of a hard time dealing with those evolved zombies. They had once encountered a second-tier evolved zombie that had killed several ability users, but in the end, they had to rely on Young Master Xiao and a few other ability users to fight to the death.

And the zombie in this garment factory, they were only afraid that its level wouldn’t be lower than second-tier.

What to do? In or out? Everyone was looking at their leader, Young Master Xiao.

If they didn’t go in, the mission would fail, and if they went in, they might even lose their little lives.

The ability users in the squad were inclined not to go in and give up on the mission, after all, the most they could do if they failed the mission was to accept the punishment of surrendering some food, and if they didn’t give up on the mission, they might not even be able to save their lives.

Young Master Xiao stared at the factory not far away, thinking about what his father had said to him before he left the house, he hesitated for a moment but decided to go in.

If he guessed correctly, the zombie in the factory might be a third-rank zombie, after all, a second-rank evolved zombie couldn’t keep the ordinary second-rank zombies outside from approaching, only a third-rank or even higher-rank zombie would do.

Third-rank …… According to what his father said, it wasn’t good to have a third-rank zombie now, and by no means could there be a third-rank or higher ranked zombie, the evolution speed was not that fast. And now he was already a second-rank ability user, just one third-rank crystal core to advance into a third-rank ability user.

This time was a crisis as well as an opportunity …… If he could get this third-rank crystal core, it didn’t matter if the group of ability users under him died out.

Young Master Xiao looked inscrutable as he swept a glance at the differently-abled people standing behind him.

It was just a group of low-ranked ability users, where could they compare to the third-rank crystal core that could improve his strength?

Young Master Xiao ordered, “Get in!”

Someone was reluctant, “Young Master Xiao, there’s a high-ranked zombie in here, isn’t this like sending us in to die?”

Young Master Xiao coldly snorted, “The zombies don’t evolve that fast, it’s good to have a second-rank evolved zombie inside, with our team’s strength, we have no problem at all dealing with a second-rank evolved zombie. If I were to send you guys to your deaths, wouldn’t it be a death sentence for me to go in with you?”

He hid something a little bit and said the level of the zombies in the factory a little bit lower, otherwise, this group of people wouldn’t have listened to him if they heard that there was a third-rank zombie inside.

Once those ability users heard that, they felt that Young Master Xiao’s words made sense, after all, they were all going in together, and if the zombie inside was very powerful, he wouldn’t have followed them into the adventure.


The crowd’s hearts calmed down a bit, and they raised their guards, and cautiously walked towards the factory.

The factory’s gate was wide open, and the inside was black as if a huge ferocious beast was opening its bloody mouth and waiting for them to walk into it themselves.

Young Master Xiao grabbed Su Tianyun beside him tightly and made him hide behind his back. As for him, he gave a wink to an ability user behind him, and that ability user lightly nodded his head and headed towards the factory in one move.

The man was Young Master Xiao’s henchman, given to him by his father as an escort, the kind of guard who would come forward as a shield if there was danger.

Now that the squad was a bit on edge, Young Master Xiao had to let his henchman explore the area even if he didn’t want to send his henchman to his death. Because if he let the team members behind him who were united by their interests explore the road, he was afraid that there would only be complications, and he would rather sacrifice one of his henchmen in order not to ruin his plans.

Young Master Xiao’s henchmen walked in and scanned the dark factory, not finding anything out of the ordinary, only smelling the very strong foul odor of decay.

He took a few steps forward and saw that there was really no movement inside the factory, so he waved his hand at Young Master Xiao’s group who were watching him outside, indicating that it was safe.

Receiving the Forerunner’s safety announcement, all of them, including Young Master Xiao, couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

They remained vigilant as they headed inside the factory.

Su Tianyun, who was following Young Master Xiao, was not as relaxed as the others, and in the meantime, his free left hand was involuntarily pressed a little above his chest, and for some reason, he felt panicked.

Could it be …… he looked inside the black hole factory where the young master Xiao’s henchman was standing, his pupils shrank, and a black shadow flashed behind him as if it was his illusion, nothing happened.

It should be that he was too distracted ……

At this time the group was about to enter the factory, their footsteps slowed down as they found themselves surrounded by a large group of zombies.

The zombies who were wandering outside on the streets and didn’t dare to go near the factory were swarming towards the factory as if someone was directing them to surround them.

With so many zombies, they definitely couldn’t kill or escape, and Young Master Xiao made a quick decision: “Get in, close the door!”

With the current running speed of the zombies, they had no chance to run to the car and drive away, so they could only choose to retreat to the factory, the gate was a heavy iron gate that the zombies couldn’t break.

The two strength ability users each pushed a door and quickly closed it before the zombies could surround them.

Once the gate was closed, shutting out the scent of the living, and with the thick, sickening stench of decay inside the factory masking the smell of the living, the horde of zombies outside quickly lost their target and wandered off.


Ye Tianyi, who was hiding not far from the factory, watched as Su Tianyun and the others entered the factory and closed in with satisfaction.

He was the one who had just controlled the ordinary zombies to surround the, after all, only he, a third-rank evolved zombie, could make those ordinary zombies resist the pressure of the third-rank low-level zombie to approach the factory, but there was no way to let the ordinary zombies enter the factory, they instinctively feared the high-ranking zombie inside the factory.

The difference between a third-ranked low-level zombie and a second-ranked high-level zombie wasn’t a difference of one level, the difference between the two was very large because only zombies that had reached the third rank could order zombies with a lower rank than it, and second-ranked zombies couldn’t order other zombies.

Although it was impossible for an ordinary third rank zombie to control a large group of zombies like Ye Tianyi, its strength was not comparable to a second rank zombie or an ability user.

There was only one second-rank ability user in that squad, and there were only two or three second-rank intermediate ability users and the first-ranked were just going to be cannon fodders. This group was not destined to get out of that factory alive.

Ye Tianyi just needed to wait here and wait until they were almost dead, and then finally go in and take them all out.

Not only would he be able to get back the Jade, he would also be able to harvest quite a few exotic balls and a third-rank crystal core.

It was a pity that plans couldn’t catch up with changes, he had envisioned it quite well, but a huge roar shattered his beautiful vision.

This group of people had even brought grenades?

Ye Tianyi was pretty sure that when he observed them before, his mental energy didn’t scan weapons, and they were killing zombies with their powers as well.

He previously thought that there were not enough arms in the base, so the ability users didn’t bring any firearms when they came out to do their missions, but now it seemed that they were hiding the arms as their cards, and the hiding place should be in Su Tianyun’s space.

Thinking of Su Tianyun, Ye Tianyi’s mood worsened, his gaze was cold and stern as he looked towards the door that was blown open by the grenade, it seemed that he still had to take action himself.  

His mental energy was exerted to gather some of the ordinary zombies wandering around over and surround them, obscuring his form, then quietly using mental energy to probe the situation in the factory.

After the grenade blew open the large iron door, a few figures fled out in a mess, the foremost of which were Young Master Xiao and Su Tianyun.

Seeing that Su Tianyun wasn’t dead, Ye Tianyi was disappointed, this kid really had a great life! As for everyone else, he automatically ignored them.

His mental energy extended into the interior of the factory and inevitably touched another energy that was not weak.

Although this mental energy could not be extended, it was not weak, and when it touched Ye Tianyi’s mental energy, strong attack fluctuations were transmitted.

Ye Tianyi snorted coldly, his mental ability was about to break through to the fourth rank, how could he be attacked by the mental energy of a non-mental, third rank low-level zombie?

He directly stimulated the third-rank with his mental energy, and a sharp roar came from the factory, causing the ordinary zombies around him to retreat in fear.

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