The base was doing well now, but when there were more and more survivors in the base, the supplies were dwindling, and the threat of zombies was increasing, sooner or later there would be a starvation situation.

And at that time, as the level of zombies increased, the threat to humans would become greater and greater, and the base relied more on the ability users, the life of ordinary people would also become very difficult.

If the leader of the base was a good-hearted and resourceful person, the life of the ordinary people was not hopeless.

Sometimes, it was not necessarily the zombies that ate people, maybe it was the humans themselves.

He didn’t know whether it was because of Li Min’s instruction or because  Xiao Zhang wanted to please Ye Tianyi, he was very enthusiastic about arranging Ye Tianyi and others’ accommodation, running after him, his clothes were wet with sweat. Even if Ye Tianyi knew he had an ulterior motive for being so attentive, he still couldn’t help but feel a bit of affection for him.

The base’s policy was quite humane, the house needed rent, and this rent was to be offset by food, if there was no food, you could hold it on credit for a while and make it up later. However, this policy was only competing for ability users who were able to pay back the debt, ordinary people did not have this treatment.

Little Zhang introduced to Ye Tianyi and the others, “This outermost place is Area D. It’s usually a place for ordinary people who don’t have food to rent and can’t pay back their debts to live, and without a house, they can only set up tents.”

Ye Tianyi looked at the mess of tents, large and small, crowded together, and even some people didn’t have tents and couldn’t afford them, so they just laid on the ground in the open like that and slept. The only thing was that the daytime temperature was so high that the ground could make steamed an egg, so lying on the ground was a pain.

He also heard someone cry out, “Which d*mned one stole my food ah ……”.

The tent was separated from the outside world by a layer of cloth, and it was not uncommon for people in Zone D to have things stolen, even the patrols in charge of security turned a blind eye to it. Anyway, as long as it didn’t cause any fatalities, they didn’t take care of it, and couldn’t be bothered.

Further ahead, the C district that was distinct from the D district, there were a lot more patrols here, and the people walking back and forth were also a bit more polished than those in the D district.

Little Zhang said, “This is Area C. The houses in Area C are pretty cheap, the rent is cheap ten pounds of grain a month, the more expensive fifty pounds. This is the place where ordinary people with plenty of money and some ability users live. And then there’s Area B. Only people with different abilities are eligible to move in, and the rent of the house is expensive at nearly a hundred pounds of grain a month.”

He only gave a casual introduction to Area B, apparently not suggesting that they rent the houses in Area B. Area A was not even mentioned.

Someone curiously asked a question about Area A, and Xiao Zhang only dispatched it with one sentence: “Houses in Area A are not rented to the outside world, they can only be bought.”

In fact, saying that the houses in Area A are open to the public could only be bought was just an excuse for outsiders not to enter Area A. In fact, it was specifically for the privileged class to live in. After all, with the end of the world in crisis, who could guarantee that the base would be standing? If the base was flooded by the zombie tide, wouldn’t the house that was bought at great expense be floating?

It was not like it was pre-apocalypse, houses could appreciate in value if you bought and put them away, post-apocalyptic houses were the least valuable, and no one wanted to be the wrong person to buy a house, or at best to rent one.


Xiao Zhang took Ye Tianyi and the others to the housing agent in the C district to choose a house to live in, and Ye Tianyi deliberately chose a house in a more expensive rental zone in order to facilitate his actions. The others were tighter on cash, no one chose the house around Ye Tianyi, and Ye Tianyi parted ways with the others.

Before Xiao Zhang left, Ye Tianyi greeted him, “If you meet Officer Li, tell him that I’m waiting for him here.”

Ye Tianyi was willing to give Li Min the credit for finding Jiang Yan, but it didn’t mean that he had given up on finding Su Tianyun through the line of Commander Jiang.

Little Zhang promised simply, “Alright! Don’t worry, I’ve remembered your address.”

Ye Tianyi entered the house he had rented, it was a simple one room, but it was fully furnished and everything else, not like the other people’s rented houses that were like snow caves, it was worthy of the high rent.

He entered the bedroom and replaced all the sheets and other things on the bed with the new products in the space before relaxing on the bed.

This journey, he had been sitting in the car, even on the way here, he had been meditating and didn’t dare to relax vigilance, now he was in the base, he inevitably relaxed a little.

Little Leaf, who had been lying in his arms, squatted on his chest and stretched out his little tongue to lick his chin: [Master, will we live with humans from now on?]

After all, Little Leaf was not human, its pre-apocalyptic cat life was nothing but eating and sleeping and playing, and its simple life made it simpler to think. When Ye Tianyi told him that he had no heartbeat because he had mutated into a zombie and was no longer a human, he automatically understood that he and his master were both non-humans and would not play with humans anymore.

Now when Ye Tianyi entered the base, all the places as far as the eye could see were filled with humans, and that was why Little Leaf asked such a question.

Ye Tianyi drew out his right hand that was pillowed behind his head and caged the petite little body in his palm, he sighed, “Little leaf, do you still remember Su Tianyun?”

Su Ming had once received his two illegitimate sons, Su Tianyu and Su Tianyun, into the Ye family in a dignified manner after the death of Master Ye, wanting his true love and illegitimate sons to ascend into the family and anger Mother Ye. After Ye Tianyi took control of the Ye family, he drove them all out.

But their mother, Su Tianyu and Su Tianyun also lived in the Ye family for a lot of time.

Little Leaf tilted his head and thought about it, vaguely remembering that two children who were annoying had lived in the Ye family for a while: [Was it that bad boy who always pulled my tail?]

Ye Tianyi said, “No, the one who pulled your tail is Su Tianyun’s brother Su Tianyu, the one who cowered behind Su Tianyu is Su Tianyun.”

Those two brothers were not very young when they were brought into the Ye family by Su Ming, Su Tianyu was a bear of a child, and had no problem extending his sinful claws to Ye Tianyi’s beloved little leaf, and finally Ye Tianyi’s bodyguards were called to give him a severe beating before he restrained himself. And Su Tianyun was still an inferior and cowering invisible person at that time and had been following Su Tianyu as a little tail, but he didn’t expect that cowardly child to grow into such a ruthless person now.

For Su Tianyun’s ruthlessness, Ye Tianyi admired him, but when this tactic was used on his head, no matter how interesting he was to him, he had to die!

Thinking of this, Ye Tianyi touched his neck where the jade guanyin he had always hung around, empty ……


When Li Min found his way here, it was a few days later than Ye Tianyi had thought.

Ye Tianyi looked at Li Min who was smiling at him outside the door, then opened the door wide: “Come in.”

Looking at this guy’s beaming face, he must have already settled Jiang Yan and got the benefits.

Ye Tianyi’s eyes sank, and the little leaf squatting on his shoulder flicked its tail and lay down, its sapphire blue cat pupils staring at Li Min.

Li Min found a chair and sat down, looked around, then politely praised Ye Tianyi for his good taste and the cozy house.

Ye Tianyi smiled but not laughing: “The layout of this house was originally like this, I didn’t bother to change it after I came.”

The smile on Li Min’s face stiffened, and then his words changed, praising Ye Tianyi’s good taste instead, that he spotted such a well-decorated house or something at a glance.

Ye Tianyi’s face was expressionless: “These houses are all laid out like this, I just picked a random set.”

Li Min couldn’t pull off a smile this time either, and simply said, “Brother, the information you gave me allowed me to show my face in front of Commander Jiang, so if you have anything to say in the future, I’ll do my best.”

Ye Tianyi: Oh ……

The information provided? Sending Commander Jiang’s only son directly to you, that’s just providing information?

Showing your face for once? You found Commander Jiang’s only son, you’re still considered a benefactor of the Jiang family?

Say what? Try your best? That’s a mind-blowing empty promise, yuck!

Ye Tianyi reckoned that Li Min was taking the credit completely on his own, after all, the favors of the base’s top man were really coveted, even if Li Min wasn’t a distractingly bad person, he couldn’t resist this kind of temptation.

This situation was completely within his expectation, and he didn’t think that the little bit of strength he had shown could make Li Min scruple anywhere.

Ye Tianyi also didn’t care that Li Min had swallowed the credit alone, he also didn’t want to get himself listed in front of Commander Jiang, he straightforwardly said to Li Min: “I won’t be in the A City Survivor Base for long, I’m only here to find two people, I’ll leave when I find them.”

Li Min’s eyes lit up: “You say it!” He also understood that Ye Tianyi had no intention of competing with him for credit, and leaving the base right away would be perfect …… just to find someone, wasn’t it easy to do?

Ye Tianyi’s lips curled up in a gloomy sneer: “I’m looking for Su Tianyun and Su Ming, these two people.”

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