Li Min personally opened his mouth, how could that young man not give him face?

He immediately smiled and said, “Let those people come with me.”

Li Min gave a wink to a soldier beside him, and then that soldier walked towards Ye Tianyi and the others.

Ye Tianyi, who was informed, hugged Little Leaf and walked over with the rest of the convoy, this brazen act of jumping the queue made the survivors in the queue very dissatisfied, just seeing the uniform Li Min and others were wearing and the guns pinned to their waists, they all wisely chose to shut up.

It was just cutting in line, it wasn’t a big deal, no need to start a conflict with this group of people who didn’t look too good.

The young man handed over his work to his colleagues, then he led Ye Tianyi and the others towards a row of houses inside the base near the entrance.

This row of houses was very humble, it looked like it was a random new construction, the only thing worth looking at was that it was very sturdy, and the thick iron fence made one’s heart bristle, it was like a cell.

Ye Tianyi noticed that those survivors who registered outside would be brought to this house and locked up, but some survivors were taken out as well.

He was walking behind the young man and suddenly gazed towards a house not far away, where there were four or five men locked up, each of them separated by quite a distance.

One of the men sitting against the wall was twitching all over, looking as if some old illness had returned, but Ye Tianyi felt a kindred spirit from him – that man had mutated into a zombie.

At this time his strange appearance was also discovered by the others in the same room, no one approached, they all went to the door to call out to the soldiers standing guard outside the iron fence.

The soldiers opened the iron door to let out the few survivors who were still normal in the room, and they pointed their guns at the man who was twitching against the wall.

Ye Tianyi suddenly realized that this cell-like house should be the isolation room.

Humans who were scratched or bitten by zombies wouldn’t necessarily mutate into zombies right away, some of them had a latency period. If these humans in the incubation period were to be released into the base as normal humans, it would likely cause a large number of survivors to be infected in the base, and in more serious cases, it could also lead to the fall of the base, after all, the zombie virus was too contagious.

So the base set up this quarantine room to quarantine the new survivors who entered the base, and then released them after the incubation period of the zombie virus.

But how long the incubation period of the zombie virus was, Ye Tianyi was unclear.

The man who had begun to mutate into a zombie stopped twitching and raised his greenish-gray decaying face to lunge at a soldier nearest to him, and after making sure that the man had really mutated into a zombie, the soldiers who had guns pointed at it didn’t hesitate to shoot him.

The newly mutated zombies were not even close to being strong, and after being shot in the head, he collapsed to the ground and died completely.

The soldier who killed the zombie put on his gloves and prepared to drag the zombie’s body out to be burned, and had just pinned his guns back to his waists, and before he could bend over, he heard a few screams from behind him, “Look out!”

The soldier closest to the iron gate felt the strong wind and stench of decay pounding behind him, and made a quick decision to fall down and roll to the side, avoiding the attack from behind him.

With a ‘bang’ sound, the corpse of a tall male zombie fell on the spot where the donkey-rolling soldier had just been standing, the zombie’s corpse had turned charred black, and even a few strands of electricity could be seen running through the corpse.

The donkey-rolling soldier who had dodged this zombie stood up, then restrained the shocked expression on his face and walked towards Ye Tianyi, who still had electricity in his hands, and said with a grateful face, “Thank you for saving my life!”

It turned out that they had just paid attention only to the twitching, mutated zombie in front of them, and asked the other few survivors in the same room to come outside, and also asked these guys to come behind them at the same time. As a result, they didn’t expect that the zombie inside the room was killed, and another one of the few survivors outside suddenly mutated into a zombie and attacked the soldier closest to the iron door.

The soldier’s reaction speed was quite fast, donkey rolling, the posture wasn’t too good, but a critical moment saved his life. But it wasn’t a person that attacked him, it was a zombie!


He could only dodge the damage from the fatal attack, but it was inevitable that he would suffer some minor injuries.

If Ye Tianyi hadn’t killed the sneaking zombie with a random lightning strike, the soldier would have had no chance of escaping.


The young man who was entrusted by Li Min to bring them to register looked at Ye Tianyi enviously and said enthusiastically: “So you’re an ability user ah, it’s a lightning ability, right? This ability can be very rare, and ability users are treated especially well at the base.”

The envy on his face couldn’t be hidden, showing that the status of ability users in the base was indeed good.

The few ability users following behind Ye Tianyi couldn’t help but speak out to ask him about the treatment of ability users, they chatted animatedly.

The young man led the crowd into a very spacious and relatively clean room, this room had a table with a bald man sleeping on his stomach, he walked over and knocked on the table, the bald man woke up sleepily, “Little Zhang? What brings you here?”

Little Zhang smiled and said, “Bring over a few forms for all these people to fill out, it’s the people brought by Chief Li Min.”

The balding man rolled his eyes, looked at the people behind Xiao Zhang, and then took out a few forms from the belly of the table, which corresponded exactly to the number of people.

Little Zhang specially took out a form slightly eagerly and handed it to Ye Tianyi: “After you fill it out, write the size of this cat’s fur and other information in the notes, and also leave a space.”

Little Zhang received so many survivors, among which there were also many ability users, his attitude towards those people was far less attentive than Ye Tianyi’s, after all, his background was still good, there was no need to pull down his face to please those ability users who didn’t necessarily have any great success.

There were also highs and lows among abilities, those with more ordinary abilities were completely useless now when the level was still very low, and their treatment was not as good as those with rare levels of abilities.

He could see from the hand that Ye Tianyi showed before, Ye Tianyi was not only a rare lightning ability, but also quite extraordinary in strength, it was better to please him, it was an investment, and he might be able to get a good return sometime.

Ye Tianyi was frankly at ease in the face of Little Zhang’s pleasantry, he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, the people who tried to please him were as numerous as a dime a dozen, Little Zhang’s pleasantry was completely common in his opinion.

He took the form and took a quick glance at it.

The form was very simple, just asking for name, gender, age, place of birth, and so on, and he didn’t even need to fill in the ID card, and didn’t even need to put a photo on it – of course, it didn’t have that condition.

The name Ye Tianyi filled in was Su Tian, everything else was also forged.

The form was different from the normal form before the end of the world, it had one more question [whether he had abilities/what kind of abilities].

Ye Tianyi filled in four words under this item: lightning ability and ice ability.

This dual abilities was something he exposed in front of the others, so he filled it in, and in the notes, he only briefly described that Little Leaf’s fur was white and that he was a newborn kitten, but he didn’t write much else.

After filling out the form, Ye Tianyi handed it to Little Zhang who had been standing not far away waiting, Little Zhang took it, subconsciously glanced at the form, and then froze.

Lightning Ability and Ice Ability?

Not to mention the dual abilities, they were all rare abilities! F*ck that was a life winner’s rhythm!

Little Zhang baptized Ye Tianyi with a look of envy and jealousy before going to collect the forms in the hands of the others.

After roughly going through them once to determine the number of ability users and ordinary people, Little Zhang told the crowd, “Ability users can already receive residence permits to enter the base, while the others still need to live in the quarantine room for five days.”

Some people didn’t understand, “Why do we need to live in the quarantine room for five days?”

Little Zhang smiled and explained, “Because expert research has found that the zombie virus will lie dormant in an ordinary person’s body for about one hour to 100 hours, and if they don’t mutate into a zombie after five days of isolation, it means they’re not infected with the zombie virus. And if an ability user is bitten and scratched by a zombie, they will immediately mutate into an evolved zombie within three hours, so the ability users can enter the base first.”

These people had already spent three hours since just now, so the quarantine period for the ability users was over.

The base’s system was like this, so even if someone didn’t quite want to be quarantined, they could only obediently follow Little Zhang’s arrangement.

Ye Tianyi and a few other ability users, on the other hand, were led towards the inside of the base by Little Zhang after receiving their residence permits.

Along the way, Ye Tianyi saw the clothing and faces of the pedestrians on the road, they were not too bitter, at least they were not hungry.

Come to think of it, now that the base was under construction, there were many places that needed artificial manpower, and these survivors also had places to find work to do for supplies. And the pre-post-apocalyptic supplies were not tight, the number of survivors in the base were not too many, although the survivors were not able to eat and drink as well as the pre-apocalyptic period, they were definitely not starving.

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